Thursday, March 19, 2015

#WesternMedia Complteley Ignored the Murder of a Girl in #Konstantinovka

Donbass is Russia
Donetsk Republic
Western media ignored the murder of a girl in Konstantinovka

The main Western media completely ignored the murder of eight-year-Pauline drunken Ukrainian soldiers in Kostyantynivka in Donbas, according to the portal #RedPillTimes. 

"What could be more terrible, more emotional and more unfair than the death of the girl at the hands of drunken soldiers? - The newspaper writes. - Nevertheless, the Western media have completely excluded the news of their messages. " 

"In a fair, honest and decent world - sure edition - this story was not to go with headers major publications of the media". 

RedPillTimes reminds his readers, that on March 16 Ukrainian military tracked MTLB (abbreviation stands for "multi-purpose lightly armored transporter") ran over a woman and two children (including one child in a stroller), standing on the sidewalk in the middle of the day at 14:30 local time in Konstantinovka. 

Eight-year-girl Paulina died on the spot. - Burning MTLB APU Kostyantynivka - Battlefields in the lands of New Russia


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