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West decides to rewrite history as Germany, England, Poland and France Glorify HITLER & BANDERA

Antimaydan Odessa Novorossia

Germany, England, Poland and France Glorify HITLER & BANDERA

Today at 11:00 am

Thursday it was announced that British Prime Minister David Cameron will not accept an invitation to visit Moscow on May 9. It became known earlier this same decision, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Previously refused to come on the 70th anniversary of the victory of the leader of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

Everything indicates that the current anniversary year the West decided to use for the final rewrite history ... Previously, all Western leaders, despite the level of relations with Moscow, considered binding their visits to the celebrations devoted to the Great Patriotic War. 

The theme of the heroism of Soviet soldiers priori admitted lying outside of politics. The exceptions were the presidents of some former Soviet republics, which are seriously in the world no one took. Now almost all the leaders of Western countries expressed reluctance to go to Moscow on May 9. 

Most likely will not come and US President Barack Obama, while in painful reflection French leader Francois Hollande. And it is unlikely that behavior can be explained by Western leaders disagreement with our position on Ukraine. 

The thing is that the memory of the Second World War and the role in the victory of the Soviet Union has long been inconvenienced by the West. We have to recognize that all European democracies have contributed to strengthening the power of Nazi Germany, and then surrendered almost without resistance to it. 

We have to recognize that are famous for their discipline and technical savvy Germans lost Russia, which has always believed in the Old World barbarous country. Too strong images emerge from the Second World War, inconvenient for the current policy of the West. 

How to maintain modern Bandera in power in Ukraine, if we recognize evil fascism? How to speak of a united Europe, if it took the Baltic countries, where the elderly are held marches-SS?And the whole modern world order based on the fact that the victorious World War II have veto power in the UN Security Council. 

The only way for the West to escape from unpleasant facts - to try to rewrite history. Apparently, this year was considered the best time for the "final solution." Obviously, the 70th anniversary of the Victory will be the last anniversary, which will participate veterans. 

Then the war will learn mainly from books. It is not by chance looks scandal with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, when the celebration was not invited to the Russian president, and the Polish Foreign Minister Schetyna even came to the point that the "death camp" Ukrainians freed. 

Quietly swallowed Merkel saying Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of the Soviet soldiers who "occupied Germany and Ukraine" ... There is a big question. If the West has decided to deny the value of Victory, on what he is going to the same principles to build their future? 

When Soviet troops "occupied Germany," Waffen SS were normal side confrontation, what is the image of a bright European future? Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Religion and Society, Institute of Europe, Roman Lunkin yet sees no reason to "sound the alarm": - Russia won Fascism in cooperation with Europe and the United States.

This shows that Russia - part of the Western world. It is no coincidence Vladimir Putin avoids sharp statements regarding the Western leaders. In general, the intellectual elite of the West recognize Russia's role in the victory over Nazi Germany ... I hope that after all the total memory of the war will serve as a foundation for future dialogue between Russia and the West, especially with the confidence of Moscow and Europe that Ukrainian crisis should definitely be solved. 

However, the head of the department of philosophy politics Institute of Philosophy Vladimir Shevchenko said the situation with the preservation of historical memory critical: - The issue of preserving the memory of World War II stands now particularly acute. We must understand that fascism in his German guise was largely in favor of the Anglo-Saxon civilization. 

German fascism was a trial weapon aimed at the destruction of the Soviet Union. Soviet leaders this maneuver solved, our people defeated fascism. But this does not mean that the West abandoned its plans for the destruction of Russia. Now Americans do not hide the fact that their main task - the overthrow of Putin, the dismemberment of the country and, most importantly - the mastery of our countless natural resources. 

And while access to the resources of the West would not, he did not calm down. Fascism - this is definitely an absolute evil. It includes not only the genocide of peoples, but also the establishment of the totalitarian regime. Hitler looked far and even came up with the race "superhumans" - conquerors of the world.Why now turn a blind eye to all attempts to justify fascism, which we observe in the Baltic States, Poland and other countries? 

The main reason is that they want to get people to stop seeing fascism absolute evil. In Europe, the prevailing view that the emergence of German fascism was a response to "Stalinist totalitarianism." Around it there are powerful theoretical developments. Say, Hannah Arendt believed that modern totalitarianism has no roots in history and is a phenomenon of modern times that Hitler's fascism was a response to "Stalinist totalitarianism." 

In these treatments turns out that fascism - it's evil, but a lesser evil than the evil big . A greater evil, according to Western precepts, this Stalinist system, the Russian people and their country, which is constantly going the "wrong" way. And now looms before us a concept that exists in the Anglo-Saxon civilization from the time of Ivan the Terrible and the present day still want to rewrite history. 

But the purpose of this not only a great victory, but the whole of our country, our history, the future of our civilization a thousand years of history. "SP": - But what kind of society can build the West, if it is based on a rejection of the values ​​of Victory? - In Europe, believe that Fascism was primarily directed against the "Stalinist dictatorship" and "Stalinist occupation." 

Why Bandera fought? They, as it turns out, had fought against the occupation, against Russia, against Stalin and against socialism. Defamation of our country with neo-fascism - the primary goal of Western Europe. At the same time in the West think that they can use against us fascist manifestations, achieve their political goals, thus will control the mood at all. 

Like, nationalism is bad, but you can always remove the extreme, but it will be a sort of "bastion" against Russia. But I am afraid that neo-fascist manifestations in Europe can get out of control. I have a feeling that the Federal Republic of Germany is only covered by a thin democratic "layer", and within the country boil powerful forces associated with the test revenge and national humiliation. Germany has long been trying to build a united Europe with its own hierarchy. 

Germany may soon venture to push German nationalism as an ideological weapon. Today you can create severe living conditions for the people, to stop their growth, deform their culture, education, social sphere. This is also a genocide, but apparently not very noticeable and stretched for many years. Modern methods allow us to make life unbearable people, which want to get even on the historical stage."SP": - How should we respond to such a policy? - 

We need to keep their memory. The Great Victory - the only thing that connects us with the past, with the Soviet heritage, is the only unifying moral principle for the whole country. Will not be May 9 - the country mired in ideological disputes, quarrels. Therefore, to keep the memory - our sacred duty. But we need to understand the principles of modern information wars against our history. In the West, many scandals around our television company Russia Today. 

A simple channel to the West was able to show that there are many different points of view. We must not only defend, but also actively advance in the information field. Today, many students do not know what happened June 22, 1941. Respond to information war - the first priority for us. - 

The West has launched a new campaign to attack on the historical memory. But, I think there is no question as we have. That is, it is not about to rewrite the history of World War II, and that it was just time to forget - says a senior researcher at the Institute of Russian History Nikolai Lisovoy. - In fact, everything that happens today has happened before. Yes, formally the West to recognize the victory. But as they relate to the Victory, to our country? 

Angela Merkel and Barack Obama graduated from school yesterday. Their current behavior indicates that they have been brought up before. So, Merkel and Obama have the results themselves the West's relations with Russia and the Great Patriotic War. Now we just see the continuation of inter-civilizational, ideological, information warfare, which is carried out against us. "SP": - Is the West nurtured a generation, which normally refers to fascism? - 

We are not surprised that the Baltic march of former SS men. And none of this fact, except in Russia, did not react, is not perturbed. Are Western leaders about these marches do not know? They all know perfectly well understood, but they are happy with everything that is directed against the Soviet Union, its heritage, against Russia. 

Victory Day was another "sanctions" against our country. "SP": - It is clear what values ​​carries a great victory. But what values ​​his life trying to build Europe if it begins to deny victory? - In fact, we think too well about the Europeans that they are going to build the future on some values. 

They're going to build the policy on a single principle of "double standards". That is, to his society, history and culture, they are not as related to our society, our history and our culture. This "double-entry bookkeeping," which is visible in politics, and in other areas. Russia of Victory "suspend" before. 

Generation has grown up, which is not very confident that Germany invaded the Soviet Union, and not vice versa. And not because these people - Russia's enemies, they just taught history. Time in the West think that the victory was gained by America and the Soviet Union only a few fought on its territory. So think in the US, in Europe, in Japan. 

And we are not surprised. And the fact that Merkel will not come to us on May 9 somehow surprising. We do not want to offend anyone, we just want to forget. We in the media laugh that Jen Psaki or that Barack Obama is not said so. But they do not even geographically know where Russia, Ukraine, Donbass. Is it any wonder that they do not understand the history of things. "SP": - How can we act in such a situation? - 

We are too much lately paying attention to what they say in the West. We worry that we do not understand, did not appreciate. And we must proceed from the fact that we need to build our lives. If we have a precise, accurate scientific history of the Soviet Union and the history of the Great Patriotic War, then we can not and should not disturb any opposition to this concept by the leaders of other countries. Unfortunately, our intelligentsia itself doubts the correctness and validity of Russia's historical path that shows the recent accession of the Crimea. 

Over 85% of Russians were in favor of the return of the Crimea, but the bulk of the few dissenters percent accounted for intellectuals, who was supposed to be the intellectual elite and political thinkers. But if our intellectuals so can behave, so why can not behave Frau Merkel? If history is questioned in Moscow and St. Petersburg, there is nothing to be surprised that this is happening in the Baltic States and Ukraine. 

The question is that we have a good concept of history, correct the historical school and powerful scientific and propaganda apparatus.

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