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The Donbas children did not know what war is for...(Pictures & Poems)

Summaries of the militia of New Russia

The Donbas children did not know what war is for...(Pictures & Poems)

Galina Sozanchuk: "You know, I have not seen a more penetrating poems about war than the ones I'll show you. Read them without tears impossible. Personally, I particularly scared of what they wrote the same age as my youngest daughter, 8-year-old girl Olya which is almost 9 months living in the shelter of the city Pervomaisk. 

Here is the beauty-blonde, who had not seen for months daylight, normal eating (and sometimes none at all meal!) - this writer. Her parents are alive, survived grandmother's house, but it's worth it the line of fire and return to it, they hardly ever they could. The girl saw firsthand the death and bombing and since then almost did not sleep. 

What will happen to this family continue to be with hundreds of other people who are now, in this moment sit in basements and bomb shelters of the city - today the question no one can answer. Most of them have nowhere to return to, their whole past life in ruins. Adults scary. And what is your child, you just think! We will definitely go povezŅ‘m more products and medication, be sure to obtain for them the good vitamins - it's the little that we are all together quite capable. 

In the hands of volunteers Oli gifts - camera, new clothes, toys. And there are hundreds of children in Pervomaisk. I can not wait to go back there with humanitarian aid. All the poems and drawings, which are represented here - from the diary of Parliament, as in the photo - her hometown, almost mark erased from the face of the earth, as well as an air raid shelter, where she lives. Consider, read, although I understand that this is hard. 

About my native city Pervomais'k all started, how to fly a plane, people were afraid, and fled to the basement Later there mines and castles fly, Demolished schools, gardens suffered Children hopes and dreams lose,losing friends, school, family, where all the victims, There is no gas, no water ... * * *The fact that I do not think anyone knows, I'm going home, where the shells fly, Fly roof, people are killed, Bury children and mothers weep. 

Late October, the children go to school, why too late - they will not understand. People fly into a rage, killing dogs, Houses break like ordinary cards. * * * The children did not know what war is, they did not think that all will be war, when the break at home, when they demolish the country and the city ... when they kill their mothers, fathers are to protect children!They die in this war! 
The children did not know what war is, they did not think that all will be well. Novorossia - our native land, We were born here and will be with you, we leave to other cities, Because you have given birth. The war broke our homes, parents are crying, they are tired of war ... "

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