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Sevastopol : A year later, a Successful Transformation

Sevastopol : A year later, a Successful Transformation

The past year, much has changed in my life, so that it would be appropriate to make some intermediate results related to changes in Sevastopol, Crimea generated by the spring. Specifically to build the blocks did not, and just write about what came to mind when trying to recall what has changed in a year.

1. Crimea has ceased to be a part of Ukraine and became part of Russia. I wish this event for many years, so then just a dream come true. Those people who have a dream come true, well need to understand what it is. 

2. From the town disappeared Ukrainian Ukrainian flags and symbols. Only very rarely can still be found the inscription in Ukrainian or old advertising signs on the Move. The city says in Russian, and the abolition of compulsory use of the Ukrainian language, which is trying to impose breaking through the knee Sevastopol, Ukrainian language simply disappeared as unnecessary, although no specific ban on Ukrainian not - want to hang signs in Ukrainian, hang, the law permits, you want to talk in Ukrainian - speak. All these rights are, but they have virtually no one uses it as unnecessary. 

3. In the movie, now you can walk without fear of compulsory transfer films into Ukrainian, in the city where 99% speak Russian. I've been a few years in the movie basically did not go on linguistic reasons for the previous year have been there more often than in the past 5 years. 

4. In all the state institutions now in Russian, compulsory filling out documents on Ukrainian disappeared. The same in the proceedings, satisfied even before officials forced to teach ugly surzhik to transfer it to paper and slip his Russian-speaking citizens. 

5. Of the schools lost "a wonderful Ukrainian history," no one now feeds people opuses about heroes of the UPA, the Cossacks submariners and ancient Ukrainian camels.About this period now remembered with a smile at the mention Tripolye shards of Jesus with Prykarpattia and combat characterniki. 

6. Ukrainian monuments of Sevastopol are gone, their carefully taken out and sent to their historical homeland.Shevchenko did not clean up, as there is no reason to give a monopoly on Shevchenko banderlog. 

7. Two navies now in Sevastopol not, now based one - the Russian. All the same old, only slightly increase the number of ships remaining at the expense of Ukraine. Was planned to build new berths for "Mistral" and related infrastructure, but for obvious reasons, the process has stalled. 

8. From the city authorities lost almost everything, who once was a local "elitku." In contrast to the Crimea, Sevastopol took a more radical personnel revolution, which actively promoted Alexey Chaly. The guide of the city a lot of new faces, both local and from Russia, since the governor Menyailo. Menyailo itself over the past year has left a mixed impression - on the one hand does not take bribes and actively bore samostroi, on the other - some of the issues of the city were hampered by red tape. In March this year even rumors that soon Menyailo will be removed. 

9. Nationalization we passed, but very limited - from the local authorities do not expect these partial solutions, but the fact that Poroshenko finally selected SMZ many citizens very happy. 

10. Bank collapse over the past year has been overcome and now despite sanctions, the banking system from scratch, but it works. Sevastopol for key banks became RNCB (recently caught in a sanctions list) and Genbank. 

11. With communication is more or less ustakanilos, although its quality is poor. The process of detaching from the mobile networks of Ukraine turned out pretty painful, although the process of transition to Russian numbers almost finished. 

12. With the traffic flow situation deteriorated machines in the city has increased (visitors, tourists, refugees), so the urban transport network is now overextended. Acute problem of parking in the city center. 

13. Wage and price growth has been uneven, if in the first months of wage growth outpaced the rise in prices, then in the second half of the year the situation changed. Prices gradually they are aligned with the national average. Ukrainian goods from shops disappear and are gradually replaced by Russian. 

14. Regarding the promises they have heard in a stable ruble and high oil prices, so in a running war with the United States, announced volume promises to be difficult to perform. However, the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait began and Sevastopol repairers in the coming months will receive the promised orders, they are waiting. 

15. The level of crime in the city fell, police authorities gradually switched to Russian standards and there is no need to send the hot here on business MUP from the suburbs. 

16. Reducing crime is not least due to the harsh measures of alcohol market regulation. Ban on the sale of alcohol in later sharply reduced the number of drunks on the streets and drinking-related offenses. Difficulty in obtaining licenses for the sale of alcohol significantly reduced the number of points where you can buy anything stronger than beer. Traffic cops are now much less take bribes and accordingly otmazatsya drivers become more difficult. 

17. In terms of housing, without any changes, still Razvalka, rates are rising, but not as rapidly as in the Ukraine. In terms of cleanliness, there is some improvement, but the city is still pretty dirty - there still have to go. 

18. After the collapse of the ruble for the first time in many years, the Internet has risen in price, to the former tariff threw 100 rubles. The quality of the internet, we are still very good, almost as in Moscow. After Rostov, I was even a little ashamed that I once swore at our provider. Its true Copyrighters pressed by the power tracker, but there guys cunning, made ​​a new tracker and pretended that he was not theirs. In general, everything is as usual - swing-Let Him. 

19. City despite the uprising which ended, still very politicized, you can often find the symbolism of New Russia, DNR and signs militia, the events themselves are always discussed in the Donbas - the hottest topics in the city is the relationship with the United States, sanctions and war in the Donbass. 

20. Ukraine especially those wishing to return, not even those who thought the summer dump of "Russian occupation", after the start of mobilization dramatically lost the desire to go to Ukraine. It's one thing to swear on the Internet, and more - to get into the hands of the machine and go to die at Donbass. Bad not that quite a lot, but very little. 

21. The city became a military often can now see the military patrols, movement columns, flying combat aircraft. City in this regard has returned to its historic role of the military outpost of Russia, and judging by the plans, there will be further development in this direction. 

22. Question to the airport is still in limbo, the military give Bel'bek under civilian needs do not want to, so always discussed the projects built airport somewhere close to the city, not to go to Simferopol. 

23. On passports - issue closed in the late summer and almost everyone had already issue Russian documents, so huge queues at passport offices are history. It is more difficult had to refugees who now have the opportunity to get a Russian passport only through the courts, proving that someone from their relatives resident in the territory of Crimea. For refugees in general are accustomed to them and now rather indifferent attitude, women and children regret at the men look askance because they believe that men have to fight in the Donbass, which went to war including Sevastopol. Humanitarian aid for Donbass still collected. 

24. Tensions with the Tatars in the city is not felt, in general, with them all remains as before, Sevastopol was always on the side of these conflicts bedeviling the Crimea, so that we have in this regard continues to peaceful coexistence, especially since most of the Crimean Tatar radicals left the Crimea. 

25. Roan is still the most popular person in the city, its prestige among ordinary people is huge.The first "people's governor" Russian Spring continues to be one of its characters, although in the general context of events in the Donbas, his star has not lit so brightly after those streams of blood and large-scale destruction in the Donbass, which went after spring romance spring 2014 and came harsh routine protracted war from which stinks of mud and blood. 

26. Public transportation in the spring stabilized at 10.8 rubles, and remained so since. Minibuses are still one of the most popular modes of transport in Sevastopol. Gasoline in our 4-5 rubles more than in Rostov and Krasnodar. About refilling respond differently - for some seasoned well, about others - that "bodyazhat." 

27. There was a lot of problems with e-commerce - sanctions as a whole is not particularly painful, but rather annoying. Freelancers they strongly pressed. Lock PlayMarket for many was unpleasant, but when leaving the Crimea, you can download all that in the Crimea is blocked. 

28. Political life in the city as in the past half dead.Boring officialdom, small-town scandal. Last year's scandal with Menyailo Chalym against the backdrop of the current swamp was almost a hurricane. Well, plus the abolition of the separatist movement as unnecessary, so make some noise about the reason and without it is much smaller. 

29. Large Russian companies to us in no hurry to go, afraid of sanctions, so basically there any little-known Russian domestic companies, or else big business starts here and cunning various "daughter", pretending to be not in the business. 

30. The communist movement in mediocre - a weak branch of the Communist Party (from the former Communist Party) plus various groups Marxists, Trotskyites and workers' organizations. Do not take a leading position during the Crimean spring, now communist organizations going through a difficult period of reorganization. 

31. Anti-American sentiment in the city is very strong, stronger than hate only the junta and Bandera, who staged a bloody mess in Ukraine. Yanukovych and the Party of Regions is also constantly commemorated as the perpetrators of the incident. Often regret that those eggs did not have to shoot "Euromaidan." 

32. The tourist season expect better than last year, when there was some drawdown of the number of tourists (reduced flow from the Ukraine). In general, the city is unlikely to focus on the resort scenario, since the main roll is in the army, navy and ship. 

33. Investment from abroad is not particularly expect, so no extra illusions oriented for domestic projects, plus itself waiting for public investment in production and infrastructure. 

34. Part of Ukrainian military who went into the service of Russia, and continue to serve, even though they are trying to strengthen the framework of loyalty to pass through other fleets, as well as spend time with them patriotic education program, for service of Ukraine naturally could not go in vain. 

35.Balaklava in the military base is not going to turn, as not going to restore the base-tunnel and GSB BSF "Alsou-2" destroyed Ukraine. These projects are too expensive, so now they just do not give money. But airfields and military camps put in order, plus they are driving new technology. Previously, it was necessary to negotiate with Kiev, and now you can bring anything you want, up to the strategic bombers. Military go quite as elephants. 

36. Real estate prices rose, and taking into account the holiday season, a further rise in prices is inevitable. Buy apartments and plots including refugees from the Ukraine, as well as the inhabitants of the big Russian, who want to move here, "closer to the sea," or to be able to long summer vacation. Mess with the registry in general ended, so that the real estate market is gradually returned to normal. 

37. Medicine still shareware - as in Ukraine are treated free of charge, but will be very grateful if the patient is still on the branch and some medicines bought additional, which is never enough. In general, then, little has changed. 

38. With TV practically disappeared Ukrainian channels, while cable networks are still all there. Some even look specifically Ukrainian TV "purely neighing" - people sit and watch with saying "No, well, you saw, you saw - that's stupid." This Statement political Smehopanorama. Kiseleva do not like - too slaschav of political shows most popular programs Solovyov. I as before, do not watch TV. 

39. Unemployment is still there, partially hidden. New jobs are expected in connection with the implementation of various infrastructure projects are in the preparatory stage. 

40. People in the city as a whole have become a little more helpful, yet continues to operate the cumulative effect of last year's unification in order to achieve a common goal. Suddenly surging spontaneous collectivism showed people how at rallying for a common goal, you can add the results, so it played an important role in the growth of civic consciousness Sevastopol really feel yourself not public, and citizens. Since citizens are always pleasant to communicate. People appreciate that. 

Overall, a pretty town has changed dramatically and continues to change further, as the world around him. Sevastopol realize his dream, now lives waiting for a promised data spring 2014 and simultaneously preparing for trials through which he will go along with Russia. Well, of course much has changed my life - just over a year ago, I could not afford in the pleasure philosophize on the sofa without any obligation, and a year ago just genuinely enjoy ownership of the events of my dreams. A year later, I celebrate this holiday away from home, far from the fighting Donbass which was linked to my life, which then rose with us and who continues to fight for what we then went relatively easy on the background of the fact that the residents had to endure New Russia. 

This year, in addition to performance gave me my dream and even a sense of duty to the people who continue to fight and I can not give up on the way to their dream - to end the war and the New Russia became free. So for me, today's holiday is both joyful and sad - I can not rejoice in the event that happened a year ago, but I like many sad and disappointing that New Russia was much more thorny path to liberation. Once again, all the holiday and remember our comrades who started with us and continue to fight for a just cause. I am confident that we will win and the New Russia will.

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