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Liquidator carriers make a mockery of the US Navy. Part 2-I. Author: Nikolai Baranov

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Liquidator carriers make a mockery of the US Navy. Part 2-I. 
Author: Nikolai Baranov

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Pilots missile Tu-95Mr, Tu-22M2 and Tu-22M3 aircraft carriers themselves photographed: "Coral Sea", "Enterprise" and "Midway". It was 1985. Then they are allowed to proceed above the deck, we were filming them from a height of 1000m. "Tomcat» F-14, as a rule, under the hatches podvisal aerial cameras, but AFA board took everything: the ship and the waves and even fighters. Flights were interesting.

I am proud of our country, especially with the weapons that are on board our aircraft missile. This story takes place during the heyday of the Soviet-Cuban friendship. Then our long-range strategic bombers Tu-95 regularly circling around Cuba, conducted an aerial survey of all that is possible. By the way, the Americans in the area kept their warships, including aircraft carriers and more.

Happened One such story: Flying over the ocean a couple of Tu-22M3. TU-22 - the device is not small, operational and tactical missile. Airplane wingspan of about 35 meters. In width - almost polpaluby carrier. Two modern engine and fifty tons of fuel. On the driven two Kh-22 to destroy aircraft carriers, on the drive - two X-28 with passive homing designed to destroy ground-based and naval radar. Meets "our couple" over the sea American carrier-based fighter.

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The commander of the Tu-22M3 leading element in understanding - near sea carrier battle groups. Let us look, take pictures of aviation operations on the deck, explore the house tactics - agreed to our crews. Could not the same - the pilot on the F-18 so far to depart from the land. Found in the Sea of ​​Japan aircraft carrier group and the other side to open its air defenses - initially very difficult task, because the Americans effectively mask such groups in the shadow of the many islands, so even from the air using radar to detect aircraft carrier difficult.

Besides working radars allow ships to detect approaching aircraft and meet their "dignity." However, our pilots, demonstrating the highest professionalism, managed not to find themselves, to determine the exact coordinates of the "enemy" aircraft carrier. Met "partners" fighter "went" to the cockpit for a distance of visibility helmet-mounted visor. American took off his mask, poulybalsya winked commander, and then showed the belly of his aircraft with air-to-air missiles. What missile alerted and menacing twirled his twin gun mount (exchange of courtesies, so to speak). But Americans still play and decided not reassured. Joker.

Became a pilot with a smile to offer land on an aircraft carrier. Gestures and laughing showing type - sit down! At the bottom was a multi-purpose "Kitty Hawk"! On the deck of an aircraft carrier - a number of fighters, reconnaissance and antisubmarine - went flying. In this case, two fighter aircraft on alert could not propel to the top of the runway. To one another in a hurry blocked taxiing. Vanity, which apparently was related to the upcoming pair of Tu-22M aircraft carriers killers, has done its job. Should be removed in order to understand how to organize it in combat.

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However, F-18, comes from the bottom of our accompanying a camera to photograph the missile could not vanity on the deck. Crews decide to simulate landing on the deck. As expected - down, landing gear, flaps, first 15, then 25 and finally 35 degrees. Imitation or not - is, make out, not being in the cockpit deck is reduced by a huge missile. Americans believe, and therefore that they presented that the superstructure or command post aircraft carrier, all aircraft on deck really will be demolished.

A fire from the collision and fifty tons of kerosene on board and two rockets, each of which is five tons, with obstacles on the deck - put out for a week! The attack was a success! Although, of course, in reality, the Tu-22, aiming bombed, would be immediately destroyed that cover aircraft, which was already in the air. And, nevertheless, a breakthrough took place in the same real combat aircraft carrier would be dealt damage, that would make it impossible for them to perform combat missions. The photographs considered experts in the Far East and in Moscow - on a bright photo was captured panic prevailed in the American aircraft carrier. But these pictures have not yet been made public.

The names of the pilots still we do not know. It is hoped that the Navy eventually declassify information of thirty years ago. *** Life Stories pilots and navigators *** An interesting story was told by the former commander of the 11th Army Air Force and Air Defense, and later - the deputy. Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Anatoly Nagovicyn. Meeting of American carrier aircraft with the Russian Air Force fighters was "as close as possible" to combat. American pilot who witnessed wrote (the text of his letter sent by e-mail from the aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" against the will of the author of the message, became public): "... The voyage was pretty easy and interesting 54 days at sea, 4 - in port and 45-hour flight in October alone!

So, I sit there and hang out with my assistant, and we hear on TV call from CIC (combat information center - the "brain" of the ship). They say: "Sir, we spotted Russian planes." The captain replied: "Declare anxiety, lift fighters." From the center of report: you can declare only "alarm-30" (departure in 30 minutes (!) From the announcement). The captain swore and demanded: "rises into the air all that is possible, as quickly as possible!". I ran to the navigator phone and contacted the duty officer of the squadron. That day is not our squadron on duty, so I told him to find out who is on duty, and to make sure that they have raised their asses and raced to the flight deck (only "Alarm-7" assumes that you are already on the flight deck and ready to climb in the air, "Alarm-30" means that you are sitting in the waiting room).

Soon Su-24 at a speed of 500 knots passed right over the bridge "Kitty Hawk". Just like in the movie "Top Gun"! The officers on the bridge spilled his coffee and dirty swore! At this point, I looked at the captain - his face was purple. Russian fighter made two steep turn at low altitude before we finally launched its first aircraft from the deck. They were ... EA-6B "Prowler" (electronic warfare aircraft). Yes, yes, we have launched an unfortunate "Prowler" one-on-one against a fighter right over the ship. Our pilots have asked for help when finally F / A-18 took off to intercept. But it was too late.

The whole team lifted her head and watched as the Russian made a mockery of our poor attempts to stop them. The funny thing is that the admiral and commander of the aircraft carrier compound is in the command room in the morning meeting, which was interrupted by the roar of turbines Russian airplanes circling the felling of an aircraft carrier. Staff officer commander told me that they looked at each other, on the flight plan, make sure to start the day provides only a few hours, and asked: "What was that?".

Four days later, the Russian intelligence service sent by email to the commander, "Kitty Hawk" pictures of our pilots, rushing across the deck, trying desperately to raise the aircraft into the air ... ". Described in the letter of events occurred in the Korean Strait October 17, 2000 in the survey of the American multi-purpose aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" were two reconnaissance aircraft Su-24MR and cover their link interceptors Su-27 from the 11th Army Air Force and Air Defense . It should be noted that American naval maneuvers were only 300 km from the Russian coast, which in itself could not be regarded as an unfriendly act towards our country. Therefore, the actions of the Russian aircraft were fully justified and legitimate.

Exploration results have been impressive. Su-24MR made several visits to the aircraft carrier, photographing everything that happens on the flight deck. The pictures have been recorded panic aboard: sailors began immediately to cut hose connecting the tanker aircraft carrier, carried out while the transfer of fuel on board the "Kitty Hawk". Fighters F / A-18 was able to lift into the air only after the second call Russian spies, but the Su-27 of them at once taken to the side of the ship diversion, allowing reconnaissance aircraft, there are several spans over defenseless air carrier.

As Bacon said later, some time later to the carrier via e-mail came a letter containing two photographs deck Kitty Hawk, made with Russian aircraft during one of such actions of the Russian Air Force. Naval aircraft, both ours and the US, often overflying foreign combat ships in international waters. And it is not surprising that the actions of four Russian aircraft against aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" did not cause a negative reaction of the authorities USA. The plans of the combat training of naval pilots there is a section devoted to working out methods of overcoming air defense ships.

Acme of perfection is considered to overcome air defense aircraft carrier groups of the US Navy. Can not this is extremely rare - we must pay tribute to the Americans, the protection of its aircraft carriers, they are very well built and extremely reliable. However, as they say, and the old woman is proruha. *** So, Tu - 22M3 *** In the long-range aviation of the Air Forces of Russia has come to upgrade the machine Tu-22M3, which are now able to apply the latest X-32 rocket.

The main objective will be the destruction of missile-carrying aircraft carrier strike groups (CSGs), landing compounds groups of surface ships. Modification of M3 - a further development of the Tu-22M. Tu-22M3 has been and remains an important component of protivoavianosnoy war Tu-22M3 is often called "the killer of aircraft carriers," but this - incorrect epithet. Correct so-called group of aircraft, and a single "Bekfair" against the carrier battle group - not a warrior. Main weapon TU-22M3 - Kh-32. She has significant advantages over other counterparts.

These missiles during flight exchange information with each other - they just run by specifying a minimum set of parameters of the target. The second - high survivability before air defenses. It is estimated that one X-32 with inherent protection withstands all 20-mm anti-aircraft artillery complex "Vulcan-Phalanx" one hit missiles AIM-7 "Sparrow" or two or three types of AIM-9 "Sidewinder". Now all military aviators clearly understand that the Tu-22M3 - highly specialized aircraft capable of relatively effectively destroy enemy aircraft carriers, but does not apply to other tasks.

In addition, at the end of zero years increased manifold possibilities of Defense US Navy cruisers received URO with integrated air defense system. Therefore, there are modern missile system to break defense orders and guaranteed destruction of large surface ships. And it is - a modernized Tu22M3 with the updated onboard locating and missile systems. Tu-22M3 easily impresses even small ground targets using svobodnopadayuschie bombs from a height of not less than eight thousand meters.

Modernized armed cruise missiles air-based, which, unlike their predecessors X-22 are able to break through the defense at a distance of thousands of miles. Updated airborne sighting and navigation system, weapon system, installed a new, more powerful engine NK-32. Today brought the production to only a modification of the Tu-22-M4 with a new navigation equipment and engines NK-32. Arm bomber planned supersonic cruise missile X-32.

It was created on the basis of X-22 and tested in the 929 th State Flight Test Center (glycyl). There is still no reliable data on the serial production of the new model and the number of BBC machines. In 2008, the war in the Caucasus Tu-22M3 attacked the Georgian airfields and ports svobodnopadayuschie conventional bombs, rather than cruise missiles.

"Bekfair" bombs is several times more than the Su-24 and Su-25. in the Air Force until 2020 will come 30 new machines of this type. Would do well to each of the fleets in the North, East, Baltic and the Black Sea Fleet, appeared at least 40 machines of this type.

Author: Nikolai Baranov

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