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#WesternMedia Complteley Ignored the Murder of a Girl in #Konstantinovka

Donbass is Russia
Donetsk Republic
Western media ignored the murder of a girl in Konstantinovka

The main Western media completely ignored the murder of eight-year-Pauline drunken Ukrainian soldiers in Kostyantynivka in Donbas, according to the portal #RedPillTimes. 

"What could be more terrible, more emotional and more unfair than the death of the girl at the hands of drunken soldiers? - The newspaper writes. - Nevertheless, the Western media have completely excluded the news of their messages. " 

"In a fair, honest and decent world - sure edition - this story was not to go with headers major publications of the media". 

RedPillTimes reminds his readers, that on March 16 Ukrainian military tracked MTLB (abbreviation stands for "multi-purpose lightly armored transporter") ran over a woman and two children (including one child in a stroller), standing on the sidewalk in the middle of the day at 14:30 local time in Konstantinovka. 

Eight-year-girl Paulina died on the spot. - Burning MTLB APU Kostyantynivka - Battlefields in the lands of New Russia


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West decides to rewrite history as Germany, England, Poland and France Glorify HITLER & BANDERA

Antimaydan Odessa Novorossia

Germany, England, Poland and France Glorify HITLER & BANDERA

Today at 11:00 am

Thursday it was announced that British Prime Minister David Cameron will not accept an invitation to visit Moscow on May 9. It became known earlier this same decision, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Previously refused to come on the 70th anniversary of the victory of the leader of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

Everything indicates that the current anniversary year the West decided to use for the final rewrite history ... Previously, all Western leaders, despite the level of relations with Moscow, considered binding their visits to the celebrations devoted to the Great Patriotic War. 

The theme of the heroism of Soviet soldiers priori admitted lying outside of politics. The exceptions were the presidents of some former Soviet republics, which are seriously in the world no one took. Now almost all the leaders of Western countries expressed reluctance to go to Moscow on May 9. 

Most likely will not come and US President Barack Obama, while in painful reflection French leader Francois Hollande. And it is unlikely that behavior can be explained by Western leaders disagreement with our position on Ukraine. 

The thing is that the memory of the Second World War and the role in the victory of the Soviet Union has long been inconvenienced by the West. We have to recognize that all European democracies have contributed to strengthening the power of Nazi Germany, and then surrendered almost without resistance to it. 

We have to recognize that are famous for their discipline and technical savvy Germans lost Russia, which has always believed in the Old World barbarous country. Too strong images emerge from the Second World War, inconvenient for the current policy of the West. 

How to maintain modern Bandera in power in Ukraine, if we recognize evil fascism? How to speak of a united Europe, if it took the Baltic countries, where the elderly are held marches-SS?And the whole modern world order based on the fact that the victorious World War II have veto power in the UN Security Council. 

The only way for the West to escape from unpleasant facts - to try to rewrite history. Apparently, this year was considered the best time for the "final solution." Obviously, the 70th anniversary of the Victory will be the last anniversary, which will participate veterans. 

Then the war will learn mainly from books. It is not by chance looks scandal with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, when the celebration was not invited to the Russian president, and the Polish Foreign Minister Schetyna even came to the point that the "death camp" Ukrainians freed. 

Quietly swallowed Merkel saying Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of the Soviet soldiers who "occupied Germany and Ukraine" ... There is a big question. If the West has decided to deny the value of Victory, on what he is going to the same principles to build their future? 

When Soviet troops "occupied Germany," Waffen SS were normal side confrontation, what is the image of a bright European future? Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Religion and Society, Institute of Europe, Roman Lunkin yet sees no reason to "sound the alarm": - Russia won Fascism in cooperation with Europe and the United States.

This shows that Russia - part of the Western world. It is no coincidence Vladimir Putin avoids sharp statements regarding the Western leaders. In general, the intellectual elite of the West recognize Russia's role in the victory over Nazi Germany ... I hope that after all the total memory of the war will serve as a foundation for future dialogue between Russia and the West, especially with the confidence of Moscow and Europe that Ukrainian crisis should definitely be solved. 

However, the head of the department of philosophy politics Institute of Philosophy Vladimir Shevchenko said the situation with the preservation of historical memory critical: - The issue of preserving the memory of World War II stands now particularly acute. We must understand that fascism in his German guise was largely in favor of the Anglo-Saxon civilization. 

German fascism was a trial weapon aimed at the destruction of the Soviet Union. Soviet leaders this maneuver solved, our people defeated fascism. But this does not mean that the West abandoned its plans for the destruction of Russia. Now Americans do not hide the fact that their main task - the overthrow of Putin, the dismemberment of the country and, most importantly - the mastery of our countless natural resources. 

And while access to the resources of the West would not, he did not calm down. Fascism - this is definitely an absolute evil. It includes not only the genocide of peoples, but also the establishment of the totalitarian regime. Hitler looked far and even came up with the race "superhumans" - conquerors of the world.Why now turn a blind eye to all attempts to justify fascism, which we observe in the Baltic States, Poland and other countries? 

The main reason is that they want to get people to stop seeing fascism absolute evil. In Europe, the prevailing view that the emergence of German fascism was a response to "Stalinist totalitarianism." Around it there are powerful theoretical developments. Say, Hannah Arendt believed that modern totalitarianism has no roots in history and is a phenomenon of modern times that Hitler's fascism was a response to "Stalinist totalitarianism." 

In these treatments turns out that fascism - it's evil, but a lesser evil than the evil big . A greater evil, according to Western precepts, this Stalinist system, the Russian people and their country, which is constantly going the "wrong" way. And now looms before us a concept that exists in the Anglo-Saxon civilization from the time of Ivan the Terrible and the present day still want to rewrite history. 

But the purpose of this not only a great victory, but the whole of our country, our history, the future of our civilization a thousand years of history. "SP": - But what kind of society can build the West, if it is based on a rejection of the values ​​of Victory? - In Europe, believe that Fascism was primarily directed against the "Stalinist dictatorship" and "Stalinist occupation." 

Why Bandera fought? They, as it turns out, had fought against the occupation, against Russia, against Stalin and against socialism. Defamation of our country with neo-fascism - the primary goal of Western Europe. At the same time in the West think that they can use against us fascist manifestations, achieve their political goals, thus will control the mood at all. 

Like, nationalism is bad, but you can always remove the extreme, but it will be a sort of "bastion" against Russia. But I am afraid that neo-fascist manifestations in Europe can get out of control. I have a feeling that the Federal Republic of Germany is only covered by a thin democratic "layer", and within the country boil powerful forces associated with the test revenge and national humiliation. Germany has long been trying to build a united Europe with its own hierarchy. 

Germany may soon venture to push German nationalism as an ideological weapon. Today you can create severe living conditions for the people, to stop their growth, deform their culture, education, social sphere. This is also a genocide, but apparently not very noticeable and stretched for many years. Modern methods allow us to make life unbearable people, which want to get even on the historical stage."SP": - How should we respond to such a policy? - 

We need to keep their memory. The Great Victory - the only thing that connects us with the past, with the Soviet heritage, is the only unifying moral principle for the whole country. Will not be May 9 - the country mired in ideological disputes, quarrels. Therefore, to keep the memory - our sacred duty. But we need to understand the principles of modern information wars against our history. In the West, many scandals around our television company Russia Today. 

A simple channel to the West was able to show that there are many different points of view. We must not only defend, but also actively advance in the information field. Today, many students do not know what happened June 22, 1941. Respond to information war - the first priority for us. - 

The West has launched a new campaign to attack on the historical memory. But, I think there is no question as we have. That is, it is not about to rewrite the history of World War II, and that it was just time to forget - says a senior researcher at the Institute of Russian History Nikolai Lisovoy. - In fact, everything that happens today has happened before. Yes, formally the West to recognize the victory. But as they relate to the Victory, to our country? 

Angela Merkel and Barack Obama graduated from school yesterday. Their current behavior indicates that they have been brought up before. So, Merkel and Obama have the results themselves the West's relations with Russia and the Great Patriotic War. Now we just see the continuation of inter-civilizational, ideological, information warfare, which is carried out against us. "SP": - Is the West nurtured a generation, which normally refers to fascism? - 

We are not surprised that the Baltic march of former SS men. And none of this fact, except in Russia, did not react, is not perturbed. Are Western leaders about these marches do not know? They all know perfectly well understood, but they are happy with everything that is directed against the Soviet Union, its heritage, against Russia. 

Victory Day was another "sanctions" against our country. "SP": - It is clear what values ​​carries a great victory. But what values ​​his life trying to build Europe if it begins to deny victory? - In fact, we think too well about the Europeans that they are going to build the future on some values. 

They're going to build the policy on a single principle of "double standards". That is, to his society, history and culture, they are not as related to our society, our history and our culture. This "double-entry bookkeeping," which is visible in politics, and in other areas. Russia of Victory "suspend" before. 

Generation has grown up, which is not very confident that Germany invaded the Soviet Union, and not vice versa. And not because these people - Russia's enemies, they just taught history. Time in the West think that the victory was gained by America and the Soviet Union only a few fought on its territory. So think in the US, in Europe, in Japan. 

And we are not surprised. And the fact that Merkel will not come to us on May 9 somehow surprising. We do not want to offend anyone, we just want to forget. We in the media laugh that Jen Psaki or that Barack Obama is not said so. But they do not even geographically know where Russia, Ukraine, Donbass. Is it any wonder that they do not understand the history of things. "SP": - How can we act in such a situation? - 

We are too much lately paying attention to what they say in the West. We worry that we do not understand, did not appreciate. And we must proceed from the fact that we need to build our lives. If we have a precise, accurate scientific history of the Soviet Union and the history of the Great Patriotic War, then we can not and should not disturb any opposition to this concept by the leaders of other countries. Unfortunately, our intelligentsia itself doubts the correctness and validity of Russia's historical path that shows the recent accession of the Crimea. 

Over 85% of Russians were in favor of the return of the Crimea, but the bulk of the few dissenters percent accounted for intellectuals, who was supposed to be the intellectual elite and political thinkers. But if our intellectuals so can behave, so why can not behave Frau Merkel? If history is questioned in Moscow and St. Petersburg, there is nothing to be surprised that this is happening in the Baltic States and Ukraine. 

The question is that we have a good concept of history, correct the historical school and powerful scientific and propaganda apparatus.

The #Saker : European Union’s Military ? Yet another sign of Impotence

The European Union’s military: yet another sign of impotence
March 10, 2015
Saker drawing from community

You probably have heard of the European attempt to reacquire some relevance: the proposal to create a “European Union Army”. In part, this is, as an attempt by the Europeans to show that they matter, that they can do something by themselves, that they are not completely US lackeys. This might also be a reaction to the crazy statements of General Philip Breedlove, the Commander of the U.S. European Command and the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) whose inflammatory comments even got him a full-length rebuttal in Der Spiegel (There are even rumors that the Europeans want Breedlove sacked). Whatever may be the case, the idea of some kind of European Army is hardly a new one – we already had the Franco-German Brigade and the Eurocorps. That is all very well, but only on paper. The reality is that nobody in Europe has any money to pay for the future EU army. But even worse is that even inside NATO the European contribution is almost negligible.

First, take a look at this graph showing the financial contribution made by each NATO member state in 2013:

Clearly, the US pays the lion share and, if we add it’s European poodle (the UK), the “Anglo share” becomes even bigger. But that is not the full story. Let’s take the next two (and pretty much only other) relevant countries, Germany and France. Not only is their financial contribution very small, their national armies are a total mess. Russia Insider has just posted an excellent survey of the condition of the German military, to which I would only add this article entitled “L’armée française n’a plus un rond et le moral à zéro” (The French military ain’t got a penny and its morale is down to zero) which comes to similar conclusions about the French military.

What about the rest of NATO you might ask?

They are even a more pathetic joke than France and Germany. The only real military left over is Turkey’s which will never agree to participate to such a force and which will probably not be invited anyway (there is a reason why the Europeans never let “then Muslims” inside the EU to begin with!). Then we are left with a few semi-decent air forces and navies, but with no real combined-arms capabilities. Finally, all of Europe has always depended on the USA for intelligence, in particular battlefield intelligence. So even these air forces and navies are, in reality, totally dependent on Uncle Sam.

Which leaves us with the Central European clowns like Poland or Lithuania. To see what they could realistically “contribute” you can just think of the Georgian military in 2008, which was fully trained and fully equipped by the very same folks who are now training and equipping the Central Europeans.

The reality is that nobody in Europe can afford anything besides hot air and that all the European militaries are good for is wholly unconvincing sabre-rattling as recently shown by Norway or NATO naval forces in the Black Sea (any vessel in the Black Sea is an easy target for the Russian military) And even though that will not frighten or “deter” a Russia which has no hostile intentions to begin with, it will contribute to the worsening of relations as shown by the recent Russian decision to dump all CFE activities.

This latest initiative, far from showing any kind of European awakening, is yet another proof of the utter lack of statesmanship on the part of the Eurocretins in power in Brussels and the EU capitals. A far more convincing display of power and dignity would be to dare to simply say “no” to something demanded by Uncle Sam.

But that, alas, ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

The Saker

Sevastopol : A year later, a Successful Transformation

Sevastopol : A year later, a Successful Transformation

The past year, much has changed in my life, so that it would be appropriate to make some intermediate results related to changes in Sevastopol, Crimea generated by the spring. Specifically to build the blocks did not, and just write about what came to mind when trying to recall what has changed in a year.

1. Crimea has ceased to be a part of Ukraine and became part of Russia. I wish this event for many years, so then just a dream come true. Those people who have a dream come true, well need to understand what it is. 

2. From the town disappeared Ukrainian Ukrainian flags and symbols. Only very rarely can still be found the inscription in Ukrainian or old advertising signs on the Move. The city says in Russian, and the abolition of compulsory use of the Ukrainian language, which is trying to impose breaking through the knee Sevastopol, Ukrainian language simply disappeared as unnecessary, although no specific ban on Ukrainian not - want to hang signs in Ukrainian, hang, the law permits, you want to talk in Ukrainian - speak. All these rights are, but they have virtually no one uses it as unnecessary. 

3. In the movie, now you can walk without fear of compulsory transfer films into Ukrainian, in the city where 99% speak Russian. I've been a few years in the movie basically did not go on linguistic reasons for the previous year have been there more often than in the past 5 years. 

4. In all the state institutions now in Russian, compulsory filling out documents on Ukrainian disappeared. The same in the proceedings, satisfied even before officials forced to teach ugly surzhik to transfer it to paper and slip his Russian-speaking citizens. 

5. Of the schools lost "a wonderful Ukrainian history," no one now feeds people opuses about heroes of the UPA, the Cossacks submariners and ancient Ukrainian camels.About this period now remembered with a smile at the mention Tripolye shards of Jesus with Prykarpattia and combat characterniki. 

6. Ukrainian monuments of Sevastopol are gone, their carefully taken out and sent to their historical homeland.Shevchenko did not clean up, as there is no reason to give a monopoly on Shevchenko banderlog. 

7. Two navies now in Sevastopol not, now based one - the Russian. All the same old, only slightly increase the number of ships remaining at the expense of Ukraine. Was planned to build new berths for "Mistral" and related infrastructure, but for obvious reasons, the process has stalled. 

8. From the city authorities lost almost everything, who once was a local "elitku." In contrast to the Crimea, Sevastopol took a more radical personnel revolution, which actively promoted Alexey Chaly. The guide of the city a lot of new faces, both local and from Russia, since the governor Menyailo. Menyailo itself over the past year has left a mixed impression - on the one hand does not take bribes and actively bore samostroi, on the other - some of the issues of the city were hampered by red tape. In March this year even rumors that soon Menyailo will be removed. 

9. Nationalization we passed, but very limited - from the local authorities do not expect these partial solutions, but the fact that Poroshenko finally selected SMZ many citizens very happy. 

10. Bank collapse over the past year has been overcome and now despite sanctions, the banking system from scratch, but it works. Sevastopol for key banks became RNCB (recently caught in a sanctions list) and Genbank. 

11. With communication is more or less ustakanilos, although its quality is poor. The process of detaching from the mobile networks of Ukraine turned out pretty painful, although the process of transition to Russian numbers almost finished. 

12. With the traffic flow situation deteriorated machines in the city has increased (visitors, tourists, refugees), so the urban transport network is now overextended. Acute problem of parking in the city center. 

13. Wage and price growth has been uneven, if in the first months of wage growth outpaced the rise in prices, then in the second half of the year the situation changed. Prices gradually they are aligned with the national average. Ukrainian goods from shops disappear and are gradually replaced by Russian. 

14. Regarding the promises they have heard in a stable ruble and high oil prices, so in a running war with the United States, announced volume promises to be difficult to perform. However, the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait began and Sevastopol repairers in the coming months will receive the promised orders, they are waiting. 

15. The level of crime in the city fell, police authorities gradually switched to Russian standards and there is no need to send the hot here on business MUP from the suburbs. 

16. Reducing crime is not least due to the harsh measures of alcohol market regulation. Ban on the sale of alcohol in later sharply reduced the number of drunks on the streets and drinking-related offenses. Difficulty in obtaining licenses for the sale of alcohol significantly reduced the number of points where you can buy anything stronger than beer. Traffic cops are now much less take bribes and accordingly otmazatsya drivers become more difficult. 

17. In terms of housing, without any changes, still Razvalka, rates are rising, but not as rapidly as in the Ukraine. In terms of cleanliness, there is some improvement, but the city is still pretty dirty - there still have to go. 

18. After the collapse of the ruble for the first time in many years, the Internet has risen in price, to the former tariff threw 100 rubles. The quality of the internet, we are still very good, almost as in Moscow. After Rostov, I was even a little ashamed that I once swore at our provider. Its true Copyrighters pressed by the power tracker, but there guys cunning, made ​​a new tracker and pretended that he was not theirs. In general, everything is as usual - swing-Let Him. 

19. City despite the uprising which ended, still very politicized, you can often find the symbolism of New Russia, DNR and signs militia, the events themselves are always discussed in the Donbas - the hottest topics in the city is the relationship with the United States, sanctions and war in the Donbass. 

20. Ukraine especially those wishing to return, not even those who thought the summer dump of "Russian occupation", after the start of mobilization dramatically lost the desire to go to Ukraine. It's one thing to swear on the Internet, and more - to get into the hands of the machine and go to die at Donbass. Bad not that quite a lot, but very little. 

21. The city became a military often can now see the military patrols, movement columns, flying combat aircraft. City in this regard has returned to its historic role of the military outpost of Russia, and judging by the plans, there will be further development in this direction. 

22. Question to the airport is still in limbo, the military give Bel'bek under civilian needs do not want to, so always discussed the projects built airport somewhere close to the city, not to go to Simferopol. 

23. On passports - issue closed in the late summer and almost everyone had already issue Russian documents, so huge queues at passport offices are history. It is more difficult had to refugees who now have the opportunity to get a Russian passport only through the courts, proving that someone from their relatives resident in the territory of Crimea. For refugees in general are accustomed to them and now rather indifferent attitude, women and children regret at the men look askance because they believe that men have to fight in the Donbass, which went to war including Sevastopol. Humanitarian aid for Donbass still collected. 

24. Tensions with the Tatars in the city is not felt, in general, with them all remains as before, Sevastopol was always on the side of these conflicts bedeviling the Crimea, so that we have in this regard continues to peaceful coexistence, especially since most of the Crimean Tatar radicals left the Crimea. 

25. Roan is still the most popular person in the city, its prestige among ordinary people is huge.The first "people's governor" Russian Spring continues to be one of its characters, although in the general context of events in the Donbas, his star has not lit so brightly after those streams of blood and large-scale destruction in the Donbass, which went after spring romance spring 2014 and came harsh routine protracted war from which stinks of mud and blood. 

26. Public transportation in the spring stabilized at 10.8 rubles, and remained so since. Minibuses are still one of the most popular modes of transport in Sevastopol. Gasoline in our 4-5 rubles more than in Rostov and Krasnodar. About refilling respond differently - for some seasoned well, about others - that "bodyazhat." 

27. There was a lot of problems with e-commerce - sanctions as a whole is not particularly painful, but rather annoying. Freelancers they strongly pressed. Lock PlayMarket for many was unpleasant, but when leaving the Crimea, you can download all that in the Crimea is blocked. 

28. Political life in the city as in the past half dead.Boring officialdom, small-town scandal. Last year's scandal with Menyailo Chalym against the backdrop of the current swamp was almost a hurricane. Well, plus the abolition of the separatist movement as unnecessary, so make some noise about the reason and without it is much smaller. 

29. Large Russian companies to us in no hurry to go, afraid of sanctions, so basically there any little-known Russian domestic companies, or else big business starts here and cunning various "daughter", pretending to be not in the business. 

30. The communist movement in mediocre - a weak branch of the Communist Party (from the former Communist Party) plus various groups Marxists, Trotskyites and workers' organizations. Do not take a leading position during the Crimean spring, now communist organizations going through a difficult period of reorganization. 

31. Anti-American sentiment in the city is very strong, stronger than hate only the junta and Bandera, who staged a bloody mess in Ukraine. Yanukovych and the Party of Regions is also constantly commemorated as the perpetrators of the incident. Often regret that those eggs did not have to shoot "Euromaidan." 

32. The tourist season expect better than last year, when there was some drawdown of the number of tourists (reduced flow from the Ukraine). In general, the city is unlikely to focus on the resort scenario, since the main roll is in the army, navy and ship. 

33. Investment from abroad is not particularly expect, so no extra illusions oriented for domestic projects, plus itself waiting for public investment in production and infrastructure. 

34. Part of Ukrainian military who went into the service of Russia, and continue to serve, even though they are trying to strengthen the framework of loyalty to pass through other fleets, as well as spend time with them patriotic education program, for service of Ukraine naturally could not go in vain. 

35.Balaklava in the military base is not going to turn, as not going to restore the base-tunnel and GSB BSF "Alsou-2" destroyed Ukraine. These projects are too expensive, so now they just do not give money. But airfields and military camps put in order, plus they are driving new technology. Previously, it was necessary to negotiate with Kiev, and now you can bring anything you want, up to the strategic bombers. Military go quite as elephants. 

36. Real estate prices rose, and taking into account the holiday season, a further rise in prices is inevitable. Buy apartments and plots including refugees from the Ukraine, as well as the inhabitants of the big Russian, who want to move here, "closer to the sea," or to be able to long summer vacation. Mess with the registry in general ended, so that the real estate market is gradually returned to normal. 

37. Medicine still shareware - as in Ukraine are treated free of charge, but will be very grateful if the patient is still on the branch and some medicines bought additional, which is never enough. In general, then, little has changed. 

38. With TV practically disappeared Ukrainian channels, while cable networks are still all there. Some even look specifically Ukrainian TV "purely neighing" - people sit and watch with saying "No, well, you saw, you saw - that's stupid." This Statement political Smehopanorama. Kiseleva do not like - too slaschav of political shows most popular programs Solovyov. I as before, do not watch TV. 

39. Unemployment is still there, partially hidden. New jobs are expected in connection with the implementation of various infrastructure projects are in the preparatory stage. 

40. People in the city as a whole have become a little more helpful, yet continues to operate the cumulative effect of last year's unification in order to achieve a common goal. Suddenly surging spontaneous collectivism showed people how at rallying for a common goal, you can add the results, so it played an important role in the growth of civic consciousness Sevastopol really feel yourself not public, and citizens. Since citizens are always pleasant to communicate. People appreciate that. 

Overall, a pretty town has changed dramatically and continues to change further, as the world around him. Sevastopol realize his dream, now lives waiting for a promised data spring 2014 and simultaneously preparing for trials through which he will go along with Russia. Well, of course much has changed my life - just over a year ago, I could not afford in the pleasure philosophize on the sofa without any obligation, and a year ago just genuinely enjoy ownership of the events of my dreams. A year later, I celebrate this holiday away from home, far from the fighting Donbass which was linked to my life, which then rose with us and who continues to fight for what we then went relatively easy on the background of the fact that the residents had to endure New Russia. 

This year, in addition to performance gave me my dream and even a sense of duty to the people who continue to fight and I can not give up on the way to their dream - to end the war and the New Russia became free. So for me, today's holiday is both joyful and sad - I can not rejoice in the event that happened a year ago, but I like many sad and disappointing that New Russia was much more thorny path to liberation. Once again, all the holiday and remember our comrades who started with us and continue to fight for a just cause. I am confident that we will win and the New Russia will.

March 18 - "The Day of the Reunification of the Crimea" Concludes

Summaries of the militia of New Russia


Video by journalists. "Russian authorities of Sevastopol in early March gave the official name of the holiday March 18 - the day of the reunification of the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia. In Crimea completed festivities dedicated to return to Russia. Salute in Sevastopol closed the series of celebrations. Let's see how this there were. "

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China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar

China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar

 • 03/12/2015 •
yuandollarby James Corbett
March 11, 2015
Forget all the nonsense and hoopla about the Apple Watch or the GM stock buy-back. Far and away the most important economic story of the week is one you won’t find on the front page of Bloomberg or MarketWatch. New reports indicate that China is ready to launch its SWIFT alternative, and for those who have their ear to the ground this is the most significant move yet in the unfolding process of de-dollarization that is seeing the BRICS-led “resistance bloc” breaking away from the financial stranglehold of the US-led “Washington Consensus.”
For those who don’t know, SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and is shorthand for the SWIFTNet Network that is used by over 10,500 financial institutions in 215 countries and territories to transmit financial transaction data around the world. SWIFT does not do any of the clearing or processing for these transactions itself, but instead sends the payment orders that are then settled by correspondent banks of the member institutions. Still, given the system’s near universality in the financial system, it means that virtually every international transaction between banking institutions goes through the SWIFT network.
This is why de-listing from the SWIFT network remains one of the primary financial weapons wielded by the US and its allies in their increasingly important financial warfare campaigns. In 2012, SWIFT agreed to de-list 30 Iranian financial institutions (including the central bank) from their network as part of the US/EU-led sanctions on Tehran, a move that was meant to stop billions of dollars’ worth of oil and export sales from being repatriated into the country and bring Iranian business to a standstill. Throughout the recent tensions between the US bloc and Russia over the civil war in Ukraine, the idea that SWIFT could similarly de-list Russian banks has beenrepeatedly floated as a potential next step for the US and its allies.
swiftiranOf course, SWIFT is nominally “independent” from any government entity and thus does not have to follow the dictates of Washington or anyone else pursuing their own personal vendettas in the financial arena. In practice, however, SWIFT put up no resistance whatsoever and obligingly complied with the Iranian sanctions request despite the fact that the blockade was repeatedly ruled illegal by the EU’s own courts. Does anyone doubt that, despite their protestations to the contrary, they would do any different if push came to shove with Russia? This is precisely why Moscow, Beijing and other countries in the cross hairs have been floating ideas of their own, namely the creation of an alternative payment network that bypasses SWIFT.
Now it seems that talk is materializing into something very real. Called the China International Payment System, the CIPS network is meant to facilitate cross-border transactions specifically in yuan and the latest reports suggest that the system is already in place and could be launched as early as this September.
If and when CIPS is launched, the results could be world historical in nature. Firstly it provides the Kremlin and other US/EU/NATO/Israeli enemies a potential alternative safe haven from the crippling sanctions that hang over their head in the current environment. Secondly, it brings the yuan one step closer to being a fully-convertible currency, something that Beijing has beenscrambling to achieve since the currency was rejected from the IMF’s SDR basket following the last reconsideration of that basket in 2010. And finally, it further solidifies China as the center of the worldwide “resistance bloc” to the current status quo.
It’s hard to underestimate just how important CIPS will be to making the yuan a major player on the global stage. Rather than having to clear yuan payments through correspondent banks in China or through specially designated clearing houses in Hong Kong or Europe or elsewhere, payments will now be nearly instantaneous through any CIPS-listed financial institution anywhere in the world.
Sadly, most alternative news outlets will end their analysis here, as if the creation of this alternate payment system in opposition to the US/EU/NATO/Israeli superpower’s hegemon is an unmitigated good. But such an analysis relies on the assumption that the BRICS resistance bloc has motivations and intentions that are truly different than the existing power structure, and not merely rivalrous to it. As viewers of The Corbett Report’s podcast on “China and the New World Order” will note, China has been carefully positioned over the course of the past half century to be the “engine of the New World Order” and many of the (nominally) “American” oligarchs and political power-players who helped construct the current status quo have been pupeteering and overseeing the rise of the Chinese dragon since the days of Mao. And as we have discussed before, the players who have been dominating world finance for decades (if not centuries) are not stupid; they are deliberately engineering the West’s downfall in order to bring about their dreamed-of world governmental and world financial system.
Is THIS really the answer we're looking for?
Is THIS really the answer we’re looking for?
Now those who are concerned about the US-bloc’s superpower status and its seemingly monolithic control over the highly-centralized financial system represented by institutions like SWIFT are being asked to put their faith in an “alternative” system of centralized control that happens to be in the hands of Beijing. But let’s imagine that, somehow, in some way, the Chinese Communists were actually artfully deluding the Kissingers and the Brzezinskis and the other paymasters and chessmasters of China’s economic “miracle” and actually did intend to use their new-found power for themselves. To what end would they possibly use it? As a series of billboards popping up around Bangkok and other locations in recent months suggest, it is nothing less than to create a “New World Currency” to further consolidate their power on the international stage. Meet the New New World Order, same as the Old New World Order. Either way, all you get is centralized power-hungry tyrants lording over centralized bureaucracies like the IMF, the World Bank, the SDR, SWIFT, CIPS, the BRICS bank or the “people’s currency” of the yuan.
But what if there was a truly alternative way around the SWIFT hegemon?
As it turns out, many Iranian banks have circumvented the SWIFT sanction in an almostembarrassingly simple way. Instead of using the SWIFT system to send and receive their payment orders, they simply pick up the phone or send an email. Yes, it is less efficient and takes a bit longer to do, but it works just as well and there’s nothing that SWIFT or anyone else can do to prevent banks from communicating directly with one another. Chalk this extremely simple workaround up as another victory for the concept of the “peer-to-peer economy” that we talked about in these pages in recent weeks. When people (or organizations or institutions) can communicate directly, instantaneously and globally, the need for centralized bureaucracies like “SWIFT” or “CIPS” disappears just as assuredly as the horse-and-buggy or the zeppelin disappeared with the advent of the modern car or airplane.
Keep your eye on these pages for more on the CIPS system as it develops, and keep your eye on The Corbett Report podcast for an upcoming episode where I delve into the not-so-happy reality of “The BRICS and the New World Order.”

Germany and France Change Attitude on Ukraine

Germany and France Change  Attitude on Ukraine
March 14, 2015

German analysts believe that the US game in Ukraine is directed not so much against Russia, but against the EU.

For almost fifteen years of political experience I have accumulated a large number of friends among politicians and officials around the world. Have friends in Germany. This they told me that Germany would insist on delaying the entry into force of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, because their economic forecasts, Ukraine will default. I shared this information with my friends on Facebook, and later it was confirmed. Now, we talked about what caused the change in policy of Germany and France in relation to Ukraine. Published losses from the imposition of sanctions against Russia in the EU - 21 billion euros. This is mainly losses from the sale of government-subsidized agricultural products. But the real loss as German analysts say, much more. They call worth over one billion euros.

European Union publishes sixty billion euros a month. Now the euro fell against the dollar by 25%.Usually accompanied by a decline of the euro increased exports, and usually these exports is largely directed to Eastern Europe and Russia. Export growth usually leads to higher incomes and, consequently, to an increase in living standards. It always happens, but not this time. Because of the sanctions against Russian export growth has not occurred. That is, every German has become poorer by twenty-five percent. 

Due to the devaluation of the euro less use as a reserve currency. Other countries have transferred part of their reserves in Swiss francs (this explains its growth), and then because of the limited capacity of the flow of the franc currency reserves went to China, Japan and others. Hence, in an indirect way, the total of one trillion euros. Benefit from the conflict in the Ukraine has received only Poland - a thirty billion US dollars from escapes from the war the citizens of Ukraine as an investment. The German analysts believe that in fact the American game in Ukraine is directed not so much against Russia, but against the European Union. 

The Germans believe that the new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with the filing of the United States has taken an uncompromising position not only to reduce costs in Greece, but also for their tacit support raised the issue of the return of the old German Greek debt that is laying a mine under the entire European Union. Europeans have great concern is the increase in gold reserves BRICS countries, in particularly Russia and China. They suspect that the BRICS countries will introduce its own currency immediately after the start of China's SWIFT. 

Then in the world there are three major reserve currencies: the US dollar is widely distributed, a weak euro (currency as stagnated in Europe) and the currency of the BRICS countries, confirmed by gold and oil. Europeans worry that the euro will not sustain this kind of competition. That is why Angela Merkel  shared her vision of the situation with Francois Hollande, and together they took the initiative to participate in the negotiations with Ukraine and Russia in an attempt to stop the war. Europe changed its attitude to the situation, not only because he believes that the United States uses the events in Ukraine as a way to destroy the European Union. 

Recent talks in Minsk "Norman format" changed attitude to Poroshenko Merkel. I must say that for the current Chancellor of Germany the word "federalism" has a negative connotation, as for Poroshenko. By the way, here's my point of view coincides with the point of view of Merkel. I recall that in the Ukraine against me prosecuted for incitement to federalism. So, from the words of my European friends, Angela Merkel agreed on a draft protocol Poroshenko in Minsk, where the word "federalism", then flew to Moscow to coordinate the text with Vladimir Putin. He allegedly laughed and said that the text is large enough, but added that "Peter deceive." Merkel did not believe it. And in vain, because the president had to re-negotiate the protocol and Lavrov - to rewrite all the text on the knee. 


This is customary for Ukrainian businessman Petro Poroshenko behavior was perceived negatively Merkel and Hollande. After Minsk talks entered a team in almost all EU embassy to raise prices and complicate the conditions for obtaining visas for Ukrainians.Today, a citizen of Ukraine is easier to get a visa to the United States than, for example, in Germany. Above all, as well as break the information blockade around the events in Ukraine, the trip left the Bundestag in Donetsk and much more - all this creates in the world a negative background for the Ukrainian authorities. 

Even Zbigniew Brzezinski said that Ukraine should not be taken into NATO. It can be concluded that the Ukrainian authorities will not be happy. The fact is that if Poroshenko picks Minsk Agreement and information policy will continue in the country, aimed at the escalation of hostilities against the federalization of Ukraine, the old Europe will increase the pressure. Some steps have been taken and now, it is no wonder that Europe has limited the loan from the IMF in the amount of 17.5 instead of $ 40 billion, as requested by the Ukraine and the United States wanted. However, keep appetites US is becoming easier, after all, the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde - French, and the US share in the authorized capital of the IMF has fallen from 40% to 20%. 

Image result for this summer European sanctions are likely to be canceled.

I think that is not in vain leaders DNR and LC made ​​an appeal to EU that Ukraine does not fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreement. The fact is that in the process of pressure on Ukraine European Union could reach up to the imposition of sanctions, including personal against Ukraine and individual representatives of Ukrainian authorities. In addition, according to my friends, due to changes in the position of Europe in relation to Ukraine and Russia this summer European sanctions are likely to be canceled.

Denis Pushilin: I see no reason to hold a meeting of the Rada Donbas

Denis Pushilin: I see no reason to hold a meeting of the contact group to solve Rada Donbas

DNR's permanent representative at the talks in Minsk Denis Pushilin saw no point in holding a meeting of the contact group to the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the special status areas of Donbass, RIA Novosti reported.14.03.2015, 16:21

According to Denis Pushilin, the question of territory Debaltseve should be solved within the subgroups. Earlier it was reported that all planned four subgroups, which will deal with different aspects of the truce, including the diversion of weapons, exchange of prisoners and other issues.

Оригинал новости RT на русском:

Der Spiegel is doing Merkel’s work in order to discourage the conflict in Ukraine

Der Spiegel is doing Merkel’s work in order to discourage the conflict in Ukraine 

Splitting the Atlantic Alliance NATO Lies and Provocations

MARCH 10, 2015

“The war has been provoked to destroy the Russian World, to draw Europe into it, and to surround Russia with hostile countries. Unleashing this world war, America is trying to deal with its own internal problems.”

– Sergei Glazyev, Advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin

The fabrications of NATO’s top commander in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, have driven a wedge between Germany and the United States that could lead to a collapse of the Atlantic Alliance. According to the German news magazine, Der Spiegel, Breedlove has repeatedly sabotaged Chancellor Angela Merkel’s attempts to find a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine by spreading “dangerous propaganda” that is misleading the public about Russian “troop advances on the border, (and) the amassing of munitions and alleged columns of Russian tanks.” But while the unusually critical article singles out Breedlove for his hyperbolic exaggerations of so-called Russian aggression, the real purpose of the Spiegel piece is to warn Washington that EU leaders will not support a policy of military confrontation with Moscow.

Before we explain what’s going on, we need to look at an excerpt from the article. According to Spiegel:

“…for months now, many in the Chancellery simply shake their heads each time NATO, under Breedlove’s leadership, goes public with striking announcements about Russian troop or tank movements … it is the tone of Breedlove’s announcements that makes Berlin uneasy. False claims and exaggerated accounts, warned a top German official during a recent meeting on Ukraine, have put NATO — and by extension, the entire West — in danger of losing its credibility.

There are plenty of examples….At the beginning of the crisis, General Breedlove announced that the Russians had assembled 40,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and warned that an invasion could take place at any moment. The situation, he said, was “incredibly concerning.” But intelligence officials from NATO member states had already excluded the possibility of a Russian invasion. They believed that neither the composition nor the equipment of the troops was consistent with an imminent invasion.

The experts contradicted Breedlove’s view in almost every respect. There weren’t 40,000 soldiers on the border, they believed, rather there were much less than 30,000 and perhaps even fewer than 20,000. Furthermore, most of the military equipment had not been brought to the border for a possible invasion, but had already been there prior to the beginning of the conflict. Furthermore, there was no evidence of logistical preparation for an invasion, such as a field headquarters.
Breedlove, though, repeatedly made inexact, contradictory or even flat-out inaccurate statements.”…

On Nov. 12, during a visit to Sofia, Bulgaria, Breedlove reported that “we have seen columns of Russian equipment — primarily Russian tanks, Russian artillery, Russian air defense systems and Russian combat troops — entering into Ukraine.” It was, he noted, “the same thing that OSCE is reporting.” But the OSCE had only observed military convoys within eastern Ukraine. OSCE observers had said nothing about troops marching in from Russia.

Breedlove sees no reason to revise his approach. “I stand by all the public statements I have made during the Ukraine crisis,” he wrote to SPIEGEL in response to a request for a statement accompanied by a list of his controversial claims.”
(Breedlove’s Bellicosity: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine, Der Spiegel)

While it’s easy to get swept up in the Spiegel’s narrative of a rabid militarist dragging Europe closer to World War 3, the storyline is intentionally misleading. As anyone who’s been following the Ukraine fiasco for the last year knows, there’s nothing particularly unusual about Breedlove’s distortions. Secretary of State John Kerry has made similar claims numerous times as have many others in the major media. The lies about “Russian aggression” are the rule, not the exception. So why has the Spiegel decided to selectively target Breedlove who is no more deceitful than anyone else? What’s really going on here?

Clearly, the Spiegel is doing Merkel’s work, that is, undermining the credibility of Washington’s chief commander in Europe in order to discourage further escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. But while Merkel wants to humiliate Breedlove to show that Germany will not sit on its hands while Washington plunges the region into the abyss; she has also shown considerable restraint in limiting her attack to the General while sparing Kerry and Obama any embarrassment. This is quite an accomplishment given that –as we said earlier–virtually everyone in the political establishment and the media have been lying nonstop about every aspect of the conflict. Merkel doesn’t want to discredit these others just yet, although the Spiegel piece infers that she has the power to do so if the “bad behavior” persists.

The Spiegel article is part of a one-two punch designed to force Washington to change its confrontational approach. The second jab appeared late Sunday afternoon when EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced that Europe needed to field its own army. Here’s the story from Reuters:

“The European Union needs its own army to face up to Russia and other threats as well as restore the bloc’s foreign policy standing around the world, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told a German newspaper on Sunday…

“With its own army, Europe could react more credibly to the threat to peace in a member state or in a neighboring state.

“One wouldn’t have a European army to deploy it immediately. But a common European army would convey a clear message to Russia that we are serious about defending our European values.” (Juncker calls for EU army, says would deter Russia, Reuters)

Can you see what’s going on? On the one hand, the Spiegel delivers a hammer-blow to the credibility of NATO’s top officer and on the other, the President of the EU Commission blindsides US powerbrokers by announcing a plan to create an independent EU fighting force that will render NATO redundant. These are big developments that have undoubtedly left the Obama troupe reeling. This is a full-blown assault on NATO’s role as the primary guarantor of EU regional security. 

Maybe the European people are gullible enough to accept Junker’s absurd claim that an EU army will “send an important message to the world”, but you can be damn sure that no one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue believes that nonsense. The move is clearly designed to send a message to Washington that Europe is fed up with NATO and wants a change. That means it’s “shape up or ship out time” for Breedlove and his ilk.

Ironically, these developments align Merkel with Putin’s view of things as stated in his famous Munich speech in 2007 when he said:

“I am convinced that we have reached that decisive moment when we must seriously think about the architecture of global security. And we must proceed by searching for a reasonable balance between the interests of all participants in the international dialogue … The United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way … And of course this is extremely dangerous. It results in the fact that no one feels safe. I want to emphasize this — no one feels safe.” (Russian President Vladimir Putin, 43rd Munich Security Conference, 2007)

How can the US possibly cast itself as “steward of the global security system”, when its interventions have left a trail of decimated failed states from the southernmost border of Somalia to the northern tip of Ukraine, a chaotic swathe of smoldering ruin and agonizing human suffering that rivals the depredations of the Third Reich.

Europe’s security requirements cannot be met by a belligerent, warmongering US-controlled entity that acts solely in Washington’s interests. At present, NATO gets 75% of its funding from the US, which is why the alliance is less interested in peacemaking and security than it is in internationalizing its imperial war of aggression across the planet. Prior to the crisis in Ukraine, European leaders didn’t see the danger of this idiotic arrangement (even though interventions in Serbia, Libya and Afghanistan should have brought them to their senses) But now that NATO’s recklessness could vaporize Europe in a nuclear firestorm, leaders like Merkel and Hollande are starting to change their tune. 

Keep in mind, the ideal scenario for the US would be a limited war that levels large parts of the European and Asian continents, thus restoring the US to its post WW2 heyday when the “rubblized” world was Washington’s oyster. That would be just fine for genocidal maniacs and armchair warriors who rule the globe from the safety of their well-stocked DC bunkers. But for Europe, this is definitely not a winning strategy. Europe doesn’t want a war, and it certainly doesn’t want to be used as cannon fodder for the greater glory of the dystopian NWO.

Putin advisor, Sergei Glazyev, figured out what Washington was up to long before Kiev launched its wretched “anti terrorism” campaign against federalist rebels in the East. Here’s how he summed it up:

“The main task the American puppet masters have set for the (Kiev) junta is to draw Russia into a full-scale war with Ukraine. It is for this purpose that all of these heinous crimes are committed – to force Russia to send troops to Ukraine to protect the civilian population…

The bankruptcy of the US financial system, which is unable to service its foreign debt, the lack of investments to finance a breakthrough to a new technological order and to maintain America’s competitiveness, and the potential defeat in the geopolitical competition with China. To resolve these problems, Americans need a new world war.” (Sergei Glazyev)

Bingo. The steadily-declining empire, whose share of global GDP continues to shrivel with every passing year, has wanted a war from the get go. That’s the only way that the US can reverse its precipitous economic slide and preserve its lofty spot as the world’s only superpower. Fortunately, EU leaders are beginning to pull their heads out of the sand long enough to grasp what’s going on and change their behavior accordingly.

It’s worth noting, that no one in the Merkel administration or anyone else for that matter, has publicly challenged the allegations in the Spiegel article. Why is that, do you think?

Doesn’t their silence suggest that they knew all along that all the anti-Putin propaganda hullabaloo was pure bunkum; that “evil” Putin didn’t send tanks and soldiers across the border into Ukraine, that Putin didn’t shoot down Malaysian Airline 17, that Putin didn’t have a political opponent gunned down gangland style just a few hundred yards from the Kremlin? Isn’t that what their silence really says?

Of course, it does. The reason no one in power has spoken out is because –as the Spiegel cynically admits–“A mixture of political argumentation and military propaganda is necessary.”

“Propaganda is necessary”?

Whoa. Now there’s an admission you’re not going to see in the media too often. But it’s the truth, isn’t it? The Euro-leaders have been going along with the lies to keep the public in line. In other words, it’s a healthy dose of perception management for the sheeple, but the unvarnished truth for our revered overlords. Sounds about right. Only now these ame elites have decided to share the facts with the lumpen masses. But, why? Why this sudden willingness to share the truth?

It’s because they no longer support Washington’s policy, that’s why. No one in Europe wants the US to arm and train the Ukrainian army. No one wants them to deploy 600 paratroopers to Kiev and increase US logistical support. No one wants further escalation, because no one wants a war with Russia. It’s that simple.

For the first time, EU leaders, particularly Merkel, understand that the United States’ strategic objectives (the pivot to Asia) do not align with those of the EU, in fact, Washington’s geopolitical ambitions pose a serious threat to Europe’s security. Regrettably, it’s not enough for Merkel to simply understand what is going on. She needs to huddle with her EU colleagues and take positive steps to derail Washington’s plan now, otherwise the US will continue its incitements and false flags until Putin is forced to respond. Once that happens, a broader and, perhaps, catastrophic conflagration will be unavoidable.

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at

Friday, March 13, 2015

Liquidator carriers make a mockery of the US Navy. Part 2-I. Author: Nikolai Baranov

Bears (Antimaydan)

Liquidator carriers make a mockery of the US Navy. Part 2-I. 
Author: Nikolai Baranov

Fully read here:

Pilots missile Tu-95Mr, Tu-22M2 and Tu-22M3 aircraft carriers themselves photographed: "Coral Sea", "Enterprise" and "Midway". It was 1985. Then they are allowed to proceed above the deck, we were filming them from a height of 1000m. "Tomcat» F-14, as a rule, under the hatches podvisal aerial cameras, but AFA board took everything: the ship and the waves and even fighters. Flights were interesting.

I am proud of our country, especially with the weapons that are on board our aircraft missile. This story takes place during the heyday of the Soviet-Cuban friendship. Then our long-range strategic bombers Tu-95 regularly circling around Cuba, conducted an aerial survey of all that is possible. By the way, the Americans in the area kept their warships, including aircraft carriers and more.

Happened One such story: Flying over the ocean a couple of Tu-22M3. TU-22 - the device is not small, operational and tactical missile. Airplane wingspan of about 35 meters. In width - almost polpaluby carrier. Two modern engine and fifty tons of fuel. On the driven two Kh-22 to destroy aircraft carriers, on the drive - two X-28 with passive homing designed to destroy ground-based and naval radar. Meets "our couple" over the sea American carrier-based fighter.

Image result for Tu-22M3

The commander of the Tu-22M3 leading element in understanding - near sea carrier battle groups. Let us look, take pictures of aviation operations on the deck, explore the house tactics - agreed to our crews. Could not the same - the pilot on the F-18 so far to depart from the land. Found in the Sea of ​​Japan aircraft carrier group and the other side to open its air defenses - initially very difficult task, because the Americans effectively mask such groups in the shadow of the many islands, so even from the air using radar to detect aircraft carrier difficult.

Besides working radars allow ships to detect approaching aircraft and meet their "dignity." However, our pilots, demonstrating the highest professionalism, managed not to find themselves, to determine the exact coordinates of the "enemy" aircraft carrier. Met "partners" fighter "went" to the cockpit for a distance of visibility helmet-mounted visor. American took off his mask, poulybalsya winked commander, and then showed the belly of his aircraft with air-to-air missiles. What missile alerted and menacing twirled his twin gun mount (exchange of courtesies, so to speak). But Americans still play and decided not reassured. Joker.

Became a pilot with a smile to offer land on an aircraft carrier. Gestures and laughing showing type - sit down! At the bottom was a multi-purpose "Kitty Hawk"! On the deck of an aircraft carrier - a number of fighters, reconnaissance and antisubmarine - went flying. In this case, two fighter aircraft on alert could not propel to the top of the runway. To one another in a hurry blocked taxiing. Vanity, which apparently was related to the upcoming pair of Tu-22M aircraft carriers killers, has done its job. Should be removed in order to understand how to organize it in combat.

Image result for "Kitty Hawk"

However, F-18, comes from the bottom of our accompanying a camera to photograph the missile could not vanity on the deck. Crews decide to simulate landing on the deck. As expected - down, landing gear, flaps, first 15, then 25 and finally 35 degrees. Imitation or not - is, make out, not being in the cockpit deck is reduced by a huge missile. Americans believe, and therefore that they presented that the superstructure or command post aircraft carrier, all aircraft on deck really will be demolished.

A fire from the collision and fifty tons of kerosene on board and two rockets, each of which is five tons, with obstacles on the deck - put out for a week! The attack was a success! Although, of course, in reality, the Tu-22, aiming bombed, would be immediately destroyed that cover aircraft, which was already in the air. And, nevertheless, a breakthrough took place in the same real combat aircraft carrier would be dealt damage, that would make it impossible for them to perform combat missions. The photographs considered experts in the Far East and in Moscow - on a bright photo was captured panic prevailed in the American aircraft carrier. But these pictures have not yet been made public.

The names of the pilots still we do not know. It is hoped that the Navy eventually declassify information of thirty years ago. *** Life Stories pilots and navigators *** An interesting story was told by the former commander of the 11th Army Air Force and Air Defense, and later - the deputy. Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Anatoly Nagovicyn. Meeting of American carrier aircraft with the Russian Air Force fighters was "as close as possible" to combat. American pilot who witnessed wrote (the text of his letter sent by e-mail from the aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" against the will of the author of the message, became public): "... The voyage was pretty easy and interesting 54 days at sea, 4 - in port and 45-hour flight in October alone!

So, I sit there and hang out with my assistant, and we hear on TV call from CIC (combat information center - the "brain" of the ship). They say: "Sir, we spotted Russian planes." The captain replied: "Declare anxiety, lift fighters." From the center of report: you can declare only "alarm-30" (departure in 30 minutes (!) From the announcement). The captain swore and demanded: "rises into the air all that is possible, as quickly as possible!". I ran to the navigator phone and contacted the duty officer of the squadron. That day is not our squadron on duty, so I told him to find out who is on duty, and to make sure that they have raised their asses and raced to the flight deck (only "Alarm-7" assumes that you are already on the flight deck and ready to climb in the air, "Alarm-30" means that you are sitting in the waiting room).

Soon Su-24 at a speed of 500 knots passed right over the bridge "Kitty Hawk". Just like in the movie "Top Gun"! The officers on the bridge spilled his coffee and dirty swore! At this point, I looked at the captain - his face was purple. Russian fighter made two steep turn at low altitude before we finally launched its first aircraft from the deck. They were ... EA-6B "Prowler" (electronic warfare aircraft). Yes, yes, we have launched an unfortunate "Prowler" one-on-one against a fighter right over the ship. Our pilots have asked for help when finally F / A-18 took off to intercept. But it was too late.

The whole team lifted her head and watched as the Russian made a mockery of our poor attempts to stop them. The funny thing is that the admiral and commander of the aircraft carrier compound is in the command room in the morning meeting, which was interrupted by the roar of turbines Russian airplanes circling the felling of an aircraft carrier. Staff officer commander told me that they looked at each other, on the flight plan, make sure to start the day provides only a few hours, and asked: "What was that?".

Four days later, the Russian intelligence service sent by email to the commander, "Kitty Hawk" pictures of our pilots, rushing across the deck, trying desperately to raise the aircraft into the air ... ". Described in the letter of events occurred in the Korean Strait October 17, 2000 in the survey of the American multi-purpose aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" were two reconnaissance aircraft Su-24MR and cover their link interceptors Su-27 from the 11th Army Air Force and Air Defense . It should be noted that American naval maneuvers were only 300 km from the Russian coast, which in itself could not be regarded as an unfriendly act towards our country. Therefore, the actions of the Russian aircraft were fully justified and legitimate.

Exploration results have been impressive. Su-24MR made several visits to the aircraft carrier, photographing everything that happens on the flight deck. The pictures have been recorded panic aboard: sailors began immediately to cut hose connecting the tanker aircraft carrier, carried out while the transfer of fuel on board the "Kitty Hawk". Fighters F / A-18 was able to lift into the air only after the second call Russian spies, but the Su-27 of them at once taken to the side of the ship diversion, allowing reconnaissance aircraft, there are several spans over defenseless air carrier.

As Bacon said later, some time later to the carrier via e-mail came a letter containing two photographs deck Kitty Hawk, made with Russian aircraft during one of such actions of the Russian Air Force. Naval aircraft, both ours and the US, often overflying foreign combat ships in international waters. And it is not surprising that the actions of four Russian aircraft against aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" did not cause a negative reaction of the authorities USA. The plans of the combat training of naval pilots there is a section devoted to working out methods of overcoming air defense ships.

Acme of perfection is considered to overcome air defense aircraft carrier groups of the US Navy. Can not this is extremely rare - we must pay tribute to the Americans, the protection of its aircraft carriers, they are very well built and extremely reliable. However, as they say, and the old woman is proruha. *** So, Tu - 22M3 *** In the long-range aviation of the Air Forces of Russia has come to upgrade the machine Tu-22M3, which are now able to apply the latest X-32 rocket.

The main objective will be the destruction of missile-carrying aircraft carrier strike groups (CSGs), landing compounds groups of surface ships. Modification of M3 - a further development of the Tu-22M. Tu-22M3 has been and remains an important component of protivoavianosnoy war Tu-22M3 is often called "the killer of aircraft carriers," but this - incorrect epithet. Correct so-called group of aircraft, and a single "Bekfair" against the carrier battle group - not a warrior. Main weapon TU-22M3 - Kh-32. She has significant advantages over other counterparts.

These missiles during flight exchange information with each other - they just run by specifying a minimum set of parameters of the target. The second - high survivability before air defenses. It is estimated that one X-32 with inherent protection withstands all 20-mm anti-aircraft artillery complex "Vulcan-Phalanx" one hit missiles AIM-7 "Sparrow" or two or three types of AIM-9 "Sidewinder". Now all military aviators clearly understand that the Tu-22M3 - highly specialized aircraft capable of relatively effectively destroy enemy aircraft carriers, but does not apply to other tasks.

In addition, at the end of zero years increased manifold possibilities of Defense US Navy cruisers received URO with integrated air defense system. Therefore, there are modern missile system to break defense orders and guaranteed destruction of large surface ships. And it is - a modernized Tu22M3 with the updated onboard locating and missile systems. Tu-22M3 easily impresses even small ground targets using svobodnopadayuschie bombs from a height of not less than eight thousand meters.

Modernized armed cruise missiles air-based, which, unlike their predecessors X-22 are able to break through the defense at a distance of thousands of miles. Updated airborne sighting and navigation system, weapon system, installed a new, more powerful engine NK-32. Today brought the production to only a modification of the Tu-22-M4 with a new navigation equipment and engines NK-32. Arm bomber planned supersonic cruise missile X-32.

It was created on the basis of X-22 and tested in the 929 th State Flight Test Center (glycyl). There is still no reliable data on the serial production of the new model and the number of BBC machines. In 2008, the war in the Caucasus Tu-22M3 attacked the Georgian airfields and ports svobodnopadayuschie conventional bombs, rather than cruise missiles.

"Bekfair" bombs is several times more than the Su-24 and Su-25. in the Air Force until 2020 will come 30 new machines of this type. Would do well to each of the fleets in the North, East, Baltic and the Black Sea Fleet, appeared at least 40 machines of this type.

Author: Nikolai Baranov