Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"The next step of the West may be an air strike on the Donbass"

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Today at 12:37 pm
"The next step of the West may be an air strike on the Donbass" 

- Poroshenko MP BlocMember of Parliament from the party "Block Poroshenko" Vadim Denisenko said that the air strike on the Donbas can take place only after three to four months.  

Immediately after Ukraine will achieve from the West of lethal weapons and instructors. According to him, Kiev is waiting for the day to day of the invasion, and therefore the main militia said to maximize the number of weapons from the West."The next step of the West, may become an air strike. But it will be in three or four months. 

Unfortunately, the EU is very slow decides "- MP regrets Denisenko. Denisenko convinced that Ukraine had no choice but to declare martial law. According to him, the military situation was not introduced because there was no agreement with the International Monetary Fund to provide money during martial law. 

"In the final negotiations of the IMF promised that, despite martial law, the funds will come to us. Therefore, as soon as the military situation in this or that variant will be introduced, "- said the MP. Recall the other day and the "president of the world" Poroshenko said that he was ready to impose martial law in Ukraine.

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