Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Summaries of fighting in Novorossiya (Debaltseve)

Kharkiv - New Russia
Today at 12:04 pm
Summaries of fighting in Novorossia

__________________________ Posted by mortar DNR Maxim: Towards evening, around Debaltsevskomu boiler missing link MTS and Life, only now recovered. During this time ukrofashisty weighed positions and, without going into Debaltseve, went to the north, were preparing to enter the hall, the requirement - no weapons at all. 

Ukrofashnya spirit- is low though. In general, they were given a few days to think - to stay grounded. Not published - as well. Ukrofashistami loss recognized in the boiler - 2300 digging, digging up to 3000 still alive. To underestimate thousand fifteen. But it is recognized ukrovermahta warriors, a pig and no casualties as the boiler. 

In general - all is well, we have started to give severance, the best sign that the boiler Khan. And talking about the relocation team after stripping Kurakhovskaya direction. In Debaltseve took a lot of trophies, a lot of weapons and ammunition. Posted by volunteer with the call sign "Horn": Our divisions drove the enemy from Debaltseve. 

Organized units of the enemy left, now in the city and around the boiler were only razdraznennye group of enemy troops! The corridor has requested only a thousand warriors ukrovermahta - they came out, but without weapons and equipment. Another 200 now have a captive! The enemy continues to incur losses, and so do we. Fights broke out in the area occupied by us Chernukhin, where our troops are finishing encircled troops ukrofashistov. 

Also, our forces entered the abandoned WCC (BC junta) na Kamyshatka, Olhovatka, Aleksandrovsoke, Olenovka, coastal setting, Bulavina, Danilova and Bulavinsoke.There is a clearance area. Separate part of WCC (BC junta) in the area and Il'inka Commune resist.

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