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Poroshenko learns a terrible secret: the State's Food Reserve is empty

Poroshenko learns a terrible secret: the State's Food Reserve is empty

In Ukraine, the mass grocery psychosis: funky fall hryvnia Ukrainians disperse the products in the stores. Panic started in Lviv and Ternopil, where Galicians almost killed each other for a bottle of vegetable oil. Then grocery hysteria spread to Kiev city yesterday bought tons of flour, sugar, buckwheat, canned food. Vodka is also a trend. Took all necessary and unnecessary, remembering the hungry 90s. The most popular are relatively cheap Marketa ATB and Ashan, after a raid buyers their shelves shine pristine purity.

But on the ham, Italian pasta, olives and cheeses elite demand was not, they remained "very heavy" on the shelves. Experts say that the price of Ukrainian products grew more than the dollar and the cost of gasoline. Someone impaired hryvnia invested in toilet paper, who - in fact, baby food, diapers, and household chemicals: imported goods after the introduction of an additional fee jumped in price by 20%.

February 25 Poroshenko held an emergency meeting with economic bloc of the Cabinet and the leadership of the National Bank. An effort of the President and his godfather Gontareva dropped by half dollar (today in exchange for 1 dollar give 28-29 hryvnia), but return the products to the stores could not.

Observers note that the price of Ukrainian products already outstripped transcendental and the dollar exchange rate and the cost of gasoline, but the Cabinet Yatsenyuk still all debits on the ignorance of the population and speculators from trading networks. Previously, the main perpetrators were money changers near obmenok now in a panic in the grocery market accuse greedy heads of major supermarkets. However, the people of these stories not feed.

Therefore, to meet the "economic unit" was urgently summoned the head of the State Reserve of Ukraine Vladimir Zhukov.He was required to "open the coffers" and put on the empty shelves the flour, sugar, canned food, buckwheat, which will be storing the State Reserve. In response, the keeper of strategic reserves Homeland opened Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk terrible military secret: long bins homeland devastated.

It is unlikely that this was the premiere news: in January he demanded razbronirovat state reserve values, including drugs and medications. However, even at that time in the state reserve of medicines were only hiking kits and late (since the 60-ies) dressings, cotton, bandages, syringes, from which at one time refused even to countries in Africa, although Ukraine them "gave "free.

In addition, with the outbreak of hostilities from the State Reserve was taken and sent to the front all that can be: sheets of steel, diesel fuel, spare parts for armored vehicles, tents, stoves, mattresses. All this "accumulated" zlochinnaya gang Yanukovych, but "useful" strategic reserve homeland already junta. The last time bins homeland totally cleans up after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant: from the State Reserve for emergency station were shipping sheet metal, diesel, and gas masks and sets of biosecurity, medicines and food. Moreover, the basic "rescue products" came from Donetsk, combine with the "New", which is now within the territory of the DNI. In other storerooms, such as Kharkov, stored supplies of flour, in Chernihiv region - oil and diesel fuel. But all gasoline and jet fuel pumped from the State Reserve six months ago. Medicines raked in January, ostensibly for the purpose of humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass.

Now it came to grocery stores, to calm the raging Kiev and prevent food riots. If, due to the dollar NBU storm depositors and depozitchiki, the lack of flour and salt can provoke the assault and the Cabinet, and the demolition of the AP. The requirement Maidan spectacle that fed enough patriots new government changed the requirements of the bread, which the junta had not corny. The entire crop last year almost sold abroad, new crop area decreased by 30% .. staying up to date on nadezhda- bins homeland.

For example, in Kiev there is a large grocery store on the outskirts of the city, which holds stocks of frozen meat, butter, canned food, sugar. Incidentally, this is still the pre-war warehouse, the first German aircraft bombed during the Second World War: the Nazis intended to immediately destroy strategic food reserves in Kiev. Ukrainian junta without its air raids: a year after coming to power and the change of several leaders of the State Reserve, strategic reserves have been exhausted, and simply stolen and sold.

Although the ex-prime minister Azarov to the eyeballs filled with buckwheat Chinese State Reserve, for which at the time was the car critics and a former head of the agency, Regions Lelyuk spent in the department reforms retool older plants, and filling the coffers of flour, dry milk, meat and fish canned food, sugar and gasoline. However, in the "hour H" to get from the store turned out nothing: all food stocks "went to the front", because the army is also partly supplied from the State Reserve, warehouses and MO State Reserve have been combined.

Learning about the empty shelves not only in stores, but also in the State Reserve of Ukraine, President, said to have been shocked. He stamped his feet and demanded from the management agency to find anything to throw the people of Kiev and soothing "bread pills." Yatsenyuk remained icy calm: he knew more about the present state of affairs, since the State Reserve is under the "patronage" of the government and is a member of the Cabinet, led by the arrogant rabbit. In general, the government was faced with a terrible fact: the State Reserve has exhausted its reserves, the store is empty, no supplies for a "rainy day", which has already begun, no.

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