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Boris Rozhina (Colonel Cassad)

As a continuation of yesterday's talks in Moscow, the whole world's attention is focused on the Munich Conference (cruel irony) security, where try to arrive at a diplomatic solution, which is to prevent war. This word appears more often in the lexicon of politicians of the highest rank.
" Without long-term peace agreement comes further scenario - war.

The French president warns of the possibility of war, if we fail to reach an agreement on Ukraine , the newspaper Figaro. According to Francois Hollande, "it - last chance. If we can not come to a lasting peace agreement, we know perfectly further scenario: it has a name, this scenario is called the war " , - said Hollande. In turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Munich Security Conference said that there is no "theoretical guarantees "that the new agreement will be respected in Ukraine, - the TASS. "There are no guarantees, but promises to be met. (President Peter) Poroshenko went at great risk, taking Minsk memorandum. The Law on the special status (eastern regions), amnesty, on the demarcation line - a big steps " - said the German Chancellor. "... I can not talk about guarantees. We agree, but we do not have a very positive experience in such arrangements.Need to continue to keep trying " - believes Merkel. The conflict in Ukraine, continued Merkel can not be resolved by military means. "There are so many and weapons in the region, and so far it has not given a chance to resolve the conflict," - she pointed out. "


PS. As we can see, the degree of international tension and the threat is growing steadily larger war than just a collision VSN and APU, is not just a figure of speech. As is clear from the statements of Hollande and Merkel agree on the merits has not yet succeeded and now we see that it is trying to avoid war, and Europe in the desire to avoid the war in full agreement with the Kremlin, but the conditions of compromise are still a stumbling block . In fact all depends on the question of territorial integrity of Ukraine. If Russia recognizes the justified demands of the European Union, it is obliged to give the Donbass and the Crimea. If the European Union recognizes the justified demands for Russia, agreeing to a recognition of the legitimacy of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the EU actually undermines his own hands pozdnevashingtoskoe world order where it is impossible without the consent of Washington redraw the boundaries. If Europe recognizes that redraw the boundaries can be, without the consent of Washington, it will create the ultimate precedent (even more categorical than Kosovo), which would entail the fall of dominoes around the world and most importantly, strengthen separatist movements in Europe itself, for example Crimea will be more than a good example for those who believe that the individual pieces of nation-states have the right to self-determination (Catalonia, Scotland, Northern Italy, etc.). Meanwhile, Americans continue to develop the theme of supply lethal weapons, even though the desire of the EU avoid this scenario.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko on the way to Munich Security Conference talked on the plane with the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. They discussed during the flight not only issues to resolve the crisis in the Donbas, but also the possibility of the supply of arms from the US to Ukraine. According to Klitschko, they Nuland discussed the supply of weapons of Ukraine. Kiev mayor said that he and some views Nuland, Ukraine should resist the powerful military machine, you need to defend.

In this regard are still contradictions between the US and the EU. Europeans do not want to take the basic costs of a military scenario and dismiss the American proposals to start immediate arms supplies to Ukraine.
At the Munich Security Conference to produce a sensation rushed, first of all, John McCain, a former US presidential candidate. He pounced on a defensive policy Angela Merkel to Russia. The TV channel ZDF, the translation of which results InoTV, he said: "The position of the German government is that it either does not know or does not care about that massacre, which is happening now in Ukraine" . A serious reproach, writes the German edition of Das Erste. Most speakers at the conference did not support a US senator. There came to the forefront a warning against military intervention in the conflict. "I am convinced that the concentration solely on the supply of arms could be incendiary and even more distance us from the desired solution. The suffering of the population in eastern Ukraine immeasurable. Already, in the region there are too many weapons " , - said German Defence Minister Ursula von der Lyayen. NATO also acted for your understanding and cooperation in relations with Russia.However, existing agreements must be respected. It is necessary to respect the sovereignty of other states. "NATO does not want confrontation with Russia - on the contrary, at the beginning of last year, NATO and Russia to work together more than ever. This cooperation was positive for both NATO and Russia also learned from him favor, "- said the secretary general of the military unit, Jens Stoltenberg. However, US participants were indignant, not too gently behaves NATO , the newspaper notes. Is US Senator McCain was wrong with his criticism of Merkel? Head of Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger was annoyed by this: "I believe that a person with experience McCain should first wait and see what comes now from Moscow. If it is a failure, then of course he can criticize. However, to do so before become aware of any results, I find ridiculous " . Earlier, John McCain criticized Angela Merkel for failing to send to Ukraine military weapons. It is reported by the German newspaper Die Zeit. According to the senator, the German authorities do not have any idea about what is happening in Ukraine, or they do not care. "I would like to ask the Chancellor, how many more people have to die in Ukraine before we help them defend themselves? <...> She just wants to look at how European country torn to pieces the first time since the Second World War? "- Said US Senator.

(Source) - Zinc

Actually already quite clearly shows that the US is interested in the power scenario in the case of Russia's refusal to acknowledge all the requirements put forward by Obama. Europe, however, realizing heavy burden of the conflict until recently trying to sit on two chairs - and to support the junta, with its "territorial integrity" and too clearly in this showdown with the US Code does not get involved. So no surprise that Makeeyn representing US hawks (and in vain, we considered harmless fool) can safely be watered Merkel for cowardice and lack of foresight, a bright acting as a warmonger. Apparently, at the Munich Conference Europe will try again to try to mitigate the confrontation and to slow down the US, which is too obviously pushing the world toward war. Taking into account the positions Merkel "No one is interested in a new division of Europe. Moreover, no one is interested in a confrontation that leads to the increasingly escalating " it looks like evil parody of the famous aphorism from the book by Barbara Tuchman "August pushiki" the beginning of the First World War - "War no one wanted. The war was inevitable." It should also be noted, and the performance of Soros on threats kollpasa Ukraine.

George Soros: "It should be understood that Ukraine is exposed to a huge military and financial attack. It is close to collapse. "
In the current situation in the country billionaire accused Europe, which according to him, did not fulfill their financial obligations to Kiev, reports Tass.
George Soros: "Europe has not fulfilled the financial promises. Currency (half) has depreciated over the last week. "

Soros emphasized that the European Union risks losing Ukraine, if not taken immediate action. At the same time, in his opinion, nothing but anti-Russian sanctions will not be allowed Ukrainian crisis. They must balance the "positive support" , said the billionaire. George Soros:"Europe could lose Ukraine, and this will be a huge loss. I want to warn that if not taken immediate action, it will happen. This is a very important weekend right now and here. " commented Soros and the whole situation in the eurozone. According to him, the European Union is on the verge of collapse, as once it happened with the Soviet Union. George Soros, the billionaire: "25 years ago I watched the collapse of the USSR, then grew up and integrate the European Union, and the Soviet Union collapsed. Now the EU is falling apart, and Russia reasserts itself. "


It is not difficult to notice, Soros intimidate Europeans fear that force them to even greater involvement in the civil war in the Ukraine, they say hurry Panov, and that such a valuable tool against Russia may kick in earlier than go the desired military and financial assistance. We are waiting for further news a conference there in the next couple of days will be a lot of loud statements.

In Munich for the conference have not forgotten once again desecrated the grave of Bandera. LJ "HORN totalitarian propaganda" 02/07/2015 Layout of New Russia-LC

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