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Monday, February 9, 2015 antifa

One of the latest news releases of CNN includes interesting terminology with regard to the Ukrainian military. "Pro-American forces" called foreign journalists militants fighting the militia in the Donbas.

Thus effectively confirming that Ukraine is not a separate and independent state, and is a puppet and subservient to US interests.

In a news release dealt with the supply of US weapons Kiev, reports pravda.ru. Russian media compared to the English terminology, the use of foreign TV presenter, a statement of the President of Russia, "NATO Foreign Legion" in Ukraine during the communication with the St. Petersburg students. In fact, the Russian president just called a spade a spade.

Previously featured on CNN mentions of "pro-Russian separatists" in the West called Donbas militias, and now appeared the message and the "pro-American troops" of the evidence that stay in Ukraine have repeatedly reported by the media, including the "anti-fascist".

Foreign mercenaries have almost ceased to hide its presence in Ukraine. Among the evidence of their presence - Video militants who speak perfect English, samples of American arms, as well as the bodies in uniform Alliance.

Under the rubble of the destroyed airport terminal in Donetsk militia found the corpses of the enemy in NATO uniform clothing. In the online video was posted with the unknown in the form of Ukrainian battalion "Azov", he asked in English not to remove his face . Sensational video was made ​​after the bombing of Mariupol in urban areas.

This blockbuster overseas users learned a British citizen who is in a private military company, and for a long time working with US units.

International relations expert Nebojsa Malic, said: "It seems to me that the focus of a man who says" Get the camera out of my face ", exactly as in the US military. Until recently, after the September truce Mariupol, was not a war zone, and now suddenly it's a war zone. And now these people came here, not hiding. "

Edward Basurin, deputy commander of the militia forces of the People's Republic of Donetsk said that appeared in the Donbas and their corpses "found under the rubble of a new terminal body in NATO uniform. Judging by the found personal belongings belong to foreign nationals from the mercenaries of private military companies operating under the guise of Ukrainian subversive groups. "

Source: http://antifashist.com/item/bez-obinyakov-cnn-nazval-ukrainskih-silovikov-proamerikanskimi-vojskami.html#ixzz3RMe4aAj5

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