Monday, February 23, 2015

In the Destruction and Looting of Debaltseve, OSCE was Shocked by What They Saw

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
In the Destruction and Looting of Debaltseve, OSCE was Shocked by What They Saw

Today at quarter past four am

Reporting from journalists. "In Destruction and looting Debaltseve Recalls with A shudder," Ukrainian liberators. "In Debaltseve WHO now control the militias, now do not shoot, But to Talk About Still peace is not Necessary. visited the Site of the OSCE Mission WAS shocked by what he saw: no water, electricity, heating. 

According to the report of observers, not one building that would not be damaged by a shell. Oktyabrsky before the war was one of the most beautiful in Debaltseve - good houses, manicured streets. Now from the former beauty left and Next: at home in ruins, knocked down fences, roads - in the craters from explosions. In this his eyes convinced NTV correspondent Evgeny Golovanov. 

Ukrainian security forces began to equate the village to the ground in July, when stepped on. Continued in January, leaving with these lines. And it not only fired artillery: Ukrainian tank, standing on the edge of the village, local residents and militias now called the symbol of the Ukrainian armed forces - apparently intact and formidable, but not dangerous. 

It is Said That many of the Destroyed houses in the Village - the work of the Crew of this Particular Machine. Ukrainian Tankers Were Kept at bay locals few weeks, CAME to the Village as Proving Ground A, shoot at targets. The only thing on the whole village grocery store burned down after being hit by a projectile. People live the little that is left in the cellars and that bring the militias. In the village there is no light, wires cut short bursts. Save only from the cold oven. Stoke times a day - coal and wood is almost no one left. The pipeline is also broken - water people gain from wells. 

Reporter: "How did you survive here?" 

A local resident: "You know, survive with prayer, God's help.That's all. Where there were some crunches, where everything was. Retired two months can not get." 

Local resident: "hungry, Cold, very bad. And scary. Very scary.When it's All over." Half A year occupation of Ukrainian Security Officials, local Residents Recall with A shudder. Dissatisfied with the Kiev Authorities are Trying Their Homes looted, while calling themselves liberators. 

Reporter: "Well, people were happy here this release of the Ukrainian Army?" 

Galina Semich: "God forbid. Of course not.

They kept asking: why did you come here? 

And Ukrainians responded: "This is our land."

And they started looting eerie, all went for: electronics, computers, dishes, things, well, everything we could. Robbed the house. "Now Those few WHO Remained in the Village affected by the excesses of Ukrainian Security Services, Rely on the Assistance of the Republic, no Other Authority is no longer Recognized. "

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