Thursday, February 26, 2015

DNR has put forward an ultimatum to Kiev because of the non-removal of equipment

DNR has put Forward an Ultimatum to Kiev Because of the non-Removal of equipment

BREAKING: 26/02/2015 If the Ukrainian security forces begin to withdraw heavy weapons to the evening of February 27, militia returned their weapons to the position.The corresponding statement at a news conference this afternoon made the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko . According to him, the DNI already took 90% of their arms, and Kiev reciprocal steps not taken. Zakharchenko said that if Ukrainian security forces begin withdrawal of military equipment from the line of contact until 18:00 on February 27, the militia will return already designated combat units to their former positions. - Attacks on the position of APU militias continue. If they do not stop, we shall assume that the Minsk agreement derailed - said Zakharchenko, listing new facts about the shootings and Gorlovki Elenovka. Chapter DNR noted that the text of the ultimatum submitted for signature to the OSCE. This document Zaharchenko completely blames the failure of the Minsk agreement on the Ukrainian side. In accordance with Minsk agreements militia Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic began withdrawal of heavy weapons at a specified distance along the line of contact. Artillery waste and such iconic centers of conflict, as the city Debaltseve and Donetsk airport. Only the General Staff of Ukraine today reported that he had received an order to start withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact with the militia. When this command APU directly stated that he was going at its discretion "to adjust the schedule of withdrawal of weapons." Alexander Zakharchenko in his speech already doubted that the decision of the General Staff is purely declarative nature. The OSCE Mission to which functions are assigned to monitor the reduction of tension in the conflict zone in the Donets Basin, does not comment on removal technology of any party. Today, however, after the ACS "Carnation" left the army LC location in the village Kalinovo, OSCE representatives cautiously admitted that they appreciate the steps militia forces to reduce tensions in the Donbass.

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