Thursday, February 26, 2015

Corruption in #Ukraine Junta spurred outrage in policy Kiev

Epiphany: "Dill" began to ask forgiveness from "Vatnikov" and "Colorado"

Ukrainians, a year ago to actively support the Maidan, began to realize that all the promises of the current government - complete bluff and deception. Social networks on a wave of dissatisfaction with the policies of the current government.

However, for this to be the hryvnia devalued four times, take off utility bills, and the shelves begin to fade products. Retail chains for two weeks a real buzz: massively bought up long-term storage products, detergents and household appliances. Since yesterday in trading networks in Kiev imposed restrictions on the sale of socially important goods: sugar, flour, depending on the store, selling three - five pounds in one hand, buckwheat - two packets of sunflower oil - not more than two liters. Sale bakery, meat and dairy products, as well as rice and potatoes until limited.

Dill-quilted jackets All sensible people it is clear that in the course of lustration to replace one came other, much worse, and life became even more unbearable. Under the state budget for 2015, the minimum wage is now 1,218 USD. According to the current exchange rate is about 40 USD or $ 1.35 a day. Meanwhile, according to the criteria established by the UN, the poor are those who live on less than $ 2 a day. Thanks to the Cabinet and the President! Even in many African countries, the minimum income of the population is much higher. "Of course, the disturbance of people who came to the Maidan were valid. 

Corruption, bureaucratic arbitrariness in the country under Yanukovych incredibly flourished, people could not get the truth in court. Another thing is that people consciously brought to the "boiling", and then there were the puppeteers, who took advantage of popular indignation, led them in the wrong direction. And now many of those who stood on the Maidan, are frustrated because the goals that people come out to protest, not achieved In addition, the ATO area began returning servicemen and tell what is really happening in the Donbass. And it spurred outrage policy Kiev ", - confirmed the human rights activist, coordinator of the" Mothers of Ukraine "Galina Zaporozhtseva. 

Over the past year in the country rose sharply enterprises' debts to employees. According to official figures Gosskomstata February 1, 2015, wage arrears for operating businesses increased by 2.2 times compared to 2014 year. And how many factories rose - "Motor Sich", "Turboatom", "Pivdenmash" ZAZ - only about 1,500 enterprises. Since the spring will increase tariffs for housing and communal services. As the head of Vladimir Minenergouglya Demchishin, the first increase is expected in March and will be immediately 40%. Within two years, tariffs for heat and natural gas will increase. 

Although at current prices able to pay much more. The debts on utility bills on January 1, 2015 reached 15 billion. UAH. And, as experts predict, in the future this figure will only increase - the impoverished Ukrainians just physically can not pay. But the current authorities do not hear the voice of reason. Will enlightenment economic and financial collapse? Source.

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