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Big meeting in Kiev, the first results of...

Big meeting in Kiev, the first results of 
February 6, 
Ukraine's President Poreshenko shakes hands with US Secretary of State Kerry after delivering a statement following a bilateral meeting in Kiev
I feel tomorrow will be an interesting day. According to Ukrainian news channels went to the first reports on the results of the meeting Poroshenko flown to Ukraine US Secretary of State John Kerry, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Oland. Reports short and long sustained in the mainstream now there is an official style. Russian military aggression. Separatist fighters. You must strive to Moscow performance of "Minsk Agreement." However, through an information smokescreen show through some details. 

1. a military resolution of the "conflict in the south-west of Ukraine" does not have. Need to negotiate peace. How exactly - not reported, but the fact itself is interesting. Its importance increases especially when you consider that the world spoke about John Kerry, the former is usually the most hawkish of all hawks. While constantly stressed the principle of the inviolability of the "indispensable to preserve the unity and indivisibility of the Ukrainian state."

2. In the supply, even just discussing the possibility of supplies to Ukraine lethal weapons from the United States or NATO America plaintext refused. 
Divers raised from the ocean UFO What happened to the man who did not wash more than 60 years? "Elite surrounding Poroshenko reminds terrarium" Here you have 3 billion. Emergency military aid allegedly already guaranteed to be provided from the United States. Although bitter pill Kiev guests sweetened a bit. Carrie brought as many as 16 million. Dollars of immediate financial aid from Washington. Poroshenko to reporters certainly did mine player disrupt the main jackpot in Las Vegas, but if you judge this morning voiced in the Ukrainian media expectations (billion over the next two years, at least 400 million. Until the end of 2015, stopudovo no less than 300 million. now), the West actually threw him medyashku taxes. 

3. The path to the West Ukraine closed. In every sense. Kerry said bluntly that the US is not going to aggravate relations with Russia. Even more so - to start a war with it. And Francois Hollande throughout Ukraine, as small children, chewed to a state of semolina - France opposes Ukraine's accession to NATO. Tomorrow the trio flies to a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. I believe it is necessary to stock popcorn. It will be interesting. 
That's what will discuss Merkel Hollande in Kiev, and then in Moscow. 

It is such a plan, maybe a little more details or names, but the essence - it is. 

1. Decree of the federalization of the country, the regions greater autonomy and full independence of Donbass. 
2. The withdrawal of troops on the perimeter of the border Lugansk and Donetsk regions, the truce. 
3. Giving troops DNR status and LC units of the National Guard with the adoption allowance, etc .... 4. Recognition of the DNI and LC special autonomous republic within Ukraine. 
5. The purpose of the elections in these regions and their federal support. 
6. Full restoration of destroyed infrastructure, federal aid to regions. 
7. The requirement to the international community and the UN recognition of the autonomy and assistance. Tax breaks and regime favorable business partnership. 
8. Linking points higher demanding total joint border control the Federal Border Service and parts of the MAT. 
9. The transfer of these plans and decisions as a project at the United Nations, as the final resolution of the crisis. 
10. Securing these decisions in the Constitution and the prohibition of changes for a period of 10 years. All further changes only by a referendum of the local population. 

upd: In German evening news reporter TV channel ARD secret insider told the reason for the trip a sweet couple Angela and Francois in Kiev. 

It seems to be like, President Putin invited the heads of the leading states of the European Union a new plan for the settlement of the conflict, namely the provision of the DNI and the LC full autonomy within Ukraine, and besides expanding the boundaries of the People's Republic. What kind of expansion in question - to the borders of the former areas, or somehow different - remains unclear. 

Parallel in Germany hosted a meeting of defense ministers of NATO member countries. Lethal Weapon Ukraine will not receive. 

Apparently, Poroshenko not make any compromises is not going to go. Speaking of Greece. As I have suggested, the new Greek government proved a tough nut. 

Today's talks finance ministers of Greece and Germany ended dissatisfied physiognomy German. And smile Greek. This is despite the fact that the central bank of the EU today to tighten the screws of the Greek financial system, refusing to accept their short-term bonds. 

Greece continues to reject demands Berlin to implement agreements reached by the previous Greek government with the EU, ECB and IMF. 

upd2: Half an hour ago in the conservative German newspaper "Die Zeit» (Die Zeit) published a short article titled Too strong for the conclusion of peace This article is simple as day: "Merkel and Hollande launched a new peace initiative in Ukraine. But this initiative will fail because of the separatists. 

Because they're going to win this war. " «Zu stark für den Frieden». Merkel und Hollande starten eine neue Friedensinitiative für die Ukraine. Die aber wird an den Separatisten scheitern. Weil sie dabei sind, den Krieg zu gewinnen. .. 

More questions ?!

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