Thursday, February 19, 2015

Banderastan is just One big lie after another

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Today at 2:00 am
Banderastan is just One big lie after another

____________________ Few escaped from Debaltseve ukrofashistskie military says that there. Hell the Count of the dead is impossible, no food, no heating, where to run - everything is unclear. Moreover, there are reports of detachments, shot in the back retreating or trying to surrender. 

Zhidobanderovets Poroshenko night in a panic called pindostanskomu Vice President Biden and demanded to immediately begin deliveries of weapons, no matter what, just to start the process and show support. Biden, as was the case in all previous times, verbally promised various forms of assistance, but said nothing about the actual supply. Because it is not within its competence, and Obama does not want to just play the trump card with military support ukrovermahta, reserving it for the next internal political crisis, as did all his predecessors. 

Realizing that the aid will not be Poroshenko decided that more than once rescued him for the last year - to lie recklessly. "This morning, the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with the National Guard under the operation for the planned and orderly withdrawal of the troops from Debaltseve ... We expect two more columns. 

We argued and argued: Debaltseve is under our control, no environment was not. Our parts and units planned out and organized. Out completely with weaponry, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles with with ACS, with tractors, automotive technology "- quoted the leader of the junta agency. When zhidobanderovets Poroshenko lies not from a prepared text advisors and improvises, it is often the logic fails. 

So this time - not very clear, as the phrase goes, "Debaltseve under our control" and "no environment was not." Setting for was that Debaltseve was controlled by WCC (BC junta). Would not it be EXP (BC junta) in Debaltseve - there would be no environment. Now the remains locked out of the Debaltseve - so soon the environment and will not be, and will be under the control of the DNI Debaltseve. 

It's very simple. imbisile Semenchenko initially tried to maintain a lie Supreme Commander and wrote in "Facebook" and that "the withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve carried out a planned and organized." But for a long time it was not enough. Three hours later, a new record: "I received the report of the unit commander who holds a leading position in the" way of life "is closer to Debaltseve.

Column exiting Debaltseve on the road section was left without cover tanks. Tanks terrorists entered the position and shot at close range column. " If there is a "way of life" - means there surroundings. So lying Poroshenko and lied Semenchenko himself under the guise of "military necessity". In failing to Debaltseve he blames, certainly not myself and not Poroshenko, but only the minister and General Staff Muzhenko ukrovermahta. 

"Incompetent leadership must go and stop to ruin the lives of our kids.We will do it too. With your help, "- MP appeals to readers. Recall that any successful operation nor for Semenchenko nor for Yarosh, nor for other critics is not listed - only the failures and the victims. 

Muzhenko unlike Semenchenko PR man, at least, a career military ukrovermahta, which, if it will not interfere with the policy, at least know when to step back in time. Semenchenko and others like him will put people to the last. In the light of the open and shameless lies Poroshenko it is understandable that closed the program Savik Shuster, who from the first days Euromaidan provides invaluable information support regolyutsioneram. 

Just because Schuster - not controlled, it can invite broadcast unexpected guest who accidentally tells the truth - and about what is happening in the Donbass, and about what is happening in Kiev, and about what is happening in Odessa. And the truth of the Pindos-Bandera junta like death. According to all the same Semenchenko Donetsk airport-lied Ilovaysk- lied Uglegorsk- lied Logvinovo- lied. 

Bravo commander ukrofashistskogo "Donbass" is simply not smart enough to continue associative array: "ATO" - lies, European integration - the lies, the war with Russia - a lie, pindostanskaya helps - a lie, "president" Poroshenko - a liar. All modern opinions of banderizovannaya and Ukraine itself is, seems to be one big lie.

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