Sunday, February 22, 2015

APU fighters violated the terms of the armistice in Gorlovka

APU fighters violated the terms of the armistice in Gorlovka

LifeNews publishes video Evidence of violation of the Minsk Agreements by the Ukrainian Army.
Feb. 22, 2015

Beyond the control of Kiev regional armed units regularly open fire on positions militias. Regular Ukrainian army observes the truce, but uncontrollable Kiev territorial battalions natsgardvii violate the Minsk Agreement and regularly open fire on positions militias. Under one of these attacks hit television correspondents LifeNews directly during the filming of a report about the conditions of the armistice in the area Gorlovki.

At that time, when a reporter LifeNews spoke with one of the volunteers, there was another explosion - APU fighters began firing positions army DNR mortars, the use of which is prohibited under the terms of the armistice. Crew, together with Militia fighters have to Run Under Fire to the Nearest Bunker to Hide from the shells. - That truce, - says One of the militias. 

To PLACE A Safe on the contact line is Necessary to drive About A mile, and the road is visible from the Ukrainian positions and constantly shelled. Once the shelling stopped, the Crew HAD to flee the FRONT. Note That the positions of Militia All weapons are sheathed, Although Under the terms of the Armistice Grenade May be Along the line of contact. - Very hard, it Would be Desirable to have got out of the basement people from shelters. Because it Turns out That Killed Innocent people are much more than Military - Army soldier Told DNR Alex.

Recall, February 12 in Minsk "Norman Four" has signed a declaration in support of the Minsk agreements and concerted "full response to the Minsk Agreement", Which WAS signed by the Participants of the contact Group to resolve the Conflict in the peace Donbass. the Plan Calls for Cease-Fire A by Both PARTIES to the Conflict to 00 hours on February 15 and the removal of heavy weapons, which should start no later than the second day after the cease-fire and end within 14 days. Total "The package of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement" includes 13 basic points. The full text of the document published on the Kremlin Website .

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