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The Obama administration wants you to believe Russia invaded #Ukraine & how this is a lie

The Obama administration wants you to believe Russia invaded #Ukraine & how this is a lie

Real Reason for War in Ukraine

war in ukraine
The Day After movieI am a child of the 80s. Reagan was like a grandfather to me, and it didn’t help that he actually did look and sound like my grandfather. As a child and teenager, I often wondered why other countries didn’t just decide to become part of the US, my country was so great, why wouldn’t they? There were three channels on TV, but if I was lucky I could catch Fraggle Rock on cable TV, at a friend’s house.
My bus stop was a quarter mile away from my house. You never knew when the bus would come, so you had to be there a half hour early. This was particularly stressful during cold Michigan winters. It provided great after-school exercise, as I would run at top-speed after school in order to watch Star Blazers, He-Man, GI-Joe and Transformers.
On these three TV stations, there were precious few times you could find cartoons, after school for an hour and Saturday morning. Later in the evening, you could sometimes catch the Muppet Show. Sunday night was Walt Disney. That was it.
The Day AfterThere was a defining moment of my childhood. I remember watching a made-for-TV movie in 1983. I remember this movie as clearly as the day as I remember the 9/11 attacks on the US, and cried just the same. I lost a good deal of naivety on this day. I was 12 years old.
The movie was The Day After. It depicted nuclear war in the US. One of the most haunting moments, for me, was a black man asking for shelter, skin rotting from radiation, nuclear fallout snow falling in the background. My mind became consumed with things no 12 year old should have to think about in a perfect world. How can I avoid this catastrophe? Where can I go?
Now, some 30+ years later, I realize how healthy it was for me to watch The Day After. It should be required viewing for all 12 year olds. Everyone needs to have a healthy fear of nuclear annihilation. Its something that is severely lacking in today’s politics.
For all the rhetoric from decades gone-by, we have never been closer to nuclear war that we are today. Russia has stepped up its nuclear patrols, both of submarines as well as restarting its bomber patrols, along the US border. Obama and NATO are foolishly piling up armaments no less than 100 yards from Russia’s border. Though the cold war ended for Russia, the west has never stopped, ever creeping closer to Russia’s borders, one country at a time.
The US charges around the world like a bull in a china shop lately. I put together the following illustration to as a metaphor to what resembles US foreign policy these days. It’s all about US hegemony, and keeping everyone in line through controlled chaos.
The scene below was originally from The Dictator, as such its fitting to have this scene applied to Obama. In the Movie, fictonal leader Aladeen of the Republic of Wadiya holds a farce Olympic games, where no one is allowed to beat him (or else be shot). This is much how the US operates in the world today.
Obama Russia funny
The US stays ahead of other countries, economically and militarily, by creating “controlled chaos” around the world. Using this strategy, any country that poses a threat to the US economically, is attacked militarily and through the use of economic warfare, sanctions.

Things That Should Disturb You

It should disturb you that the goal of the US is to dominate every country. The US has no allies, only submissive puppet states. Every other country is an enemy. You can be certain there is a taskforce assigned to every country, designed to milk it dry of any wealth on behalf of corporate oligarchs, and to keep it in a state of orderly chaos so it is unable to resist, fight back or keep our hands out of its pockets.
If you’re a supposed ally, you are spied upon by the US, and what is learned is used as blackmail. Consider that Germany’s Chancellor Merkel phone had her phone bugged between 2002 and 2013. Why would Germany willingly submit itself to lose billions of dollars of trade with Russia, obviously unwillingly, if not for blackmail powered by US spying? Today, Germany and France are trying hard to break from US influence regarding Russia, while vice president Biden has been quoted as trying to humiliate the EU into doing what the US wants.
The Obama administration would have you believe that Russia wants to invade Ukraine. This simply isn’t true. I outlined 5 reasons why this is a lie, and I encourage you to read it for the truth of the matter. The truth is that the US has been trying to subvert Ukraine since its birth at the fall of the Soviet Union.
For the remainder of this article, I’m going to be discussing an excellent video that details how the United States is attempting to gain the wealth of Ukraine, at the extreme detriment of its citizens. Below is the video, I highly recommend that you watch it.

In Kiev, in 2013, there was a violent overthrow of the democratically elected government. This is otherwise known as a coup d’etat, however, the US government wouldn’t recognize it as such. Shortly after the coup, Obama held a press conference, this is what he had to say about Crimea.
“The proposed referendum on the future of Crimea would violate the Ukrainian constitution, and violate international law. Any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine. In 2014 we are well beyond the days when borders can be rewrote over the heads of democratic leaders.”
During this press conference, he calls the newly established “junta” government as the legitimate government of Ukraine. In regard to norms for considering a country having democratically elected leaders, there is no way you can consider the resulting government as a legitimate government. He also refers to the junta as “democratic leaders”. This, again, is misuse of the term, as the junta was not elected democratically. Either Obama does not understand the principles of democracy, or he is lying.
Why is Obama lying? He is following a narrative that is consistent with an underlying agenda. The agenda is the subversion of Ukraine, theft of the country from the Russian sphere of influence and bring it under western control. The mainstream media, in collusion with corporately controlled leaders of the United States, are misrepresenting the truth to support their agenda.
There purpose is to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine, and replace it with one of their own choosing. It is a regime change, brought about by western criminal enterprises. Recently, Obama has said something which conflicts with the bolded section of his earlier quote.
Obama transitioned power in Ukraine
The entire quote of Obama:
Since Mr. Putin made this decision around Crimea and Ukraine, not because of some grand strategy but essentially because he was caught off balance by the protests in the Maidan, and Yanukovich then fleeing after we had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.
Here, Obama admits that the US brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine. This goes completely against what Obama originally said, that “Any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine.” Originally, Obama said that there could be no unconstitutional changes to a country that did not involve its legitimately elected government. Later, he said that the original change of power in Ukraine to the junta was brokered by the United Stateswithout Yanukovich being involved (the legitimately elected government at the time).
I think a fair question to ask, is what gives the government of the United States the privilege of forcing a regime change upon a country that is immediately upon Russia’s border, is a sister-state to Russia in the former Soviet Union, is the main trade partner, bought most of Ukraine’s goods to keep its economy afloat, and where Russia could consider it a legitimate issue of national security with NATO’s inclination to line Russia’s borders with its missiles?
Of course this gaffe wasn’t supposed to be admitted, and later a whitehouse official said that Obama’s remarks referenced US efforts to resolve the crises in the run-up to a February 21, 2014 signed by Yanukovich and what was then Ukraine opposition leaders.
There are problems with this explanation. First, Obama said “We brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.” One would assume that “We” references the United States, or at minimum the United States in conjunction with other Europe leaders. However, the February 21 deal was witnessed by representatives of Germany, France and Poland. The US was not party to the deal, and did not have a representative present. One can imagine that the reason for the US being snubbed are the freshly recent remarks by Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, where Victoria said “Fuck the EU”, and Pyatt said, “Exactly.”
Victoria Nuland Geoffrey Pyatt
The next problem with this February 21 agreement, given as an excuse for Obama’s statement, is that this agreement did not involve a transition of power! All this agreement did was return the Ukraine to its 2004 constitution, the formation of a National Unity Government, and guaranteed presidential elections by December 2014. None of these elements constitutes a “transition of power”.
Seeing this February 21 agreement does not begin to qualify to justify Obama’s remarks, what did he really mean when he said that “We brokered a transition of power”? The truth that Obama, either through arrogance, or ignorance, spilled the beans and let known the truth of what really happened in Ukraine, and who is responsible for the resulting chaos.
What Obama was really referring to was a deal, brokered by Victoria Nuland and Ukraine’s opposition leaders, to the exclusion of Yanukovich.
If you listen to Nuland’s remarks in that recorded segment where she uttered “Fuck the EU!”, you notice these types of phrases:
  • Glue this thing
  • The process moving ahead
  • Midwife this thing
  • What we need is for Biden for an Atta-Boy, and to get the deets to stick
It is completely obvious that this discussion is regarding the transition of power in Ukraine, the very one that Obama admitted to during his speech. This was the discussion to birth their new version of the Ukrainian government.
This is the very definition of a “coup d’etat”, and the exact opposite of a democratically elected government.

Why Overthrow Ukraine?

What is it about this country that would lead the US to invest over 5 billion dollars, and now today threaten Russia with giving weapons to the Junta of this country? What is there to gain? There is, in fact, trillions of dollars worth of natural resources in this country. It is also used as a bludgeon to weaken Russia in ripping a major trading partner from its sphere of influence.
Russia, along with the other BRICS nations of Brazil, India, China and South Africa, represent a major economic threat to the US hegemonic empire. Russia has enjoyed a substantial period of prosperity since the end of the Soviet era. This has been achieved mostly through gas and oil exports. Russia is the largest resource-rich country in the world. All sanctions leveled at Russia, from limiting access to financing markets, to export of oil-related technology, is designed to stifle Russia’s emergence as an economic world power. This is a primary reason for the war in Ukraine, to justify the sanctions to limit Russia and weaken its economy.
There is another reason for this war in Ukraine, and that is the enormous amount of natural resources available in this country. Ukraine is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, not of the same magnitude as Russia, but worth trillions of dollars nonetheless.
Following is a table, prepared by the gentleman who made the video listed above, outlining the relative value of all the resources available in Ukraine. As per the resources referenced in the table, Ukraine possesses reserves in excess of 9 trillion dollars. Clearly, there are those in the US government, and their corporate rulers, who believe this is an amount worth killing for.
The above table does not take into effect considerations such as the exploitation of Ukraine by Monsanto. Until recently, Russia has been the number-one importer of Ukraine goods. Recently, Moscow has banned all import of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Switching Ukraine to Monsanto’s GMO-raised grains certainly limits Ukraine’s export options. Why would this requirement be demanded by IMF loans to the Ukraine? Certainly, the powers behind this insidious takeover do not have the interests of Ukraine people in mind.

Ukraine is Sharply Divided Politically, with 90% Resources in the Eastern “Novorossiya” Areas

Consider the following map. The red areas consist of people who overwhelmingly voted for Yanukovich, the former democratically elected leader of Ukraine who was ousted by the coup d’etat. This area also contains 90% of the abundant natural resources of Ukraine. Because this area is pro-Russian, you could say that the diamonds are buried in the areas most difficult to subvert.
This area votes overwhelmingly against pro-Western candidates, so much so that elections involving the entire Ukraine wind up foiling the west’s plot for controlling the government. This is why the US strongly supports the ethnic cleansing by the Kiev government, wholesale slaughtering civilians in random GRAD missile attacks on large populated areas. Millions of citizens in Eastern Ukraine have fled to Russia. The west hopes, no doubt, that as millions of citizens are displaced, the east will be weakened, so that nation-wide elections will finally produce success for western-leaning candidates for president and prime minister of Ukraine.
Astonishingly, back in 2005, a young senator Obama flew to this red area, to help eliminate a stockpile of weapons found in the Donetsk airport. What are the odds that the current president, the one in charge of this coup d’etat, was a senator who visited the very areas most likely to rebel back in 2005, to destroy their weapons, their ability to fight back against a hostile coup d’etat in Kiev? You can see how long the subversion of Ukraine has been planned.
Obama in Donetsk

The Perfect Solution in Ukraine is Unacceptable to West

You could achieve peace overnight in Ukraine by allowing the country to split along its strongly divided lines. The western portion of Ukraine would be allowed to seek its relationship with the EU, whereas the east could maintain its relationship to Russia. This would be the best solution to the current problems of Ukraine for its citizens, however, it will not happen. The west has its sights on the 9 trillion dollars of natural sources that reside in Ukraine, and 90% of those are in areas that would be lost if Ukraine were allowed an amicable divorce. The United States, and those currently trying to exploit Ukraine’s wealth, are not interested in Ukraine’s poorer half.
Specifically, in the largest hot-spots in the country, that of Donetsk and Lugansk, there lies over 3.6 trillion dollars of resources in gas, oil and coal. The Yuzivska gas field was discovered in 2010, and has proven reserves of over 2 trillion cubic square meters of natural gas. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Nuland and Pyatt’s retirement plan. You can also bet that Obama and Biden have their fair share of this amount reserved for them, especially as Hunter Biden has taken a leadership position in the largest gas company in Ukraine.
This is why all peace deals presented by the west, first and foremost exclusively demand the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The desire to preserve Ukraine’s borders, at all costs, underlines this hidden agenda of exploiting Ukraine’s natural resources by the west. It is all about the money.
Ukraine’s current country borders, as well as the country itself, is only 24 years old. It was formed in 1991, at the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Anyone born more than 24 years ago, wasn’t even born in Ukraine, they were born in the Soviet Union. There is nothing so sacred about these borders, that they cannot be redrawn to avoid bloodshed.
From the perspective of people in eastern Ukraine, who overwhelmingly voted their government into office with over 75% support to the Yanukovich government, they consider the current administration in Kiev to be exactly what they are, an illegitimate coup d’etat. They have had their democratic government stolen from them by the US government. When they objected, and voiced their right to self-determination in a peaceful vote for independence, their choice was declared as “invalid” by the west. Whats worse, as they defend themselves, they receive the west’s label of “terrorist”. Even now, our government plots to send weapons to Kiev, so that these citizens would be exterminated.
The west, and Kiev, specifically targets civilians with indiscriminate shelling of populated civilian areas. They target women and children. Poroshenko has been quoted that he will win the war by sending the children of Donetsk to basements. The real losses so far in Ukraine are over 50,000 dead.
What can you do about the tragedy in Ukraine? Spread the word. As more people are informed, particularly in the US, elected officials can be called into account for the destruction they caused in Ukraine. Please share this article via twitter, facebook or even by word of mouth, help inform others today. The biggest danger to those abusing power is a well informed public.

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Poroshenko learns a terrible secret: the State's Food Reserve is empty

Poroshenko learns a terrible secret: the State's Food Reserve is empty

In Ukraine, the mass grocery psychosis: funky fall hryvnia Ukrainians disperse the products in the stores. Panic started in Lviv and Ternopil, where Galicians almost killed each other for a bottle of vegetable oil. Then grocery hysteria spread to Kiev city yesterday bought tons of flour, sugar, buckwheat, canned food. Vodka is also a trend. Took all necessary and unnecessary, remembering the hungry 90s. The most popular are relatively cheap Marketa ATB and Ashan, after a raid buyers their shelves shine pristine purity.

But on the ham, Italian pasta, olives and cheeses elite demand was not, they remained "very heavy" on the shelves. Experts say that the price of Ukrainian products grew more than the dollar and the cost of gasoline. Someone impaired hryvnia invested in toilet paper, who - in fact, baby food, diapers, and household chemicals: imported goods after the introduction of an additional fee jumped in price by 20%.

February 25 Poroshenko held an emergency meeting with economic bloc of the Cabinet and the leadership of the National Bank. An effort of the President and his godfather Gontareva dropped by half dollar (today in exchange for 1 dollar give 28-29 hryvnia), but return the products to the stores could not.

Observers note that the price of Ukrainian products already outstripped transcendental and the dollar exchange rate and the cost of gasoline, but the Cabinet Yatsenyuk still all debits on the ignorance of the population and speculators from trading networks. Previously, the main perpetrators were money changers near obmenok now in a panic in the grocery market accuse greedy heads of major supermarkets. However, the people of these stories not feed.

Therefore, to meet the "economic unit" was urgently summoned the head of the State Reserve of Ukraine Vladimir Zhukov.He was required to "open the coffers" and put on the empty shelves the flour, sugar, canned food, buckwheat, which will be storing the State Reserve. In response, the keeper of strategic reserves Homeland opened Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk terrible military secret: long bins homeland devastated.

It is unlikely that this was the premiere news: in January he demanded razbronirovat state reserve values, including drugs and medications. However, even at that time in the state reserve of medicines were only hiking kits and late (since the 60-ies) dressings, cotton, bandages, syringes, from which at one time refused even to countries in Africa, although Ukraine them "gave "free.

In addition, with the outbreak of hostilities from the State Reserve was taken and sent to the front all that can be: sheets of steel, diesel fuel, spare parts for armored vehicles, tents, stoves, mattresses. All this "accumulated" zlochinnaya gang Yanukovych, but "useful" strategic reserve homeland already junta. The last time bins homeland totally cleans up after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant: from the State Reserve for emergency station were shipping sheet metal, diesel, and gas masks and sets of biosecurity, medicines and food. Moreover, the basic "rescue products" came from Donetsk, combine with the "New", which is now within the territory of the DNI. In other storerooms, such as Kharkov, stored supplies of flour, in Chernihiv region - oil and diesel fuel. But all gasoline and jet fuel pumped from the State Reserve six months ago. Medicines raked in January, ostensibly for the purpose of humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass.

Now it came to grocery stores, to calm the raging Kiev and prevent food riots. If, due to the dollar NBU storm depositors and depozitchiki, the lack of flour and salt can provoke the assault and the Cabinet, and the demolition of the AP. The requirement Maidan spectacle that fed enough patriots new government changed the requirements of the bread, which the junta had not corny. The entire crop last year almost sold abroad, new crop area decreased by 30% .. staying up to date on nadezhda- bins homeland.

For example, in Kiev there is a large grocery store on the outskirts of the city, which holds stocks of frozen meat, butter, canned food, sugar. Incidentally, this is still the pre-war warehouse, the first German aircraft bombed during the Second World War: the Nazis intended to immediately destroy strategic food reserves in Kiev. Ukrainian junta without its air raids: a year after coming to power and the change of several leaders of the State Reserve, strategic reserves have been exhausted, and simply stolen and sold.

Although the ex-prime minister Azarov to the eyeballs filled with buckwheat Chinese State Reserve, for which at the time was the car critics and a former head of the agency, Regions Lelyuk spent in the department reforms retool older plants, and filling the coffers of flour, dry milk, meat and fish canned food, sugar and gasoline. However, in the "hour H" to get from the store turned out nothing: all food stocks "went to the front", because the army is also partly supplied from the State Reserve, warehouses and MO State Reserve have been combined.

Learning about the empty shelves not only in stores, but also in the State Reserve of Ukraine, President, said to have been shocked. He stamped his feet and demanded from the management agency to find anything to throw the people of Kiev and soothing "bread pills." Yatsenyuk remained icy calm: he knew more about the present state of affairs, since the State Reserve is under the "patronage" of the government and is a member of the Cabinet, led by the arrogant rabbit. In general, the government was faced with a terrible fact: the State Reserve has exhausted its reserves, the store is empty, no supplies for a "rainy day", which has already begun, no.

"Hungry residents #Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of the #militia.

Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS) | Russian Spring
Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS)
Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS)
Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS)
Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS)
Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS)
Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS)
Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS)
Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of militias (VIDEO + PHOTOS)
"Hungry residents Debaltseve grabbed food from the hands of the militia.
International Brigade "tag", which is part of the armed forces of the People's Republic of Donetsk, delivered humanitarian aid to residents of the city recently released Debaltseve.
Early in the morning in the arrangement of "tag" the smoke was a yoke. Soldiers with their own money bought more than a thousand loaves of bread, more than a hundred boxes of cookies, chocolates, biscuits and gingerbread children Debaltseve.
Now, all this had to be packaged in packets, immersed in the machine and organized a column to get to the places of the recent fighting.In Debaltseve a month there is no electricity, water, local people take from wells in the private sector, gas is fed occasionally.

DNR has put forward an ultimatum to Kiev because of the non-removal of equipment

DNR has put Forward an Ultimatum to Kiev Because of the non-Removal of equipment

BREAKING: 26/02/2015 If the Ukrainian security forces begin to withdraw heavy weapons to the evening of February 27, militia returned their weapons to the position.The corresponding statement at a news conference this afternoon made the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko . According to him, the DNI already took 90% of their arms, and Kiev reciprocal steps not taken. Zakharchenko said that if Ukrainian security forces begin withdrawal of military equipment from the line of contact until 18:00 on February 27, the militia will return already designated combat units to their former positions. - Attacks on the position of APU militias continue. If they do not stop, we shall assume that the Minsk agreement derailed - said Zakharchenko, listing new facts about the shootings and Gorlovki Elenovka. Chapter DNR noted that the text of the ultimatum submitted for signature to the OSCE. This document Zaharchenko completely blames the failure of the Minsk agreement on the Ukrainian side. In accordance with Minsk agreements militia Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic began withdrawal of heavy weapons at a specified distance along the line of contact. Artillery waste and such iconic centers of conflict, as the city Debaltseve and Donetsk airport. Only the General Staff of Ukraine today reported that he had received an order to start withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact with the militia. When this command APU directly stated that he was going at its discretion "to adjust the schedule of withdrawal of weapons." Alexander Zakharchenko in his speech already doubted that the decision of the General Staff is purely declarative nature. The OSCE Mission to which functions are assigned to monitor the reduction of tension in the conflict zone in the Donets Basin, does not comment on removal technology of any party. Today, however, after the ACS "Carnation" left the army LC location in the village Kalinovo, OSCE representatives cautiously admitted that they appreciate the steps militia forces to reduce tensions in the Donbass.

Corruption in #Ukraine Junta spurred outrage in policy Kiev

Epiphany: "Dill" began to ask forgiveness from "Vatnikov" and "Colorado"

Ukrainians, a year ago to actively support the Maidan, began to realize that all the promises of the current government - complete bluff and deception. Social networks on a wave of dissatisfaction with the policies of the current government.

However, for this to be the hryvnia devalued four times, take off utility bills, and the shelves begin to fade products. Retail chains for two weeks a real buzz: massively bought up long-term storage products, detergents and household appliances. Since yesterday in trading networks in Kiev imposed restrictions on the sale of socially important goods: sugar, flour, depending on the store, selling three - five pounds in one hand, buckwheat - two packets of sunflower oil - not more than two liters. Sale bakery, meat and dairy products, as well as rice and potatoes until limited.

Dill-quilted jackets All sensible people it is clear that in the course of lustration to replace one came other, much worse, and life became even more unbearable. Under the state budget for 2015, the minimum wage is now 1,218 USD. According to the current exchange rate is about 40 USD or $ 1.35 a day. Meanwhile, according to the criteria established by the UN, the poor are those who live on less than $ 2 a day. Thanks to the Cabinet and the President! Even in many African countries, the minimum income of the population is much higher. "Of course, the disturbance of people who came to the Maidan were valid. 

Corruption, bureaucratic arbitrariness in the country under Yanukovych incredibly flourished, people could not get the truth in court. Another thing is that people consciously brought to the "boiling", and then there were the puppeteers, who took advantage of popular indignation, led them in the wrong direction. And now many of those who stood on the Maidan, are frustrated because the goals that people come out to protest, not achieved In addition, the ATO area began returning servicemen and tell what is really happening in the Donbass. And it spurred outrage policy Kiev ", - confirmed the human rights activist, coordinator of the" Mothers of Ukraine "Galina Zaporozhtseva. 

Over the past year in the country rose sharply enterprises' debts to employees. According to official figures Gosskomstata February 1, 2015, wage arrears for operating businesses increased by 2.2 times compared to 2014 year. And how many factories rose - "Motor Sich", "Turboatom", "Pivdenmash" ZAZ - only about 1,500 enterprises. Since the spring will increase tariffs for housing and communal services. As the head of Vladimir Minenergouglya Demchishin, the first increase is expected in March and will be immediately 40%. Within two years, tariffs for heat and natural gas will increase. 

Although at current prices able to pay much more. The debts on utility bills on January 1, 2015 reached 15 billion. UAH. And, as experts predict, in the future this figure will only increase - the impoverished Ukrainians just physically can not pay. But the current authorities do not hear the voice of reason. Will enlightenment economic and financial collapse? Source.

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In the Destruction and Looting of Debaltseve, OSCE was Shocked by What They Saw

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
In the Destruction and Looting of Debaltseve, OSCE was Shocked by What They Saw

Today at quarter past four am

Reporting from journalists. "In Destruction and looting Debaltseve Recalls with A shudder," Ukrainian liberators. "In Debaltseve WHO now control the militias, now do not shoot, But to Talk About Still peace is not Necessary. visited the Site of the OSCE Mission WAS shocked by what he saw: no water, electricity, heating. 

According to the report of observers, not one building that would not be damaged by a shell. Oktyabrsky before the war was one of the most beautiful in Debaltseve - good houses, manicured streets. Now from the former beauty left and Next: at home in ruins, knocked down fences, roads - in the craters from explosions. In this his eyes convinced NTV correspondent Evgeny Golovanov. 

Ukrainian security forces began to equate the village to the ground in July, when stepped on. Continued in January, leaving with these lines. And it not only fired artillery: Ukrainian tank, standing on the edge of the village, local residents and militias now called the symbol of the Ukrainian armed forces - apparently intact and formidable, but not dangerous. 

It is Said That many of the Destroyed houses in the Village - the work of the Crew of this Particular Machine. Ukrainian Tankers Were Kept at bay locals few weeks, CAME to the Village as Proving Ground A, shoot at targets. The only thing on the whole village grocery store burned down after being hit by a projectile. People live the little that is left in the cellars and that bring the militias. In the village there is no light, wires cut short bursts. Save only from the cold oven. Stoke times a day - coal and wood is almost no one left. The pipeline is also broken - water people gain from wells. 

Reporter: "How did you survive here?" 

A local resident: "You know, survive with prayer, God's help.That's all. Where there were some crunches, where everything was. Retired two months can not get." 

Local resident: "hungry, Cold, very bad. And scary. Very scary.When it's All over." Half A year occupation of Ukrainian Security Officials, local Residents Recall with A shudder. Dissatisfied with the Kiev Authorities are Trying Their Homes looted, while calling themselves liberators. 

Reporter: "Well, people were happy here this release of the Ukrainian Army?" 

Galina Semich: "God forbid. Of course not.

They kept asking: why did you come here? 

And Ukrainians responded: "This is our land."

And they started looting eerie, all went for: electronics, computers, dishes, things, well, everything we could. Robbed the house. "Now Those few WHO Remained in the Village affected by the excesses of Ukrainian Security Services, Rely on the Assistance of the Republic, no Other Authority is no longer Recognized. "

Europe is paying for megalomania USA in Ukraine

USA - Aggressor (News, Humor, Politics)
Today at 4 o'clock am
Europe is paying for megalomania USA in Ukraine.
It is the United States, whose uncompromising passion for the coup and the desire to demonize Russian forces Europe to bear the losses are a major threat to European security, says the American journalist.

After 25 years after the end of the Cold War, America continues "exploit" Europe under the pretext of protection from "Slavic monster", which, according to Washington, long waiting time to "swallow" the European continent, says the American journalist Finian Cunningham.

Reasoning about the nature of the transatlantic partnership, he recalls the words of his own negligence dropped the first NATO Secretary General, Lord Ismay that NATO task - "to keep the Americans in Europe, Russian - at a distance, and the Germans - at the bottom "(under the supervision of Europe - approx. Ed.).

The role of the Europeans in the United States-led military bloc reduced, according to Cunningham in maintaining US hegemony in the Old World in exchange for protection from the "Russian (Soviet) aggression."

"Who is paying for this at American megalomania? As usual, Europe.War at the threshold and sanctions, tearing the European economy - that's the price for an alliance with the Americans narcissistic" - notices journalist, also paying attention to the arrogance with which Washington calls with Brussels.

Thus, on the eve of the coup d'état in Kiev was leaked about the conversation representative of official Washington and the US ambassador to Ukraine, which sounded very characteristic, from the point of view of the American expert phrase - "to hell with the European Union ".
Finian Cunningham believes that Ukrainian crisis could be a turning point in relations between the EU and the United States - Europe begins to realize that since the establishment of the NATO Washington selfishly used the transatlantic partners in their strategic interests.

For this position come, for example, the leaders of France and Germany, who took the initiative to hold talks in Minsk on yourself.

"Americans demonstratively shown the door and took away from the negotiating table. And look - preliminary armistice agreement signed since Washington was able to do without," - says Cunningham.

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament from Germany, said recently in an interview - and won applause - that Washington should "cool" and give the Europeans opportunity independently to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, said the journalist.

"It's not even the fact that Europe wakes up feeling that the United States systematically deceived the Europeans trying to demonize the image of Russia. Russia is not a problem and does not pose a threat to European security. This is precisely the United States, whose uncompromising passion for the coup d'état at every step with Ukraine as a last victim makes the EU suffer, are the heart of the problem "- summed Cunningham.

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Ukraine ... It's A US Heist !!!

Ukraine ... It's A Heist !!! 
John Martin

Published on Feb 21, 2015 
Ukraine Crisis ... What are the underlying motives?

Minsk up: "it's better than super." Ukraine should become Novorussia

Minsk up: "it's better than super." Ukraine should become Novorussia

The results of the Minsk talks "Norman Quartet" should be considered as an intermediate position in the course of a long chess game for a new world order. And Russian world has made ​​in Minsk strong and precise move that strengthens our position in the further struggle for Ukraine. You need to put aside emotions and see what really was recorded in Minsk. The junta nominally got everything it wanted, in fact, not getting anything, but Russia and the Republic of New Russia went to all the concessions, in reality, without sacrificing anything. And this is an extremely important diplomatic success. About it - in the material a special correspondent On the eve in Donetsk.

From the outset, Russian Spring in the Donbass should clearly distinguish between legal and factual side of the issue. In fact the DNI and LC, fortunately, have long been a Russian protectorate. But the challenge is not to go ahead by military means, and to use this insturment for the legal establishment of a protectorate over the whole of the former already Ukraine (or mostly). That is the crux of the matter: the actual protectorate over the DNI and LC - is a tool, not a goal. It is in any case should not be the goal, because if this is the goal, then Russia had to send troops back in April to join the NPT and the LC and - to lose the rest of Ukraine. Anyway, here it would be military intervention, because, as in the Crimea, no bases, no autonomy, nor its elected parliament in the Donbas was not. Hence, the Donbass - a bottleneck through which Ukraine will move toward Russia. And this movement, it is now obviously be irreversible.

In Minsk was signed in the course of long-term (no need of illusions) party, leading to the mat - Russia's accession to the greater part of the former Ukrainian. Which parts - it is a matter of further struggle, because in history nothing is predetermined in advance. Apparently, the situation is the end of 2013 was a prelude to further events that only occur in the future. Recall, then the western regions of Ukraine openly against another legitimate authority and declared that they would not obey her and "go to Europe" on their own. Zapevalov, as always, were three areas of Galicia (Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk), and modest several adjacent. Here is the ballast, it seems, will be the catalyst for the destruction of "one of Ukraine" and the flagship of separatism. Everything happens exactly the opposite: not the eastern region will rise against the occupation regime, pulling Ukraine to the West, and the Western region will break away as we move towards the former Ukrainian rest of Russia .

Within this line, however, is inevitably a problem of Transcarpathia, historically gravitating to Russia, but separated Galicia. But it will be in the future, besides the lack of common borders is not an insurmountable obstacle (remember the Kaliningrad region). But it's all in the future. Now the Russian world has made great success.

Incidentally, note, Vladimir Putin again reiterated to reporters DNR and LC , twice, when he said that "Kiev authorities still refuse direct contacts with representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic" and "representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic .. . surrounded by a large group of 6 to 8 thousand. man. " Clearer hint of support and impossible to think. And Putin, as in the end of August, again describes in detail the military successes of the militia, making it clear who is behind this.

As for the "return to Ukraine" republics Novorossia, no return will not. The historical process is irreversible. In this regard, recall the idea of one of the founders of Eurasianism Peter Savitsky that there are facts-facts-precursors and echoes, especially when a change of historical epochs. So "local elections under Ukrainian law" (which is not a fact that will take place, and if it takes place, under the terms of the NPT and LC) and other gestures toward the vanishing of Ukraine and is an echo of the passing epoch. In the Donbas not order raised the Russian flag to drop it in favor of the circumstances. Enough and diplomatic movements 1) simulating the "territorial integrity of Ukraine", 2) demonstrate Russia's commitment to all international standards, 3) drew insanity Kiev junta and 4) leading to the establishment of control over Ukraine by the change of power.

On the first day of the signing of the Minsk-2, it became clear that the document was not signed for him to perform, and to alter the Ukraine, and in strict accordance with the signed it the same document. Zaharchenko and Carpenter 's not just leaked (and possibly be, and in agreement?) that "in the near future we will see a very different Ukraine." Also, they were told that the opinion of the republics, though different, but can not ignore the position of the three great powers, act as a guarantor that "Ukraine will change under the pressure of Donbass" and it is given a chance.

"Victory will still be behind us, and no matter what method - political or military" - this phrase carpentry, perhaps, is the best characterized are signed in Minsk agreements. And get away from responsibility in Kiev will not succeed. The leaders of Russia, Germany and France not to come to Minsk. So that the junta is now two ways - either run now, or "no memoranda will be no more" (Zakharchenko). In the first case they have a chance to repeat the fate of Yanukovych and save their skins in Russia, hoping for a pardon. In the second - only to flee to the West, but there they were sure to find a car crash, because they know too much. An exception could be the only Klitschko , who, according to political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko , too stupid, that I could tell something.

Achieving Minsk-2 is that the responsibility for the inevitable failure of the agreement will be the Kiev regime, which will certainly be overthrown, but not Russia, and the United States hands. Republic of New Russia won valuable time. There is no doubt that another coup in Kiev, and it is very likely, Donbass and other regions will not meet the protests, and ... a big surprise for the West. In the meantime, the DNI and the LC has already begun to mobilize necessary to strengthen and increase the size of the army. Russia and New Russia significantly improved their positions before any further intensification of hostilities, or in the case of a new coup. And everything - absolutely legally, because the militia Minsk Agreement guaranteed amnesty.

You should not sprinkle ashes on the grounds that these agreements Kiev mode recognizes allegedly standing over the DNI and LC. This is the nominal step back, which is needed to make two real steps forward. If Russia really was interested in reintegrating back into the Donbass former Ukraine, all would have looked completely different. But the fact of the matter is that Ukraine - is an alibi that allows under its "umbrella" to bring a new level of military and political republic of New Russia. Will Russia be allowed to hold a referendum on May 11 if the actual objective pursued to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine? Never. The referendum was the trigger that began reconstruction of Ukraine. And it is not to be separated from her New Russia and to Ukraine itself became Novorussia. And since it all started with Donbass, it must maintain a formal framework in Ukraine until at least until further process will require the DNI and LC.

In this regard, there are two questions that we do not undertake to answer. The first is that it implies Putin in January calling DNR and LC. Whether future diplomatic recognition, whether short-term future of the republic Ukrainian federation, or just moral support republics. It will be clear in the coming months. But the answer to the second question, we can not know, at least in the coming years. How is it that Russia (which is questionable) managed to convince not only the former king of Donbass Akhmetov hold a referendum, but the junta - do not keep it? What was the interest of both parties and the enemy who were these mysterious interested parties, save that future historians.

On the same reintegration DNR and the former LC Ukraine, which many are terrified, speaks the following fact. What happened in the Donbass May 25? That's right, nothing. No ukrovlasti in the Donbass not and originally planned. Russia, for all formulations ornateness, respects and is based on the will of the people of Donbass, which was announced Foreign Ministry still May 12th. Just because of the circumstances, Russia can not RECOGNIZE outcome of the referendum, for this, must follow the recognition of two independent states. But in the summer of the fiercest battles were fought for control of the border is not just. The border is already ours, and if ukrovlasti want to control it, only by agreement with the DNI and the LC and only after the constitutional reforms (Minsk Agreement), ie, border they will never get it. This is the meaning of the agreements - went to all the concessions junta, not really sacrificing anything. And like all the junta had not received anything really.

Vice-president of the European Parliament Jacek Czarnecki succinctly and very accurately described the result: "This world is definitely more beneficial Moscow than Kiev, because the de facto political sanctions Russia's achievements."

To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings about "draining" immediately after the signing began hints at the truth behind the Minsk Agreement. Zakharchenko and Carpenter did back in Minsk. Later in Donetsk Zaharchenko reiterated that the implied constitutional reform, which is obliged to hold Kiev, - "this is the actual independence of the NPT." The fact that the current Kiev authorities there will be no constitutional reform, it is clear. More precisely, the constitutional reform - it is the law the way for a change of government, and the hands of the Nazis, who immediately after Minsk started screaming about "national betrayal." It is in this sense that we must understand the words carpentry, that Ukraine will become another state. In Minsk signed Novorossia not surrender and capitulation of Ukraine, only delayed. As a joke Parliament Speaker Andrew Purgin DNR , "there is a whole bunch of conditions by doing that Ukraine will become another state. We eventually will engage in dialogue with the state, where Poroshenko in prison, and with Yatsenyuk Turchynov shot."

That is why the very next day, DNR and LC began to "inclusive national dialogue" with Kiev, which he himself signed, offering junta constitutional amendments, changes in tax laws, and so much more that Kiev has to react somehow, actually engaging in direct negotiations with the republics and indirectly recognizing them. Otherwise - and it is clear that this is the case and will take place - all the blame for the failure of "national dialogue" goes to Kiev, rather than the Republic of New Russia. So the inevitable liberation of the territory in the hands of the army of New Russia will be isolated. They offered Kiev world and "all-Ukrainian dialogue", but he himself refused. So the struggle continues for the New Russia. And no one knows who will be the legitimate authority, and who will be separated from someone.- See more at:

APU fighters violated the terms of the armistice in Gorlovka

APU fighters violated the terms of the armistice in Gorlovka

LifeNews publishes video Evidence of violation of the Minsk Agreements by the Ukrainian Army.
Feb. 22, 2015

Beyond the control of Kiev regional armed units regularly open fire on positions militias. Regular Ukrainian army observes the truce, but uncontrollable Kiev territorial battalions natsgardvii violate the Minsk Agreement and regularly open fire on positions militias. Under one of these attacks hit television correspondents LifeNews directly during the filming of a report about the conditions of the armistice in the area Gorlovki.

At that time, when a reporter LifeNews spoke with one of the volunteers, there was another explosion - APU fighters began firing positions army DNR mortars, the use of which is prohibited under the terms of the armistice. Crew, together with Militia fighters have to Run Under Fire to the Nearest Bunker to Hide from the shells. - That truce, - says One of the militias. 

To PLACE A Safe on the contact line is Necessary to drive About A mile, and the road is visible from the Ukrainian positions and constantly shelled. Once the shelling stopped, the Crew HAD to flee the FRONT. Note That the positions of Militia All weapons are sheathed, Although Under the terms of the Armistice Grenade May be Along the line of contact. - Very hard, it Would be Desirable to have got out of the basement people from shelters. Because it Turns out That Killed Innocent people are much more than Military - Army soldier Told DNR Alex.

Recall, February 12 in Minsk "Norman Four" has signed a declaration in support of the Minsk agreements and concerted "full response to the Minsk Agreement", Which WAS signed by the Participants of the contact Group to resolve the Conflict in the peace Donbass. the Plan Calls for Cease-Fire A by Both PARTIES to the Conflict to 00 hours on February 15 and the removal of heavy weapons, which should start no later than the second day after the cease-fire and end within 14 days. Total "The package of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement" includes 13 basic points. The full text of the document published on the Kremlin Website .

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Banderastan is just One big lie after another

Kharkiv - New Russia
Today at 2:00 am
Banderastan is just One big lie after another

____________________ Few escaped from Debaltseve ukrofashistskie military says that there. Hell the Count of the dead is impossible, no food, no heating, where to run - everything is unclear. Moreover, there are reports of detachments, shot in the back retreating or trying to surrender. 

Zhidobanderovets Poroshenko night in a panic called pindostanskomu Vice President Biden and demanded to immediately begin deliveries of weapons, no matter what, just to start the process and show support. Biden, as was the case in all previous times, verbally promised various forms of assistance, but said nothing about the actual supply. Because it is not within its competence, and Obama does not want to just play the trump card with military support ukrovermahta, reserving it for the next internal political crisis, as did all his predecessors. 

Realizing that the aid will not be Poroshenko decided that more than once rescued him for the last year - to lie recklessly. "This morning, the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with the National Guard under the operation for the planned and orderly withdrawal of the troops from Debaltseve ... We expect two more columns. 

We argued and argued: Debaltseve is under our control, no environment was not. Our parts and units planned out and organized. Out completely with weaponry, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles with with ACS, with tractors, automotive technology "- quoted the leader of the junta agency. When zhidobanderovets Poroshenko lies not from a prepared text advisors and improvises, it is often the logic fails. 

So this time - not very clear, as the phrase goes, "Debaltseve under our control" and "no environment was not." Setting for was that Debaltseve was controlled by WCC (BC junta). Would not it be EXP (BC junta) in Debaltseve - there would be no environment. Now the remains locked out of the Debaltseve - so soon the environment and will not be, and will be under the control of the DNI Debaltseve. 

It's very simple. imbisile Semenchenko initially tried to maintain a lie Supreme Commander and wrote in "Facebook" and that "the withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve carried out a planned and organized." But for a long time it was not enough. Three hours later, a new record: "I received the report of the unit commander who holds a leading position in the" way of life "is closer to Debaltseve.

Column exiting Debaltseve on the road section was left without cover tanks. Tanks terrorists entered the position and shot at close range column. " If there is a "way of life" - means there surroundings. So lying Poroshenko and lied Semenchenko himself under the guise of "military necessity". In failing to Debaltseve he blames, certainly not myself and not Poroshenko, but only the minister and General Staff Muzhenko ukrovermahta. 

"Incompetent leadership must go and stop to ruin the lives of our kids.We will do it too. With your help, "- MP appeals to readers. Recall that any successful operation nor for Semenchenko nor for Yarosh, nor for other critics is not listed - only the failures and the victims. 

Muzhenko unlike Semenchenko PR man, at least, a career military ukrovermahta, which, if it will not interfere with the policy, at least know when to step back in time. Semenchenko and others like him will put people to the last. In the light of the open and shameless lies Poroshenko it is understandable that closed the program Savik Shuster, who from the first days Euromaidan provides invaluable information support regolyutsioneram. 

Just because Schuster - not controlled, it can invite broadcast unexpected guest who accidentally tells the truth - and about what is happening in the Donbass, and about what is happening in Kiev, and about what is happening in Odessa. And the truth of the Pindos-Bandera junta like death. According to all the same Semenchenko Donetsk airport-lied Ilovaysk- lied Uglegorsk- lied Logvinovo- lied. 

Bravo commander ukrofashistskogo "Donbass" is simply not smart enough to continue associative array: "ATO" - lies, European integration - the lies, the war with Russia - a lie, pindostanskaya helps - a lie, "president" Poroshenko - a liar. All modern opinions of banderizovannaya and Ukraine itself is, seems to be one big lie.