Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yatsenyuk Signed His Own Death Warrant

Kharkiv - New Russia
Yatsenyuk Signed His Own Death Warrant

Today at 5:44 am

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia investigating the shelling of a public transport tram in the city of Donetsk today, which killed 13 civilians, falls under a criminal case offense on the grounds of an article under Part. 2, pg.105, parag. 1, Art. 356 of the Criminal Code citing the (murder of two or more persons, with the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare). 

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk, hastily blaming Russia for some reason of this cynical crime, without knowing he actually signed in who was actually behind this crime. This is exactly the same case as when the thief is crying "stop thief". This is similar to another statement of the Ukrainian side, like an in place prepared blueprint, almost exactly as the one that was published after the tragic downing of the Malaysian MH17 "Boeing", only now undermining the bus near Volnovakha and other such occasions. This, inadvertently gives the impression that such statements are written before they're happens such barbaric murders. So we can congratulate Yatsenyuk and his newly created Ministry of Propaganda. Obviously you have learned well the lessons of your Teacher, Joseph Goebbels, WHO coined the expression Famous All That we Remember: "The bigger the Lie, the Easier it is to Believe in it." Head of VI

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