Monday, January 5, 2015

Why Americans are afraid of Russian... OK! I'll explain it!

Why Americans are afraid of Russian... OK! I'll 
explain it!
Why Americans are afraid of Russian so happened that I was involved in a project with these Pindos. The good guys, the pros. For six months, while there was a project we were able to make friends. As expected the successful completion of the project comes to an end booze. And here is our banquet is in full swing, I was hooked language with fellow with whom he led one subject. And I asked him the expected question: - Tell me, why an American, are you so afraid of us, you're six months living in Russia, saw it all itself, there are no bears in the street and on the tanks do not travel? 
Oh! I'll explain it! We explained this sergeant instructor, when I served in the US Army National Guard, the instructor was in a lot of hot spots, he twice got to the hospital and twice due to a Russian. He always told us that Russia - is the single most terrible enemy.  
 The first time was in 1991, in Afghanistan, it was the first trip. - Wait! I interrupted. We were no longer in the 87th in Afghanistan. - We are also still was not in the 91st in Afghanistan, but did not believe he did not see the point.  
Listen! ...listen to me, I was already not a peace young engineer, and American veteran. "I protect, Russian was no longer in Afghanistan, local began to fight with each other, our task was to organize the redeployment in the area controlled by our friendly guerrilla unit All went according to plan, but appeared in the sky, two Russian helicopter, and why I do not know.  
Reverses, they regrouped and started to go to our positions. Volley stingers, Russian went for the ridge. I had to take a stand for the heavy machine gun, waiting for the ridge should appear Russian cars, good place to go overboard to their advantage. And Russian helicopter did not wait, he appeared, but not because of the ridge and the bottom of the gorge and hovered 30 meters away from me. I desperately pressed the trigger and saw sparks carving, bullets bounced off the glass. 
 I saw smiling Russian pilot. I woke up already in the ER at the base. A Light concussion. I was later told that the pilot I was sorry in Russian was considered a sign of skill, finished with local and European left alive, why I do not know, and do not believe. Leave behind enemy lines, capable of surprise stupid, and Russian are not stupid.  
Then there was a lot of different missions, next time I ran into Russian in Kosovo. It was not a crowd of trained noobs, with guns since the Vietnam War, Bronicas probably still the second World remained, heavy, uncomfortable, no navigation, night vision, nothing more, just automatic, helmet and Armor. They rode their BTR-ah, where they wanted and where they wanted, kissing passionately in the civilian population, they baked bread (they brought with them a bakery and baked bread!). Fed all his porridge with canned meat, which they themselves and cooked in a special pot.  
We were treated with disdain, constantly insulted. It was not an army, and x * d knows what. How can I communicate with them? All of our reports Russian leadership ignored. Once we grappled seriously, do not share the route, if not a Russian officer, who assured these monkeys could reach and trunks. These noobs have to be punished. Post a pi ** s and put in place!  
Without weapons, we are only Russian corpses is not true enough, but that would soon be realized. Wrote a note in Russian, but with errors, such as the Serb wrote that night going Goodfellas, give pi ** s insolent Russian noobs. We carefully prepared, light body armor, batons, PNV, shockers, no knives and firearms. We Approached them, observing all the rules of masking and subversive art. These assholes even positions are not exposed, well, then we will be sleeping magnus ** deserve! When we almost reached the tents sounded CPA * th, OC-JAJAJA-AAA! And out of all the cracks have got these motherfuckers, somehow dressed only in striped shirt. I took the first one.  
I woke up already in the ER at the base. A Light concussion. I was later told that the guy I wished hit flat, if hit by this, would carry his head. I, bl * Th! Experienced fighter elite unit of the US Marine Corps, cut down in 10 seconds Russian, skinny bastard and what ??? And you know what with ? a Garden and entrenching tool! Shovel! Yes, my head would not come to fight entrenching shovel, and yet they taught this, but unofficially, the Russian was considered a sign of mastery know combat techniques entrenching shovel. 
 I then realized that they were waiting for us, but for some reason they came in shirts only in their shirts, because for a person naturally protect yourself, wear Armor, helmet. Why only in shirts? And their is a CPA * th OC-JAJAJA-AAA! Once I was waiting for a flight to Detroit airport, there was a Russian family, mom, dad, daughter, too, waiting for his plane. Where the father bought and brought the girl, three years old, hefty ice cream. She jumped with delight, clapped her hands and know what she cried? Their CPA * th OC-JAJAJA-AAA! Three years, says the bad, and already shouting OC-JAJAJA-AAA! But the guys with the cry went to die for their country. They knew it would be a melee fight without weapons, but they were going to die. But they were not going to be killed! Easy to kill sitting in an armored helicopter or holding a brilliant, razor blade. They did not spare me. Kill for murder is not for them. But they are ready to die, if need be. And then I realized, Russia - this is the single most terrible enemy. " =====> join <===== We are in an information war for Russia together with you!

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