Thursday, January 22, 2015

Time for fight or flight? Ukraine is Ready to use "Putin's Plan"

Kharkiv - New Russia
Time for fight or flight?
Time for fight or flight? Ukraine is Ready to use "Putin's Plan"

Today at 5:00 am
_______________ the whole day goes by with media crying about - Ukraine is ready for implementing the Minsk Agreement, ready to use "Putin's Plan", ready for a meeting of foreign ministers in the format "Norman Format" in Berlin tomorrow (all urgently confirmed by Germany). 

At the same time Russia, in an emergency order, gets points ready for the negotiations - the abolition of discounts on gas from April on, the requirement of debt repayment, etc, etc. - All this increased their bargaining power. By the way, the message of five Chechens caught in France allegedly preparing attacks - is strengthening the position counter to these negotiations. 

Now the truth will need to intensify the information platform that will be told about detainees to the relatives who were militants of Ichkeria, and how they fled from Chechnya in the early 2000s as alleged refugees from totalitarian Russia. Sami had to think someone privechayut. 

Now, obviously, the pressure on VSN (and some one else) will grow even more, and everywhere (given the very difficult situation in the region of the sun ukrovermahta Bahmutki) and the potentially explosive area in the district of Pavlopolya, The Pindos-Bandera junta understands that holding the front has proved nothing in this case in the large delays in negotiations, and can only begin to fail more rapidly if persisted any further. 

In this situation, you can see a well-developed strategic combination. Like someone gave the nod to this decisive action being implemented. It is not just the defense, anymore. In general, the active harassing fire from Militia artillery and work of DPR & LPR who launched an attack on the Donetsk airport, Sand, and Avdeevka, Have impacted the junta, who started the transfer of forces from other sites on the contact line that was hit in a discharged of occupied space. The events began to develop very rapidly from this point on. Obviously it will be interesting to see how the junta plans move forward in the face of aggressive offensives.

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