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The population welcomed the Soviet troops occupied in Western Ukraine and Belorussia.

The population welcomed the Soviet troops occupied Western Ukraine and Belorussia.

Movie :June 22, 1941, 1979 (48:48)
Film :

Annotation: The first film of the epic about beginning of the Great Patriotic War is about invasion of the fascist Germany to the Soviet Union.
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Film description: 1-2h. - Red Square. Chronicle: German troops before the attack on the USSR: the soldiers, equipment. The beginning of the war, are the German troops, bombing. The shelling and bombing of the Brest fortress, the German soldiers storm the castle, killed and wounded Soviet soldiers. The Germans are coming from the burning village. Job steelworkers, miners, from school, etc. - pre-war news. Air battle in Spain, the ruins of Guernica. Germany: the people welcomed Hitler's torchlight procession fascists, etc. The signing of the Munich agreement. 3h. - The conclusion of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in Moscow. The population welcomed the Soviet troops occupied Western Ukraine and Belorussia. The parade of troops and equipment May 2, 1941 in Moscow. 4h. - Discounted home appliances, German tanks driving on the roads, the prisoners killed. Soviet soldiers shot from guns on the tanks. Ruins of the Brest Fortress. 5h. - On the streets of Moscow citizens listen to the message about the beginning of the war. They're coming teams of volunteers. Civilians are digging trenches, barrage, a woman sets fire to the rye field. 6h. - Episodes of fighting: the German offensive on Moscow.

Source description 1: Moscow, Red Square (the helicopter).
People on the stairs at the entrance to the underpass at the Red Square.
Lenin's mausoleum.
B. Lancaster on the Red Square (sinhr.).
Saint Basil's Cathedral, Savior Tower, turn in the mausoleum.
Newsreel - June 22, 1941.
Morning Moscow.
Rural landscape, the horses on the river bank.
Industrial landscape.
The German troops at the Soviet border on the eve of the attack on the USSR: the German soldiers, smoking soldiers, tanks.
German soldiers rewritten ravlyayutsya across the river, the planes at the airfield.
Border post with the inscription "USSR".
The German planes were bombing the Soviet territory, shoot guns, explosions, burning the village, diving planes.
The Germans break the border fence.
They're coming German tanks and motorcyclists.
Dead Soviet soldiers.

Source description 2: Newsreel - Brestkaya fortress (the plane), burning houses, shooting at the German guns.
German soldiers in Brestkoy fortress. [_]'s Lying dead and wounded Soviet soldiers.
Raid, burning the village, people are fleeing, the woman on the ashes of a woman with a child.
Drive through the German tanks, planes drop bombs, explosions.
Pre-war years - the work of industrial enterprises: plants plants, steelworkers, miners, blacksmiths.
Classes at the school for working youth.
Streets prewar Moscow.
The Bolshoi Theater.
The Spanish Civil War: Hemingway in Spain, the photo - P. Robson in Spain, the Soviet planes in the sky.
Air battle.
The pilots of the German Legion Condor ", German planes bombed the city of Spain, the ruins of Guernica.
Pablo Picasso painting "Guernica".
Chronicle of the 30th period: Parade of the Nazis in Germany, Hitler on the balcony, people welcomed Hitler's torchlight procession Fascists burn books at the stake.
Speech by Hitler (sinhr.). The crowd shouted "Heil!".
Hitler industrial magnates.
Hitler and Krupp.
Production of tanks.
Marching Nazis, Hitler welcomed the parade.
The signing of the Munich Agreement - go and stand Hitler, Chamberlain, Delade, a document signed by Chamberlain, Mussolini, Delade, there Goering.
Return Chamberlain in London after signing the Munich Agreement.

Source description 3: Moscow River.
The Kremlin (with motion), the Moskva River embankment.
Mansion on the street A. Tolstoy.
Lantern, window, door of the mansion.
Chandelier, round table.
Photo Voroshilov.
Opens the book cover, run over the text in a foreign language (appeal Voroshilov to govern tvam Britain and France on the conclusion of an anti-Hitler alliance).
Newsreel: August 23, 1939 - arrival in Moscow, Foreign Minister of Germany, Ribbentrop.
Signing of a non-aggression between the USSR and Germany sign the act Ribbentrop and Molotov, Stalin's presence.
1939 - the invasion of Germany to Poland: riding the German tanks, flying bombs, explosions, burning homes.
The Soviet troops entered the territory of Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia - the people welcomed the Soviet soldiers, a band plays, fly flyers.
The Soviet and Polish soldiers.
Newspaper with a nonaggression pact between the USSR and Germany.
Hitler and Goering stroll along the avenue.
Multrabota - Plan "Barbaros".
Map, Hitler was a map.
The celebration of May 1, 1941 in Moscow - a demonstration and pas glad the government on the podium of the Mausoleum: Stalin, Voroshilov, Timoshenko, Kalinin.
June 22, 1941 - explosions, flying bombs, the columns of German tanks, fly planes, German motorcyclists and infantry.
German kicks the butt of the window, children and women of the ashes, the soldiers shot at civilians, burning the village, killed women and children.

Source description 4: Personnel German newsreel - are German soldiers, laughing, Hitler, German cameraman shoots a burning house, passing vehicle on the background of burning houses.
The Germans are Soviet prisoners of war.
Defense of the Soviet troops - soldiers firing machine guns, cannons.
Downed German aircraft, killed by German soldiers.
Tanks on the battlefield.
Fight, to bring the wounded, the explosions.
The ruins of the Brest Fortress, Brest burning.
B. Lancaster at the walls of the Brest Fortress says (sinhr.).
German newsreels - Hitler and Mussolini in the Brest Fortress.
The retreat of Soviet troops - are wounded Soviet soldiers, a woman soldier gives to drink milk, are the wounded soldiers. Medical Battalion.
The soldier drinks from a German helmets, smoking soldier, soldiers listen to the commander, the detachment of front-line forest.

Source description 5: Newsreel - The Kremlin, Moscow (with the top point ki).
Radio tower. At the podium, Stalin, drinking water from a glass.
The people listened, the woman wiped her eyes with a handkerchief (background voice of Stalin).
Speaker Stalin (sinhr.). Listen to the woman and men.
Waiting for the newspapers, people read a newspaper with a speech of Stalin.
The soldiers read the newspaper.
Poster "The Motherland calls!".
They're coming volunteers, seeing the soldiers at the front entry in the volunteers, are pillars of volunteers, coaches depart from the soldiers.
Opoltsentsy dig trenches, build fences, put anti-tank.
Woman sets fire to the rye field, burning heaps, wagon rides with refugees.
They're coming soldiers, military vehicle rides, fly planes, shoot guns, explosions, fleeing German soldiers, burning German technology, the wounded German soldiers killed by the Germans, burning German plane.
Reeks of Soviet soldiers in German car, the graves of the dead Germans.

Source description 6: Newsreel - crawls soldier, a soldier aiming his rifle, advancing German tanks.
The Soviet soldiers fired from the gun, pulling a machine gun.
Broken German guns, machine.
Soldiers being removed from the box car with German documents.
There is a column of German prisoners.
Soviet commanders with maps of military action, a wounded surface, making marks on the map.
Crawling signalers, explosions, firing Katyusha rockets.
Air battle: drop bombs, burning German plane explosions.
Shoot guns, the soldiers fired rifles and machine guns, fleeing the Germans.
German soldiers in tanks, are the Germans.
The Soviet soldiers go into battle.

Directors: Karmen R.

Script writers: Itskov I., Karmen R., Slavin K.

Composers: Geviksman V.

Announcer: Lanovoy V.

Text writers: Karmen R.

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