Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The outcome of the fighting in the Donbass | Via ("colonelcassad")

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
The outcome of the fighting in the Donbass | Via ("colonelcassad")

Today at 3:20 pm

The outcome of the fighting in the Donbas per day from the browser Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad")  

1. From the information point of view, the main event was the recognition of the junta (while not yet official) the loss of control of the airport and the concomitant collapse of the myth of the indestructible" cyborg ". From the military as the viewpoint position at the airport was lost a few days ago, so it is rather large information, this defeat on the fascist junta. At the moment, the key positions at the airport are controlled by BCH. The enemy generally relegated to the airport and on the return of control over their lost positions can not speak truthfully - in this time the front passes through sand (both sides can not boast of full control over this village yet), across the steppe near Pilot, part of the air defense and further to Avdeyevka where our foothold in the suburbs grows. In general, if not propaganda, then in the last few days of our success so far is still limited to the airport and pieces of Sand and Avdeyevka. Attempts to go to Spartacus, just ran unsuccessfully for the enemy. The enemy is firmly seated in the defense, the offensive was unsuccessful - no result, losses are significant. In general, local offensive VSN was limited, success, which in itself is not bad. The battle for the airport opponent lost. Therefore wishes characters like Butusova that Poroshenko and Muzhenko should be sent to fight in the sand are consistent with the growing hysteria of knowing the end of the legendary "cyborgs". 

2. In retaliation for the failure on the fronts, the junta struck today especially strong impacts on cities Donbass and according to preliminary data, the number of those killed in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Stakhanov and other cities of over 100 people. Before our eyes, make and performed a complex war crime for which are responsible not some masterful punitive battalions, and Poroshenko personally gave the order to destroy the Donbass and leadership MAT, which use their tube artillery and MLRS for terrorist attacks on civilians (results will be separately in the "Instant war"). European hypocrites naturally for the most part ignore the ongoing massacres in fact maintaining issued Poroshenko carte blanche to commit any war crimes in the fight against "Russian aggression". What are dying while the vast majority of former citizens of Ukraine, one of the "true democracy" do not care for them are not people.Therefore, quite a Ukrainian fascism in the spirit of European doublethink. 

3. Under Mariupol today most of the day took place in heavy artillery duels. Cannonade was clearly audible in the city, which is slowly but surely creeping up front. According to reports from Perekopa shoot artillery piece, which will throw at Mariupol, where the situation is complicated for the junta. Grape still for the junta. 

4. In the area of number of checkpoints our foothold on the broken 31st checkpoint and today almost took 29 minutes, simultaneously repulsed all attempts to regain their lost area the junta fails. Already it is clear that the concept of operations provides otzhatie Crimean and adjacent positions, which will create the prerequisites for promotion to the Lisichanskiy and Severodonetsk. It is noteworthy that along with the preservation of high-intensity combat operations in the direction of the Crimea, slept in the heat of battles Debaltsevskom pocket. At the moment, VSN are active in the three directions - under Mariupol, northwest of the airport in the direction of Donetsk and Crimea. The enemy can not yet determine where VSN can cause major blow, as in all areas of our combat forces are introduced into only dosed, while in the second line at Mariupol and in the second line of Donetsk we have a lot of things sosredtocheno. In general, the game of someone who outsmarts continues. 

5. Of the enemy offensive operations still marked stuffing about what allegedly broke into the center Dokuchaevsk (which is correlated with the known plans to blow from the south bypass of Donetsk), but according to reports, there we have everything is normal, except for the systematic targeting of the city and the surrounding area enemy artillery. Our measure of available forces in their responses, so here until the whole situation is stable. 

6. Front under Happiness and villages Lugansk today remained unchanged, the shooting was of medium intensity, large-scale action was not conducted. Just inside the LC today was dismantling between their Rovenky reflecting the old processes of internal fermentation in the LC, which is accompanied by various scandals and corpses. In general, the situation remains for us is moderately favorable, the enemy having failed in offensive actions in almost all areas and their Front turned to defense. "

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