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RF May Require the Kiev Early repayment of $ 3 billion

RF may require the Kiev early repayment of $ 3 billion

Problems with the payment of Russian gas Ukraine 
Russian government source said that a number of parameters, is a condition of granting Ukraine Russian bond issue, broken, which may cause demand early repayment of the loan.
MOSCOW, January 10 - RIA Novosti. A number of parameters that were a condition of granting Ukraine Russian bond issue, broken, Moscow may be forced to demand from Kiev early debt repayment of $ 3 billion, said a source in the Russian government.
"The situation that is emerging in the economy and finances of Ukraine, suggests that a number of parameters, is a condition of granting Ukraine Russian bond issue is broken," - said the source. "In these circumstances, - he said - it is likely that Russia will have in the near future demand from the Ukraine early redemption of debt of $ 3 billion," - he said.
Earlier, sources familiar with the negotiations on economic assistance to Ukraine, said that Russia can offer to transfer the repayment of Ukrainian eurobonds for $ 3 billion from the end of 2015 until at least the end of the program of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which will last several years, Otherwise, the international financial institutions may be reluctant to allocate money Ukraine.
As explained by one interviewee, familiar with the negotiations in Kiev and the IMF, in 2015, Ukraine has to pay $ 6.5 billion, of which almost half - debt to the Russian Federation. And only 1.5 billion - the International Monetary Fund. It turns out that in the case of raising funds from financial institutions in Europe and America, the lion's share of taxpayers' money in these countries will need to give Russia, he added.
Improve the situation of foreign borrowing. The IMF has opened for Ukraine two-year credit program 17.1 billion. Of this amount, 4.6 billion Kiev received in 2014, the remaining funds should be allocated in 2015. Finpomosch Kiev also provided by the World Bank, EBRD, European Investment Bank and a number of countries. Overall in 2014, Ukraine has received financial assistance amounting to about $ 9 billion. In this case, the total national debt in 11 months amounted to 69.3 billion dollars.
The decision to invest in Eurobonds Ukraine up to 15 billion dollars Russia adopted in 2013. Was soon bought out the first tranche of $ 3 billion with a maturity of two years (coupon rate of 5% per annum coupon payments once every six months). The remaining $ 12 billion Ukraine were not allocated. Russia motivated refusal illegitimate change of government in Ukraine.

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