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Jan./6/ 2015

Revolutions commit a romance at first, and its fruits are rascals. Any civil war in the beginning brings to the crest of the wave above all foam. Adventurers, criminals, crooks, fanatics, dreamers and a lot of young idiots who believe in their own immortality and ready to die for ideals which they, before they reach the age of maturity, the first to be betrayed anathema.

Ukrainian junta has clearly demonstrated this to the world (but the world closed its eyes and turned away). West-Robin Hood, genetically hating Russians come out of Nazi-Bellamy Bily (Muzychko) was one of the first victims who came on the shoulders of the Romantics to these power scum. Immediately began to land such commanders of volunteer battalions, destroy a fratricidal slaughter of all idealists and fanatics, dangerous for its romantic nonsense especially those whom they brought to power.

Semen Semenchenko hydrocephalus (better if he did not take off the mask) for the destruction of two of the battalion "Donbass" became a member of parliament. Defense Minister Geletii for the disaster under Ilovaiskaya and Southern boiler not only has not been put on trial and executed, but the opposite - treated kindly and close to the throne.

Junta does not need idealists who brought her to power. She needs pragmatists who know, what they were allowed to take their seats. And for the purpose of financing Kiev United States is not part of the transformation of Ukraine in the "garden city", in the "state of the Sun". If goals were in this, the US would still in the 90s and without any obstacles for the minimum credits would turn Ukraine into the second Baltic States - a country with huge loans and fleeing to the west population. With the destruction of the industry, but sharpened the needs of Western agriculture, with the development of cheap coal and thousands of square kilometers of deserted and poisoned tens of thousands of wells for shale gas.

But such a goal before the United States never was. Power distant rich and there was not nothing to do with the property of Ukraine. She always was interested in the Yankees only from the point of view of the tool in the fight with not even Russia (her deducted from the account after the Gorbachev-Yeltsin), and the European Union.

Which by its comprehensive economic strength on par with the United States and has become a dangerous competitor on the world stage. And the EU with the resources of Russia - doubly dangerous. It was necessary to destroy the onset of the economic cooperation and mutual integration of competitors. And Ukraine is ideal for this approach, and in his position, and thanks to the inside of a foreign segment - Galicia. Whose population in its religion, history, values, ethics, and even dialect is fundamentally different from the actual Ukrainians, and thus also genetically hated Russian. Including Russian who sincerely consider themselves Ukrainians. But when the Nazis began the Galician well and brilliantly drawn up by an armed coup and a nationwide protest deserve cookies from Nuland, then later went awry. A series of defeats and failures put the American project in jeopardy. To date, the situation on the ruins of Ukraine ceased to satisfy the United States.

Truce and even ghostly likelihood that Russia will be able to reformat the political space of Ukraine "by itself", they will not accept. And creating throughout the Ruins single, user-friendly, a federal state, a guarantee of eternal belonging to the Russian world which will Novorossia, within the boundaries of 8 regions of the southeast, Russia is indeed completely breaks US plans not only in Europe - in Eurasia.

The fact is that if the EU and Russia are quietly and without hysteria working partners, already in the short term, the US dollar and nobody needs. That is all. China, Russia, the European Union plus neighboring state control two-thirds of the world's reserves of raw materials and a third of the world's population, have a huge territory and the latest technologies. They just do not want the United States from the word "all." It's just some country overseas. And it is to be afraid of in the US who live solely due to the fact that they themselves print dollars and control global politics and trade.

That is why Ukraine is becoming a desert, which is to separate all the "evil empire" of "the entire civilized world." The challenge to build something, to save people, to turn Ukraine into Europe was not and is not necessary.

That is why ruthlessly destroyed all who sincerely believed that the triumph of Bandera ideals lead to the creation of "Greater Ukraine." And will continue to be destroyed.

For many of them a truce, for which they called Poroshenko traitor, is the only chance to survive. As with most Poroshenko. Continuing the war he inevitably loses that demonstrated exemplary defeat at Ilovaiskaya all interested parties. Now Poroshenko was no longer an American puppet, and hostage Putin. Agent of the Kremlin, if anything. Hence, by the way, and rampant drunkenness Poroshenko in the evenings and tantrum-throwing in improvised came to hand items (such as privately tell offended his staff).

But talking about something else. The President of Ukraine is forced to play along with remnants of Russia precisely because his life, his chair and the future depends precisely on how consistently it should develop in the Kremlin plan. Russia simply do not trade with Ukraine, not to supply gas, oil, Energy consumption, coal - and the Junta collapses without military intervention. Necessary for the survival of 15 billion dollars a year West Kiev does not and is not going to. Therefore, no way out Poroshenko not.

The situation is aggravated by the fact to him that it presses and the environment. Especially because in the Junta never been unity. Poroshenko suffer such as Benny Kolomoysky, Yulia Tymoshenko, the prime minister and pastor Yatsenyuk Turchynov solely because under it the West gave loans. God forbid, once again postponed the third tranche of the IMF, and the song is sung Poroshenko.

He is afraid that at any time in the White House will decide to "change horses in midstream" and replace it with the same Yatsenyuk. US do not do it because of the senselessness of castling - the new president will be in the same trap, but with much less legitimacy. But the replacement of Poroshenko hanging over the sword of Damocles.

Therefore, in the next few days we will see a lot of interesting at the meeting of the presidents in Astana. If only the "war party" united front on both sides under the common slogan "President merged" (Putin Poroshenko, respectively) did not derail the meeting beginning full-scale hostilities. If the US does not pluck her political backstage intrigue. If, when, if ...to be cont.

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