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Odessa is on the verge of guerrilla warfare

Odessa is on the verge of guerrilla warfare

Because of this we are developing:

In recent days, Odessa has become a real hot spot on the map of Ukraine. In a short time here already five explosions occurred, the last of which rattled on Monday night at the center help participants "special operation" in the Donbass.Experts believe that it is easier Kiev authorities will not.

In the night from Sunday to Monday in Odessa, near the building where the focal point for assistance to participants "special operation" in the East of Ukraine, exploded, local media reported.

"In Odessa - the new attack. At this time, the device exploded near the building №3 on Gymnasicheskaya Street (corner of Grand Arnaut), where the focal point help soldiers ATO. According to our data, emergency happened at 22.30 (23.30 Moscow time), "- writes portal" "

Notes that "the police were on the spot in a minute after the explosion - the patrol were close to call."

Later in the State Ministry of Interior in the city reported that the night before, "an unidentified person using explosive devices were detonated doors the main entrance of the NGO located in a one-story building on the street Gimnazicheskaya."

"The blast doors were completely destroyed, damaged office blinds and glass facade windows of neighboring houses. No one was injured, "- added there.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has already pre-qualified explosion as a terrorist act, the question of a criminal case under part 1 of article 258 of the Criminal Code.

It also reported about another incident. "Suspicious object" discovered yesterday in Odessa, have been abandoned baby.

"From death due to hypothermia child rescued traffic police officers who arrived at the scene quickly finds just handed him over to the doctors," - told the local police.

Previously, the detection sports bags reported to law enforcement authorities is one of the citizens of Odessa. The man told me that the bag lies on the steps at the entrance to the hospital, located on the street Slepneva.

At the same time, does not exclude that it is a bomb: "Taking into account the fact that in recent years in Odessa there were several explosions, the police did not rule out the fact that the bag is explosive. However, when they approached, there came a sudden cry of children "- told the police.

According to living in Sevastopol known blogger and journalist Boris Rozhina military, "continued bombings in the cities of the South-East and the invasion of the junta in Odessa, show that in parallel with the war in the Donbas, quite sluggish, but purposefully unwinds the armed underground."

"Of course, some of this underground activity may be a provocation and operational work of the Security Service of Ukraine and American curators, but it is quite obvious (and it even recognizes Kostya Grishin - the head of the volunteer battalion" Donbass "Semen Semenchenko - approx. VIEW) that is completely anti-fascist movement in the cities of the South-East is not suppressed, and it serves as a breeding ground for underground "- wrote Rozhin in LJ.

"Of course, the value of these shares more advocacy than military, but any underground always starts with the fact that asserts itself, and the real effectiveness comes a little later, particularly in those cases where the underground guerrillas or closely related to the" mainland " . As discussed in the spring, Russia has always retained the option to increase support for the underground in Ukraine, with the aim of forcing the destabilization of a number of areas as well as in the interests of the internal collapse of Ukraine and to ensure favorable conditions for the occurrence in certain areas. In the meantime, all the proceeds in a slow mode "- he added.

At the same time, according to publicist, response statements Ukrainian nationalists that they want to develop in retaliation guerrilla movement in Russia, are more likely targets of propaganda than a real threat.

"If the junta will try to unleash similar processes in the border regions of Russia, then it will have to operate in a hostile-minded people so significant strategic prospects for the junta in this matter, although individual explosions or assassinations, I would not rule out, but it will be (if will) is that the one-time actions, while the underground work in the Ukraine seen a certain system, "- he concluded.


"In the manual at least the city and region, and are likely and Ukraine as a whole are well aware that the government incompetence in the near future (January-February) will almost certainly lead to the consequences of creating an excellent ground for anti-government protests. No, it is not about "Crimean Donetsk" scenarios, but the much more mundane things like "stop turn off the light," "keep the dollar", etc. Of course, this does not mean that after that will not be put forward political demands, and to the "economic" join the protesters are underground kulikovtsy (supporters of Odessa "antimaydana" - approx. VIEW) - or, as an option, they will be with them the very beginning, "- wrote in turn to Facebook Odessa journalist Yuri Tkachev.

He also talks about who will suppress these statements.

"The local police? It is unreliable since the time of the maidan. Yes, and whether the police to shoot (and will just shoot, it will not Yanukovych) in their own countrymen, neighbors, and so on? Especially because they themselves cut off the light, and they get paid in local currency. SBU? A bunch of fools and incompetence with rare fundamental saboteurs. Self-defense? Trite inadequate: can easily repeat on May 2 that the international reputation of Ukraine did not survive, "- writes the journalist.

Therefore, according to Tkachev, to act on the part of Kiev have still to official law enforcement agencies, but that they are not moved to the opposite side to him and puts the National Guard.

"That is, in fact, the guards will play a combined role of commissioners and police detachments for the same" - concludes Tkachev.

Recall that in Odessa for the last month, several explosions occurred.

January 3 at the station Odessa-Siltings explosion that led to the oil spill.

December 30 Ukrainian law enforcement agencies said on preventing terrorist attacks in Odessa. They found a suspicious vehicle, which subsequently found ammunition and even unmanned aerial vehicle.

December 27 explosion on the streets of the city led to the death of one person.And the dead was a man who himself endured explosives.

December 23 in Odessa threw explosives in the car of the Board of Public Safety, which brings support for Ukrainian security forces involved in "special operations", no one was hurt.

On the night of December 10, an explosion in an office building that housed the Council of Public Security, which brings support for Ukrainian security forces in the area of ​​"special operations".

December 3 Little Arnaut street blew unknown Shop Ukrainian symbols "Patriot".

On the night of January 4 at the National Guard units entered the city of Ukraine, accompanied by more than a dozen armored vehicles.

Odessa looks now as if the city in the occupation, according to "BBC News". On the streets you can see the armored vehicles and military trucks. At intersections on duty machine gunners who stop and check people and vehicles.

Natsgvardeytsy began a massive sweep of Odessa - writes in turn Ukrainian portal

"People, I live in the house 20 on the next block - so here is a nightmare, although I am not shy girl. That's the way you look, you begin to sympathize with those who live in the area ATO "- wrote an Internet user Adela, who lives next door to the last explosion.

Authorities of the country called the National Guard troops entering "preventive counter-terrorism measures." According to the Head of Research Affairs at the Odessa region Ivan Katerinchuk, during this operation, together with the military police would "stop and check suspicious persons, for the inspection of personal belongings."

In this case, a considerable part of residents expressed outrage happening. Thus, according to the deputy city council Gregory Kvasnyuk that led PCH residents of Odessa "fear that all this may lead to arbitrary detention."

"And this is the best. Walk around the city, masked men with machine guns - in a peaceful town is nonsense! "- He said.

Also, according to the deputy, the National Guard deployment of forces in the city indicates that Kiev is afraid of the processes occurring in the south-east of the country: in Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporozhye, whose population sympathizes with the Donbas.

The mood of the citizens of Odessa and says the recent incident on the train Odessa-Kiev. January 4 conductor of one of his cars are not allowed inside the military 28th Ukrainian team.

"The train was late, had two minutes. Conductor just would not let us do. Threw things, closed the door, and all. Said that this war is not it, "- the TV channel" Star "words of one of the Ukrainian military.

From Odessa and other related incident. Russian actor Alexei Panin during a visit to Odessa captured local nationalists who demanded that he apologize for his anti-Ukrainian statements made in the summer of video. Then the actor with the Russian tricolor in hand walking in the Crimea, criticized the Ukrainian authorities and threatened them to get to Odessa. The invaders have promised to hand over Panin SBU, but he was able to leave Ukraine.

Later it became known about the ad Panin wanted by the SBU, along with other celebrities rosiyskogo, presleduemymii for his statements. Artist of Ukraine threatens to five years in prison.

While Kiev chasing Russian artists and declares war that Panin, the Chicherina then Kobzon with Gazmanov, the situation in the Ukrainian regions is heating up day by day.

No clear answer, apart from the introduction of troops in Poroshenko yet.

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