Monday, January 12, 2015

"Normandy" meeting in Astana will not Happen"


"Normandy" meeting in Astana will not Happen"

Today at 1:53 pm

"Normandy" meeting in Astana moved Assigned before January 15 meeting in Norman format (Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany) at the presidential level ported to several weeks, according to TV channel TVi. This was stated by the chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok. " meeting scheduled to be held this week, will not happen. Despite all the preparatory work between the political directors and ministers, there is agreement that sufficient progress so that this meeting took place, "- said Brock. 

The MEP said that "often the heads of state gather together, but do not achieve results like this was in Milan. " According to Brock, Ukraine is 7,500 Russian soldiers. According to the MP, you first need to consolidate and strengthen the Ukrainian-Russian border to freeze the conflict. After that, there may be further talks. Previously scheduled to meet Kazakh authorities have confirmed, however, Dmitry Peskov, said that the schedule of Vladimir Putin visit to Astana has not yet listed. 

According to Peskov, the talks at the presidential level depends on the success of the meeting of heads of diplomacy of the four countries, which takes place in Berlin. .. - zinc pick 

" Norman format "at the level of the presidents of Ukraine, France, Russia and German chancellor to address the Ukrainian question, which was previously scheduled for January 15 in Astana, moved" a few weeks ". 

 This was stated by Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok, reports "UNIAN"."The meeting, which was scheduled for this week, will not. Despite all the preparatory work between the political directors and ministers (Foreign Affairs) there is no agreement as to what progress had sufficient that this meeting took place. It was to be held in Normandy format. 

But it will be moved a few weeks, "- he said. Brock also added that "more is not optimistic, because there was no agreement on a sufficient number of points, which, indeed, could have implications for the outcome." "Most heads of state gather together, but do not reach the results, as it was in Milan," - said the head of the committee. 

"According to Brock, the main point that must be made ​​is to strengthen the Ukrainian border." We see that in the east of Ukraine is 7 thousand. 500 Russian soldiers. We see that the main point of the agreement - a secure border, because it (the situation) becomes frozen conflict. Or it may already be so "- he added. Earlier, German Foreign Minister Martin Schaefer said that the meeting" format Norman "in Astana, probably will not take place. -astane .. - zinc.. 

PS. In general, we can note the following. 
1. The diplomatic deadlock persists, the parties can not reach a compromise. The causes of systematic slip negotiations in general, long clear - without the participation of the states, the contract is unreal, and states the world is not necessary. 

2. Russia to surrender through the implementation of the agreements Minsk refuses. The current level of economic and foreign policy pressure of the Russian Federation has been clearly insufficient to force to surrender positions in the Donbas. 

3. It is well visible and turning point in the course of unilateral implementation of the Minsk - turning point came in Milan. Actually it was after Milan sharply increased pressure on the Russian Federation - the ruble flew down along with oil prices. 

4. At the moment, trying to pick up the keys to the negotiating process through Nazarbayev to anything substantial failed. The parties were essentially even. I believe that in the context of military escalation in the Donbass, will continue diplomatic consultations to renew at least an exchange of prisoners and dilute heavy weapons. But concessions to radical changes fundamentally the situation in the Donbass parties are not ready.

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