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MP Semenchenko was ambushed. Possibly injured or killed

Posted 31 January 2015 - 20:21

MP Semenchenko was ambushed. Possibly injured or killed

In the DNI, on the road Debaltseve-Uglegorsk, the soldiers of the battalion "Donbass" were ambushed, said on his Facebook page a volunteer Alex Mochanov.

"Road-Debaltseve Uglegorsk. Further, it was not possible to pass. Met there "Donbass" and Semenchenko. Break into the garrison in Uglegorsk guys could not - were ambushed on sighted place - trees were hung "sighting" tape on the corner of Institutska and Shelkovichnoe during the execution of the Maidan. Difficult. And loud. War artillery plus strelkotnya to "zelenke." With "SVITYAZ" no communication, information from uglegortsev contradictory, joyful - a little "- wrote Mochanov.

According to unconfirmed reports, Semen Semenchenko seriously injured or killed by a shell fragment hit "Grad".

Earlier lawmaker Simon Semenchenko reported that the forces of "ATO" attack Uglegorsk in Donetsk People's Republic.

Militants took Vuhlehirsk - Semenchenko2015-01-30 08:49 AM Militants control Vuhlehirsk Donetsk region.Image result for Simon Semenchenko

This was on his Facebook page wrote battalion commander “Donbass” Simon Semenchenko, which is nearby.

“Vuhlehirsk under the control of terrorists. Some of our bases are kept. The attack occurred yesterday, after shelling art was struck by tanks positions ATO forces. For several weeks before terrorist groups infiltrated into the city disguised as civilians and was hit from behind “, & ndash; he said.

According to Semenchenko, in enemy armored vehicles to be equipped with sniper nests in homes, the city is actively strengthened.

At the same time Debaltseve, he said, is subversive group enemy is trying to destroy the Ukrainian armored vehicles and soldiers.

“The city is constantly working hail and stray mortars. Being outdoors more than 10 minutes impractical because attacks are constant. Similarly intensified efforts to cut the enemy Debaltsivskyy performance & ndash; from the territory controlled by the FSC “, & ndash; Semenchenko reported.

He said that the situation is tense, but remain under control. Also, he said, the capabilities to strike at the enemy enough.

In turn, deputy head of the Interior Ministry in Donetsk Oblast Ilya Kiva wrote on his page on Facebook, which are fighting for Vuhlehirsk and is Debaltseve under the control of the ATO.

He added that the Ukrainian security forces are not provided with sufficient amount of ammunition.

As you know, on Thursday evening Regiment “Azov” reported that the attack on Vuhlehirsk reflected, but later press officer ATO Leonid Matyukhin said that the battle is still going on.

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