Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jan, 22, 2015 *VIDEO RECAP* News of #Ukraine #Genocide in #Donbas

Jan, 22, 2015 *VIDEO RECAP* News of #Ukraine #Genocide in #Donbas

1. Shell hit the trolleybus stop in Donetsk: at least 10 dead (18+). 

2. Poland announced Ukraine liberator of Auschwitz. 

3. Says "Moscow": an exclusive interview with the prisoners "cyborgs" ( ATO # 01.21.2015). 

4. APU shells hit a bus stop and in Donetsk, there are victims 

5. The junta admitted to slaughter arranged in Odessa. 

6.Psychological techniques Kiev: Poroshenko brought to Davos "evidence" Russian aggression 

7. Donetsk, about 10 people were killed in the shelling 

8. Mariupol about Ukraine 

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