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In Ukraine, a Scandal Because of Allegedly 51st Brigade was Given Broken Tanks

In Ukraine, a Scandal Because of Allegedly 51st Brigade was Given Broken Tanks

The situation in Ukraine.
12:07 01/10/2015

Volunteer Constantine Zinkevich previously reported that the tanks for a military brigades have not been renovated, but because the battalion commander sent them back. Advisor to the President Yury Biryukov, in turn, accused him of lying.

All Show and No Go....

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MOSCOW, January 10 - RIA Novosti. In Ukraine, there was a scandal because of the tanks for the 51th Brigade, who were allegedly not repaired, but only painted.Ukrainian news portal quoted volunteer Zinkevych Constantine, who previously wrote on his page on Facebook, that the commander sent tanks back.


Tanks after repairs were only painted. Photo

51st Brigade was broken tanks
January 9th, 2015 | 17:09

Soldiers from 51 Brigade received allegedly repaired tanks, which actually turned out to be just painted.

Combat refused to tanks and sent them back - wrote on the facebook page Zinkevich volunteer Constantine.

"I'm not going to repeat what disadvantages machines (read enemies), but at best they are suited to act as s/s tractors."Hand "armored plant was felt only in the fresh paint, which was placed on the wet tank. Therefore, peel off when touched, "- wrote Zinkevich.

According Zinkevych, commander took a principled stand, and did not take the broken tanks.

According Zinkevych guide armored plant is ready to sign an agreement with the Ministry of Defense and perform all the work, and even have something, and there is someone to work with.

"But for some reason, none of them do not agree on this. And tankers 51 minutes in the car, which quickly can become their coffins, will not sit down," - said the volunteer.

According to him, Tank Battalion 51th Brigade in the last exercise before the war was the best tank battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As previously reported Poroshenko promised to double the production of tanks and armored vehicles.

Poroshenko gave Donbass howitzers and grenade launchers.?

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"Hand" armored plant was felt only in the fresh paint, which was placed on the wet tank. Therefore, peel off when touched, "- wrote Zinkevich.
However, presidential adviser Yuri Biryukov to Poroshenko questioned the word of the volunteer.

"Someone wanted it reported about what has not yet been made, and someone wanted to find a reason for hysteria. I already intimidated GSH service, so that they will report on Monday, as well as what it's really like," - wrote Biryukov.

In his version, the tanks were repaired at the factory, but have not been fully staffed - tanks are not installed radios.

"Military Acceptance signed acts on the acquisition of 12 tanks (31), pointing to the other spelling. 27 tanks T-64BV in the final stages of repair were flown to Starychevsky polygon. By committing acts of maneuvers were made for improvement. Acts transferred to Lviv BTRZ" - said Biryukov.

However, according to adviser to the president, after the certificates were awarded to 31 tank battalion commander, allegedly was distilled equipment to the factory for troubleshooting and installation of the radios.

"Combat refused to sign the acts of the 12 machines (already adopted by the military acceptance) due to lack of two-way radios," - said Biryukov.

Adviser to the President noted that on January 11 at the plant leaves Planning Commission for acceptance tanks, and the next day the factory crews should arrive for the final acceptance of weapons.

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