Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In three days the militia destroyed five hundred Ukrainian servicemen

In three days the militia destroyed five hundred Ukrainian servicemen. 

Deputy Defense Minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk Edward Basurin during the briefing talked about the loss of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, continues to produce an attack on the position of the militia, the correspondent of the news agency "New Russia". According to him, the Armed Forces DNR continue to hold the Donetsk airport and surrounding settlements Ukrainian troops from advancing. 

Basurin said that over the past three days, destroyed about 500 Ukrainian troops and about 1,500 injured. Destroyed 42 tanks, 34 BMP (infantry armored vehicles. - Approx. Ed.) And APC (armored personnel carrier. - Ed. Ed.). Captured about 16 soldiers APU led the brigade commander. Surrendering captured soldiers are in a state of shock and openly express their dissatisfaction with the leadership, sent them to certain death. 

The deputy minister also said that today in the basement of a destroyed terminal of the wreckage recovered Ukrainian group military, had spent three days in the rubble without food or drink in anticipation of the promised aid, which did not receive.

01.22.15. Photos by Graham Phillips. "The collection of the dead" cyborgs "in Donetsk airport continues. The corpses -" cyborgs ", the only Ukrainian soldiers at the airport in Donetsk new terminal. Ukrainian Dead" cyborg "photo of three daughters will never see again. Airport today, the new terminal . "

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