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In Saudi Arabia, thinking about an alliance with Russia

In Saudi Arabia, thinking about an alliance with Russia

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January 5, 2015
A report issued today the Saudi newspaper «Arab news» Mujahid Sharif letter mentions an article entitled "Russia played a pivotal role in the fate of Syria," in which the author Harun Yahya proves paramount importance for Russia's participation in the settlement of the Syrian conflict and stressed that it was going to be much more successful if Russia was involved in the process from the very beginning of the crisis Sharif Mujahid believes that people who criticize the Russian support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad, or discriminate against Moscow or poorly informed about developments in world politics.

In global affairs are no "free lunch." Every country has the right to protect their own national interests and act accordingly. Diabetes is no longer bother me when I started to eat it The biggest star wedding 2014 The country where you can live for a penny "I would like to make on this subject a few more of their considerations.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, America has turned the entire planet into a "playground." We are all now aware of the danger of existence in a unipolar world. I do not want a new Cold War, but Russia may actually be a powerful barrier to counteract the unilateral US policy. The Muslim world can play a significant role in ending the monopoly of Washington.

This does not mean that Muslim countries should worsen relations with the United States, but they must adhere to the neutral position and strive to strengthen their ties with Russia. The main priority should be their strategic interests, "said Mujahid Sharif. "Why should we hurt our relations with Russia or China to please the West, and more specifically - the United States?" - That's the main issue.

Sharif Mujahid added that his remarks should not be interpreted as anti-American rhetoric: "We can not become a satellite of Russia and serve its interests. We must develop a strategy that will give us a strong negotiating position on a wide range of issues of international politics. "

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