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I want to ask those who thoughtlessly repeating "I am Charlie" How Come?

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I want to ask those who thoughtlessly repeating "I am Charlie" How Come?

Today at 3:00 pm 

HYPOCRITES FUNERAL in old Europe. How many in the last days of tears and sobs followed because of sympathy for the victims of the French employees extremist and pornographic weekly "Charly Abdo"! In those same days were killed at least as many residents of New Russia - but about their deaths - a deathly silence. How Come? 

I do not either because they are the people of the second or even the third grade? In those lands were killed Russian journalists, but on this occasion the so-called world community to observe complete calm. Nobody went with posters "I am RTR" or "I am RT», etc. Can they be killed by these same terrorists Russian journalists be any worse than the French? After all, there are some "unfortunate" dying daily yes in Lugansk, & Donetsk, and here - the inimitable Paris, is the encroachment on the sacred stones of - just blasphemy! 

When similar to Paris, but somewhat better armed terrorists and much more on December 4 at the center of Grozny, in right on the day the announcement of our President Address to the Federal Assembly in the world so it was quiet. Leafed through at leisure pictures that are so "famous" "Charly" and found the following: the smoking ruins of the building, which is written in Russian "School", moving away from the building bearded terrorists and cheering next to the kids (Cheers, lessons will not be!) . 

From viewing pictures was not clear to what situation is concerned: the recent seizure of the school in Grozny, or - in the terrorist attack in Beslan, and maybe it's just a fantasy. But if the school took in Paris - they would just laugh? Among mocking images "Charly" are disgusting parody not only Muhammad, but on Christ and the Prophet Moses. They are so disgusting that at one time the famous magazine "Atheist" resting. So I want to ask those who thoughtlessly, becoming infected herd mentality, repeating like a parrot: "I am Charly" - you vote for that? For reproaching of Christ? And just who are you then? 

I have nothing against sympathy for the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris, moreover, that some of those killed no relation to the weekly had. But I deeply resent this aping and hypocrisy. At the same time, President Hollande, Chancellor Merkel and President Obama outraged not so much the murder (as did, for example, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin) as attack on "freedom of speech", although the validity of such cartoons have been called freedom of vulgarity, frenzied spasm bezslovesiya that throws all the baseness of soul, all would-be artists stupidity on display. 

If we take the Russian law 2002 "On Combating Extremist Activity", in para. 1 will see that extremist refers, among other things, and media activities "on planning, organizing, preparing and carrying out actions aimed "to" incitement to racial, national and religious hatred "," propaganda of exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of citizens on the basis of their attitude to religion, social, racial, ethnic, religious or linguistic identity. " It is clear that "creativity" weekly "Charly" falls under Russian law. So, people who support these activities - such as extremists, as the editors themselves.

Therefore, Ramzan Kadyrov did absolutely true, probably not even in the letter and in spirit to the Russian legislation, calling Mikhail Khodorkovsky, already trying on from distant Switzerland under her chair of the President of Russia, his personal enemy. And for good reason, because Khodorkovsky said: "If journalists - a worthy community, tomorrow there should be no edition of cartoons of the Prophet." This incitement to extremism on religious grounds, and for his words to be answered. Last Sunday the area and the capital of France collected three million demonstrators (in Paris alone - one and a half million) - an unprecedented number - many of whom carried plakatiki "I Charly" or printed on the pages of the magazine cartoons mocking.

In this case, Hollande said that Paris was the capital of the world. May be. However, it should be added: the world of the dying, for which neither faith nor honor already mean nothing, but it means a lot to portray the freedom to speak and obscenity.Terrorists have achieved their main goal: to hear about them all over the world as a defender of his ideals to defend the rights of wickedness against the French state.These crowds gathered in the streets to the cartoons only excite even greater hatred of Muslims against Western states. 

Just what happened - not even a war, a real war front. West, all edifying tolerance, as every time the experience is extremely intolerant of other people's beliefs. And why should this tolerance? West for centuries engaged in the slave trade, systematically destroyed the indigenous people of the Americas, ruthlessly exploited the whole world. In Russia - the other ideals. If we have someone else making fun of Christians or Muslims, because it is - the same "fifth column" of the West, think himself to be infallible. 

Therefore fostered States aggressive Islam in Russia is primarily to resist Russian as Islam, and the same Kadyrov will call representatives of the first "devils." As for the Western countries, they seem to really sink into the pit that they dug for decades against Russia . Aggressive Islam will push Europe and likely to crush, because it has nothing to oppose. The cult of pleasure and militant atheism will be defeated, even if erroneous beliefs. How do I know? Perhaps the three millionth March - beginning of the funeral of old Europe.
Last sharing photos Wani and his brother five years. As a result of Sunday's shelling Art the baby died, and Ivan became disabled.

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