Saturday, January 10, 2015

German MP Wolfgang Gerke: "Yatsenyuk is not our ally"

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German MP Wolfgang Gerke: "Yatsenyuk is not our ally"

Today at 5:19 am
German MP: "Yatsenyuk is not our ally" Wolfgang Gerke, Deputy Chairman of the DIE LINKE in the German Bundestag, made ​​an official statement in which he criticized the statements of the German authorities. 

"There is no reason to call Yatsenyuk an ally or guarantor of peace. Relevant statements of the Federal President Gauck and Chancellor Merkel in this respect - inappropriate and incorrect, "said Gerke. According to the deputy, Yatsenyuk is none other than the instigator, working in close conjunction with pravoestremistami. "From the West he needs a course on Russophobe Europe and the same foreign policy - said Gerke. - 

In view of its close relationship with the US is necessary to ask, not whether it pursues the aim of the visit worsen European-American relations. Yatsenyuk - a mouthpiece of the leading Ukrainian oligarchs. " Bundestag wonders why the president and the chancellor did not even try to offer an alternative policy Yatsenyuk. 

"Anyone who really wants to perform the Minsk Agreement, should insist on withdrawal of Ukrainian troops in eastern Ukraine. Implementation of these agreements also implies tolerance and implementation of humanitarian assistance in the Lugansk and Donetsk. He who now inflates the value of Ukraine's membership in NATO and seeks to re-Ukrainian army with the help of the United States does not think about the world, and is thinking about a new confrontation blocks. And just that neither Germany nor the EU do not have to! "- Concludes the deputy Wolfgang Gerke.

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