Saturday, January 10, 2015

German Magazine Der Spiegel about Yatsenyuk Speech...


German Magazine Der Spiegel about Yatsenyuk Speech...

Today at 3:30 am

German magazine Der Spiegel about Yatsenyuk | "In fact, since 1942, Soviet troops moved relentlessly to the West and were not afraid to pursue armies democratically elected by chancellor Adolf Hitler even on Ukrainian territory. Finally, the Council violated the eastern border of Germany and invaded its territory, as we all remember, together with Mr. Yatsenyuk." 

Spiegel: Actually, about this now-overgrown idiot they just laugh. There's his first opus about protecting Germany and Ukraine from the Red Army, then Yatsenyuk as if to open a new secret blabbed to someone who actually associates their self with the fascist junta, with his second act, his justifications, where he said it is impossible to revise the boundaries established after World War II. 

Within the framework of lame excuses, Ukraine in general should immediately be destroyed, since there was no Ukraine in 1945. It did not exist in terms of the principle of inviolability of borders established by the war. The existence of an independent Ukraine is as unnatural as its perversions violate the fundamental principles of international law. 

However, Yatsenyuk, while still under Yushchenko held quite important posts in the Ukraine and even then it was clear that he was a great mind. Indifferences aside, it seems people are just more or less unaware of his follies as he tries not to speak on such topics, or as little as possible anyway. In contrast to the same scenario as Klitschko, who sometimes just does not stop talking. 

And so, the two of a like kind, and even the Germans could not resist to laugh. Trying of course as not to make fun of the clown. But as these clowns are in Kiev, Berlin internally needs something to laugh at. And they certainly are doing that, but will not cease to maintain relations, " As it is certain an idiot, does what idiots do with good intent. "

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