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A thousand policemen Dnipropetrovsk fired for refusing to go to the "ATO"

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A thousand policemen Dnipropetrovsk fired for refusing to go to the ATO

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A thousand policemen Dnipropetrovsk fired for refusing to go to the "ATO"

__Shocking information from the patrimony zhidobanderovtsa Kolomoiskiy. Over 2014 of the Interior Ministry of the Interior of the junta in the Dnipropetrovsk region in 1225 was dismissed police officers. In comparison, when in the spring of 2012 at the Dnepropetrovsk struck a series of mysterious explosions in all regional centers in total have served 1,774 policemen. 

This is the maximum amount collected from all divisions of district departments, city and regional departments - from operatives and special forces to archivists and secretaries. It is easy to calculate that today Dnipropetrovsk has lost 90% of professional law enforcement officers. "Of all the laid-off no for refusing to participate or to serve in the zone of the" ATO "," - trying to prove "lyustrirovannoe" police authorities. 

However, immediately recognizes that from this number at least 111 law enforcement officers lost their epaulettes "on negative political reasons." It is much more openly appeared portal "Dnipropetrovsk Panorama. Latest News ". This media resource control zhidobanderovtsa Kolomoiskiy closest ally, Deputy Gauleiter Svyatoslav Oleynik. Funded "DP" from the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community.Curled right here - "militiamen fired for refusing to go to the zone" ATO ".

" So, the police "refuseniks" in Dnepropetrovsk was twice higher than even the neighboring Kharkiv. "Because of the internal affairs bodies of Kharkiv region lay off about 500 employees who refused to go into the zone ATO" - in the Christmas season had to admit huntovsky ringleader of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Balut nicknamed "Pig."

As previously reported, the Ukrainian real millitsionery massively refuse to fire on the elderly and children Donbass. Especially, the latter-day career benefits ukrofashistskih punitive very questionable - according to the plan of reforms in the new year under reduction of 150 thousand policemen. Instruments to influence the members of the MUP in the junta has not: the police are not afraid of threats. 

Ilya Sergeev

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