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Meeting of the Tripartite Group on Ukraine Ended in Minsk

January 31, 2015, 20:47

Meeting of the Tripartite Group on Ukraine Ended in Minsk

Meeting of the Tripartite Group on Ukraine ended in Minsk

In Minsk, the tripartite talks ended contact group to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine. Meeting behind closed doors lasted more than three hours.

The sides namervevalis Minsk secure the ceasefire, withdrawal of arms and assistance to affected areas. As the authorized representative of the LC Vladislav Dane, the negotiators did not sign the final document, the discussion continues.

The talks attended by representatives of Kyiv former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, the OSCE Representative Heidi Tagliavini, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, the self-proclaimed representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Dane.

Photo: Victor Drachov / TASS

The militia took Nikishin

Posted 31 January 2015

The militia took Nikishin

Ukrainian village Nikishin taken over by militia forces. Information about this in his microblog Twitter has confirmed the correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Dmitry Steshin.

According to him, in the south-east side of the so-called "boiler Debaltsevskogo" Ukrainian security forces were attacked from two sides. They lost ground and retreated.

"This morning released Nikishin on the southeast end of the bulge Debaltsevskogo boiler. ATO forces were attacked from two sides and fled. The boiler is compressed. Information on the release Nikishin first reported voenkor Borisych and late afternoon confirmed officially in the army headquarters DNR " - wrote Steshin.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian army tries to regain control of the Uglegorsky occupied by the DNR. In addition, according to the militias to "Debaltsevsky pot" to the aid blocked Ukrainian military convoy breaks fresh divisions of Kiev. Militiamen try not to miss it, and heavy artillery fire are on the road.

MP Semenchenko was ambushed. Possibly injured or killed

Posted 31 January 2015 - 20:21

MP Semenchenko was ambushed. Possibly injured or killed

In the DNI, on the road Debaltseve-Uglegorsk, the soldiers of the battalion "Donbass" were ambushed, said on his Facebook page a volunteer Alex Mochanov.

"Road-Debaltseve Uglegorsk. Further, it was not possible to pass. Met there "Donbass" and Semenchenko. Break into the garrison in Uglegorsk guys could not - were ambushed on sighted place - trees were hung "sighting" tape on the corner of Institutska and Shelkovichnoe during the execution of the Maidan. Difficult. And loud. War artillery plus strelkotnya to "zelenke." With "SVITYAZ" no communication, information from uglegortsev contradictory, joyful - a little "- wrote Mochanov.

According to unconfirmed reports, Semen Semenchenko seriously injured or killed by a shell fragment hit "Grad".

Earlier lawmaker Simon Semenchenko reported that the forces of "ATO" attack Uglegorsk in Donetsk People's Republic.

Poltorak confirmed, Foreign Nationals Fighting on the side of the Ukraine

Poltorak confirmed the participation of foreign nationals in the fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces
International Panorama 

January 31, 2015

"There are people who come to us and protect our land, I personally helped them in obtaining citizenship," said the head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak© EPA / ROMAN PILIPEY
This was stated by Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, speaking to reporters.

KIEV, January 31. / TASS /. Foreign nationals involved in the area of ​​military operation on the side of Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to count on the support of the Minister of Defence in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

"Everyone, not just a citizen of the Russian Federation is entitled to receive Ukrainian citizenship. There are people who come to us and protect our land, I would personally help them in obtaining citizenship. I will promote it," - he said at a briefing, participants and organizers of the exhibition "Volunteer Voenprom."

Earlier, representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk proclaimed People's Republics (DNI and LC) repeatedly reported the involvement of foreign mercenaries in the military operation on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. For example, under the rubble of the Donetsk airport were found dead in NATO uniforms and a large number of American-made weapons.

The situation in Ukraine. Chronicle of events. January 31

While Kiev will not stop the fire, the head of DNR and LC to Minsk will not Come

Posted 31 January 2015
While Kiev will not stop the fire, the head of DNR and LC to Minsk will not Come

Negotiations of the contact group on the settlement began in the Donbass. They present authorized representatives of the heads of the DNI and LC Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Dine, the OSCE Representative Heidi Tagliavini, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, as well as by representatives of the Plenipotentiary of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, RIA Novosti reported.

Representatives of the Republic of Donbass explained why at a meeting of the Contact Group are no heads of regions and voiced conditions for their arrival, TASS.

Permanent Representative of the head DNI Dennis Alexander Zakharchenko Pushilin noted that the leader of the DNI and Igor Carpenter, head of the LC, he arrives at a group meeting as " Poroshenko not give the public order of the army and the National Guard under a cease-fire, to withdraw the artillery and missile systems from the line of contact as 31 January 2015 in the range specified in the Memorandum of 19 September " .

Negotiations of the Donets Basin, Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE were to be held a day earlier, on Friday, January 30th. However ,Ukraine at the time they ignored, resulting in Pushilin and Dine, arrived in Minsk on Thursday evening, leaving him temporarily .

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Russia and China could challenge teetering banking weaknesses of the West

Russia and China could challenge teetering banking weaknesses of the West

Surprise from Putin: "ace in the hole" - changing the rules


The whole world is watching with bated breath for the poker party of Putin with Western politicians - traitors from London, Brussels and Berlin, led by Obama. Since the end of the Cold War, America's objective was to weaken all those who threaten its global financial and resource domination, carried out by the petrodollar and the dollar as the world reserve currency. Used for this purpose as the financial and economic as well as, if necessary, military means.

Entering the current trade and economic sanctions against Russia and Iran, Washington should these time-tested way. By itself, the success of such a strategy does not work, as the more than 50-year-old blockade of Cuba. However, it can cause a military response to the enemy, often having no other means to stop the blockade. This allows the United States and other democracies to introduce the cause of their superior military power. This approach worked against the Confederate States of Lincoln, against the Central Powers before the First World War, against the Emperor of Japan before the Second World War, against Iraq, Libya - the list is endless.

Now the US brought down the price of oil with the help of puppet Saudi Arabia to simultaneously economically weaken both Russia and Iran, the two main enemies of world hegemony. Yes, it will destroy the oil shale production in the US and UK oil production in the North Sea. But the loss of oil revenue pales before the importance of maintaining the authority of the West over Russia and China.

One can only hope that Putin is aware that Washington was not joking. It is a financial and strategic game to the last drop of blood for the US and its Western allies, recklessly followed the requirements of Goldman Sachs and build a huge foreign debt. Time out; debt has passed for the level when it can not be paid.Sooner or later it will be canceled in some way.

Not being able to challenge the economic power of China, the United States focused on its two main allies - Iran and Russia to buy time for Wall Street. Although the chosen strategy of aggressive economic action looms on the horizon the risk of military conflict and even the third world. The world is teetering on the brink of war in the name of protecting American banking elites of Wall Street and their profits at the expense of the American population is. However, Washington was doing this before.

Repetition of the Versailles Treaty in relation to Russia?

Yes, this happened before. The good old game, just different participants. I'm afraid we are watching a repetition of the Treaty of Versailles, this time in relation to Russia. If you look closely in the story, not listen prepodnosimye establishment propaganda, it is clear that Western financial elite rarely change their tactics.And why, exactly? Their financial empires grow during major wars and economic crises, and errors taxpayers cover.

Forces such as Goldman Sachs, Rothschild, Soros, control the Western "democracy", the financial markets, using blackmail and bribe the authorities for the growth in popularity among the population they need economic and political measures.

For example, one of the main reasons that forced the Germans to sue for peace in the First World were "14 points" Woodrow Wilson, on 8 January 1918, alleging that US entry into the war was caused by moral imperatives for peace in Europe. In fact, America intervened to prevent the Allies lose or to make it unprofitable contract, which would make it impossible to return the French and British banks debts then the largest US banks, which could lead to bankruptcy.

When the war ended, empty talk about freedom, self-determination and democracy disappeared in the Treaty of Versailles - probably one of the most brutal and dishonest agreements ever imposed on a defeated enemy. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was destroyed and turned into a small size of today's Austria. Germany was deprived of vast territories and crushed excessive debt, comparable to today's US debt. Alas, the Treaty of Versailles infuriated Germans and caused economic chaos in the country, which eventually led to the rise of Hitler and set the stage for World War II.

In what direction will move to Russia?

American puppet media speculated that Putin react invasion of Ukraine. Why Russia Ukraine? Despite the abundance of agricultural resources, is a country bankrupt, where for a long time ruled incompetent leaders. Ukraine has become a pawn in the battle between East and West, making its population had to go through a lot. Russia may enter in Eastern Ukraine for the protection of the Russian-speaking areas and the establishment of land communication with the Crimea. However, the effectiveness of military intervention is very limited; in the best case, this alternative can be called unproductive.

In World War II will be no winners. The consequences of such isolation is too awful to describe them.However, Russia has an ace up his sleeve that can bring victory in the current financial and economic battle.

Firstly, Russia and China should establish a monetary union, backed by gold, oil, and natural resources, as an alternative to debt-ridden democracies, where they drove Wall Street conspiracy central banks and the greed of politicians. It is impossible to maintain long prosperity and high living standards, leaving a legacy to future generations a mountain of debt.

In a desperate race for Washington destroyed all income "tax havens" and the slightest hints of privacy and integrity of the financial world. Russia United States intends to make an outcast, cutting it from trade, movement of interbank funds, Western capital markets. America is not uymёtsya until reset Putin and not force Russia to recognize and support the New World Order.

The best thing about this said Putin himself in his press conference last week:

"They will not leave [the bear] alone, will always seek to put him on a chain. And as soon succeed, and will pull teeth, and claws. In today's understanding of the forces of nuclear deterrence. If this happens, [Bear] has no one will need. Taiga priberut immediately to hand. After all, we have heard from Western officials as unfair that the whole of Siberia belongs to Russia. "

After Russia will come the turn of China. Thus, the monetary union can provide the necessary support to Russia and thus ensure the independence and autonomy of China.

Secondly, in order to win, Russia requires much more than export-dependent economy of resources. Moscow should not defend it, and go on the offensive on the financial front, creating a zone with preferential tax treatment to attract corporations and successful entrepreneurs. The country needs a growing population and a vast middle class, which should be allowed to stay and citizenship perspective specialists.

Competition, free markets, minimal state intervention and low taxes - that is an alternative to the XXI century military action, excessive debt and resource-empires.

Vladimir Putin, the time has come to remove the ace from his sleeve. Russia can win financial and economic war that is going on against it, but not the old games of poker, where the predominant deception.Show the world that Russia is worthy of best management practices of the XXI century. Use the currency and banking weaknesses of the West to defeat the enemy, seeking to enslave Russia. Rest of the world has already capitulated and enslaved.


US Empire continues to crumble, blood-for-oil endgame has backfired..

War on a Global Scale. The First Man-made Extinction on Planet Earth: The Endgame’s “Final Solution?”

By Joachim Hagopian
Global Research, January 28, 2015

It’s difficult not to see war on a global scale fast approaching. All the signs are here. From the vantage point of looking at the recent past in view of the present world conditions and developments, World War III appears inevitable. US Congress last month handed Obama authorization to wage war against Russia. US-NATO forces in Europe are scrambling for war readiness. So is the Russian military. In recent months Russian and Indian military forces have been busy training in joint operations. This year Russia and China are holding joint naval exercises in both the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean. Each side is preparing for nuclear war.

Many factors that have been dangerously at play are rapidly converging now in 2015. The global debtor economy is absolutely unsustainable. Despite all the lies from our government and mainstream media, most of us are recognizing that the existing money paradigm based on infinite growth clashes with the bottom line reality of earth’s dwindling finite resources. The strategy of the private Western banking cabal in the US operating as the Federal Reserve to simply keep printing more fiat money as IOU’s is clearly not working. You can’t make money out of thin air without a consequence at some point down the road. The oligarchs that designed this flawed, broken system of Ponzi scam theft, maintaining its predatory practice of placing people and nations in insurmountable debt, have known full well that you can’t keep borrowing from Peter to pay Paul because in the end, the bill collector will demand payment due. Long past the tipping point, we’re now reaching that moment when payment’s due.

All the propaganda lies with the bogus number crunching are a mere sleight of hand to trick the public from realizing the ultimate truth – that the day of reckoning is drawing ever closer. More than one in four working age Americans is permanently out of work or underemployed. Over half of young people under age 25 do not have jobs in the US. More than three out of four Americans say they’re living from paycheck to paycheck.

The banking industry is currently in a state of crisis as world bankers all around the globe have been mysteriously “committing suicide” in droves at an unprecedented rate - 36 last year alone. Some are known execution-style murders. Prominent banksters handling the finances and gold belonging to the world’s wealthy elite and national governments are disappearing fast.

Recently increasing debates over how much gold the Swiss National Bank should hold in its repository have sprung up. Central banks in such allied nations as the Netherlands and Germany have made motions to collect on its due from the US Federal Reserve in anticipation of Greece going completely belly up and dragging down the European Union economy. No one really knows how much gold the Federal Reserve even holds as no audit’s been conducted in over half a century. But then as former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan once arrogantly quipped, the Fed’s not accountable to anyone [except their oligarch masters.]

While bankruptcy is in the air throughout the West, clearly a global shift in the balance of economic power is in full sway according to the consensus of global economic experts. After all, these shifts have been cyclical throughout history. In addition to US European allies repatriating their gold from the US, nations from the East like Russia, China and India are busily hoarding enormous gold stockpiles as a bracing strategy in anticipation of the economic collapse of the United States and Europe. Russia and China are actively leading the way as the pied pipers trading in gold and their own currencies rather than the US petrodollar and US dollar as the thoroughly doomed standard international currency.

US-NATO aggression wreaking havoc around the world has set up this impending downfall, pushing nations like Brazil, India, and South Africa to join Russia and China in the economic BRICS alliance as other smaller nations will soon be rushing to jump the sinking US Empire ship. Numerous smaller nations that through IMF and World Bank extortion have been exploited and plundered by US Empire will be turning against their longtime world bully. Even US global chessboard allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey are covertly seeking to make trade agreements off the US dollar with other nations. Unfortunately the American people stand to most suffer, but by oligarch design its treasonous government has directly caused this current dire circumstances. The US is forced to now reckon with its brutal past as its karmic lesson unfolds – what goes around comes around.

Because of the recently failing economies worldwide, the global demand for oil consumption has forced the price of oil to drop to near $45 per barrel. The US also convinced Saudi Arabia to flood the oil supply as a strategy against Russia. Though the earth’s oil supply actually peaked in 2005, the most refined oil produced out of the ground by the Saudis and OPEC nations is nearing depletion. With America’s disastrous fracking at all cost for crude oil, the US has just surged ahead as the world’s largest oil producer. But now that the price of oil has drastically fallen, many of the recently booming US energy companies have been caught off guard with the spiraling price, soon making it unsustainable for them to continue meeting their high operating costs for its cruder shale. 

The exorbitant cost of the crudest oil extracted from Canada’s tar sands will even fare worse. The energy corporations up till recently flourishing in both North Dakota and northern Alberta will soon go bust even when oil prices begin to once again rise. The same reason they fell in recent months, national economies floundering and creating oil demand destruction will only be replicated in the near future, in effect sealing the doomed fate of the US and European economies.

Meanwhile, Russia as a huge oil and gas producer while also presently strained by lowered oil prices will continue to suffer. But unlike North America, its reserves largely consolidated to its two vast giants Gazprom (#2 oil and gas producer in the world) and Rosneft (#15), the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum company, stand a far better chance of surviving the current storm in the long run. The primary reason is Russia has been busily making deals with oil and natural gas pipelines to China - a massive $400 billion deal over the coming years. 

Putin is in a position to trade Russian natural gas and oil for other nation’s needed goods and services, completely bypassing US petrodollars. In response to the West’s latest re-installment of the next cold war, Putin has sought to secure and strengthen its alliance with China. The US’s fatal foreign policy renewing hostilities with rival Russia is producing grave consequences for both Europe and North America. Russia’s has been supplying 34% of the European Union’s natural gas supply, and 70% of Ukraine and Germany’s. With the ongoing friction over crisis in Ukraine, Russia exporting its natural gas to Europe is no longer deemed a Putin priority, much to Europe’s chagrin.

The pipeline running through Ukraine that largely supplied Western Europe has been turned off in the aftermath of the US led aggressive coup a year ago in Kiev and the West’s continued propaganda lies and false flags demonizing Putin in its desperate attempts to bait Russia into war in Ukraine. As punishment for Ukraine allegedly siphoning off gas from the pipeline running through its country to Europe, Gazprom has cut its supply off to Ukraine and six southern European countries, decreasing its supply to the continent by 60%. Putin has recently decided to forgo the planned South Stream pipeline through Bulgaria to Europe and made a deal with US ally Turkey to run the pipeline through that nation all the way to Greece.

In an exclusive Global Research radio interview this week, according to Russian emigrated engineer, respected author and geopolitical analyst Dimitry Orlov, Russia stands to outlast the eminent global economy collapse with longer growing seasons for self-sufficient food supplies over a larger area due to global thermal warming. Having already survived their own economic collapse in 1991, Orlov sees Russia fairly well prepared for the upcoming economic downturn. In contrast, he believes North America and Europe will soon be undergoing much more upheaval and destruction than that of the Soviet Empire’s dissolution.

Reagan gloating over how the “evil Soviet Empire” with its Communist ideology was soundly defeated in the cold war by the triumphant United States through its Western “free market” capitalism has now come home to bite America squarely in the ass. Seems a telling reminder that “he who laughs last, laughs the longest.”

Considered an expert on the Soviet collapse, Orlov cites a number of commonalities and distinctions between the Soviet downfall and North America’s now impending collapse. Both the Soviet and the US Empires made the identical mistake of allowing runaway military spending to overextend its brute Empire forces in costly humiliating defeats vis-à-vis the already noted Afghan graveyard of empires as well for the US Iraq, Libya and Syria by proxy. Fact – despite spending more dollars than the next eight nations combined on its most powerful military on the planet, the United States of America has not won a single war in 70 years. The US “might makes right” bullying belligerence around the globe has clearly boomeranged on the Empire. The feds’ decision to prioritize its military power at the expense of its own national economy and its large, once vibrant middle class as well as its much needed investment in infrastructure will go down in history as the primary reason for the US downfall. Outsourcing its own manufacturing base to cheap labor abroad is another fatal flaw in US priorities. In the end, it was corporate profit and greed over its own people’s well-being that is about to bring down the sole global superpower.

Another shared reality that present day America has in common with the fallen Soviet Union is that each government is/was oppressively totalitarian in nature run by ironfisted, morally decaying elitists possessing corrupted ideologies that colossally failed and never really worked. Bottom line – the privileged ruling class of the Soviet oligarchy and the US oligarchy in their self-serving need for military empire expansion failed to adequately take care of its own people. This has especially been true of the middle class and the poor in the US and this unfortunately will only become more self-evident as US Empire continues to crumble. Though the trend toward impoverishment has been growing progressively more austere worldwide, when the US collapse hits bottom, the dependent welfare state created in America will abandon its poor, cutting off millions from all forms of assistance.

Still another commonality between the Soviet fall and America’s is both empires remained totally dependent and addicted to affordable oil. As of late the anemic US economy has played a major contributing factor to the current global oil demand destruction that has driven the plummeting oil prices.

Finally Orlov notes that the post-Soviet recovery, though difficult and rocky, proved not nearly as tumultuous as what awaits America’s collapse. The cost of living here in the US, the deep debt Americans are trapped in, the comparative high medical and educational costs and the near total lack of self-resourceful food supply that’s dependent so much on oil will cause US citizens especially in urban areas to suffer the most severe hardships the likes of which few Americans have ever known. The Soviet Union’s government continued even after its collapse to provide free medical and educational services to its people and the cost of living was far lower than in the US. Plus its citizens were not nearly as dependent on large corporate conglomerates in absolute control over virtually all food production, distribution, processing, packaging and supply as North Americans. Lastly, the present droughts that have plagued the agricultural heartland of the Midwest as well as California where the most produce in America is grown have dealt a crushing blow to US food production and will likely only continue.

By design the US Empire has possessed the King Midas touch in reverse, destabilizing and impoverishing every nation it has intervened in through war, invasion and occupation, producing failed states throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Despite its devastation of the second largest oil-producing nation on earth in Iraq, murdering a million and a half of its people, and this comes after the damage the US inflicted from the first Gulf War, the Iraq government is still less in control of its territory than when US troops were withdrawn over three years ago. With the US created Islamic State in control of most of the country now, the US Empire’s ongoing imperialistic blood-for-oil endgame has backfired, only generating limited oil extraction from its dozen years of sheer destruction.

The US-NATO bombed the current failed state of Libya into oblivion, unleashing its al Qaeda proxy mercenaries on the ground to remove Gaddafi from power because he had the bold audacity to switch to his own currency, defiantly eliminating dependence on the US petrodollar as its trade currency. The US has subsequently left Libya a failed state mired in perpetual civil war with various corrupt militant factions vying for control.

The US puppet government of Yemen is currently on the verge of collapse as another ruthless, anti-West, militant al Qaeda faction is ready to seize power. With two coups in Egypt it still is struggling politically and economically under a highly oppressive military general in power. After four years the extreme costs and efforts of trying to oust Bashir al Assad from power in Syria has also failed, creating a quagmire of untold human suffering in that ravaged, war torn nation.

And now where the US has fought its longest war in American history in Afghanistan, with just an advisory contingent of about 10,000 US-NATO military forces still stationed in the country, without coalition air support, the Taliban enemy is again surging to once again retake control of the Kabul government and similar to Iraq, defeat looms on the horizon despite 14 long years of failed US intervention. Similar to the Soviet Union just prior to its epic fall near a quarter century ago, the US never learned from history, disastrously invading and occupying the nation known as the graveyard of empires. The over six trillion dollars of taxpayer money and still rising that’s been totally wasted in the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan has only weakened and decimated America’s middle class tax base. And just like the Soviet Empire, defeat in Afghanistan signifies an identical precursor leading to the collapse of the US Empire.

The Western oligarchs know they are on the losing end of this impending collapse as the oligarchs from the East in Russia and China in a strengthening alliance have been coalescing its financial reserves into a growing formidable US adversary. Of course what always happens in the face of stagnant and collapsing economies is the notion that more war can pulls us out of economic lethargy when in fact war is always bad for the economy. The global transnational corporations President Eisenhower astutely referred to as the “military industrial complex” that are the greedy war profiteers always make a killing from war, and due to their neocon 9/11 gift inventing and waging its forever war of terror around the globe, the enormously gluttonous private defense contractors like Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrup and GE have never had it so good. The banking cabal and arms manufacturers owned and controlled by the same murdering oligarchs for centuries have loved war, of course always at humanity’s bloody expense.

Look at all the hotspots that have been recently heating up, now ready to boil over into a staged global conflict with the US-NATO-Israel forces of the West ready to go to war with the East’s Russia-China-Iran. After using NGO’s through the US State Department along with snipers and neo-Nazis to fuel the overthrow, the US created the coup that deposed another sovereign nation’s democratically elected leader last February. The feds in Washington poured $5 billion planting its neo-Nazi puppets into power in Kiev. The US-NATO are sending large shipments of arms into the country to incite and wage civil war with the ethnic Russians of eastern Ukraine, engaging in ethnic cleansing in both Donetsk and Lugansk. The West has created relentless false flag propaganda to no avail with the Malaysian MH17 airliner that the Kiev government shot down killing nearly 300 passengers, then of course blaming Putin and the eastern Ukrainian Russians. Obama still refuses to even release evidence showing it was all just another Western false flag not unlike the recently staged one in France. For a year the US aggression in Ukraine has been prodding and baiting Putin’s Russia to react with all-out war. Ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine are fighting off and defending their turf from the young, inexperienced, poorly trained Ukrainian soldiers used by Kiev as eastern warfront cannon fodder. Once again the US has been repeatedly frustrated over its malicious, failed strategies in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, conflict is rising in the Asian Pacific with Obama’s so called “pivot to Asia” stoking the fire between its nervous allies Japan and South Korea and its nuclear adversaries North Korea and China. Even the former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is now admitting he fears the US is dragging Australia into an inevitable war fighting China in Asia.

Every region on earth is likely to be hopelessly embroiled in global war, even unpopulated regions like the Arctic Circle. With the polar ice caps estimated to be completely melted by next year, the power drilling oil grab and military posturing has the US-NATO forces preparing for an Arctic showdown with Russia legitimately claiming most of the Arctic Circle waters as its own. In the meantime, with no more solid ice to trap and prevent the deadly methane gas from leaking into earth’s atmosphere, untold disaster awaits us from that catastrophe-in-the-making as well.

Meanwhile, it’s full eugenics speed ahead with Bill Gates, Monsanto and Big Pharma’s toxic vaccines and killer drugs. With last year’s US staged Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa still spreading, and fresh new US government patents procured on the most deadly killer virus classified as bio-warfare ever, at any time it’s likely to become unleashed globally “accidentally on purpose” as one more lethal weapon in the eugenics arsenal. And with it transmittable as an airborne bioterror WMD killing 70% of infected human victims, it could make fast order of reducing the global population down much quicker than the US made AIDS virus. Where war and impoverishment don’t cull the human herd soon enough, the flesh eating virus will.

Also spiking at never before seen levels worldwide are fluoride, mercury, and the heavy metal chemtrail cocktail accompanied by unchecked, continuous Fukushima radiation spewing forth for nearly four years now, all are soft kill poisoning the entire food chain causing increasing toxicity to lethal levels for human populations to perish particularly in northern latitudes. Across-the-boards the world stage has been set to purge the earth of billions of its current inhabitants.

A growing army of scientists are pointing to the 200 animal and plant species dying off each day as the pre-marker for the approaching sixth mass extinction of life on planet earth, and the very first caused by a handful of destructively defective, psychopathic humans reigning absolute power and terror over the earth’s dominion.

The 2017 planned microchip implants (as broadcast by NBC) issued by the one world government as the New World Order trademark and the global war against humanity all brought to you by demonically possessed oligarchs is coming soon to a borderless country and an un-gated community near you. The breakdown in national economies will be driving inflation sky high where basic food stuffs becomes unaffordable after grocery shelves get emptied overnight. Panic, looting and violence in the streets will immediately follow, bringing on martial law to quell all the civil unrest the feds have been militarizing and prepping its police force for years to wage the second American civil war against its own people. As of late they’ve been merely warming up with murdering US citizens at will, especially of color. As soon as Obama declares martial law, we know the FEMA roundups will be next and all those waiting empty privatized prisons won’t be waiting to be filled any longer.

By then the longtime oligarch eugenics plan will be fully operational. Human genocide reducing the global population by 90% will firmly be in their grasp. As frightening and alarming as all this sounds, the doomsday scenario can no longer be ignored. The mounting daily evidence shows that this is not just some farfetched conspiracy nutcase ranting on a local street corner that the sky is falling. Global Research and other independent news sources have been doing their best to inform and alert our fellow earthlings about what’s been transpiring so that we citizens of the world can at least band together locally to literally roll with the punches that will soon be coming our way. Every day overwhelming warning signs are blasting red alert signals, ushering in an unprecedented apocalyptic era that’s now dawning in our human history.

The only rational conclusion is that the oligarchs have the human race in free fall heading toward mass extinction. No doubt the elite has its emergency survival contingency plans well in place to keep it safe and healthy while the rest of us are left to suffer and perish. But their diabolical grand plan risks overkill destruction on the earth’s surface especially from nuclear annihilation where even a small docile class of dumbed down slaves may not be left standing above ground to serve them. So unless they’ve secretly built hidden black ops underground cities or science (non)fiction colonies somewhere in outer space to migrate to in the final hour, their grand plan may just backfire on them, turning the entire earth into one huge crime scene where a mass scale homicide-suicide of the entire human species has destroyed all life on the planet.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing.

America is ready to unleash a nuclear war against Russia

January 28, 2015, 11:02

America is ready to unleash a nuclear war against Russia

America launched a war against humanity. Authorities of the country are turning to such methods, to which the dictators seek shy. They use weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological and radiation. Also, carry out tests of new weapons.

Washington plans to increase the boundaries of the American empire until it reaches the absolute world domination. For this he is ready to go even nuclear war against Russia or Iran. This opinion was expressed by an author for Global Research.

Barack Obama, under the pretext of fighting "Islamic state" is seeking congressional approval for unlimited war throughout the world. From the first day, as soon as Obama became president, he declared war on all of humanity. No state in the history did not pose a threat to the world community, as the United States - said the Global Research,

Ukrainian military in the Donbass instructed by the Pentagon, the journalist writes. According to him, the so-called US-Ukrainian joint exercises can be a preparation for a full-scale military invasion.Americans are going to fight in close proximity to the Russian border, in case of need to unleash the US-Russian conflict, the article says.

"At the same time dozens of American military trainers prepare to head to Syria. Their mission - to train militants so-called "moderate opposition" - the author writes.

According to the project's creator Nick Turse, for the last three years, US special forces carried out operations in more than 150 countries. He said that the activities of the special forces "not controlled by anyone and is not covered in the press." Their main task - to destabilize the country, conducting an independent policy by coups, political assassinations or military intervention.

"Barack Obama only serves the interests of the rich people. Ordinary people he does not care. Began under Bush Jr. process of turning America into a police state reached its zenith under Obama, "- said the reporter.

"When crazy home run crazy, anything can happen, even the worst."Among "the worst" - the military conflict with Russia or Iran - sums up the author.

Source: below

Телеканал "Звезда"

Америка готова развязать ядерную войну против России

28 января 2015, 11:02
Вашингтон планирует увеличивать границы американской империи до тех пор, пока не достигнет абсолютного мирового господства. Ради этого он готов пойти даже на ядерную войну против России или Ирана. Такое мнение выразил автор статьи Global Research. ... Подробнее »

Ukrainian Officials Raise their Own Salaries by 10 Times

January 28, 2015, 10:15

Ukrainian Officials Raise their Own Salaries by 10 Times

While the Kiev officials urge citizens to cut spending themselves all around, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine for themselves do not plan to. Officials want to raise their wages by ten times in the Department of the state budget.

Such plans in an interview with the Kyiv weekly "New Times", announced the new foreign minister of economy of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavicius.

"We fired more than 20% of the staff and raised the salaries of those remaining proclaimed the minister. Now the average salary in the ministry is 4500 hryvnia. It is clear that decent professionals on a salary are difficult to hire, and that corruption in such conditions is very difficult to fight. I think it will look like a normal average salary of $ 1,000 dollars, the maximum - $ 5,000 dollars. If these amounts can not be separated from the budget, we will create a donor fund. "

If the proposal of the Minister will be able to realize, the maximum salary for the Ministry of Economy is more than five times higher than the salary of the Prime Minister, which now stands at about 18 thousand hryvnia.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 America Will Lose Nuclear War To China And Russia

2015 America Will Lose Nuclear War To China And Russia

News Update | World War 3: America Will Lose Nuclear War To China And Russia, U.S. ‘Expert’ Predicts On Iranian TV | The United States is deliberately provoking Russia and China into World War 3, but when it comes to a nuclear war, the result will not be the total mutual annihilation that is usually assumed to be the inevitable result of all-out nuclear World War 3.

Instead, the United States will lose.

That extreme, and extremely grim, World War 3 forecast came from an American retired university professor interviewed Monday on the English-language Iranian TV network Press TV.

James Henry Fetzer, 73, who lists himself as a professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota and currently sits on the editorial board of the online publication Veterans Today, is a frequent guest on the Tehran, Iran-based 24-hour news channel — though in the U.S. he is generally considered a fringe conspiracy theorist for his opinions that the 9/11 attacks were staged by the U.S. government and that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was the work of Israeli death squads with U.S. government cooperation among other, similar beliefs.

After Fetzer, a former U.S. Marine, published a 2013 article containing his Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, the University of Minnesota criticized him for using his affiliation with the university as well as his UM email address in connection with the article.

Fetzer published his latest Sandy Hook article, calling the tragic mass shooting a “hoax” on the Veterans Today site September 19. The web publication has also recently published articles on UFOs and “The Geopolitics of World War 3.”

But Fetzer’s opinions are often sought out by the Iranian news channel, and on Monday, Fetzer gave the network some of his most dire viewpoints yet — viewpoints which predicted an inevitable World War 3, one which Fetzer says the United States will lose.

Fetzer accused the United States of “attempting to encircle Russia with a series of anti-missile batteries ostensibly directed toward Iran because of its ‘nuclear weapons program’ when Americans and Russians and most of the world know that Iran has no nuclear weapons program.”

Fetzer also told Press TV that the current U.S. bombing raids in Syria were not directed at ISIS but instead were intended to deliberately destroy Syria’s infrastructure.

He told the Iranian news operation — whose CEO is appointed directly by Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Ali Khameni — that the U.S. airstrikes were “an act of treachery and duplicity,” and “one of the most disgraceful actions ever undertaken by the United States in any situation whatsoever.”

The U.S actions in Syria, as well as those in regard to Russia and China, give those two nuclear superpowers “every right to exercise or display their military power, which in my opinion is actually capable of defeating the United States in a nuclear exchange,” Fetzer told Press TV.

Fetzer concluded by calling for the United States to “back down,” presumably in order to avoid World War 3.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Poroshenko: Decided for 100% of the Ukrainians on a United Country, Federalization will Never Be.

Poroshenko: Decided for 100% of the Ukrainians on a United Country, Federalization will Never Be.

Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko believes that the federalization of the country is impossible. 

Today he Said this in the congratulations on the occasion Reunion Day of Ukraine. "Now, Almost 100% of the Citizens - for A Single Country," - Said Poroshenko. He Decided That "the overwhelming Majority of Ukrainians See it as HIM, Unitary , not Federal. " ACCORDING to the Ukrainian President, there are things Fundamental That CAN not be the subject of Compromise. 

"First - Ukraine will never be federal, and will remain a unitary state. Second - European choice is not subject for debate. Third - the only official language is and always will be Ukrainian," - said the head of state.

"It Seems the Ukrainian Government is Trying to speak About A Constitutional Reform. But They Perceive even words like "federalization", "autonomy" and "Decentralization" as Offensive, "Said the Foreign MINISTER.

Yatsenyuk Signed His Own Death Warrant

Kharkiv - New Russia
Yatsenyuk Signed His Own Death Warrant

Today at 5:44 am

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia investigating the shelling of a public transport tram in the city of Donetsk today, which killed 13 civilians, falls under a criminal case offense on the grounds of an article under Part. 2, pg.105, parag. 1, Art. 356 of the Criminal Code citing the (murder of two or more persons, with the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare). 

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk, hastily blaming Russia for some reason of this cynical crime, without knowing he actually signed in who was actually behind this crime. This is exactly the same case as when the thief is crying "stop thief". This is similar to another statement of the Ukrainian side, like an in place prepared blueprint, almost exactly as the one that was published after the tragic downing of the Malaysian MH17 "Boeing", only now undermining the bus near Volnovakha and other such occasions. This, inadvertently gives the impression that such statements are written before they're happens such barbaric murders. So we can congratulate Yatsenyuk and his newly created Ministry of Propaganda. Obviously you have learned well the lessons of your Teacher, Joseph Goebbels, WHO coined the expression Famous All That we Remember: "The bigger the Lie, the Easier it is to Believe in it." Head of VI

Time for fight or flight? Ukraine is Ready to use "Putin's Plan"

Kharkiv - New Russia
Time for fight or flight?
Time for fight or flight? Ukraine is Ready to use "Putin's Plan"

Today at 5:00 am
_______________ the whole day goes by with media crying about - Ukraine is ready for implementing the Minsk Agreement, ready to use "Putin's Plan", ready for a meeting of foreign ministers in the format "Norman Format" in Berlin tomorrow (all urgently confirmed by Germany). 

At the same time Russia, in an emergency order, gets points ready for the negotiations - the abolition of discounts on gas from April on, the requirement of debt repayment, etc, etc. - All this increased their bargaining power. By the way, the message of five Chechens caught in France allegedly preparing attacks - is strengthening the position counter to these negotiations. 

Now the truth will need to intensify the information platform that will be told about detainees to the relatives who were militants of Ichkeria, and how they fled from Chechnya in the early 2000s as alleged refugees from totalitarian Russia. Sami had to think someone privechayut. 

Now, obviously, the pressure on VSN (and some one else) will grow even more, and everywhere (given the very difficult situation in the region of the sun ukrovermahta Bahmutki) and the potentially explosive area in the district of Pavlopolya, The Pindos-Bandera junta understands that holding the front has proved nothing in this case in the large delays in negotiations, and can only begin to fail more rapidly if persisted any further. 

In this situation, you can see a well-developed strategic combination. Like someone gave the nod to this decisive action being implemented. It is not just the defense, anymore. In general, the active harassing fire from Militia artillery and work of DPR & LPR who launched an attack on the Donetsk airport, Sand, and Avdeevka, Have impacted the junta, who started the transfer of forces from other sites on the contact line that was hit in a discharged of occupied space. The events began to develop very rapidly from this point on. Obviously it will be interesting to see how the junta plans move forward in the face of aggressive offensives.

Jan, 22, 2015 *VIDEO RECAP* News of #Ukraine #Genocide in #Donbas

Jan, 22, 2015 *VIDEO RECAP* News of #Ukraine #Genocide in #Donbas

1. Shell hit the trolleybus stop in Donetsk: at least 10 dead (18+). 

2. Poland announced Ukraine liberator of Auschwitz. 

3. Says "Moscow": an exclusive interview with the prisoners "cyborgs" ( ATO # 01.21.2015). 

4. APU shells hit a bus stop and in Donetsk, there are victims 

5. The junta admitted to slaughter arranged in Odessa. 

6.Psychological techniques Kiev: Poroshenko brought to Davos "evidence" Russian aggression 

7. Donetsk, about 10 people were killed in the shelling 

8. Mariupol about Ukraine 

Russia demands immediate probe in tram stop shelling in Donetsk — Lavrov

Russia demands immediate probe in tram stop shelling in Donetsk — Lavrov
January 22, 2015
“We are shocked with a new horrible crime in Donetsk, where tens of civilians were killed and wounded," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said


© Alexey Slavny/TASS

MOSCOW, January 22. /TASS/. Russia demands an immediate investigation of the shelling at a public transport stop which killed 13 and left other 20 wounded in war-torn east Ukrainian city of Donetsk, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday.

“We are shocked with a new horrible crime in Donetsk, where tens of civilians were killed and wounded in a shelling by Ukrainian military forces at a public transport stop in the morning on January 22,” he said. “We offer condolences to relatives and friends of the victims and wish soonest recovery to the injured,” he added.

“We consider this incident a crime against humanity, a cruel provocative act seeking to undermine effort taken for peaceful settlement of Ukrainian crisis, including some positive shifts taking shape upon the results of the just-ended Normandy quartet meeting of foreign ministers of Russia, Germany, Ukraine and France,” the minister added.

“This is becoming obvious that casualties cannot stop ‘a party of war’ in Kiev and its foreign patrons,” the Russian top diplomat noted.

“We demand an immediate investigation of a crime committed in Donetsk with Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) officials involved in the inquiry,” he said. “Everything should be done to stop Kiev’s gunfire at towns in south-east Ukraine and avert more senseless casualties among civilians,”Lavrov stressed.

© ITAR-TASS / Konstantin Sazonchik

Investigative Committee opens criminal case over shelling

Russia’s Investigative Committee (IC) has opened a criminal case over the death of civilians in the shelling of the south-east Ukrainian city of Donetsk, IC spokesman Vladimir Markin told TASS on Thursday.

“The IC Main Investigation Department has instituted criminal proceedings over the fact of shelling of a public transport stop in the city of Donetsk as a result of which civilians have been killed. The case was opened under Article 105, part 2 and Article 356, part 1 of the Russian Criminal Code (murder of two and more persons, use of prohibited means and methods of warfare),” Markin said.

According to investigators, a passenger bus stop in Donetsk came under mortar fire at around 08:30 am on Thursday.

Ukrainian "cyborgs" Driven to Donetsk to Show them Their Shelling Devistation

Ukrainian "cyborgs" Driven to Donetsk to Show them Their Shelling Devistation
January 22, 2015
Ukrainian prisoners of war are the streets of Donetsk to the bus stop, where the morning under fire killed 13 people.

The so-called "corridor of shame" driven 18 "kiborogov."

Convoy escorted militia together with the head of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko. Previously, he said he was going to take them to the place of fire stops.

According to him, the military should ask for forgiveness from the relatives of those killed and injured.

"March of Shame" began at the railway station. It is located on the opposite side of town from the scene of the tragedy.

The military are on the "live corridor" to the cries of "fascists", "Bandera".

After the "cyborg" hold throughout the city, they go back to where the prisoners were kept.

This morning in the Leninsky district was fired bus stop. Thirteen people were killed and dozens wounded. According to RIA Novosti source in the emergency medical service of the city, the death toll has risen to 15.

Photo and Video: Christopher JM / Twitter

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In three days the militia destroyed five hundred Ukrainian servicemen

In three days the militia destroyed five hundred Ukrainian servicemen. 

Deputy Defense Minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk Edward Basurin during the briefing talked about the loss of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, continues to produce an attack on the position of the militia, the correspondent of the news agency "New Russia". According to him, the Armed Forces DNR continue to hold the Donetsk airport and surrounding settlements Ukrainian troops from advancing. 

Basurin said that over the past three days, destroyed about 500 Ukrainian troops and about 1,500 injured. Destroyed 42 tanks, 34 BMP (infantry armored vehicles. - Approx. Ed.) And APC (armored personnel carrier. - Ed. Ed.). Captured about 16 soldiers APU led the brigade commander. Surrendering captured soldiers are in a state of shock and openly express their dissatisfaction with the leadership, sent them to certain death. 

The deputy minister also said that today in the basement of a destroyed terminal of the wreckage recovered Ukrainian group military, had spent three days in the rubble without food or drink in anticipation of the promised aid, which did not receive.

01.22.15. Photos by Graham Phillips. "The collection of the dead" cyborgs "in Donetsk airport continues. The corpses -" cyborgs ", the only Ukrainian soldiers at the airport in Donetsk new terminal. Ukrainian Dead" cyborg "photo of three daughters will never see again. Airport today, the new terminal . "

The outcome of the fighting in the Donbass | Via ("colonelcassad")

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
The outcome of the fighting in the Donbass | Via ("colonelcassad")

Today at 3:20 pm

The outcome of the fighting in the Donbas per day from the browser Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad")  

1. From the information point of view, the main event was the recognition of the junta (while not yet official) the loss of control of the airport and the concomitant collapse of the myth of the indestructible" cyborg ". From the military as the viewpoint position at the airport was lost a few days ago, so it is rather large information, this defeat on the fascist junta. At the moment, the key positions at the airport are controlled by BCH. The enemy generally relegated to the airport and on the return of control over their lost positions can not speak truthfully - in this time the front passes through sand (both sides can not boast of full control over this village yet), across the steppe near Pilot, part of the air defense and further to Avdeyevka where our foothold in the suburbs grows. In general, if not propaganda, then in the last few days of our success so far is still limited to the airport and pieces of Sand and Avdeyevka. Attempts to go to Spartacus, just ran unsuccessfully for the enemy. The enemy is firmly seated in the defense, the offensive was unsuccessful - no result, losses are significant. In general, local offensive VSN was limited, success, which in itself is not bad. The battle for the airport opponent lost. Therefore wishes characters like Butusova that Poroshenko and Muzhenko should be sent to fight in the sand are consistent with the growing hysteria of knowing the end of the legendary "cyborgs". 

2. In retaliation for the failure on the fronts, the junta struck today especially strong impacts on cities Donbass and according to preliminary data, the number of those killed in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Stakhanov and other cities of over 100 people. Before our eyes, make and performed a complex war crime for which are responsible not some masterful punitive battalions, and Poroshenko personally gave the order to destroy the Donbass and leadership MAT, which use their tube artillery and MLRS for terrorist attacks on civilians (results will be separately in the "Instant war"). European hypocrites naturally for the most part ignore the ongoing massacres in fact maintaining issued Poroshenko carte blanche to commit any war crimes in the fight against "Russian aggression". What are dying while the vast majority of former citizens of Ukraine, one of the "true democracy" do not care for them are not people.Therefore, quite a Ukrainian fascism in the spirit of European doublethink. 

3. Under Mariupol today most of the day took place in heavy artillery duels. Cannonade was clearly audible in the city, which is slowly but surely creeping up front. According to reports from Perekopa shoot artillery piece, which will throw at Mariupol, where the situation is complicated for the junta. Grape still for the junta. 

4. In the area of number of checkpoints our foothold on the broken 31st checkpoint and today almost took 29 minutes, simultaneously repulsed all attempts to regain their lost area the junta fails. Already it is clear that the concept of operations provides otzhatie Crimean and adjacent positions, which will create the prerequisites for promotion to the Lisichanskiy and Severodonetsk. It is noteworthy that along with the preservation of high-intensity combat operations in the direction of the Crimea, slept in the heat of battles Debaltsevskom pocket. At the moment, VSN are active in the three directions - under Mariupol, northwest of the airport in the direction of Donetsk and Crimea. The enemy can not yet determine where VSN can cause major blow, as in all areas of our combat forces are introduced into only dosed, while in the second line at Mariupol and in the second line of Donetsk we have a lot of things sosredtocheno. In general, the game of someone who outsmarts continues. 

5. Of the enemy offensive operations still marked stuffing about what allegedly broke into the center Dokuchaevsk (which is correlated with the known plans to blow from the south bypass of Donetsk), but according to reports, there we have everything is normal, except for the systematic targeting of the city and the surrounding area enemy artillery. Our measure of available forces in their responses, so here until the whole situation is stable. 

6. Front under Happiness and villages Lugansk today remained unchanged, the shooting was of medium intensity, large-scale action was not conducted. Just inside the LC today was dismantling between their Rovenky reflecting the old processes of internal fermentation in the LC, which is accompanied by various scandals and corpses. In general, the situation remains for us is moderately favorable, the enemy having failed in offensive actions in almost all areas and their Front turned to defense. "