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Who and where to send the message of Putin ?

Who and where to send the message of Putin ?

Message from the President of Russia showed that the West studiously tried to hide.Very difficult for those who lied on television to its citizens that Putin still bad, suddenly show citizens very confident man who calmly explains future prospects. If, after talking to the Americans before, suddenly show Putin's message, then ordinary Americans may wonder, why are they lied to about all the time?

In this case, only one way out - gawp and declare that struck rigidity applications, say, exactly, he lives in a different reality. In fact, what they say on information channels, there are few who believe. Those who want to see an alternative point of view, has long been looking RT. This is mostly educated people, that's where the middle class today finds truthful information. However, that still do the words of the president? Let's deal.

Very often here in the West, journalists wondering, "Putin said that Russia will not close from the outside world, so he tends to the West and in need of it, in which case it is not clear why it is so hard to speak out about the West. Who will help Putin, if he so conducts himself unworthy? Those who dictate their terms to the world, do not receive mercy. " You should have seen the eyes of these people, when they had to explain that Putin does not ask for no mercy, and the phrase "will not be closed," rather means some Russian expansion to the West. That is, we will not be closed to the West, we will cooperate and grow in the West, its economy, its policies, its business.

Putin says he is not going to go back, but it only means that he is going to move forward in the EU, China, Turkey, South America, and in the US too. Those who think that Putin won or even slightly pressed, wait for him to come home and wait for Russian companies that will buy and breathe new life into those companies that are in the West began to dry, because the money on the stock exchanges do faster than in the factories, but Putin will come and exchange too. Putin understands that to win, you need to learn to use Western weapons better than the West. Once passed quite unnoticed, but Putin Dodavah situation in Ukraine until the moment when Ukraine had to negotiate with the DNR. Everyone remembers that in any Poroshenko did not want to negotiate with the DNR, but as we can see, I had to. And that's not all.

Putin and almost drove West and Petrushka position trained animal and put it on his hind legs. And for those who might seem that this is a very strong expression, are encouraged to see this. Among the most vocal opponents of Putin was Obama, Merkel, Hollande and, actually, Petrushka. Now let's see which one of them now has capacity in terms of opposition to Putin. Obama spells except that "Russia will pay for all" can not do anything. For dusty curtains say a hitch in the appointment of a new head of the Pentagon, was not accidental.No new Pentagon chief - no hostilities. If the Muslims are still some operations are possible, the confrontation with Russian Defense Minister without impossible. So the appointment of Obama, as they say, will not hurry.As for Merkel, who saw her recently, could be someone heard her something? Merkel understands that every sneeze it will now work against it. With Putin, she could not do anything, besides, he was right, and blood under the leadership of Petrushka reached quite unacceptable sizes, Ukraine applies the banned weapons and is inhumane policy towards people who have worked all my life in the country, and now she refuses them in pensions and medicines.

Now even the UN is concerned this inhuman moment. Who will defend such a state in the international arena ?. In addition, Merkel stronger Stalking representative of the German left Sahra Wagenknecht, stating that it is to blame Merkel in a new Cold War in Europe. Maybe Merkel could not pay attention to it, but the thing is that the situation in the EU gets really worse day by day. It is linked to the desire of the EU to abolish sanctions against Russia, the European banking sector moves down into recession.

If Russian banks start to buy credits in the West, the case in the EU will be very bad. Earlier in the press saying that sanctions against Putin will cost Europe itself about 50 billion. We evaluated this figure is at least $ 150 billion a year, now we see that the West is losing more realistic. This includes related losses. Now, as you know, even through the "leak" at the borders (eg through Belarus) are still going goods from the EU, but Putin their sly "caulk" and the position of the EU is getting worse.

Realizing their helplessness and sensitivity Russia on the Ukrainian question, Merkel blown away, but Hollande, showing miracles of stupidity, suddenly took up politics. This is of course ridiculous. Explain the activity of "village idiot" can be. In France, for it has come from the trade unions, then vytryasut from him his rotten pluck. Mistral is now more like a hot potato, which hold in their hands does not work, you need to throw them, otherwise in France will be hot this winter. But to give just after all the cheap applications, it's like your own smear their own dung.

Was coined by a stupid plan: go to Nazarbayev and talk to him, try to persuade Astana affect Putin. Thus, the Moscow show that in this area the EU has other allies. Stupid plans are bad, even if they lead to successful results stupid. Now that's what happened. Now, after what he heard from Nazarbayev, Hollande forced to go to Moscow. Those who read us constantly remember that we said that we would have to fall to the feet Putin.Rate the event.

That is, what would have to ask at the reception, this is understandable, but what Putin decides in this sense, we do not know. Although in any case, the situation after the meeting is better than before. Putin - positive person and is able to achieve success even when dealing with an idiot. In general, I must say, strange things happen. In Russian ruble falls, it seems that the West is able to bring the Russian economy to depression, and the people stubbornly support Putin. In Russian there is some sense of bright victory. The situation is very similar to the spring of 1945. When the Nazis still resisted and the loss of Soviet armies were still very high, but already knew victory would, fascism broken ridge, it still beats in agony and deadly stings, but a giant Moloch turn this evil force in the dust very soon, before his death German fascism has remained the days ...

In his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian president just gave the analogy with fascism, because Frau kantslerina shuddered and huddled deeper into the hole, but already there in Germany, there are those who denounces her for the policies of the new «Drang nach Osten», which literally means "pressure to the East." Germany now as it was then in the 41-m still thinking about spreading its influence. We wrote about this more than once. Note that as long as relations with Russia were in the nature of cooperation, for Germany it was profitable and strongly welcomed by Russia. As soon as Mrs. Merkel came breeching the drain, all at once began to turn bad, and what we see today is not the worst, not the lowest possible point in the relationship.

When Putin says it needs to listen carefully. In contrast to virtually all the world's politicians, Putin is telling the truth. If Germany does not listen to the US, and what Putin says, it is easy to understand that his words should be taken literally. Putin said that the Crimea sacred place for Russia. Understand you garden head that such things are not given. They can be obtained only with the death of the country. However, the war with Russia does not guarantee the return of the Crimea to Ukraine. In case of war, the US Navy will run from this most of the Crimea, which was so eager. There is a price that even the mad Bush was not ready to pay, even though over half of Russia.

Note that in world politics rhetoric intensifies, but Russian somehow not afraid, on the contrary as if looking for opportunities to start hitting on the head of the enemy. Even the fifth column of corrupt skins understand that Crimea - the territory of Russia, and always will be. This means that the West's efforts in vain? Here it is understood Hollande. And in those moments rushes to Moscow to Putin. Until idiots comes long time, but then out of their heads do not shake. Let's see what will infuse President Putin in the head amateur croissants and frogs at this time.


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