Sunday, December 7, 2014

In Yemen Another US Fail "Black Hawk Down." II

In Yemen Another US Fail "Black Hawk Down." II

Another very epic failure of US intelligence , tried to carry out a rescue operation in Yemen for the release of American hostages and other. The operation was personally sanctioned by President Obama and was clearly intended to support its shaky rating. Anyway rescue the other hostages, who also sit militants, and which actually cut the head, Obama is in no hurry - he needed effect rather than efficiency.

The result of the operation - pile of corpses, the hostages killed. The losses of the rescue team did not say - perhaps a miracle happened and there were no them.However, the list of brilliant Feil US continues to grow. Heroic Hollywood productions are obtained only where there is no resistance, in all other cases it is necessary to give the story the writers who are able to realize even defeat in the saga of "Black Hawk Down." Joy failure probably does not make sense: people really died. However, the conclusion is quite possible to do. Vaunted American professionals, with all its technical equipment absolutely can not fight on equal terms even with savages. Most wins US wins only in case of total and overwhelming advantage, which gradually and routinely prepares non-military methods. To avoid an armed clash with the Americans, we just need to show them that there is no easy walk they will not. In such circumstances, they fight strongly disagree.

Apparently, Yemen, and was chosen because Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, AQAP does not demonstrate outstanding success in fighting even after the coup decomposed 11-12 years Yemeni army. About the same mood to Americans when they tried to free the hostages in Tehran embassy under President Carter. Assessing the state of the Iranian army after the revolution in '79, the US military experts mistakenly believed it almost non-existent - and eventually "Eagle Claw" was organized with all possible naplevatelstvo. Before the collision with the Iranians is not reached - Americans trite not reached the goal. Yemeni failure initially tried to disguise the fact that Somers allegedly executed by al-Qaeda , was then transmits information about the victims of ten terrorists , but eventually had to admit that it was in fact actually - and death when trying to release Somers, and random victims. Now, apparently, you need to wait a little longer - possibly followed and reported losses in the rescue team.

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