Sunday, December 7, 2014

And So Be It , What Man Proposes and God disposes....

And So Be It , What Man Proposes and God disposes....
Today at 3:48 am

The New Cold War ?-No! Whatever you say, the leaders of these notorious "world opinions" - this whole armada of "independent" Western journalist eggheads, political scientists, analysts, and venerable "professional" experts are impenetrable idiots.
It turns out that they seriously expected for Putin, speaking with a message to the Federal Assembly, would be ...a repent before the West for "bad behavior" and a pledge to "seek mutually acceptable solutions" for lifting their sanctions!!!
"It amazes me how this saucy type speech, as for an example, from CNN's correspondent Matthew Chance.  If people listened to him, they were expecting to hear some softening of Putin's positions, and they would be disappointed on all counts. Nothing close to with which he spoke. Many other western political analysts, in the same spirit spoke as well. 

What Putin did say, so disappointed the captains of the"progressive community"? What he said, so surprised, so many - even scared some? (Their scare is because boogie-man, the "Russian threat" stereotype still kept in political storerooms since the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, is today back again with a vengeance and walking through the pages of the Western media). 

Yes, that's exactly what, speaking to the Federal Assembly, Putin said: 
1. We are Russians. Russia is a country of many faces, but a monolithic Russian nation. 
2. The fundamental basis of Russian life are Christian ideals, values ​​and shrines. 
3. West unleashed a war against us. with an ultimate goal to dismember Russia on the Yugoslav variant or sale of the old plan to oust Hitler us beyond the Urals. 
4. We are ready to accept the challenge. The Kremlin clearly understands what is happening, and knows how to respond to the growing threat. The president has enough will and political courage to take all necessary decisions to repel all aggression. 
5. Achieving military superiority over Russia will not succeed. We are ready to defend our independence by all available means. Now I understand why they are so afraid of us? In fact, in this speech, Putin outlined the new state ideology. The very ideology, in the absence of which we as Russian patriots to him for so long fiercely criticized. 

Now it is available in Russia. And this - the ideology of our national revival. Moreover, it is the ideology of Russian uprising against the dictatorship disgusting liberal fascism Sodom and rebellion against Satan's "spirit of the times" for the right to be Russia, and for Russian people to live according to their ideals and shrines, its traditional historical, political, and spiritual values ​​of great power.

Well, was this what the West did not immediately see and so was coincidentally horrified and scared? But these wild Russian's did not respond to sanctions that the so-called "civilized world" thought they rightly imposed upon Russians. More precisely, to not react, but.. in a strange way at first seem unphased rather than resent Putin's "militarism" and "imperialism", and take to the streets to protest against the "bloody gebistskogo regime," demanding the return on the shelves of Polish apples and Parmesan Italian, Galician vodka and Latvian sprats, they ... suspiciously silent.
Besides, a showing in all the opinion polls, was that the leader of the growing support for this very "gebistskogo regime", despite the fact that he was repeatedly booed throughout "rukopozhatnoy" scum of the international community.Well, seriously now, they are waiting for tough times.

Washington (and behind them the Sanhedrin), finally realized that Putin's Russia, is for him, not a mortal threat. That the implementation of Putin's plans to revive the Russian geopolitical power didn't mean a complete collapse of the Western world. That Christian Russia and the West's Sodom could closely live together on this small planet. In the words of the classic, "Bolivar can not carry double ...". That is why America is ready to use all the levers of influence on the allies and vassals, just to put together a more or less workable anti-Russian coalition.
That is why Washington rapes Europe, making it to the detriment of their own interests to aggravate relations with Moscow. That is why the Saudis satellite-dropping oil prices, despite the fact that it can kill "shale revolution" in the United States, with which they rushed past 10 years, both written sack, waiting for new oil technologies long-awaited release from export dependence on carbon . 

They beat us at the weakest point. Financial and economic sector in Russia - the most vulnerable target for sanctions against Moscow. Liberal economists bastards over twenty years selflessly "sewed" Russia to the US dollar, "the worldwide division of labor", depriving us of the financial and economic independence. Now trying to fix a bad situation overnight - it is impossible. 

Knowing this, our enemies hit Russia here. Realizing though if they do and if here they fail to succeed, the final collapse of the Western economy only a great war would be able to save. A real "hot", large-scale and ruthless war. And this huge risk, as history shows, is that war with Russian is extremely dangerous, and such wars that begin with an eye on Moscow very often ended in Berlin or Paris. And given modern military technologies and Washington - the first time in history - may update this list of "innocent victims of Russian aggression" ... 

Whatever it was, and yet, contrary to all expectations, expanding the West against Russia a cold war has brought us, Russian patriots, many "Unexpected Joy" unexpected good fruits. Judge for yourself. Firstly, in politics and ideology of the Kremlin took a radical "national-patriotic" reversal, which Russian public twenty years could not achieve on their own. Second, the terrible abyss separating people from the Russian "democratic government" in Moscow, began to disappear under the influence of Putin's new "patriotic course."Third, completed the marginalization of "democratic opposition" - the fifth column of the Western "agents of influence". 

All the enemies of the people, the liberal russophobes, now in sight and are known by name, those we can agree, facilitating the control of the "orange" swamp riffraff. Fourthly, (and this one is important,) it has begun a serious spiritual shift in Russian society  and returns an understanding of the indisputable fact that in our life there is something more important than wealth. That happiness is not to eat sweet and gentle sleep. 

What native Orthodox virtues of selflessness and sacrifice, willingness to "lay down his life for his friends" for native shrines, for their country, for their faith, for the great Russian future - is more important than "consumer rights" and "democratic procedures" ... So that's that : Man proposes and God disposes. And it is God's arrangement that gives Russia a new force. It seems, it is nearing the end of our days of mourning for Russia, Russian humiliation, shame Russian, in the words of Scripture: "Speak unto the Lord thy God, Zane succumbed Thou in thy falsities. And I will betroth thee to be my age in truth and grace and bounties. Behold, the hand of thy vzyah cup fall phial moeya rage, and not prilozhishi ksemu PITI Her. " Yes, Lord, let it be so! Amen. 

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