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DNR and LC urged Russia not to supply coal to Ukraine

DNR and LC urged Russia not to supply coal to Ukraine

Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic of miners and urged the Russian government not to supply coal to Ukraine those brands that have previously bought Kiev in the Donbass. On this, as transfers press center DNR, said in a joint statement today Chairman of the National Councils of the DNI and LC - Andrew Purgina and Alexei Karjakin.

"The miners and all the people are turning to the Donbass miners and the government of Russia. Ukraine does not supply coal those brands that have in the Donbass, and that before the war, Ukraine has purchased from us, - the statement says.

Representatives of the Republic stressed that "it is necessary to force Kiev lift the economic blockade. Get them to buy coal from our mines. Pay for our labor. Otherwise, hundreds of businesses and millions of people will be doomed to ruin and starvation. ""The Russians do not let Kiev oligarchic clique to destroy us and our industry. Do not sell them coal. Get Kiev interact with the Donbas and abandon the policy of genocide ", - called on the authorities of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic.

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In Yemen Another US Fail "Black Hawk Down." II

In Yemen Another US Fail "Black Hawk Down." II

Another very epic failure of US intelligence , tried to carry out a rescue operation in Yemen for the release of American hostages and other. The operation was personally sanctioned by President Obama and was clearly intended to support its shaky rating. Anyway rescue the other hostages, who also sit militants, and which actually cut the head, Obama is in no hurry - he needed effect rather than efficiency.

The result of the operation - pile of corpses, the hostages killed. The losses of the rescue team did not say - perhaps a miracle happened and there were no them.However, the list of brilliant Feil US continues to grow. Heroic Hollywood productions are obtained only where there is no resistance, in all other cases it is necessary to give the story the writers who are able to realize even defeat in the saga of "Black Hawk Down." Joy failure probably does not make sense: people really died. However, the conclusion is quite possible to do. Vaunted American professionals, with all its technical equipment absolutely can not fight on equal terms even with savages. Most wins US wins only in case of total and overwhelming advantage, which gradually and routinely prepares non-military methods. To avoid an armed clash with the Americans, we just need to show them that there is no easy walk they will not. In such circumstances, they fight strongly disagree.

Apparently, Yemen, and was chosen because Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, AQAP does not demonstrate outstanding success in fighting even after the coup decomposed 11-12 years Yemeni army. About the same mood to Americans when they tried to free the hostages in Tehran embassy under President Carter. Assessing the state of the Iranian army after the revolution in '79, the US military experts mistakenly believed it almost non-existent - and eventually "Eagle Claw" was organized with all possible naplevatelstvo. Before the collision with the Iranians is not reached - Americans trite not reached the goal. Yemeni failure initially tried to disguise the fact that Somers allegedly executed by al-Qaeda , was then transmits information about the victims of ten terrorists , but eventually had to admit that it was in fact actually - and death when trying to release Somers, and random victims. Now, apparently, you need to wait a little longer - possibly followed and reported losses in the rescue team.

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YOU wanted for the best ? But they have done the worst. Sociocide IN ACTION

YOU wanted for the best ? But they have done the worst. Sociocide IN ACTION

Oleg Tsarev comments on working papers of the new Ukraine Cabinet, which is supplemented by a first material , puts Anatoly Shary , and in which he spoke about the innovations of the Cabinet, with new documents detailing the economy. The country is in a stage zhetochayshego cuts, that's what is called a "belt-tightening".

There is a law of revolution: first you're promised that you will live much better, you will live better than anyone, and this happiness will begin almost immediately - as soon as you overthrow the old regime.

And then when it's done, it always turns out that everything is exactly the opposite: you will live much worse.

And incredibly much worse.

This is what happened with Ukraine's Maidan.

Journalist Anatoly Shary recently published working papers of the new Rada. In fact, it is a project of the changes that the government considers necessary for the social sphere.

Well, there is, as they say, a "full set".

Of the Constitution is proposed to remove the rule on free education and free medicine.

Reduce compulsory education to 9 years.

Reduce payments to Chernobyl, cancel the free food in hospitals.

Suspend free distribution of drugs in hypertensive patients.

Oh, that's the magic word officials - "pause".

Dostoevsky probably would have said that when official signs another immoral and inhuman disposition - that the word "suspend" plays for him the role of a pacifier. Well, we do not ever deprive hypertensive drug benefit - sleepily thinks official, reading his paper - we so just for a while ...

But that's not all.

Pupils and students will take away free travel in public transport.

Students shorten training - as bachelor and master's degree.

At primary school children - take away free food.

Cancel survivor's pension to the families of servicemen and law enforcement officers.

Average wage freeze and the indexation of pensions (and this is under constant inflation).

Increase the burden on teachers, but take away the fee for a degree.

And many, many similar solutions prepares a revolutionary government.

And to me that's what's interesting.

If, then, a year ago, when began the so-called "revolution of dignity", the people who came out to support it wholeheartedly, would know that it will be not the result of "victory over corruption," not "the destruction of the oligarchs", not "joining the EU" but only a new attack on the civil rights of each of them - they would have remained in the square?

And if false policy, broadcasts from the scene of national pride, then told people the truth - that corruption and the oligarchs will remain in place, but the education, health and social protection will begin to disappear completely - was somebody to fight for their interests?

But, unfortunately, when such questions begins to ask everyone - it has already been done, and destroyed not return.

Here's your new law of revolution. 

A. Shary: Savings from the Cabinet in

 detail and in numbers (documents)

I supplement the first material in which he spoke about the innovations of the Cabinet, with new documents detailing the economy. The country is in a stage zhetochayshego cuts, that's what is called a "belt-tightening".
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For years I've heard pundits predicting that countries around the world will reject the dollar, leading to a "flood of dollars coming back home". And yet when it's actually taking place, right in front of our eyes, no-one seems to be able to recognize it.

Right now the dollar is skyrocketing in value relative to oil. But not because everyone wants dollars, quite the opposite.

What is happening is the BRICS have partnered with the major oil producing nations to reject the dollar. By manipulating the oil markets they have engineered a situation where dollars flow towards a "safety play" in America, and a plethora of under-priced commodities quietly flow towards China and their partners.

These countries are draining their dollar reserves of dollars at the fastest rate possible. The mainstream slave-media tells us this is a bad thing for them. Considering they soon intend to reject the dollar entirely, it's actually perfectly logical.

The dollar is getting the flush. And nobody can hear it.

Here's Proof The Kiev Sniper Massacre Was a False Flag

Here's Proof The Kiev Sniper Massacre Was a False Flag

  • A research paper presented by the Canadian academic Ivan Katchanovski arrived at this conclusion
  • Russia Insider published it in October
  • Here is a useful summary of that 30-pages-long document
Joshua Tartakovsky
OPINION 9 hours ago | 1486 4
In 1 October 2014, Ivan Katchanovski, a Professor of Political Science at the University of Ottawa and formerly a visiting scholar at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University, presented the first academic paper to deal comprehensively with bloody day of February 20, 2014.
The paper, titled “The “Snipers’ Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine”, was presented at the Chair of Ukrainian Studies Seminar at the University of Ottawa.
In his paper Professor Katchanovski produces solid evidence for the argument that hired snipers were involved in shootings of protesters on Maidan, even if police forces are not to be absolved from blame for firing on protesters.
Indeed, a EU High Representative Catherine Ashton was caught on tapediscussing with the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet serious allegations that those who fired on the protesters in fact came from the opposition.
However, a full investigation has not been followed, nor has any Western government publicly called for such an investigation.
The new Kiev government’s investigation resulted in the arrest of three members of the Ukrainian riot police “Berkut”  who were held accountable for the killings. One of the three disappeared, with the possibility that he was either killed or fled equally probable at this point.
Professor Katchanovski’s full paper can be found here and deserves to be studied and analyzed in great detail.
Only several key arguments will be provided in this article while those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of what took place are highly encouraged to read the report in full and view its evidence and documentation for themselves, especially as its many details seemed to have escaped the notice of the mainstream media.
Some Key Arguments:
  • The events of February 20th begun as “Berkut” and “Omega” police units halted the advance of protesters to the Zhovtnevyi Palace by shooting both live and rubber bullets, and later retreated (p. 4). Bullet traces indicate police fired on protesters (p. 5).
  • A video taken by the BBC depicts snipers who fired on protesters from the Hotel Ukraina, and the shooter was then identified as wearing a green helmet as those worn by Euromaidan protesters (p.7), traces and bullet holes also indicate the shooting came from the hotel (p.8).
  • At least 12 public buildings were occupied by snipers or spotters. The new Ukrainian Government’s investigation did not address these issues (p.5).
  • Snipers fired on both police and protesters (pp. 6-7). A commander of Berkut said that snipers from the hotel fired at his people (pp.8-9)
  • A radio report of the Alfa police commanders states that about ten people from the Music Conservatory went to the Dnipro Hotel with their arms hidden while another ten went to Hotel Ukraina.

    This is confirmed by other radio exchanges (p.11). Radio exchanges were later juxtaposed by Euromaidan activists with other photos to present SBU snipers as responsible for the shooting (p.12).

    However, the public video did not include other radio transmissions of police units regarding civilians who were carrying weapons in bags (p.12).
  • It appears that snipers targeted international journalists but not Euromaidan film crew (p.17)
  • Two leaders of the Svoboda party were near the Ukraina hotel during the shooting (p.18)
  • Maidan activists claimed that the Right Sector and other activists searched the hotel later that day but found no shooters (p.18)
  • Shortly after shootings carried out by snipers, representatives of the far-right Svoboda, Fatherland and the Radical Party, spoke at Maidan and accused the Yanukovich government of carrying out the massacre (p.19)
  • According to a statement by a EuroMaidan figure, 11 members of the “Berkut” police unit were wounded by snipers who fired from the Music Conservatory building. (p.21)
  • Witnesses claim that groups from West Ukraine took over the Music Conservatory building that day on the same morning and that some of them had guns (p.24)
  • On February 21, following the bloody shootings, Yanukovich was given an ultimatum to leave his position and subsequently fled (p.24)
  • The exact identity of the snipers or those who hired them is still unknown (p.26)
  • While video depicting Berkut police firing was used by Maidan as evidence that they fired at protesters, Ivan Katchanovski writes that “the analysis of the publicly available evidence is inconclusive whether Berkut and Omega killed any of the protesters, specifically unarmed ones, because there were other shooters killing the protesters at the same very time” (p.27).
  • There is no evidence of Yanukovich ordering police forces to shoot at protesters nor have radio transmissions of various police units suggested this , commanders of various police groups denied receiving such orders (p.27)
Katchanovski concludes by saying:
“The seemingly irrational mass shooting and killing of the protesters and the police on February 20 appear to be rational from self-interest based perspectives of rational choice and Weberian theories of instrumentally-rational action.
This includes the following: the Maidan leaders gaining power as a result of the massacre, President Yanukovych and his other top government officials fleeing on February 21, 2014 from Kyiv and then from Ukraine, and the retreat by the police.
The same concerns Maidan protesters being sent under deadly fire into positions of no important value and then being killed wave by wave from unexpected directions.
Similarly, snipers killing unarmed protesters and targeting foreign journalists but not Maidan leaders, the Maidan Self-Defense and the Right Sector headquarters, the Maidan stage, and pro-Maidan photographs become rational.
While such actions are rational from a rational choice or instrumentally-rational theoretical perspective, the massacre not only ended many human lives but also undermined democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine” (pp.28-29).
It remains to be seen whether Western governments and international organizations such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch will demand a full and impartial investigation.
In its account of the subsequent investigation carried out by Ukrainian Government following the massive bloodshed on Maidan, Human Rights Watch claimed that the new Interior Ministry believed that Ukraine’s riot police “Berkut” was behind the shooting while the writer did not adding a word of reservation or questioning the credibility of the given position.
Russia’s argument that  snipers from the opposition could have been involved in the deadly shooting was accompanied by the writer with a word of caution, stating that  “if true, this evidence should be shared with investigators”.
However, the findings in this article seem to suggest that the current Ukrainian Government has been failing its own citizens by not carrying out a thorough and impartial investigation and by blaming all of the killings that took place on the deposed government.
The people of Ukraine deserve a full investigation.
Thanks to Kristina Rus with her help with this article.

NATO Intelligence Services Do Not Agree With The Assessment Of The West On Russia's Actions

Media: NATO intelligence services do not agree with the assessment of the West of Russia's actions

The reaction to the events in Ukraine. December 2014


As reported by the German magazine Spiegel, Russia, according to the intelligence services, does not want to aggravate the Ukrainian conflict.

© AP Photo / Olivier Matthys
MOSCOW, December 7 - RIA Novosti. intelligence services of NATO member states warned Western governments on incorrect assessment of Russia's policy towards Ukraine, indicating that Moscow does not want to escalate the conflict, the newspaper writes Spiegel .

As the Journal, citing unnamed sources, Russia, according to the intelligence services, "does not want to aggravate" the conflict. Also, according to these estimates, Moscow's policy aims to transform the self-proclaimed DNR and LC in the "functioning administrative units" as part of a federal Ukraine in case of an agreement with Kiev.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the Ukrainian domestic conflict and absolutely not privy to the events in the south-eastern Ukraine. Thus, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the grounds for accusing Russia of the deteriorating situation in the south and south-east of Ukraine is not, and the Defense Ministry has repeatedly reported that the militia does not supply military equipment, ammunition and other assistance.

Earlier edition Spiegel reported, citing its own sources that plans to create a special advance team of NATO forces risk to remain on paper at least until 2016, as no one in the alliance seriously expects Russian aggression towards NATO member states. According to sources, Moscow has no relevant political intentions. There are also no noticeable indications of possible military aggression of Russia towards Ukraine, pointed Spiegel.

Kiev authorities began in April in eastern Ukraine military operation against the February coup disgruntled residents of the region. According to the latest UN victims of the conflict began 4.3 thousand civilians, almost 10,000 were wounded. 

With the mediation of Russia and the OSCE Minsk parties agreed to a truce since 5 September. Once past November 2 in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic of elections attacks intensified in the Donbass, the parties accused each other of violating the agreements Minsk. 

Earlier it was announced that the ceasefire is introduced in the territory of the Donetsk airport in the evening on December 2, however, the parties alleged violations. The other day, the parties agreed to enter it again, but in the entire Donbass, from December 9.


And So Be It , What Man Proposes and God disposes....

And So Be It , What Man Proposes and God disposes....
Today at 3:48 am

The New Cold War ?-No! Whatever you say, the leaders of these notorious "world opinions" - this whole armada of "independent" Western journalist eggheads, political scientists, analysts, and venerable "professional" experts are impenetrable idiots.
It turns out that they seriously expected for Putin, speaking with a message to the Federal Assembly, would be ...a repent before the West for "bad behavior" and a pledge to "seek mutually acceptable solutions" for lifting their sanctions!!!
"It amazes me how this saucy type speech, as for an example, from CNN's correspondent Matthew Chance.  If people listened to him, they were expecting to hear some softening of Putin's positions, and they would be disappointed on all counts. Nothing close to with which he spoke. Many other western political analysts, in the same spirit spoke as well. 

What Putin did say, so disappointed the captains of the"progressive community"? What he said, so surprised, so many - even scared some? (Their scare is because boogie-man, the "Russian threat" stereotype still kept in political storerooms since the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, is today back again with a vengeance and walking through the pages of the Western media). 

Yes, that's exactly what, speaking to the Federal Assembly, Putin said: 
1. We are Russians. Russia is a country of many faces, but a monolithic Russian nation. 
2. The fundamental basis of Russian life are Christian ideals, values ​​and shrines. 
3. West unleashed a war against us. with an ultimate goal to dismember Russia on the Yugoslav variant or sale of the old plan to oust Hitler us beyond the Urals. 
4. We are ready to accept the challenge. The Kremlin clearly understands what is happening, and knows how to respond to the growing threat. The president has enough will and political courage to take all necessary decisions to repel all aggression. 
5. Achieving military superiority over Russia will not succeed. We are ready to defend our independence by all available means. Now I understand why they are so afraid of us? In fact, in this speech, Putin outlined the new state ideology. The very ideology, in the absence of which we as Russian patriots to him for so long fiercely criticized. 

Now it is available in Russia. And this - the ideology of our national revival. Moreover, it is the ideology of Russian uprising against the dictatorship disgusting liberal fascism Sodom and rebellion against Satan's "spirit of the times" for the right to be Russia, and for Russian people to live according to their ideals and shrines, its traditional historical, political, and spiritual values ​​of great power.

Well, was this what the West did not immediately see and so was coincidentally horrified and scared? But these wild Russian's did not respond to sanctions that the so-called "civilized world" thought they rightly imposed upon Russians. More precisely, to not react, but.. in a strange way at first seem unphased rather than resent Putin's "militarism" and "imperialism", and take to the streets to protest against the "bloody gebistskogo regime," demanding the return on the shelves of Polish apples and Parmesan Italian, Galician vodka and Latvian sprats, they ... suspiciously silent.
Besides, a showing in all the opinion polls, was that the leader of the growing support for this very "gebistskogo regime", despite the fact that he was repeatedly booed throughout "rukopozhatnoy" scum of the international community.Well, seriously now, they are waiting for tough times.

Washington (and behind them the Sanhedrin), finally realized that Putin's Russia, is for him, not a mortal threat. That the implementation of Putin's plans to revive the Russian geopolitical power didn't mean a complete collapse of the Western world. That Christian Russia and the West's Sodom could closely live together on this small planet. In the words of the classic, "Bolivar can not carry double ...". That is why America is ready to use all the levers of influence on the allies and vassals, just to put together a more or less workable anti-Russian coalition.
That is why Washington rapes Europe, making it to the detriment of their own interests to aggravate relations with Moscow. That is why the Saudis satellite-dropping oil prices, despite the fact that it can kill "shale revolution" in the United States, with which they rushed past 10 years, both written sack, waiting for new oil technologies long-awaited release from export dependence on carbon . 

They beat us at the weakest point. Financial and economic sector in Russia - the most vulnerable target for sanctions against Moscow. Liberal economists bastards over twenty years selflessly "sewed" Russia to the US dollar, "the worldwide division of labor", depriving us of the financial and economic independence. Now trying to fix a bad situation overnight - it is impossible. 

Knowing this, our enemies hit Russia here. Realizing though if they do and if here they fail to succeed, the final collapse of the Western economy only a great war would be able to save. A real "hot", large-scale and ruthless war. And this huge risk, as history shows, is that war with Russian is extremely dangerous, and such wars that begin with an eye on Moscow very often ended in Berlin or Paris. And given modern military technologies and Washington - the first time in history - may update this list of "innocent victims of Russian aggression" ... 

Whatever it was, and yet, contrary to all expectations, expanding the West against Russia a cold war has brought us, Russian patriots, many "Unexpected Joy" unexpected good fruits. Judge for yourself. Firstly, in politics and ideology of the Kremlin took a radical "national-patriotic" reversal, which Russian public twenty years could not achieve on their own. Second, the terrible abyss separating people from the Russian "democratic government" in Moscow, began to disappear under the influence of Putin's new "patriotic course."Third, completed the marginalization of "democratic opposition" - the fifth column of the Western "agents of influence". 

All the enemies of the people, the liberal russophobes, now in sight and are known by name, those we can agree, facilitating the control of the "orange" swamp riffraff. Fourthly, (and this one is important,) it has begun a serious spiritual shift in Russian society  and returns an understanding of the indisputable fact that in our life there is something more important than wealth. That happiness is not to eat sweet and gentle sleep. 

What native Orthodox virtues of selflessness and sacrifice, willingness to "lay down his life for his friends" for native shrines, for their country, for their faith, for the great Russian future - is more important than "consumer rights" and "democratic procedures" ... So that's that : Man proposes and God disposes. And it is God's arrangement that gives Russia a new force. It seems, it is nearing the end of our days of mourning for Russia, Russian humiliation, shame Russian, in the words of Scripture: "Speak unto the Lord thy God, Zane succumbed Thou in thy falsities. And I will betroth thee to be my age in truth and grace and bounties. Behold, the hand of thy vzyah cup fall phial moeya rage, and not prilozhishi ksemu PITI Her. " Yes, Lord, let it be so! Amen. 

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Who and where to send the message of Putin ?

Who and where to send the message of Putin ?

Message from the President of Russia showed that the West studiously tried to hide.Very difficult for those who lied on television to its citizens that Putin still bad, suddenly show citizens very confident man who calmly explains future prospects. If, after talking to the Americans before, suddenly show Putin's message, then ordinary Americans may wonder, why are they lied to about all the time?

In this case, only one way out - gawp and declare that struck rigidity applications, say, exactly, he lives in a different reality. In fact, what they say on information channels, there are few who believe. Those who want to see an alternative point of view, has long been looking RT. This is mostly educated people, that's where the middle class today finds truthful information. However, that still do the words of the president? Let's deal.

Very often here in the West, journalists wondering, "Putin said that Russia will not close from the outside world, so he tends to the West and in need of it, in which case it is not clear why it is so hard to speak out about the West. Who will help Putin, if he so conducts himself unworthy? Those who dictate their terms to the world, do not receive mercy. " You should have seen the eyes of these people, when they had to explain that Putin does not ask for no mercy, and the phrase "will not be closed," rather means some Russian expansion to the West. That is, we will not be closed to the West, we will cooperate and grow in the West, its economy, its policies, its business.

Putin says he is not going to go back, but it only means that he is going to move forward in the EU, China, Turkey, South America, and in the US too. Those who think that Putin won or even slightly pressed, wait for him to come home and wait for Russian companies that will buy and breathe new life into those companies that are in the West began to dry, because the money on the stock exchanges do faster than in the factories, but Putin will come and exchange too. Putin understands that to win, you need to learn to use Western weapons better than the West. Once passed quite unnoticed, but Putin Dodavah situation in Ukraine until the moment when Ukraine had to negotiate with the DNR. Everyone remembers that in any Poroshenko did not want to negotiate with the DNR, but as we can see, I had to. And that's not all.

Putin and almost drove West and Petrushka position trained animal and put it on his hind legs. And for those who might seem that this is a very strong expression, are encouraged to see this. Among the most vocal opponents of Putin was Obama, Merkel, Hollande and, actually, Petrushka. Now let's see which one of them now has capacity in terms of opposition to Putin. Obama spells except that "Russia will pay for all" can not do anything. For dusty curtains say a hitch in the appointment of a new head of the Pentagon, was not accidental.No new Pentagon chief - no hostilities. If the Muslims are still some operations are possible, the confrontation with Russian Defense Minister without impossible. So the appointment of Obama, as they say, will not hurry.As for Merkel, who saw her recently, could be someone heard her something? Merkel understands that every sneeze it will now work against it. With Putin, she could not do anything, besides, he was right, and blood under the leadership of Petrushka reached quite unacceptable sizes, Ukraine applies the banned weapons and is inhumane policy towards people who have worked all my life in the country, and now she refuses them in pensions and medicines.

Now even the UN is concerned this inhuman moment. Who will defend such a state in the international arena ?. In addition, Merkel stronger Stalking representative of the German left Sahra Wagenknecht, stating that it is to blame Merkel in a new Cold War in Europe. Maybe Merkel could not pay attention to it, but the thing is that the situation in the EU gets really worse day by day. It is linked to the desire of the EU to abolish sanctions against Russia, the European banking sector moves down into recession.

If Russian banks start to buy credits in the West, the case in the EU will be very bad. Earlier in the press saying that sanctions against Putin will cost Europe itself about 50 billion. We evaluated this figure is at least $ 150 billion a year, now we see that the West is losing more realistic. This includes related losses. Now, as you know, even through the "leak" at the borders (eg through Belarus) are still going goods from the EU, but Putin their sly "caulk" and the position of the EU is getting worse.

Realizing their helplessness and sensitivity Russia on the Ukrainian question, Merkel blown away, but Hollande, showing miracles of stupidity, suddenly took up politics. This is of course ridiculous. Explain the activity of "village idiot" can be. In France, for it has come from the trade unions, then vytryasut from him his rotten pluck. Mistral is now more like a hot potato, which hold in their hands does not work, you need to throw them, otherwise in France will be hot this winter. But to give just after all the cheap applications, it's like your own smear their own dung.

Was coined by a stupid plan: go to Nazarbayev and talk to him, try to persuade Astana affect Putin. Thus, the Moscow show that in this area the EU has other allies. Stupid plans are bad, even if they lead to successful results stupid. Now that's what happened. Now, after what he heard from Nazarbayev, Hollande forced to go to Moscow. Those who read us constantly remember that we said that we would have to fall to the feet Putin.Rate the event.

That is, what would have to ask at the reception, this is understandable, but what Putin decides in this sense, we do not know. Although in any case, the situation after the meeting is better than before. Putin - positive person and is able to achieve success even when dealing with an idiot. In general, I must say, strange things happen. In Russian ruble falls, it seems that the West is able to bring the Russian economy to depression, and the people stubbornly support Putin. In Russian there is some sense of bright victory. The situation is very similar to the spring of 1945. When the Nazis still resisted and the loss of Soviet armies were still very high, but already knew victory would, fascism broken ridge, it still beats in agony and deadly stings, but a giant Moloch turn this evil force in the dust very soon, before his death German fascism has remained the days ...

In his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian president just gave the analogy with fascism, because Frau kantslerina shuddered and huddled deeper into the hole, but already there in Germany, there are those who denounces her for the policies of the new «Drang nach Osten», which literally means "pressure to the East." Germany now as it was then in the 41-m still thinking about spreading its influence. We wrote about this more than once. Note that as long as relations with Russia were in the nature of cooperation, for Germany it was profitable and strongly welcomed by Russia. As soon as Mrs. Merkel came breeching the drain, all at once began to turn bad, and what we see today is not the worst, not the lowest possible point in the relationship.

When Putin says it needs to listen carefully. In contrast to virtually all the world's politicians, Putin is telling the truth. If Germany does not listen to the US, and what Putin says, it is easy to understand that his words should be taken literally. Putin said that the Crimea sacred place for Russia. Understand you garden head that such things are not given. They can be obtained only with the death of the country. However, the war with Russia does not guarantee the return of the Crimea to Ukraine. In case of war, the US Navy will run from this most of the Crimea, which was so eager. There is a price that even the mad Bush was not ready to pay, even though over half of Russia.

Note that in world politics rhetoric intensifies, but Russian somehow not afraid, on the contrary as if looking for opportunities to start hitting on the head of the enemy. Even the fifth column of corrupt skins understand that Crimea - the territory of Russia, and always will be. This means that the West's efforts in vain? Here it is understood Hollande. And in those moments rushes to Moscow to Putin. Until idiots comes long time, but then out of their heads do not shake. Let's see what will infuse President Putin in the head amateur croissants and frogs at this time.


The Russian President holds direct parallels between modern Western Politicians and Hitler.


The Russian President holds direct parallels between modern Western Politicians and Hitler.

What is the secret of American strategy?

By: Dmitry Travin 

News Newsland: What is the secret of American strategy? Vladimir Putin was right to say that Americans want to weaken Russia, to dismember it and grab it. The Russian President holds direct parallels between modern Western Politicians and Hitler.
Is it possible to make sense of where the truth ends, and where - the propaganda begins? A Chess game's foreign policy game of a kind. Here a lot depends on how the game will start, white or black. In the XIX century France played white.That Century began with the Napoleonic Wars, and although Bonaparte played it as early as 1815, to further European policies was largely a response to the challenge of the world from a great military leader and emperor. Perhaps only in 1870, when Prussia defeated the regime of Louis Bonaparte, this story could be considered as over. In the twentieth century white played Germany, which so abruptly entered the global policy, which will inevitably become two world wars.
Hitler played his to 1945 mu, but the further development of Europe is largely determined by the desire to integrate Germany into the international organizations in order to prevent new conflicts. 
In the XXI century white is played by the United States. This, as historical experience shows, does not guarantee the success of the United States, but so far the other players base their strategy only as a response to the American challenge. 

Some try to resolve disputes at the negotiating table, while others strive to give the enemy a horse's head, and others to take the initiative in the economy, seeking to conquer America with its own weapons. These strategies can be successful by black, or not, but in any case the world in the coming decades will depend largely on what kind of strategy for this party will America elect. Can we understand the real meaning of US policy, which some consider a diabolical conspiracy against the whole world, others - gradual movement towards a better future, for others - Throwing a crazy cat who does not know what he wants? 

The United States, of course, would like to maintain its dominance. This is no doubt, because in doing so they would have in their place Power. But for dominance it needs alliances. Alone, no one can conquer the world, and is not able to create a uni-polar one. Democratization on the conveyors, basically America, has two ways to retain dominance in the world. One is to not wait for favors from nature and self-build their faithful allies. The other - to take into account the realities and skillfully use circumstances.

Each of these methods has certain advantages as well as major disadvantages. Picturing the world in the XXI century can develop in many different ways - depending on which particular approach will dominate American foreign policy. It would seem the most natural for the United States, would be to rely on the American's strategic common values. Western-style democracy as it, is consistent with allies of Washington, regardless of how much money they took for this friendly support for what is the campaign political orientations of their current rulers. 

We sometimes look to strategies as built on the basis of values, not huge skepticism. Putin, in particular, even says, that the Europeans have lost their sovereignty, ie actually they have become satellites of the United States. However, history has a number of important examples of the formation of international coalitions on this principle.
They may be guided, in particular, by such cunning political players, as Metternich and Stalin. For example, after the defeat of Napoleon's troops, winners formed the Holy Alliance, whose task was the avoidance of new revolutions in Europe. "Allies," could hold together despite various contradictions. However, though sought to somehow do so smoothly as all monarchical regimes were fundamentally interested in the fact that their basic system of government has not changed the States. Napoleon did not break new boundaries established under the pretext of establishing liberty, equality and fraternity.

Another example - the formation of the Communist International, with which Soviet Russia has sought to contribute to the world revolution. The Bolsheviks believed that our country should serve as a basis for progressive reforms abroad, and therefore had helped in all countries the formation of pro-Soviet parties willing to organize this revolution, this only appropriated opportunities. 

Comintern had, of course, pop money from Moscow, but in general they were still convinced fighters do not fight for tactical goals, but for an ideal. Today's America sees its most consistent allies began with European countries, as well as some democratic countries, existing in other parts of the world. According to the particulars they can all argue among themselves, and sometimes very hard, but on matters of principle democracies find themselves in the same camp, and not because of pressure from Washington, but by understanding their community. 

In the light of this approach, it is quite natural for Americans to become the desired ideals in all parts of the world as much as possible. An assorted variety of democracies. After expansionism of the zones of democracy, it is an instant extension of the zone of influence for the United States. You can certainly rely on dictators and puppets for the good old principle of "he's, a son of a bitch of course, but he's our son of a bitch." 

However, when you change the dictator a danger exists that the new "son of a bitch" may find a new host. In this approach, America is not interested in the dismemberment of authoritarian Russia on the small authoritarian states, and to push the Kremlin from the effect on countries that can become democracies. America does not care about Russia's relations with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan even ruled by autocrats east, but Georgia or Ukraine. 

The United States wants to instruct all on the "right path". The American approach of reliance, is one close to the values ​​of their state. This is good in many ways, but there is a problem: democracy is not always created by an order. Despite the primitive conspiracy theory that any color revolutions occur on the order of Washington, the world has far more examples of failed democracy-building, rather than successful ones.

After the war, the Americans succeeded brilliantly with implementation of the Marshall Plan, which helped Western Europe to become democratic. But in recent years, perhaps the only a country in Central and Eastern Europe could confidently adapt to Western values, whereas in Asia, Africa and several Latin American countries democratization has only led to a change of some authoritarian regimes on the other hand. Some of these regimes (especially in Islamic countries), North America's actions are far more problematic than modes of the good old "sons of bitches", which where overthrown.
Washington, anyway, helped by the Iron Chancellor, today many have criticized. The United States has such an adorable value approach to conducting  foreign policy, and if reminded that there is already a policy of realpolitik, who in its time was especially popular due to the activities of the One Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. As Bismarck, based this on specific short-term interests of individual countries, and not of the fundamental values ​​that should have been on the idea to combine or divide them all. 

This allowed Prussia to break one by one their principal opponents, creating in the center of Europe a great German Empire, which, like, none of the neighbors, did not want to see next. Realpolitiks and paying tribute to Comrade Stalin, made sure after Hitler came to power, that the support only of the Communist Party was not enough. The Soviet Union supported the Popular Front during the Spanish Civil War, although it was created in conjunction various leftist forces, not excluding even the liberals.
And in the Second World Stalin went on to direct alliance with bourgeois countries, which allowed, in the end, defeating Hitler and expanded the zone of influence of the Soviet Union in the region where the seemingly objective conditions for the communist revolution (highly developed industrial proletariat strong, effective Communist Parties) was so much favored.

What does it mean for realpolitik America today? Perhaps the most interesting interpretation of this problem, given the political words of scientist Samuel Huntington in his famous book "The Clash of Civilizations." Usually commentators of Huntington's theory pay any attention to the argument about the diversity of civilizations and the impossibility of reducing them all to a Western model. But in addition to this theoretical conclusion there is still an important and practical lesson.
In order to avoid a collision with all the consequences for the sad consequences of civilizations, America needs to take into account the real strength of individual countries. Within each civilization, according to Huntington, there are pivotal powers able to influence their neighbors and decide one way or another their own problem of coexistence.
It might not be democratic, but it is necessary to maintain a reasonable relationship, because without her help America can not establish any normal world order. The main conclusion of Huntington is that to prevent wars "core countries should refrain from intervening in conflicts in other civilizations "and that the" core countries need to agree among themselves in order to deter or stop wars fault line between states or groups of states related to their civilization.

"Naturally, this conclusion applies to America, and, therefore, it should not democratize those who live in a civilization (in any case, without the sanction of the core power). Regarding our country Huntington recommends that the United States and the European Union "to recognize Russia as a pivotal power Orthodox civilization and a major regional power with a legitimate interest in ensuring the security of its southern borders. 

"Following such advice would mean that the Kremlin is given carte blanche to tackle key problems most of the post-Soviet spaces. And certainly carte blanche with regard to Ukraine and Belarus. The democratization of the former Soviet Union could not be implemented before the time when the Kremlin democratized, but the complete destabilization in the area could have been avoided.

How to avoid chaos? The situation in the Ukraine in 2014, is a vivid illustration of the problem of the chaos that has arisen in a large region, corresponds to the concept of "civilization" according to Huntington. Let's Throw a minute an ethical approach to this issue on the principle of "Russia - the evil, Ukraine - the good, or vice versa," and try to analyze the situation from the perspective of real politics.
Suppose America and the European Union want to build a market, democratic Ukraine, which sooner or later will become part of a united Europe. Do they have an opportunity to solve this problem? In the case of the Czech Republic, Poland and Estonia, a similar problem was solved quite easily, as the citizens of these countries the vast majority of Europeans saw themselves and were ready to play by the rules proposed by the West.

In the case of Ukraine, it is not so. Here the situation is much more complicated.Different regions see the future in very different ways, besides these views are rapidly changing under the influence of current circumstances. For someone authority, is Europe, for someone like Russia, while others just focused on a thicker pocket neighbor.

Russia has failed to bring Ukraine into the Customs Union, however, and the West was not able to solve the problems of this country either, ignoring Russia's opinions. Accusing each other of mortal sins, succeeded brilliantly in both Moscow and Washington, but to solve the Ukraine problem - no! 

Ukraine does not become such a solid and reliable component of the Western world, as the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia. Instead, it turned into a source of headaches for those who would like clarity, stability and efficiency in dealing with this beautiful country going through a difficult stage in its development.
The West must understand clearly how flowing gas through Ukrainian pipelines, as planes fly in Ukrainian sky like working Ukrainian nuclear power plants. And if there is something wrong functioning, Western politicians is difficult to escape from the problems of response that Putin was to blame. Thus, America in the XXI century can continue its policy of democratization of the world, focusing on the progress that she has had in her past. But can do otherwise: to take into account the problems of long-term chaos prevailing in the Islamic world, and the growing chaos in the post-Soviet space. If the United States are transforming their course in the spirit of realpolitik, picture of the future of the world may be substantially different.Westernized elites in different parts of the world will be left without support, while authoritarian leaders will find in America an understanding that their not your partner. 

Dmitry Travin 


The US House of Representatives Betray Americans | Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Global Research, December 06, 2014

The US House of Representatives has joined Hillary Clinton, Obama, the neoconservatives, Washington’s vassals, and the American and European presstitutes in demonizing Russia and President Putin. The House resolution against Russia is a packet of lies, but that did not stop the resolution from passing by a vote of 411 for and 10 against.

The entire world should take note that the American people are capable of electing only ten intelligent representatives. Ten people out of 435 is 2 percent. And yet Washington declares itself to be the “exceptional,” “indispensable” country empowered to exercise hegemony over the world!

No one should be surprised to see Washington, its presstitutes and European vassal states using the same propagandistic lies against Russia and Putin as were used against Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Libya and Gaddafi, Syria and Assad, Afghanistan and the Taliban, and Iran. Washington is fearful of the rise of Russia and China, of the leadership demonstrated by Vladimir Putin, of the formation of new organizations independent of Washington, such as the BRICS. While the George W. Bush regime was sidetracked by its “six week, $70 billion war,” which turned out to be, so far, a multi-trillion dollar 13-year losing operation, Putin kicked out some of the American agents who were contaminating Russian sovereignty and rebuilt the country.

When Putin blocked the planned US invasions of Syria and Iran, Washington decided that something had to be done about Putin and Russia. Washington had spent $5 billion dollars buying Ukrainian politicians and funding fifth column NGOs. With Putin distracted with the Olympics, Washington struck, overthrew the elected Ukrainian government and installed its puppets.

The puppets set about antagonizing Ukraine’s Russian population in provinces that formerly were part of Russia but were attached to Ukraine by Soviet leaders when Russia and Ukraine were the same country. Russians threatened with death and the banning of their language naturally did not want to be victims of Washington’s puppet government in Kiev. Crimea voted to reunite with Russia from whence it came, and so did the eastern and southern provinces.

Washington and its the vassals and presstitutes lied and described these acts of self-determination as Russian invasion and annexation. Russia is falsely accused of having troops occupying the breakaway provinces.

The purpose of Washington’s false accusations is to destabilize Russia and the country’s government. Washington has many avenues by which to destabilize Russia. Washington has the US funded NGOs, the foreign owned Russian media, and the House Resolution calls for Washington to expand propaganda broadcasting into Russia in the Russian language. Washington has cultivated oligarchs, business interests and Russian politicians who see their economic and political interests aligned with the West. There are deluded Russian youths who think freedom resides in the West and others represented by such as Pussy Riot who prefer the West’s amoralism or immoralism to the Christian culture that the Russian government supports.

If Washington fails to destabilize Russia or to have Putin assassinated, frustration could result in more reckless behavior that could lead to military conflict. The House Resolution calls on Obama to arm Ukraine with US weapons so that Ukraine can conquer the separatist provinces and take back Crimea. There are constant calls from NATO itself for more military forces on Russia’s borders, and NATO war games are conducted near Russia’s borders. Washington wants to include the former Russian provinces of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, something that Russia cannot accept.

Washington is placing the world on the path to Armageddon, as Professor Michel Chossudovsky makes clear in “Towards A World War III Scenario” (Global Research, 2012).

The Russian government downplays the dangers and continues to speak of “our Western partners,” with whom the Russian government hopes to work things out. The Russian government and the Russian people–indeed all the peoples of the earth–should understand that Russia has no partners in the West. Russia only has enemies.

Washington has made it completely clear that Russia can be part of the West only as a vassal state and not as a sovereign country with its own interests and an independent policy. Washington’s demand for hegemony does not permit the existence of other sovereign countries sufficiently strong to resist Washington’s will. As the ideology of hegemony has a powerful hold on Washington and is institutionalized in the neoconservative control of critical government offices and media, war is the almost certain outcome.

Washington’s puppet rulers of Europe are the enablers of the neoconservative war-mongers. In all of Europe there is not a government independent of Washington. Pawns like Merkel, Cameron, and Hollande are selling out human life.

Russian government officials, such as Putin and Lavrov, address the facts, but to Washington and its European vassals facts are not important. What is important is to destabilize Russia. The conflict that Washington has brought to Russia cannot be addressed on a factual basis.

Washington knew that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and no al Qaeda connections. Washington knew Assad did not use chemical weapons. Washington knew that Gaddafi was being set up with lies. Washington knows that Iran has no nuclear weapons. What was important to Washington was not the truth but the overthrow of these governments.

While the Russian government was preoccupied with the olympics, Washington struck in Ukraine, installing a puppet government. It is likely the case that the only solution that can make the festering problem of Ukraine go away is the reincorporation of Ukraine in Russia.

Arrogance and hubris usually result in overreach, and overreach could break up Washington’s empire. But Washington doesn’t think so. Just as Washington put its NGOs into the streets of Kiev in what is called the Maiden protests, Washington has put its NGOs in the streets of Hong Kong, hoping that the protests or riots will spread to other Chinese cities.

Russia and China are far too open to the West than is good for them. Tsar Nicholas II did not expect his government to be overthrown, but Kerensky did overthrow Nicholas’ government in the February Revolution only to be overthrown by Lenin in the October Revolution. The Chinese don’t expect to be overthrown, but neither did Viktor Yanukovych.

Political life is full of ambitious persons and agendas. Putin faces these ambitions in Russia. Washington knows that Russia cannot be turned into a vassal state as long as Putin is in office. Therefore, the demonization of Putin and plots against him will continue.