Friday, November 21, 2014

USA found the culprits to what is happening in Ukraine and it is not Russia...

USA found the culprits of what is happening in Ukraine and Russia is not

USA found the culprits to what is happening in Ukraine and it is not Russia...


Recently Washington blamed the occurrence of deadlock in the Ukraine to the EU's.Criticisms in Brussels, expressed in private Secretary of State John Kerry. It is known that the US has officially denied that the crisis in Ukraine was caused by an agreement on associated membership in the EU. But at a closed meeting, which took place last week, John Kerry, according to some reports, said that "some people in Europe made ​​a mistake.

" The Association Agreement, according to him, turned into tug of war between the West and the East. "This should not have happened," - said Kerry. Moscow has long pointed out that the crisis in Ukraine was provoked by the EU, which forced the country to choose between Europe and Russia.

 The Association Agreement, which, after long reflection, Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign. Ukraine would be required the breaking or weakening of ties with Russia. It would be a hard hit on the economy. In addition, Ukraine is home to millions of people who are against this separation from Russia.

However, some European officials have talked about the rationalization choice that Ukraine should view in the matter. The EU insisted on the signing of the agreement and refused to discuss a trilateral talk that would allow Ukraine, on the one hand, to preserve ties with Russia, and with another - to establish links with the EU. 

Now we finally hear from the Secretary of State that the blame for the worsening of the crisis in Ukraine at the end of last year is on the European Union. But, even if he adheres to this view, the question arises: what he thought when his subordinates actively promoted in Kiev an agreement that Kerry now calls the "tug of war between East and West." 

The employees of his State Dept. decided to skip the practical approach to the change of power in Kiev. To one that at the time, seemed that they wanted to go around the EU, and instead, in the words of one US officials, promote the emergence of a new government. Here we are talking about the recording of a telephone conversation between the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt about who is a good leader of the Ukrainian opposition they should put in a new government. Now that the crisis in Ukraine has gone far beyond the Maidan US Secretary of State, you may want to see how it all began.

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