Thursday, November 13, 2014

46 Ukrainian soldiers committed suicide - Defense Ministry

46 Ukrainian soldiers committed suicide - Defense Ministry

___________________________________ Acting Chief of the military and law enforcement forces, Major General ukrovermahta Krishtun gave shocking details of the report, which says that the army ukrofashistskoy fourfold increase in the number of suicides, and also significantly increased the number of deserters.The report compares data for the last two years. Last year finished with a thirteen ukrofashistskih old soldier, this is already 46.

In total, according to the military service law enforcement, killing 960 people, 750 of them on the front.These data strongly underestimated and do not reflect the whole picture of the disaster: The Security Council said yesterday ukrovermahta that, in the zone of conflict killed more than a thousand warriors ukrofashistskih. Almost three times increase in the number of offenses in ukrofashistskoy army. Last year, this figure stood at 3 points today - 8.16 points.

Half of the offenses punishable. The number of deserters also increased tenfold. According to recent reports, the run set off five and a half thousand people, of whom nearly a thousand military personnel, and the rest - those who fell under the spontaneous mobilization.Delay is less than half failed to escape, reports Krishtun. According to him, three thousand soldiers still listed in irrevocable departed AWOL.

Previously reported about one of the cases where the military prosecutor's office, it was found that in early September conscripts willfully left the location of the military garrison, Poltava and evaded military service for about a month . Supervisory authority ukroreyha already instituted 222 criminal case on the fact of absence without leave troops 3078 ukrofashistskih warriors. Another 56 criminal cases were instituted on the fact of evasion of military duty by the 5 th. People, 32 of which are subject to arrest.

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