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Enough speculation! Donetsk airport OURS !!!

Enough speculation! Donetsk airport OURS !!!


"Airport is ours!" - Novorossia flags fly on the runway and on the watchtower, the enemy suffers losses ___________________________________ Contrary to false statements of Bandarstainian's media and their fantastic stories about the "invincible cyborg", the Donetsk airport, as it was before, under the control of the army of New Russia. Proof of this is flags that are on the runway and on the fire tower. Last few days the ukrofashistskie Military unsuccessfully try to recapture These positions and Suffered Losses in armored Vehicles and manpower.

West is not Finished Destroying Ukraine with IMF Plunder

Ukraine: Secretive Neo-Nazi Military Organization Involved in Euromaidan Sniper Shootings

Global Research, November 22, 2014

21st Century Wire and Global Research

Yanoukovitch, ousted president of Ukraine
This article –which recounts the events of the November Euromaidan 2013 Sniper Shootings was first published in March 2014

The events in Ukraine since November 2013 are so astonishing as almost to defy belief.An legitimately-elected (said by all international monitors) Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich, has been driven from office, forced to flee as a war criminal after more than three months of violent protest and terrorist killings by so-called opposition.

His “crime” according to protest leaders was that he rejected an EU offer of a vaguely-defined associate EU membership that offered little to Ukraine in favor of a concrete deal with Russia that gave immediate €15 billion debt relief and a huge reduction in Russian gas import prices. Washington at that point went into high gear and the result today is catastrophe.

A secretive neo-nazi military organization reported linked to NATO played a decisive role in targeted sniper attacks and violence that led to the collapse of the elected government.

But the West is not finished with destroying Ukraine. Now comes the IMF with severe conditionalities as prerequisite to any Western financial help.

After the famous leaked phone call of US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (photo, left) with the US Ambassador in Kiev, where she discussed the details of who she wanted in a new coalition government in Kiev, and where she rejected the EU solutions with her “Fuck the EU” comment,[1] the EU went it alone. Germany’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier proposed that he and his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, fly to Kiev and try to reach a resolution of the violence before escalation. Polish Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski was asked to join. The talks in Kiev included the EU delegation, Yanukovich, the three opposition leaders and a Russian representative. The USA was not invited.[2]

The EU intervention without Washington was extraordinary and reveals the deeping division between the two in recent months. In effect it was the EU saying to the US State Department, “F*** the US,” we will end this ourselves.

After hard talks, all major parties including the majority of protesters, agreed to new presidential elections in December, return to the 2004 Constitution and release of Julia Tymoshenko from prison. The compromise appeared to end the months long chaos and give a way out for all major players.

The diplomatic compromise lasted less than twelve hours. Then all hell broke loose.

Snipers began shooting into the crowd on February 22 in Maidan or Independence Square. Panic ensued and riot police retreated in panic according to eyewitnesses. The opposition leader Vitali Klitschko withdrew from the deal, no reason given. Yanukovich fled Kiev.[3]

The question unanswered until now is who deployed the snipers? According to veteran US intelligence sources, the snipers came from an ultra-right-wing military organization known as Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense (UNA-UNSO).

IMAGE: Members of UNA-UNSO marching in Lviv.

Strange Ukraine ‘Nationalists’

The leader of UNA-UNSO, Andriy Shkil, ten years ago became an adviser to Julia Tymoshenko. UNA-UNSO, during the US-instigated 2003-2004 “Orange Revolution”, backed pro-NATO candidate Viktor Yushchenko against his pro-Russian opponent, Yanukovich. UNA-UNSO members provided security for the supporters of Yushchenko and Julia Tymoshenko on Independence Square in Kiev in 2003-4.[4]

UNA-UNSO is also reported to have close ties to the German National Democratic Party (NDP).[5]

Ever since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 the crack-para-military UNA-UNSO members have been behind every revolt against Russian influence. The one connecting thread in their violent campaigns is always anti-Russia. The organization, according to veteran US intelligence sources, is part of a secret NATO “GLADIO” organization, and not a Ukraine nationalist group as portrayed in western media. [6]

According to these sources, UNA-UNSO have been involved (confirmed officially) in the Lithuanian events in the Winter of 1991, the Soviet Coup d’etat in Summer 1991, the war for the Pridnister Republic 1992, the anti-Moscow Abkhazia War 1993, the Chechen War, the US-organized Kosovo Campaign Against the Serbs, and the August 8 2008 war in Georgia. According to these reports, UNA-UNSO para-military have been involved in every NATO dirty war in the post-cold war period, always fighting on behalf of NATO. “These people are the dangerous mercenaries used all over the world to fight NATO’s dirty war, and to frame Russia because this group pretends to be Russian special forces. THESE ARE THE BAD GUYS, forget about the window dressing nationalists, these are the men behind the sniper rifles,” these sources insist. [7]

If true that UNA-UNSO is not “Ukrainian” opposition, but rather a highly secret NATO force using Ukraine as base, it would suggest that the EU peace compromise with the moderates was likely sabotaged by the one major player excluded from the Kiev 21 February diplomatic talks—Victoria Nuland’s State Department.[8] Both Nuland and right-wing Republican US Senator John McCainhave had contact with the leader of the Ukrainian opposition Svoboda Party, whose leader is openly anti-semitic and defends the deeds of a World War II Ukrainian SS-Galicia Division head.[9] The party was registered in 1995, initially calling itself the “Social National Party of Ukraine” and using a swastika style logo. Svoboda is the electoral front for neo-nazi organizations in Ukraine such as UNA-UNSO.[10]

One further indication that Nuland’s hand is shaping latest Ukraine events is the fact that the new Ukrainian Parliament is expected to nominate Nuland’s choice, Arseny Yatsenyuk, from Tymoshenko’s party, to be interim head of the new Cabinet.

Whatever the final truth, clear is that Washington has prepared a new economic rape of Ukraine using its control over the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

IMF plunder of Ukraine Crown Jewels

Now that the “opposition” has driven a duly-elected president into exile somewhere unknown, and dissolved the national riot police, Berkut, Washington has demanded that Ukraine submit to onerous IMF conditionalities.

In negotiations last October, the IMF demanded that Ukraine double prices for gas and electricity to industry and homes, that they lift a ban on private sale of Ukraine’s rich agriculture lands, make a major overhaul of their economic holdings, devalue the currency, slash state funds for school children and the elderly to “balance the budget.” In return Ukraine would get a paltry $4 billion.

Before the ouster of the Moscow-leaning Yanukovich government last week, Moscow was prepared to buy some $15 billion of Ukraine debt and to slash its gas prices by fully one-third. Now, understandably, Russia is unlikely to give that support. The economic cooperation between Ukraine and Moscow was something Washington was determined to sabotage at all costs.

This drama is far from over. The stakes involve the very future of Russia, the EU-Russian relations, and the global power of Washington, or at least that faction in Washington that sees further wars as the prime instrument of policy.

Writer F. William Engdahl is a geopolitical analyst and the author of “Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order”.


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"Ukrainians after a brief euphoria again begin to decompose, losing the sense of statehood"

"Ukrainians after a brief euphoria again begin to decompose, losing the sense of statehood"

11.20.2014 9:43

Guest Ukraine News - From-UA - economist Yaroslav Zhalilo

On November 17 edition of the online publication Ukraine News - From-UA was a famous Ukrainian economist, president of the Center crisis research Jaroslav Zhalilo . With our guest we talked about the reasons fall of the hryvnia, the possibility of stabilization of the Ukrainian currency in the near future, as well as how to be today and where it is profitable to investors to keep their savings.

Kira: - Hello, Yaroslav A.! How many people in Western Ukraine will remain unless canceled visa to Europe? And how this may impact on the economy of Ukraine?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - Hello. I am glad to using modern technology to answer questions Ukrainians. Today more than ever it is important for economists to talk about what is really happening in the Ukrainian economy to avoid a variety of rumors and speculation.

The question asked Kira, not really up to me and, frankly, a bit provocative. In Western Ukraine, will the people who live there, work or do not work. I do not think that the abolition of visas will result in a net outflow of people from Western Ukraine to the European Union.

First of all, there is need to have a source of livelihood. There you can make some time, but are unlikely to be many live permanently.

Will increase if the volume of labor migration? In a sense, of course, will increase, because the problem of employment in the Ukrainian territory is preserved, while the European Union is, in principle, needs fresh labor force, although we know that the markets are too limited, especially on the slogans of Central and Eastern Europe, there is also there is a surplus of labor.

How will the abolition of the visa regime? Activated trip, cross-border trade and cooperation, increase the volume of labor migration. But to assume that it will be some huge volumes, I would not, because today a resident of Western Ukraine is the opportunity to work in Europe and with the current visa regime, because it is for these areas are quite liberal.

Oleg: - Good time of day. Tell me whether it is possible to put a deposit in US dollars and whether to do it within the amount of the guaranteed return, if you live in the Crimea? If possible, which banks may be: the state or those who have passed the stress test NBU?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - Recently, we have in banks has some regulations that allegedly infringe upon the rights of those who live in the Crimea, in fact they attributed to non-residents.

We have the law on which the Crimea is considered a special economic zone.Accordingly, those who live there, moved outside the Ukrainian tax and other spaces.So I'm not sure that the person with the Crimean residence permit can now put the contribution.

Basically, I think that definitely makes sense to keep money in the pod is not, under the pillow, and in a glass jar, and carry a normal bank, which is at the top of the rankings.

Take the top 10 banks - that is enough, and not just save the money from different criminal threats, but also to get a certain percentage. I agitate for ensuring that people do not lose confidence in the banks that are in the list of the best. We expect a merger, acquisition, liquidation of banks that we have too many when our economy.

Igor, Kharkov: - Is there a guarantee that the exchange rate has stabilized before the new year? What you need to do and ready for this in the National Bank? If you are willing, then why is there still not done?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - There are no guarantees, because today the dynamics of the hryvnia, unfortunately, is associated with a large number of non-economic factors that are generally outside the influence of Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, not to mention the National Bank in particular.

I believe that today the regular currency panic fall of the hryvnia is directly linked to the political and military risks. Two key risk: the risk associated with the first military operations in eastern Ukraine. And this risk is perhaps the most important, because people really understand that there is a war, and the prospects of this war is not defined.

If, God forbid, will be the development of military events and the promotion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, it is no guarantee on the course, no one will, and no one can predict the prospects of the Ukrainian economy. This can be done by building a common graph to Excel, taking the daily dynamics of exchange rates, it usually is on the site of the National Bank. If you build this graph, it will be very interesting, because it is very clearly reflected bursts course that arise in relation to major risks, which were in the territory of Ukraine in recent years. Last November, the start of the event on the Maidan, the tragic events of 19-21 February, the beginning of military clashes in April, in the east, the intensification of the military situation and the intervention of Russian troops in the south of Ukraine in August.

Interestingly, before the burst of the practical events, when expectations are already picking up and everyone knows that it is maturing and growing uncertainty, just in this period is the maximum burst rate, ie, hryvnia falls sharply. Then some stabilization and strengthening of the course, but then rises to a new plateau. Here's a another surge we see now, which is still associated with the abolition of the peg of the National Bank.

The second non-economic risk - this is the situation in the politics of Ukraine related to the fact that we were the parliamentary elections, but also formed a coalition, has not yet formed a government and, therefore, not articulated priorities of the new policy.This uncertainty always leads to tension in the foreign exchange market.

Economic factors, of course, also affected, but just in this sense, the National Bank may provide some assurance. Firstly, there are administrative tools that are stored and cut off part of the possible speculators from the market. Secondly, I believe that the factors in the fourth quarter of the year may contribute to a stabilization of the course - this increase in inflows from exporters, especially exporters of agricultural products, the discharge of excessive currency to those who purchased in the previous month.Hryvnia traditionally needed at the end of the year, businesses and citizens expect some additional revenues from the European Union.

We know that in the near future is expected tranche plus a positive decision on granting large tranche from the IMF early next year. These factors will contribute to the strengthening of the economic sphere, and the National Bank has such tools, but we need political will. Such vibrational policy of the National Bank, which is highly uncertain and rushes from rigid fixation of administrative measures for the release, and announces the release in advance, arousing unhealthy excitement and panic. She certainly does not promote confidence in the hryvnia, and then in addition to having the tools you need to still the political will, policy coherence, and lack of self-interest.

I am not going to blame anyone, but I, as an analyst, I can say that these swings in the policy of the National Bank clearly have potentially corrupt "capacity".

Arkady Ivanovich, Kiev: - Mr. Zhalilo, tell me, how to be an ordinary investors today, who is the currency on deposit? Collect as much as possible, or wait "miracle" that the economy is stabilizing and the rate including? Where do today is most profitable to keep the money and what exactly it might be the banks?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - Banks will not be called explicitly, the more naperechet I have not listed. You can visit the website of the National Bank and see the top of rankings, there are now more stress tests pass, but rather, it is tested for biznesovoy banks.

I think that is still profitable to keep the hryvnia currency and in such banks. I do not believe a miracle that the economy is stabilizing. Of course, stabilize, if not the war.Mix all the war plans, and destroy all forecasts. I even recently not undertake to predict the exchange rate dynamics, because the bursts occur outside the predictive capability of the economy.

Depositors should try not to panic, because depositors panic, perhaps, the chief whip and a threat to themselves depositors. Panicking, they rip banking stability and themselves deprived themselves of the opportunity to get their deposits or interest on deposits in due time.

No bank in any country of the world is not able to immediately return all the money to depositors. This is contrary to the nature of banking. Different countries have different standards, but traditionally 10-15% of contributions he can give, and it will be a problem. Therefore, arousing panic and participating in it, the depositors themselves cut off the branch on which they sit. If we keep on the banks of the second and third level, which once tempted good percentage, then there need to think about how to translate the contributions to the higher quality banks. But often it is quite difficult to do because the issuing banks may be delayed.

Julia: - Where is the limit to the idiocy of the government, which destroys the Ukrainian economy, and how do you assess the actions Yatsenyuk and his team?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - I generally avoid such characteristics of a medical nature, because I'm not a psychiatrist, because this forecast, having a medical name.

If we carry on the activities of the government, of course, the government Yatsenuk great hopes. Frankly, hope after the Maidan, the need for reform and a willingness to make this reform was. We must realize that the government is working very hard conditions in connection with military operations and the situation in the Donbass.These conditions disrupt economic things, we know that one inflow of economic security associated with the supply of coal, which stands, not to mention the fact that you just need the cost and management actions associated naturally with the war.Alas, it is often written off that reforms are not carried out.

I think that the time corridor, when society will reform narrows sharply, and much we have missed. A number of reforms we will be forced to have an unpopular character, iewill lead to a certain period of life to poor people, lower living standards, etc. This is natural and it was possible in the first months after the euphoria of the Maidan, when there is a new government, then President-elect. Then it was possible to do.

Today, many people lost faith in the current government, and secondly, the war has depleted many resources that can be reallocated to the blow was not so painful. Third, the credibility of the government itself, which has proved itself as a government-kamikaze, then stay alive and healthy, it is also somewhat poissyaklo.

Rebooting power associated with the new parliament and the new format of executive power, maybe something will give and, although, frankly, the version that was announced by the "Popular Front", maybe it was very moist and still inconclusive Friday, but I have not much confidence caused.

I think that this time the corridor is rapidly lost, but at the same time, understanding the problem of the government, already unpopular reforms are extremely dangerous. You can once again create a wave of public protest, and today I am ready to assert with full responsibility: provoking social protest on the grounds of dissatisfaction with the government, authority, etc. is a component of a hybrid war being waged against Ukraine and purposefully formed. Once the conditions have been created, this tool will definitely involved. Therefore, it is not necessary to require the government to at the same time it started somewhere, it is also in very unenviable position - is not insanity, it's really deep stress.

Alex: - What do you predict the dollar after the new year and how it will affect our economy?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - I predict the rate since the fall of 2008 and I must say quite successfully. On the background, when I regularly asking when the dollar will be 20 USD, I said that very soon, and the last five years, I was able to get to the point.

I stopped to predict courses from the moment when the war began and the maidan, because these are the factors that I, as an economist is unable to predict, and it completely changed the situation on the currency market.

If we abstract from the war and say that like conflict frozen and we hope that will not be developed further, then I would have predicted a certain appreciation until the new year. At level 13 UAH per dollar, I think the course will not return, but 13.5-14 until the end of the year - this situation is quite normal, even, perhaps, in a fairly high risk of war, if they do not escalate.

Next year depends on the policy of forming a new government and its behavior, the level of social protests and military action. If these factors were not, we would have every reason to strengthen the hryvnia, and I would argue that the rate of 12.5-13 until next year would be realistic. But I do not say because I do not think that non-economic risks will be.

If there is no catastrophic situation in non-economic areas are not anticipating a significant collapse, figure 20, which is called - is too extreme figure, and exchange rate stability, I do not predict. Fluctuations are possible within 1-2 hryvnia, and the final outcome of these oscillations depends on too multivariate situation. I do not predict a catastrophic collapse, and hope that the policy will be enough work to keep him. This is a very difficult question.

Ina: - A huge problem is that Ukrainians are learning to live again without the state.Repeated situation of the 1990s or the state wiser?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - The question as to economists and to the citizen. Very accurate and good question. Indeed, it is very clearly observed that, alas, the Ukrainians after a short period of euphoria again begin to decompose, ie again not develop a sense of nationhood.

The story so happened that the Ukrainians, in principle, there was a sense of nationhood, they are always in the majority of its history at the level at best, government size, and as a result, the traditions and the very weak statehood and mentality narrowed to the limits microsocium. So I think that the main task of the state today - trying to regain its credibility.

Years of previous government strongly undermined the credibility of the state and its ruined. Frankly, that there were reciprocal movement on the part of society and independent structure, and through the media, too, was conducted very active on the destruction of the state of perception in the minds of people. This discrediting of the state, the good, the power to provide all possible, all of the soil, all the reasons that this situation occurred. Under this dual influence arose what we call institutional crisis, and one of its components - is that in the mind, in the values ​​of the people are so separated themselves from the state, which, in fact, become his enemies. And wherever one looks today (activity of the same associations of entrepreneurs or business), all say that they have defended the rights of the state, have reduced taxes and inspections, ie they oppose the state.

Among ordinary people say that the government has not given them anything, everything that happens to them or, contrary to everything happening. This is an extremely dangerous trend. Unfortunately, it must be noted that the events of the Maidan is also undermined confidence, in spite of everything, created the "potency", ie the background to the formation of the new state. But they destroy the relationship to the state as an institution even more, and "potency", alas, fully utilized not because too deep and long was the period of destruction.

Ukrainians, unfortunately, once again learn to live without the state, but in this matter laid some optimism - Ukrainians are learning. I think that it is through the self-organization of civil society, as it is in the last year has received a tremendous impetus to the development and revival can be expected.

State - is the highest level of civilization of a society (society - as the best representative, enjoy the most confidence). But society must organize to pick up on their shoulders that State. Therefore, the self-organization has to be, above all, on the level regions. Regional communities are much more confidence and the Ukrainians, the more traditional sense of unity on a geographical basis.

When the previous government, we worked quite a lot with different regions, and there was a problem with the prospect of power, trust authorities at the highest level. At the level of regions formed healthy forces, healthy new elite, the relationship between the government and the regional society - what's called a mass in our Constitution.Therefore, I believe that it is at the regional level of local communities will be formed that from which then grow a new confidence in the state. So if the Ukrainians are learning - this is good.

Reader: - announced that from December 1, residents of areas ATO will not receive a pension. My mom lives in Uglegorsk - a city like Ukraine, but there is no way the government presented neither the mayor nor the mail or bank. The commander of the battalion based problems of the citizens did not bothered. In light of the statements Denisova, tell mom will receive a pension?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - I can not answer because I do not know about the intentions of the Ministry of Social Policy and other government agencies.

Of course, the commander of the battalion, which is based there, shall not engage in the social problems of the region, it has quite different problems, and God forbid that he normally engaged by them, not counting the physical extermination of people.

I have not yet had the opportunity to read the presidential decree, which was adopted on Saturday, but as I understand it, when it comes to territory controlled by the Ukraine, then there must be formed institutions that provide financing. If uncontrolled territory, respectively, it can not even be temporarily displaced person shall not be registered as a displaced person and re-register the pension.

Probably will be revised district boundaries, respectively, areas of pension and social structures. Extremely low efficiency of the government in these military conditions.Slowly solved exercise social issues of displaced persons and people in the liberated territories, military, etc. It is not clear what is the reason, but the bureaucratic wire negative impact on humans and on the actions of the government.

I hope that these issues did the new government will take longer, since the statement came not only from the minister of social policy, but here already and the Prime Minister in this regard noting. We need to examine the regulatory framework. I believe that, in principle, the question in such a format that the State waives its social obligations to the people who are in the territory, temporarily controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, it is still wrong.

If we decide that it is Ukrainian territory and Ukrainian citizens, the state in any case has no right to abandon their commitments. Moreover, it must comply with its maximum personal commitment to every citizen and find a way to do it. Today, such technology is available, we know that the majority of social benefits already paid on the card.

I find it unacceptable to say that they close the card accounts, cease to transfer, unless the person does not register on the territory of Ukraine under control.

If people will find the opportunity to receive money on cards, temporarily leaving etc. - All that we can do for these people. But we did not do the main thing - we failed to comply with them the rights to the territory in which they live.

I believe this is the primary responsibility of the state, but, alas, it happened that it could not fulfill her - to ensure the protection of people from outside the parish strangers wishing evil on the revitalization of internal elements that wish destruction.The state is not made, but it should at least provide a social responsibility.

I think it is very wrong and destructive it is to preserve the unity of the country's decision to considerable complication of social benefits for the Ukrainian people, who are on temporary uncontrolled territory. Most methods are needed to solve these problems.

Denis: - In view of the fall of hryvnia, how to be the people who depend on imported drugs? After all, prices grow significantly. In Georgia, at the time just canceled all the licensing of imported drugs and other drugs extortion and thus reduced prices. They just trusted the US regulators and the EU. Is it feasible scenario with us?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - Response of two parts: from the people does not depend on the abolition of licensing and other fees. I think people need to think about what may, there is the possibility of switching to certain domestic counterparts, although it is often not possible and it's just bad for your health.

A State, of course, should pay attention to what the problem is, and it must somehow be addressed. Possible adoption of international certificates, which would guarantee importantly - security to the people who consume these drugs. As far as I know, now enter a lower VAT on medicines, but this does not impact on limiting the growth of prices in pharmacies. Perhaps you need to check-monopoly Committee.

Many drugs on which people depend, are bought by different government programs and conducted on corrupt foundations. How many of these schemes will be cleared today? Some say that it does not quite succeed. Control of public procurement and monitor the adequacy of prices for purchased medicines - also extremely important.People - to endure, and the state - to tackle the problem of these people, because it is a very important issue.

Svetlana: - What are your predictions for the pricing in housing?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - I am not an expert of the housing market, but, in principle, as I understand, housing market prices have fallen significantly, and closer to those levels, but here are wearing disturbance factor, it certainly is in place and will certainly continue to act anymore.

This factor is related to the fact that quite a large mass of people tends to move from areas of ATU in dense city. Surely this will increase the demand on the housing market, and will raise prices. It is difficult to decide something. Perhaps the state could reduce some of the problem by creating a fund for social housing and to offer it to those who are not ready to buy, but they need shelter, because they - displaced persons.

I think that by the boom, which was in the housing market five years ago, when prices peaked, we probably will not return until too low incomes.

During the first 9 months of this year in building our minus non-residential sector, the housing - 10%. I suspect that this is due to the individual building. Offer reduced, and build apartments - a long period, the foundation is not laid, and this means that in 2-3 years this house will not be put into effect. The fall in construction lays prospects of slow growth of housing supply in the future period.

Yuri: - Perform whether banks terms of deposits of individuals in 2015?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - Run. Of course, there are banks that are unable to perform, then the payment will be at the expense of Guarantee Fund. But we hope that the situation has stabilized, set the vision and interest in investing, will be held the strengthening of the banking system.

This means that some banks will simply buy larger Ukrainian, and can, and foreign banks and, accordingly, the obligations to depositors will also bathe too long. This is by no means a risk, on the contrary, if your bank someone buys, it's a big plus, and means that the larger partner took responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations.

Eugene: - How do you comment on the accusation, "Savings Bank" in cooperation with the separatists? Is it true that all the Donetsk branch of the "clogged" dollars?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - Do not know, no information. They find that it is arranged separatists -Themes no longer sure. There was information that ATMs "Savings Bank" worked on the issue of the occupied territories, in principle, it could be some agreements.

We talked about the social responsibility of the state to the people who were there, it can be assumed that such an agreement was, and it positively. I do not think that is strongly supported by the separatists. They have someone to support, and, in principle, they cover very rich (those who fled from us and who live outside the country).

Catherine: - I ask you to share forecasts: how will this financial year and what it takes to start working for our government in 2015?

Jaroslav Zhalilo: - New Year should begin with the adoption of the budget. And today, as I understand it, the long period of the budget takes place, but without the formation of the new government does not make sense to make it even up for discussion.

The budget will probably be very poor because the money went to the military operation, on the defensive actions and retooling. And in this area, I think, a very important task of the government - the most help to ensure that this money on unproductive goals still played a role stimulator of economic growth.

This is possible if we, for example, will make the purchase of military equipment and ammunition Ukrainian producers. This is possible if we are to establish normal tools transparent food supply on social channels and for the needs of the military. This is possible if we ensure transparency and efficiency of public procurement system, because often there when the money allocated, but they just hung out for the simple reason that the official procurement procedures is not triggered when the body armor vitally needed military and tender lasted two months, and government mired in its own bureaucracy.

The second most important thing related to security analysis. We understand that Ukraine's dependence on Russia for gas need to interrupt. But today we hear such optimistic statements that a couple of years will be able to give up the gas. Well, if we can, but it needs to do a lot, given that we still do not have our own supplies of Ukrainian coal, and how long it is pretty hard to say.

I think that is a very big challenge for the Government and for the introduction energoinstrumentov energy efficiency and the introduction of alternative energy sources. And here the focus should be fashionable, but still, unfortunately, not only cost-effective solar and wind farms. I'm not saying that they do not need to develop, just as long as it's a toy.

The third point - it is a social sphere in the broadest sense of the word, because people today are in a difficult situation: a sharp decline in living standards are already evident, even if the official level of income for the nine months was down about 8%.Plus the price dynamics little predictable. Until the end of the year inflation, according to various estimates, up to 25% may just grow. Already today we have 19% in 10 months.

Social protection programs and the availability of these programs is those who are in need, and accordingly, a tool for achieving the target character. Why broadly questions of price and antimonopoly control? And in this muddy water are wanting to get fat. This non-monetary instruments of social protection, institutional mechanisms of social protection, assistance - this is extremely important.

Finally, a very important point, which has dropped out of the attention of the government and the president - is the question of the new regional policy. Despite the fact that we always talked about the need to expand the powers of the regions, the need to provide opportunities impetus to local development, expansion of development tools at the local level, the more we have a living example of separatist tendencies, which including reinforced by the fact that the regions were too zatsentralizovany.

Following these conversations, it is calm, and the implementation of these processes until there is very weak. I believe that the government needs to pay attention to it, because only after the revival of the regions of Ukraine will rebirth. Only with the revival of regional authorities to begin a revival of power in the country and in the whole state.All of this - on the background of the need to implement the provisions of the agreement on Evroassotsiatsii.

We have a clear plan of what we need to do this requires a functioning government and special parliament. It is good that we have these obligations and incentives, because, on the one hand, this will spur reform and adjust and will not allow the government to relax or to succumb to the current problems delaying reforms. A government, on the other hand, it will be imperative because a prerequisite today - for financial assistance from the European Union, and secondly, the condition that at the end of next year it is decided that we form a free trade zone with the European Union , the introduction of which is deferred for a year.

As for what will happen to the economy, I think, if there is no development of the war, that will be a good year. Already pleased with the results of the third quarter, expected worse. If GDP is about 5% for three quarters, then I do not know what depth must be a failure of the fourth quarter, so we went to the previously projected 9%.

The fall was less profound than expected, and this situation is already happy.Especially because usually busy fourth quarter traditionally occurs: results of the action of the agricultural sector and a lot of activity at the end of the year, shall draft and I think people are slowly adapting to what is happening and can better plan their consumer activity.

Maybe give a stimulating effect the measures which shall be credited to finance military operations because it is the other side and it's really quite a strong demand in the domestic market.

Mina 6% of GDP - is also a figure for Ukraine is extremely difficult, but in our situation we can rejoice even that was not as bad as expected. If it be so, there is reason to say that will be supported by the stability of the banking system.

The National Bank does not need to lose its control function. If the foreign exchange market, these functions are performed mediocre, the banking market regulation and stability of the banking system, in principle, pretty well. At least, the banks did not fall, and that's good.

I do not think these forecasts optimistic. To wait until there is no disaster, unless the situation in the sphere on which we can not influence. Can affect other people, but it is far ...

Ukraine News - From-UA

The Ukraine Coalition Agreement Appeared in the Public Domain

The Ukraine Coalition Agreement Appeared in the Public Domain

21/11/2014 18:21

The Initiated draft of the coalition agreement, which was signed by 5 parties on Friday, made ​​public on the website "Samopomochi." The document consists of 73 pages and consists of a preamble and 17 chapters of the proposed reforms and regulations of the coalition. As reported, the future coalition members have agreed that it is not can enter "opposition bloc" and the deputies who voted for the "dictatorial laws."

USA found the culprits to what is happening in Ukraine and it is not Russia...

USA found the culprits of what is happening in Ukraine and Russia is not

USA found the culprits to what is happening in Ukraine and it is not Russia...


Recently Washington blamed the occurrence of deadlock in the Ukraine to the EU's.Criticisms in Brussels, expressed in private Secretary of State John Kerry. It is known that the US has officially denied that the crisis in Ukraine was caused by an agreement on associated membership in the EU. But at a closed meeting, which took place last week, John Kerry, according to some reports, said that "some people in Europe made ​​a mistake.

" The Association Agreement, according to him, turned into tug of war between the West and the East. "This should not have happened," - said Kerry. Moscow has long pointed out that the crisis in Ukraine was provoked by the EU, which forced the country to choose between Europe and Russia.

 The Association Agreement, which, after long reflection, Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign. Ukraine would be required the breaking or weakening of ties with Russia. It would be a hard hit on the economy. In addition, Ukraine is home to millions of people who are against this separation from Russia.

However, some European officials have talked about the rationalization choice that Ukraine should view in the matter. The EU insisted on the signing of the agreement and refused to discuss a trilateral talk that would allow Ukraine, on the one hand, to preserve ties with Russia, and with another - to establish links with the EU. 

Now we finally hear from the Secretary of State that the blame for the worsening of the crisis in Ukraine at the end of last year is on the European Union. But, even if he adheres to this view, the question arises: what he thought when his subordinates actively promoted in Kiev an agreement that Kerry now calls the "tug of war between East and West." 

The employees of his State Dept. decided to skip the practical approach to the change of power in Kiev. To one that at the time, seemed that they wanted to go around the EU, and instead, in the words of one US officials, promote the emergence of a new government. Here we are talking about the recording of a telephone conversation between the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt about who is a good leader of the Ukrainian opposition they should put in a new government. Now that the crisis in Ukraine has gone far beyond the Maidan US Secretary of State, you may want to see how it all began.

Due to lack of money, Ukraine considers Euthanasia as the solution.

Due to lack of money, Ukraine considers Euthanasia as the solution.

The bill goes to the grandparents ...
Vladimir Skachko - journalist
21/11/2014 13:49

Today, on the anniversary of "Euromaidan" and "Orange Revolution" in the newly appeared "day of dignity and freedom," not too much to find out, here are much different from each other, two grandmothers, frozen from the cold or died of starvation and disease, which have nothing to heal, to south-east of Ukraine or on its southwest.Or in the center? Or in the north? In my opinion, nothing. South-east, more precisely, the Donbass, of course, brings its own specificity: there grandmothers can still easily kill - in bomb shelters or simply fill mines and shells on the way to the store or a pharmacy. Fighting in the south east, and freezes and slowly dying, not only he, but all the rest of Ukraine, center, north, west, south-west ...

Civil war and all that is connected with it, - e is a common tragedy of modern Ukraine.Her humanitarian disaster, which began to notice, even in Europe, following obediently on a leash for American policy. However, in Europe there are people who can not see the obvious. And to be honest about it.

Just recently, the rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on the humanitarian situation in the Ukraine, Jim Sheridan (UK) on the visit to Kiev and Kharkov on November 17-18 this year, said: "Ukraine is facing a serious humanitarian crisis due to conflict in the eastern regions. I am convinced that the severity of the crisis is not evaluated until the end in Europe and did not appreciated in many Western countries. ... The Ukrainian government has in fact itself is just beginning to realize the scale and consequences. "

And Mr. Sheridan rightly named and marked one of the sources and at the same time signs of this humanitarian catastrophe - a military operation called ATO, in the Donbass.

And the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer in early November of this year, said that his agency has expanded its activities in Ukraine. Because there holds one of the most complicated operations connected with the Civil War. According to Maurer. Last year, the ICRC even more money for Ukraine is not planned. "We had planned only a small operation to support the development of Ukrainian Red Cross Society. ... However, with the expansion of the conflict, we concluded that the fighting has led to a humanitarian crisis in the Donets Basin, in particular, and in general in Ukraine, all the humanitarian needs have arisen in connection with the appearance of refugees due to ongoing armed clashes "- - Just say it.

And in general, these two Europeans only emphasized the obvious: because of the war in the Donbass suffer not only the residents of the south-east, and all the rest of Ukraine. Especially her very poorly protected or layers - the elderly, the disabled, children. Suffer because of the rolling blackouts and untimely supply of heat. Due to the reduction of social benefits and total growth of prices for all, but especially for food and medicine. Because of problems with the same energy freeze and become useless schools, hospitals, kindergartens and nurseries throughout Ukraine, and not just in the area of ​​ATO where social infrastructure is also destroying artillery and rocket fire.

Due to lack of money and a total reduction of state social benefits, zhivoderskoy policy of banks led by National Bank of Ukraine, pushes up inflation, but at the same time try to freeze the issuance of even those meager deposits, deposits, which could help the elderly, people get poorer. And for the elderly and sick sometimes it turns into a slow and painful death. To help the poor could even gold and foreign exchange reserves, but he reserve is reduced drastically and disappears in an unknown direction. And particularly pleased all in this regard Prime "rabbit" Yatsenyuk when publicly stated: "Gold and foreign exchange reserves are needed only rogue states that do not have international support. Ukraine-not one of them. "

And this despite the fact that, as we see, the ICRC itself increases assistance to Ukraine and its suffering population. "... Probably we will have to continue to expand its reach, because the number of refugees is very large - said ICRC President Maurer. A PACE rapporteur Sheridan urges the Ukrainian authorities do not pretend that the situation in the Donbass and across the country - "not because of their actions, and there was absolutely no warning." "... Need to stop human rights violations committed by both regular and irregular armed groups in the areas controlled by the rebels, and on their perimeter. ... The government must continue to perform their vital duties towards those who still live in areas under the control of the militia, "- he said.

The fact that the whole country is suffering from the war in the Donbass, only the authorities do not want to ignore. And that is typical: the first anti-war speech, according to an Internet resource "Free Press", began in June in the city of Lviv region Sycamores. There parents mobilized soldiers blocked the military unit that their sons are not sent to fight in the south-east. And there are several dozen people picketed the recruitment office and the military unit, demanding to return home fighters, survivors of the shelling by Zelenopolem Luhansk region. Then the mass antiwar action swept across the Chernivtsi region, in the villages Domboki, Chervenovo, Strabichevo Mukachevo district, the four settlements Khust district, in the villages and Muzhiyevo Gat Beregovsky district.

In July, it all started in Transcarpathia, where one of the centers of protest was the village Rokoshino Mukachevo district. People in the two days have blocked the road of international importance Kyiv-Chop, protesting mobilization. And then it all went south and, in the Odessa area relatives of soldiers blocked the route Odessa - South, demanding that their loved ones already in the south-east, returned home.

After the anti-war protests swept the country. Today they are joined by social protests.With the exception that the aid "Protestants", but in fact their relatives and friends, mothers and wives can come out of the military zone ATO. With arms to come, and then the "Maidan-3" or social maidan "acquire such a shape and konkre5tiku. From which the authorities in Kyiv unlikely to wriggle. And to sit in a chair ...

However, the Ukrainian authorities on all corners shouting about their unconditional European elections have something to offer to their fellow citizens, "licked" experience with other "mladoevropeytsev." For example, the new Minister of Health of Lithuania Rimante Shalashyavyachyute, which was sworn in early July, has already proposed a social "know-how": "Euthanasia can be a good choice for poor people who, because of poverty do not have access to medical care." According to her, Lithuania, the new member of the EU and NATO - not the welfare state, where palliative care is available to all in need, and therefore, euthanasia may be the solution for people who "do not want to bother relatives spectacle own suffering."

And the new ministersha immediately began the debate on euthanasia of "extra elderly poor." But somehow it was based on the experience of "staroevropeytsev." According to her, the rights to euthanasia have long had old Belgium. And now, more precisely, in February this year, added to them, and ... children. The lower house of the Belgian parliament approved a bill to legalize infant euthanasia. For terminally ill children experiencing unbearable torments that can not be alleviated. "For" vote 86 members of the House of Representatives, "against" - 44, 12 MPs abstained. King of the Belgians and Belgian Philippe signed it into law.Despite the appeal to it 200 thousand citizens of the different countries of Europe and the world, wrote in the petition that the document is "the worst law on euthanasia in the world." And despite the protest of the Catholic Church, whose representative, Archbishop Andre Leonard of Brussels, said: "The law opens the door that no one can close" ...

But Ukraine, led by the ideals of "Euromaidan" goes to Europe. By its values ​​and ideals. And I think she and without much help and inspiration in their borrowed already opened an account at children and grandmothers. Europe is just give them the desired gloss and respectability. So Kanniablov leader, educated at Oxford, to shine & polish skulls of the enemies & make ashtrays of bones looks elegant and very European in style ...

UKRAINE vs RUSSIA ? When the West Begins to Believe in Their Own Lies

UKRAINE vs RUSSIA ? When the West Begins to Believe in Their Own Lies

Translated from French

The crazy information, Kärcher, and freedom of expression in its quintessence: "Better to die standing than live on your knees" by Emiliano Zapata

Posted on November 21, 2014

When the West believes its own lies, it's moving with reckless abandon! The new Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, announced recently a "very serious" increase of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine and the Russian side of the border between the two countries. Claiming with the deployment of troops, equipment, artillery units and advanced air defense systems are taking place. From the Ukrainian side, these bellicose statements abound. Suggesting Poroshenko must be prepared for total war with Russia.

We're delirious already with this barrage of rhetoric. This is a phenomenon of a deviation from the normal. In literature, it seems like a hypocritical hyperbaton. While Kiev multiplies its assaults, violating each and every time the cease-fire, and not to hear Jens Stoltenberg mention that "This is in violation with the agreement of Minsk," as it was supposed to bring about a cease-fire in the regions separatists in the southeast of Ukraine occupy. In the hospitals, the carelessness for the welfare of the civilians is recorded severely.

These lies pinned to Stoltenberg, with a devilish aplomb, as he made the ridiculous about the situation when he arrived at a meeting with EU defense ministers in Brussels, calling for Moscow to withdraw its troops. This of course leaves one to wonder what troops!

"Russia continues to destabilize the Ukraine," said this successor Mr. Stoltenberg to reporters. One wonders how in making this statement, he is to be verified.

"Russia has a choice: either Russia can participate in a solution negotiated peace or it can continue on the path that will lead to its isolation," he added.

"We see the movement of troops, equipment, tanks, artillery and also sophisticated systems of air defense," said the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance.

"This is a very serious military buildup (...) both in Ukraine and on the Russian side of the border," and it was found out by NATO, by sources locally, acting as "independent journalists" or international observers from the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), he added.

"This is a violation of the cease-fire and a call on Russia to withdraw its forces from eastern Ukraine and respect the Minsk Agreement" concluded between belligerents on September 5, providing a truce and peace talks, said Mr Stoltenberg. Not to notice this as their protecting of Kiev, who has continually violated the cease-fire from day one, would suggest ones gullibility.

He also called on Moscow to "stop fueling the conflict by supporting" pro-Russian separatists "who occupy portions of territory of Ukraine in the Donetsk and Lugansk. In his soliloquy, of course, he does not ask to Kiev even once to negotiate or even attempt a possible political solution.

More than 4,000 people have lost their lives in this area since the beginning of hostilities in April. This, because of the intransigence of Kiev supported by the American-European Collective monstrous warlike policies.

We argue here for those fighting for democracy, even if a revolutionary Donbass is required!

Russia's Igor Strelkov: I Am Responsible for War in Eastern Ukraine

Russia's Igor Strelkov: I Am Responsible for War in Eastern Ukraine

It takes a larger than life man to accept responsibility for the actions resulting in human tragedies.

By Anna Dolgov
Nov. 21 2014 

Sergei Karpukhin / ReutersIgor Strelkov, a former separatist commander in eastern Ukraine.

Russian national Igor Strelkov, a former commander of pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine, has claimed "personal responsibility" for unleashing the conflict across the border, in which 4,300 people have been killed since April.

"I was the one who pulled the firing trigger of this war," Strelkov said in an interview published Thursday with Russia's Zavtra newspaper, which espouses imperialist views.

"If our unit hadn't crossed the border, in the end everything would have fizzled out, like in [the Ukrainian city of] Kharkiv, like in Odessa," Strelkov, also known as Girkin, was quoted as saying.

"There would have been several dozen killed, burned, detained. And that would have been the end of it. But the flywheel of the war, which is continuing to this day, was spun by our unit. We mixed up all the cards on the table," he said.

Following Russia's annexation of Crimea this spring, clashes between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Moscow activists broke out in the cities of Kharkiv and Odessa, with more than 40 people killed in a fire in Odessa in early May.

Since then, the two cities have remained largely peaceful, and most of the fighting between rebels and government forces has been limited to the eastern Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Strelkov's interview was published the same day the UN released a report highlighting the involvement of Russian fighters in the eastern Ukraine conflict, which has resulted in the deaths of more than 4,300 people since mid-April.

"The continuing presence of a large amount of sophisticated weaponry, as well as foreign fighters that include servicemen from the Russian Federation, directly affects the human rights situation in the east of Ukraine," the report said.

Strelkov also told Zavtra that at the beginning of the conflict, Ukrainian separatists and government forces were reluctant to start fighting one another and that the main opposition to the rebels came from Ukraine's ultra-nationalist militants such as the Right Sector.

"At first, nobody wanted to fight," he was quoted as saying. "The first two weeks went on under the auspices of the sides trying to convince each other [to engage]."

But Strelkov claimed Kiev became emboldened after seeing that Russia was refraining from openly interfering in eastern Ukraine, as it did in Crimea, or from sending in large-scale forces.

He added that the lack of large-scale support from Russia was a major disappointment for the separatists, which lacked the manpower or weapons to combat government forces.

"Initially I assumed that the Crimea scenario would be repeated: Russia would enter," he told Zavtra. "That was the best scenario. And the population wanted that. Nobody intended to fight for the Luhansk and Donetsk republics. Initially everybody was for Russia."
Russian Involvement

Strelkov also gave an account of the degree of Russia's involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

At the start of this summer, 90 percent of rebel forces were made up of local residents, Strelkov was quoted as saying. However, by early August, Russian servicemen supposedly on "vacation" from the army had begun to arrive, he said.

According to Strelkov, the assault on the Black Sea town of Mariupol in September, which prompted concerns in Ukraine and the West that Russia has entered the conflict on a large scale, was conducted mostly by the Russian military "vacationers."

The rebel forces advancing on Mariupol at that time met with little resistance from government troops and "could have been taken without a fight, "but there was an order not to take it," he was quoted as saying.

While Moscow has repeatedly denied supplying the rebels with weaponry and manpower, Strelkov said the assistance offered to rebels remains significant: "I can't say that we fully provide for them. But we are really helping them," he said, noting that half of the rebel army was kitted out with winter clothes sent from Russia.
Shock Decision

After Donetsk and Luhansk held "referendums" on their independence from Ukraine in May, separatist leaders appealed to Moscow to accept the territories as Russian regions but Moscow responded with vague statements calling for "dialog" between rebels and Kiev.

Separatist had not contemplated building functional states and had pinned their hopes on being absorbed by Russia, Strelkov said, reasoning that Moscow needed a land connection to Crimea, which it had annexed in March.

"And then, when I understood that Russia was not going to take us in — I associated myself with the resistance — for us that decision was a shock," Strelkov was quoted as saying.

Strelkov has been living in Russia since early this fall, when he said he was moving to Moscow to protect President Vladimir Putin from enemies and traitors.

While he seems to have fallen out of favor with Russia's state-run media, having disappeared from their newscasts, he has taken to YouTube and fringe publication to issue an occasional appeal for increased Russian military involvement in eastern Ukraine.

"From the very beginning we started to fight for real — destroying raiding parties of the Right Sector," Strelkov told Zavtra. "And I take personal responsibility for what is happening there."

According to a UN report released Thursday, at least 4,317 people had been killed in eastern Ukraine by mid-November, and 9,921 have been wounded. The casualties include nearly 1,000 who have perished since "a tenuous cease-fire" was established earlier this fall.

"Who are you," Shooter "?"

"Who are you," Shooter "?"
Prokhanov , Igor Shooters
November 20, 2014 7
Politics WarSociety

Converse chief editor of "Tomorrow" and former defense minister Donetsk People's Republic

Prokhanov. Igor, the other day I was in New Russia. And returning, he began to believe the witness what war is. Turns out, the sixteenth. Starting with Damansky, Dzhalanashkol, Afghanistan ... Donetsk, Lugansk - sixteenth campaign. And each of these wars is not even his face (which is like a person - every war). And this is some substance that has its subjectivity, its destiny, its development, its memory. Do you feel that war has some features that go beyond the technology of war? How would you describe the Donetsk war in its phases, stages, experiences?

Igor arrows. This is my fifth war. There were two Chechen, Transnistria and Bosnia. I want to emphasize its similarity - scenic similarities - from the Bosnian war. Start of the Bosnian war is very similar to what happens in the New Russia. When Yugoslavia broke up and began the parade of sovereignty of the Republic of Serbia, some regions did not want to go to the Muslim Croat Federation and revolted. These republics Bosnian Muslims, Croats suppressed by armed force.And then to help them come Yugoslav People's Army, but was stopped by Sarajevo under Vukovar, Dubrovnik under. Stopped not because they met serious resistance, but because it could cause the direct intervention of NATO. The army was withdrawn and left their weapons to the Serbs. Now the situation is very similar. And God forbid that it just ended. Because when the JNA left, the Serbs could not organize. Then there was a very long, exhausting war. And then she quickly ended - Croatia defeated each in turn.

Prokhanov. But there is the factor of violence. NATO troops and the troops began bombing ... And this war as developed in phases?

Igor arrow. At first, no one wanted to fight. The first two weeks were held under the banner of the fact that both sides wanted to convince each other. First days in Slavic and we and they are very cautious approach to the use of weapons. The first encounter was with the SBU, which we tried to clean up, but fell into an ambush. Not even quite an ambush, and head-on collisions, to which they were not prepared. Suffered losses and cleaned. Then it was quiet. Ukrainian side began to put roadblocks in our surroundings appeared 25 airmobile brigade. But she was not eager to fight. We managed to disarm first reconnaissance platoon, then the column. It was precisely disarmament - a submachine gun, threatened with burning equipment, they did not dare to join the fight and we were disarmed.

But still a long time we did not touch their roadblocks, and they do not show aggression.These are the first steps.

Then "right sector" began to throw us subversive groups - started a firefight. More National Guard under was not - only the "right quadrant." The Ukrainian side very carefully behaved, step by step palpated as Russia will behave. The first month was not the shelling of the city. The first firing Slavic - at the end of May. Before they shelled the villages, but he did not touch Slovyansk.But as they knew that Russia does not respond, the shelling became more powerful, the actions of armored vehicles and aircraft - more and more massive. In early June, they were finally convinced that Russia does not directly intervene and let the winds. The first massive attack in the Slavonic was the second of May. Next - using all forces and weaponry - tanks and armored vehicles - they held June 3rd. Between these attacks were fighting, local skirmishes.

June and July were the most severe. If in April and May all went on the increase, that is, to expand the territory of the uprising, we gradually put under control settlements Donetsk Republic, spreading movement, in June, we started to recede. Us from all sides began to draw, enemy forces enormously superior in all respects. And the enemy has become the motivation for military action. Start of fire propagation. And further, the higher the motivation increased.

Battalions of the National Guard began to arrive on the battlefield. They were originally motivated, considered the enemy, that is us, as Moscow's mercenaries. They were confident.that we are all sent from Russia. And the fact that we Slavyansk 90% were local, donbassovtsy not even want to believe.

In June and July, when the aid was extremely small, the enemy drove the huge forces.Generally the increase was not comparable forces. For example, to us during this time came to 40 volunteers, and 80 came to the enemy machines. What's in them - is another question. But in each machine - a minimum of man.

In August - at the peak of the crisis - we fought in almost agony. Just feverishly to patch holes, and stopped any breakouts. We were in a full operational environment. And they could not break through it. Besides, we have already started as a classic boiler, cut into smaller boilers.Gradually cut Gorlovka ...

Prokhanov. You talk about the phase when the left of the Slavic in Donetsk?

Igor arrow. Yes. In that phase also had two parts. When we came out of the Slavic in Donetsk, this phase was complete confusion of the Ukrainian side. They had fully registered the script, and we do not fit, mixed them all. And suspiciously smoothly everything went at them in this scenario. Very suspicious.

As for the situation with Slavic .... After the Ukrainian side broke through the front under Yampil we already hanging by a thread, plug the hole between me and think it was impossible, for it was not strong enough - at least needed a team. And we did not have a reserve.

And when they took Mykolaivka, we do not have any chances. Would have a chance if we massively put equipment, weapons. I had three tanks, one of them was completely defective, he did not fire a single shot. Only two tanks were operational. With their help, we defeated one checkpoint. But immediately after the defeat of the enemy roadblock at all roadblocks staged by four tanks. In Slovyansk ukrov have had seven blocks, and each - four tanks. Any block ukrov technical armed and in numbers was most strongly Slavic garrison. At the end of the siege I was 9 broneedinits, including these two tanks, and the enemy on every block - seven or eight units, including four tanks. And I had an alternative: either take a full siege without supplies, or going out. Prior to this provision on the field the road runs. And when the enemy took Mykolaivka, we stayed one field road, but they cut it if we broke the night on this road, it is already in the afternoon they had a post.

Thus, variants. Sit in the siege. Ammunition for small arms on good fights I'd had enough for two days. On average intensity - for a week. And after fighting under Mykolaivka left me at 8 mortars 57 minutes - less than 10 minutes on the mortar. There was not enough and everything else: on heavy weapons lacked ammunition, worst of all with antitank weapons. Fights were serious, spent a lot, and replenishment have been reported. It was all 5th of July. "Vacationer" came after 40 days. We have before their arrival did not last. We would not have enough food.And most importantly - the Ukrainian army did not go to the contact fights. When we ourselves impose contact fight, then they were losing. And they have taken since Yampol tactics advancing from line to line, throwing forward only armor without infantry. Before armor walked barrage. If you encounter resistance armor, she departed. Again barrage. Then again armor. Again barrage - and again technique.

As a result, they began Nikolaevka methodically destroy. Clumping "hurricanes", "city", the heavy artillery. No one expected such a massive bombardment. Some five-story building in the city is simply formed. Actual losses of civilians we do not even know - they're huge.

After this, the enemy just walked Mykolaivka, and I had to bring the remains of the garrison.It was clear that the same thing happen again in Slavic - already without pity his thunder. But I could not answer them, because the shells were not. They would have fenced with barbed wire, surrounded by mines, as they did with others, taking them into the ring. And wait for when we'll die of hunger or, or climb on a breakthrough. A breakthrough in such conditions would be accompanied by enormous losses, and it is unknown would work out or not. But Slavyansk been the core of our crew - a half thousand people, of which more than a thousand - fighters. In Kramatorsk was about 400 fighters in Kostyantynivka little more than a hundred, in Druzhkovka fifty, on the other tracks small garrisons on 20-30-50 man. And I knew that from the outside to me, no one will break. Neither "MBT" or "East" I did not obey. Do Bezlera which Gorlovka based, at that time there were about 350-400 people. If I could not break the ring with his fifteen hundred, then certainly it is something the more I could not. It turned out that if I stay in the siege, then after a while ukry oblozhat me after that will begin to take a new city for the item.What, in fact, began: I do not have time to go out and have already captured Artemivsk where they have their man was. And one day, completely cleared the Artemivsk.

At a time when the output of the Slavic already planned second environment with clipping completely Kramatorskaya Druzhkivka, Konstantinovka. This is the way that's why I came out of the Slavic, did not defend Kramatorsk: there also was no ammunition.

Given the deep penetration of the enemy to Artemivska (he already came to Gorlovka practically in our hinterland was), cling Kramators'k no sense. We still would have won three or four days, but the result will still be out. Any breakthrough, especially - disorganized, accompanied by losses.

Despite the fact that we came out of the Slavic very organized, we have all the armored group died. Tragic accident. They have been together with artillery, divert the attention of the fire from the place - from the outskirts of Slavyansk. Then skip past all the motorcade, the last to leave - bringing up the rear. But then load the human factor, and the armored group went on the line break.

To avoid creating a flea market, we all were divided into six columns. Each column was leaving an interval of half an hour. I made a serious mistake, which came out in the second column, and did not stay till the end. I had my reasons: Kramatorsk I immediately opened the headquarters. But it was necessary, of course, to go last.

This would have happened if I was present at the site. And so you can say to me that the fainthearted, hastened to jump.

Generally our losses could be much greater. But the Ukrainian side at night to fight never liked, so we derived artillery entirely, as well as 90% of the infantry and rear.

We were in the ranks of 11 mortars and two "Nona" were on the move. The famous "Nona" had to leave because she though her ukry never knocked out, all was in splinters. Due to wear in her left undercarriage. She pulled all the time here and there, at the end of the gun and went out of her system. As the soldiers joked Ukrainian units that moved us, she in her life did not shoot as much as Slavyansk.

So - armored group went directly, and it all burned. Blocked the road. The first tank was blown up by mines, tried to overtake the second - fell into the ravine. And others were shot grenade launchers. Some people survived - jumped, broke.

If just started technique - could somehow act, but the whole armor burned. In Kramatorsk I had three infantry fighting vehicles and two armored personnel carriers. This is too little - against us were two mechanized battalion tactical groups and a tank battalion.

And if we are able to operate in the building, then to resist the enemy in the open countryside could not.

Yampol our fortified broke through in one day, despite the fact that we dug in there were pillboxes, dugouts. We have a shortage of anti-tank weapons - not a single anti-tank gun. Be then at least one anti-tank gun, even one "Rapier" not breached our defenses, they would, despite the artillery preparation. But with some "bezotkatkami" we could not fight. I knew that taking the fight on open ground - only to lose people.

Prokhanov. You said that your way to the enemy of the Slavic was totally unexpected.

Igor arrow. Yes, he discouraged them. After all, I was ordered categorical - not hand-slavic.And when I said that going to come out, I repeated several times ordered not to go out, defend Slovyansk to last. "You certainly deprotected defending Slavic". I asked: "What will?" Silence. And I - a thousand people and thousands of their family members. Put them I had no rights. So I decided to break.

Here are some more time. When I was in the Crimea during the Crimean events, visit the 35th battery. Powerfully impressed me. Chaly - just a boy, he regained almost everything on their own. Equally impressed by the fact that all the commanders of Ukrainian Sevastopol defense all admirals, generals, pilots - fled .Ostavili for himself commanders of regiments and battalions.Those killed along with the soldiers. And when I was in Slavyansk, decided, or I do not go out at all, or I will go out with all the garrison. I decided to go out and find it correct.

Deeply convinced that if we do not come out of the Slavic, then do not be deterred and Donetsk. When we entered the Donetsk - everything there was wonderful. Sat Kiev mayor, ATC is still subordinated to Kiev - diarchy classic. The city was not at all prepared for defense.Checkpoints are equipped with bad roads are not blocked, you have to go as you please. And the forces there were very few, they were fragmented, scattered, nobody nobody obeyed, was separately Russian Orthodox army separately - "Vostok" battalion, separately - "MBT". Each squad defended their district, unified management was not.

The problem was not the point, and that the south was almost engulfed in Donetsk, the enemy took Amvrosievka. Basically he has cut us off from the border. DNR was completely under the control of the enemy. And most of the LC was under the control of the enemy. Operated only item - Izvarino where moved one of my mouth from Kramatorsk, and they have greatly increased defense there.

And just to Donetsk eventually cut off all of the miner, agglomeration Taraevsky-Miner-Anthracite. On that site was only a few not very powerful roadblocks and Saur-grave. And between them were huge holes where you can enter. Ilovaysk was empty - there was no garrison.In Ospina was no garrison, no checkpoints.

Arriving in Donetsk, in the city I just left the headquarters commandant company. One battalion broke in Petrovsky district - this is the south-western tip, which was empty. The remaining forces, and Kramatorskaya and Slavic, were brought to the team, divided into three battalions and Reconnaissance. They immediately were thrown at his listener, Ospina. And I formed the front line.

Prokhanov. Of its parts?

Igor arrow. Because of its parts. Because the "East" I did not obey. On personal contacts with them managed to establish cooperation. They defended Yasinovataya district, district Avdeyevka, sand, Karlivka. On Karlovka hodgepodge was: first, there were people Bezlera. Then they left, I had to send his back. Then I ordered a retreat, break out, because they cut off from us, there was no sense in an environment two companies lose.

If we had not formed the southern face, I think that everything would be over very quickly. If we stayed in Slavyansk, then a week later, after a maximum of two, Donetsk have fallen. And going out, we held forty days before the arrival of Donetsk "vacationers". Although the last few days were just desperate. When we came out of Donetsk, then try corridors on Russia in the area of ​​Marinka, Kozhevina, brow. At the same time struck himself corridors to supply and cut off Yakov all enemy group.

We kept the corridor with very heavy losses, lost color of the Third Assault Battalion in these battles. When we broke through the corridor, in the battles of Marinka lost in killed and wounded 120 people in two days - mostly from artillery fire from air strikes. Killed were over 30. For me this huge loss.

And at the moment of breakthrough "vacationers" I battalion cap was dissected into two parts: one part was defended in snow, and the part with the reconnaissance, was pressed against the border, cut off.

Besides, I always had to remove a company from Donetsk, throw on other sites. For example, I first company of miners and antitank platoon had to throw in Debaltseve. Then the same thing had to do with the red beam. Then the fighting began under Ilovaiskaya. At the time of the breakthrough we were separated so that I and the military police went into battle - in Shahtersk fight. In Donetsk from our Slavic brigade remained virtually only one battalion of two companies who cover Petrovsky district. Battalion Kamenska also almost all gone from Donetsk.And left rear: supply, commandant of Rota, which mostly consisted of elderly and untrained, the combat value of which could only be in the city in street battles, and not in active combat.

Some reserves were at "Hold" and "East", but "MBT" I obeyed partially "East" did not obey.Reproach me that I do not navёl order there. But I had a simple choice when I went from Slavic, or urgently to form a front against the enemy, or to organize a coup. But Donetsk at the time was quite peaceful city. People sunbathing, swimming, athletes were training people in a cafe drinking coffee. As in Moscow in the summer, and in Donetsk was. And I have no one understood.While my soldiers rushed to arrest all these rear, disperse. But I understood: it is necessary to deploy a civil war - then that all of us, and slam! I decided that a bad peace is better than a good war, and deliberately left on it.

Prokhanov. Were in this critical situation and intentions of Donetsk leave something unequal forces were again?

Igor shooters. I accuse, I wanted to leave Donetsk. I told him honestly, at some point, I stopped believing that help will come from Russia at all. Just stopped believing! And no one could guarantee me that.

Critical moment for me, as a commander, was at the time of breakthrough Shahtersk. When they knocked us out Debaltseve and just reinforced the column 25th Brigade went to Ukrainian Miner, entered the city. When they took Debaltseve, I already knew that the next breakthrough will make on Miner. I took off from the front, that is isolated from other battalions, two companies. And they were standing on the loading. And at the moment when the enemy entered the Miner, one of my squadron moved there, and the other was on the loading drive there.Accordingly, immediately after that, I took two more companies, then another one, sent there armored group "Mainstay" that is created grouping. In this case I just bared Donetsk. Because I was sure that if the enemy and finds itself in Donetsk, here on the streets we somehow detain him and hand over Miner - totally meant everything to lose.

Because we had a semi-guerrilla army, we were loaded long. Moved too long. All volunteers - families, they were removed from the Slavic. And we are only partially managed to forestall them. One company still entered Miner and gave his take. But ukry cut the road between the miner and Thorez. Then they were off this road barely beat out.

Battles were a whole week, the King commanded - Kononov. That's why I supported his candidacy for the post of defense minister - as a battalion commander, he showed himself very well. He had a reinforced battalion. Four Slavic company, my company of military police, armored group "Hold", batteries ... all this he normally maneuvered. Knocked the 25 Brigade, defeated her with quite a small loss on their part.

At the moment when the enemy cut the road between Miner and Teresa, I have come a psychological crisis, I started thinking about what to do, thinking of transferring headquarters in Miner or snowy and prepare evacuation Donetsk. Because I understand that if aid is not, then you should at least save people.

Prokhanov. You do not have the time characterized as a psychological change. I followed closely the processes, the dynamics of your performances and, perhaps, the dynamics of your destiny. And I think that you have done everything correctly. Everything is done right! Based on the real balance of forces, otherwise you could not do that. On the other hand, everything that you have done - this messianic feat.

Igor arrow. Why do I say that was the turning point? Because at the time I ordered the cook to the headquarters of coagulation, all shtabnikam loaded. People did not discuss my orders because I believed. And I myself went to Miner forward. But at this point the road was cut. I spent the whole day there and talked with the men looked. During the day, I almost did not run Miner Brigade, saw King normally handles and intervene with the commander did not. By evening, talk to people, I decided not to leave Donetsk, although this is not planned at first to leave Donetsk and Gorlovka. And due to cover the northern garrison Gorlovka Donetsk and FAS line on Miner.Because we have there was a large, undisguised hole. But here also played a role that was Gorlovka boatswain, and he defended Gorlovka. Boatswain acted absolutely correctly: it my orders to prepare to evacuate disobeyed. And the next day the order was canceled by itself. I realized that in that situation there, we will not withdraw troops no organized from Donetsk, neither of Gorlovki. We cut off the last road and field roads are very uncomfortable. I personally presented the evacuation of Donetsk and Gorlovka - columns of refugees were shot on the roads from all sides. Realized that it is better to take the fight in Donetsk, than all these breakthroughs.In the evening I returned to Donetsk and has, despite the gravity of the situation, did not plan any transfer of staff, nothing.

I replied to the question whether there was a plan for Donetsk. Plan was not putting in Donetsk, and the intention of abandonment as a variant of Donetsk to output and save people and capabilities.

Prokhanov. Align the front and roll Mariupol - it's only "vacationers" do or militia also took part?

Igor arrow. Individual units militia were subordinated to them. But mostly on advancing Mariupol "vacationers". When they left, remained precarious and the front line, and opportunities.

Firstly, Mariupol was empty, there was no two days the Ukrainian military could take without a fight. But was ordered not to take. Do not just stop orders and orders in any case does not hold. Just Volnovakha could take.

Why do I say that events similar to the events in the extreme: there Yugoslav People's Army stopped just a step up to a decisive victory.

Prokhanov. Igor Ivanovich, how do you do in this war dived?

Igor arrow. I was a counselor at Aksenov in Crimea. He is a man of great charisma, clever, competent, sane, talented. I commanded the only unit of the Crimean militia, a company of special purpose that perform combat missions. But after the fight for the cartographic part when the two were killed (and I commanded this fight), a company was disbanded, the people went home.

When the event occurred in the Crimea, it was clear that one thing will not end the Crimea.Crimea as part of New Russia - a huge acquisition, the jewel in the crown of the Russian Empire.And one of Crimea, cut isthmuses hostile state - not that.

When the Ukrainian government fell apart before our eyes, in the Crimea constantly arriving delegates from areas of New Russia, which would be repeated at what was in the Crimea. There was a clear desire at all to continue the process. Delegates at planned uprising and asked for help.Aksenov, because he has such a load fell off, it is 20 hours a day worked, asked me to engage in the Northern Territory. And he made me an adviser on this issue. I began to work with all the delegates from Odessa, Nikolaev, from Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk. All had full confidence that if the uprising will develop, then Russia will come to the rescue. So I gathered nerazehavshihsya fighters company, to recruit volunteers. 52 people gathered.

In Slavonic came quite by accident. We needed a middle city. 52 people - a force more or less in small settlements. And I was told that in the Slavic strongest local assets. This option we evaluated as optimal.

Prokhanov. How overgrown people subdivisions your movement?

Igor arrows. When we arrived in Slavic, on the basis of a person we met 150-200. And they participated in the storming of the ATC with us. In the ATC had enough weapons - under a hundred rifles and pistols 100-150. People immediately armed. Part, however, were separated.

The next day we took Kramators'k: I went there Cossack division - 30 persons. And off we go.Then it all depended on the availability of weapons. The first few months were a lot of volunteers, but we had nothing to arm. When the fighting began, the real blood flowed, the number of volunteers poumenshilos.

But still there were many. I reported figures by the end of May to Donetsk Republic enlisted 28 thousand people. 28 thousand people really waiting arms. If even half dismiss: criminals, casual, even a half - a 14 thousand people. If we had weapons, the situation has evolved very differently than it has evolved. By the time of my departure from Donetsk we have under arms and 10,000 were not. In Slavic brigade on the lists was around 9000. But are combatants, that is directly fighters around 5000. Others - tylovikov, cooks, volunteers, supplies ...

Prokhanov. When you fought in the Slavyansk, you were just a military or felt and politician? People are turning to you, ask, "Who are you, the shooter?"

Igor arrow. Honestly, I did not intend in any way that is not involved in politics, but even light. In the Crimea, I also did a lot. Negotiations on delivery fleet staff I started going there alone, talking with all staff. But the fact is that I have never lit up. Yes, somewhere in the photos some colonel. I'm not saying that the left or retired. To solve my tactical problems was beneficial to me all considered valid. However, I never cried that I act. Simply said - Colonel. And they themselves think out. Well, that and thought: a colonel. What I retiree, knew a few people. And the others thought we wanted. Neither the names nor the name of my not know.

I also planned to behave in Slavyansk. Going to find a charismatic leader and as an advisor to assist. The first time I did so. Therefore Ponomarev always flashed. He - the People's Mayor. was very active. Was useful in its time. Then things went differently. And I have not found anyone who could move as a political leader.

And then just come to light up the team: Denis Pushilin arrive, it is fully supported. Although I already burned all the bridges, there were no papers, all the fighters left the documents when crossing the border, but it cut off the possibility of retreat as such at all.

As soon as I without a mask, without the "Balaklava" appeared on the TV Pushilinym, firstly, everyone knew who the shooter. Although previously knew that I really teams, interception already been published, was my identikit, but then I saw firsthand. Immediately I figured, was taken to an apartment in Moscow. I did not consider this point, and do not even have time to notify relatives. Relatives, I generally never in the course of entry: I, where, how. As a result, I suffered the loss of a personal level because of this exposure, because I can not live at home, use your library. Not to mention how many survived my relatives who also learned about everything on TV. Throughout the war in Slavyansk I had a military dictatorship. And then I did not climb.

Prokhanov. Do you think that your experience - purely military, not political. You were the minister of defense, commander of the brigade?

Igor arrows. In Slovyansk was battalion, brigade was not. First Slavic volunteer battalion. It was a banner, standard. Prior to the release of the Slavic I actually exercised any influence on Donetsk as defense minister. I have gradually been building up front. I really obeyed Brain, I sometimes put him tasks. In combatant respect he did not obey, but tactically. operational - to obey. I treated my front line by line Lisicansk-Krasny Liman. Garrison Slovyansk obey, obey Kramators'k, Druzhkivka-Kostiantynivka. For a while I obeyed and Gorlovka Bezler because I helped him - he sent a detachment to sweep the city, without my squad, he would not have taken control.

Prokhanov. I think everything that happened then in Slavonic and Donetsk with you, one way or another connected with the restoration of the state. And you are not just involved in the restoration of the military organization, but also the state as a whole. That is, you have been consciously or unconsciously political role, you stand at the origins of the establishment of the state.

Igor arrow. At that moment I understood perfectly well that alone Donetsk and Lugansk fight against ukrov can not. Especially - in the absence of its own military industry, effective government of the local. And I originally started from the fact that repeated Crimean option - Russia will enter. It was the best option. And people in this endeavor. Nobody was going to play for the Republic of Luhansk and Donetsk. All were initially - for Russia. And the referendum was conducted for Russia, and went to fight for Russia. People wanted to join Russia. Russian flags were everywhere. I was at the headquarters of the Russian flag and all. And we are perceived by the population under the Russian flag. We thought, comes the Russian administration, the rear will be organized by the Russian and another republic within Russia. And about a state building, I thought. And then, when he realized that Russia us to not take myself (I can associate with the host), for us it was a shock decision.

Prokhanov. It is not definitive.

Igor shooters. We have nothing definitive, that's the thing. War is six months, but we still do not know, "edyna" Ukraine is not "edyna" Ukraine. What is more important to us: gas supply or the Russian population in the South-East?

Prokhanov. Would like to see something, and then. But not impossible.

Igor arrows. And if not, then after all that important? I report that in Donetsk daily bombing.Every day, send the complete lists of hits: where horrible, where a projectile. That is, the day before, with two nights before five in the morning carried the city easy. Spacing! One day, from early morning to late evening - carried the. A little more - and turned into Stalingrad. And we will haggle over a hundred oil. And it turns out that in trade relations with Ukraine, we are working to help her survive and fight at the front.

Actually, if I was aimed to seize power in the DNI, I could grab, no problem. When I came from the Slavic in Donetsk, all waiting to see what I capture power. But I had a job to protect the republic, not to seize power. I would love to go back. And I believe that everything is done correctly ...

Prokhanov. I also think so.

Igor arrows. But trigger war still hit me. If our unit is not crossed the border, in the end everything would come to an end, as in Kharkov, in Odessa. It would be several dozen killed, burnt arrested. And this would be over. A flywheel is practically a war that still goes on, run our squad. We mixed all the cards on the table. Everything! And from the beginning we began to fight in earnest: destroy subversive groups "pravosekov." And I am personally responsible for what is happening there. For the fact that so far raked Donetsk - I'm responsible. For the fact that the Slavic left, of course, I am responsible. And because he is not released, I too am responsible.

But, because "in the absence of a stamp, write a simple" - we create a movement to even so, humanitarian support militia.

To say that we provide them, you can not. But we really help. Half the army dressed in winter clothes now that we have put to them. Our assistance goes to the troops. And to provide humanitarian assistance to the population is capable only of the Russian state. Only the state!From the State Reserve must take. With the money that you are going, we can help the militia, families, wounded, but that is not all.

Prokhanov. Looking back on your life, do not you think that all fractures in your life, throws, war - is the result of some mysterious logic that lies not even in your nature, and destiny?

Igor arrow. I am against any mysticism in this regard. Just consider that in every situation we must do - does not always work, unfortunately - correct: "Do what you must, come what will."

Prokhanov. But do situations occur accidentally or logically?

Igor arrow. To the mess that was formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, could be anything. In war, you meet those people who have passed and even more experienced. I was under the gun cameras. But there are a huge number of people who deserve a lot more. And the past more and more talented in many ways. I have fought the officer, who knows three languages ​​before Donetsk went five wars. Absolutely unique destiny. But for some inaccuracies, these people are under a bushel. Maybe their time has come. This mysticism - a real chance.

Prokhanov. But mysticism has its own field. It exists somewhere, somewhere realized. And realized not in the stars, and in human relations. You do not try on political caftan?

Igor arrow. It wants me to try on this coat. But honestly - I chore never liked. I - scout trooper as Denis Davydov. He always oppressed regular service. Though promoted to the rank of generals, best manifested themselves as partisans.

- Human breakthrough, always go to the island. The biggest success that I do best - where he had to go first to break through, to engender, to start to build. Next should come the other - to build. This - at first. And secondly, I do not have the necessary skills. If you go into politics, I could show themselves precisely in the crucial moments. Routine me contraindicated. I myself get bored, lose interest. Now we have a relatively stable situation. Our policy is based on the principle: smeary - welcome. There is a hook on you - so you can work with you. A honest man now in politics do nothing. Hopefully something will change. Still, the war, it changes things.

Prokhanov. In the history of the Russian military had failed policies. For some reason they did not know how to write themselves into politics, even when there were military aristocracy. The unhappy fate of the Decembrists. Strikingly military behaved in the last days of the Romanov empire ...

Igor arrows. There was just cheating.

Prokhanov. That war and engaged in politics - give power Guchkov, Shulgin. A Tukhachevsky? Failed to do anything. Zhukov was the host country, the power in his hands was absolute. He handed it to Khrushchev.

Igor arrow. The military secretly laid functions submission.

Prokhanov. Just not in the Hispanic ...

Igor arrow. Latin American military in the ground and are committed to each other's overthrow. A World War, they did not win.

Prokhanov. And the Turkish military? No, there are other military tradition. Russian military ever really get the power, gave the politicians who then with them and also dealt.

Igor arrow. I'm not quite military in the classical sense. The command of this kind for me rather casually. I - the secret services.

Prokhanov. As the secret services, you have the chance to become a big politician.

Igor arrow. Politics now - it's manipulating elections. Lying on the screen, lying everywhere.Superior quality policy - swirl like the wind vane. I do not know how to spin like a weathercock, and do not wish to be able to. I want to die an honest man. And I will not lie to any screen in any way. If I can not honestly say it is better to say nothing. I can work around any theme, nothing more. Lying directly, I will not. Strongly want.

In today's political system has no place for me, I understand that perfectly.

Prokhanov. Maybe currently unavailable. But the story is changeable, especially Russian history. It has great dynamics. I'm all over the skin feel that time, these peace and truce absolutely illusory. The most precious thing a person - it's reputation. You have a huge reputation.

Igor arrow. It is now trying to drown.

Prokhanov. Do not pay attention. Flex that you hang on, is laughable. Maybe you will be the temptation to be magicians who want to enchant you. Wait, when he blow pipe again.

Igor shooters. I hope that the rain.

Prokhanov. Jericho pipe is always at the ready, do not worry.

Igor arrow. The main thing is that the copper is not sounded.

Prokhanov. Brass you have already passed, leaving Jericho. Shooters took his place in Russian history. He did what he could do. And this, dear Igor, a precious resource with you our historical reality.