Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Zhitomir And Cherkassy Battery Sided With the #DNR

Zhitomir And Cherkassy Battery Sided With the #DNR

Posted on October 7, 2014 - 12:07 

Territorial battalions formed in Zhitomir and Cherkassy, ​​following the example of men Kharkov terbatalona recently defected to the militia in full force decided to fight on the side of the people. They fought their way to the militia broke, not wanting to die for the happiness of the oligarchs. It is reported by the employee information center "Vostok" with the call "Cat".

According to his information, October 5 battalions were forced to take a defensive perimeter at the exit of Volnovakha, taking territory from the post of GAI to the former meat market.

But on the night of October 6, the militia organized two counter strike - by Andreevka and by Novotroitsk. In response, Ukrainian troops were forced to postpone part of the funds, blocking rebel battalions. This allowed cherkastsam and part zhitomirtsev break out and connect with the militias, according to "Cat".

Edge of their impact on the battalion had "Shakhtarsk", formerly known as Battalion "Ukraine" Oleg Lyashko. Clarifies that the breakout cherkastsam managed to kill a few dozen lyashkovtsev, but they themselves have lost 24 fighters. It is also reported that during the break captured some nationalists, among whom was Yuri Sinezhuk wanted by Interpol for war crimes in Rwanda in 1994. As the prisoner was also a deputy battalion commander is given "Cherkasy" Vladimir Melnik.

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