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The article “Novorossia under threat of destruction” has caused a wide resonance / About “Voentorg”


Col. Cassad and El Murid are the Only Two people I really Have a Lot of Respect For... 

(And Murid’s wife is making an effort to be nicer to people in the comments, after hundreds of complaints)

About “Voentorg”

  El Murid, Oct 22 2014 14:00

It seems that certain conclusions from blatant concentrations of junta troops around Donetsk and in Debaltsevo have been drawn. As previously reported, Russia has again launched the so-called “Voentorg” and most importantly, once again opened a tour desk, sending “holiday-makers” into the territory of LDNR. This is good and bad at the same time. Good, of course, is that the threat is recognised as serious, and Russia is not ready to retreat even further. The strange Minsk world that stopped the militia offensive, led to the fact that the peace process began to look like not just a farce, but another reason to accuse Russia of betrayal, and to a very hostile mood, given the background of continuous and ubiquitous executions in the cities of Donbass.

 However, the rate at which the “party of peace” is setting everything up, looks too honest to pretend that nothing is happening. Ukrainian propaganda in the person of Tymchuk caught on and today, on the third day, began to wail that Russia is aggressively invading Donetsk.

 As usual Tymchuk has confused the cause with the effect, though the facts are laid out almost exactly. Anyway, enter the “vacationers” and a supply of ammunition that, if not guaranteed, creates greater confidence in the prospects if Poroshenko does a “The Gods must be Crazy” (“з’їхали з глузду”, Ukrainian) routine and still starts the attack.

The bad side of the news is that the repetition of the August scenario, when the "holiday" was eliminated at the last moment, leading to disaster in Donetsk and Lugansk, suggests that Moscow is extremely skeptical about the survivability of the militia in the event of an attack by 404, so skeptical that they are forced to endure a possible worsening of relations with the West, completely eliminating any hopes of the lifting of the sanctions. Most likely, when the EU foreign ministers refused on Monday to address the question of lifting sanctions, they were forced to respond to the steps of Russia, which in turn was forced to react to the actions of the Ukrainian side.

Who is to blame for the fact that pro-Russian territory, which Russia continues albeit so inconsistently to protect, continues to be in a poly-anarchistic condition, has become a rhetorical question. Instead, as a result of this inconsistent and frankly very strange policy, the effort to create a solid command and effective civil governance structure, which was completely abandoned by everybody, is now being forced to make steps which it would not have made of its own accord. Although the situation looks threatening, it is nevertheless not as catastrophic as it was five days ago, when Kiev, forgetting all appearances, was throwing everything it had in the direction of Donbass.

It still ain’t lookin’ good, children: the Russians (in the person of the supremely cynical Surkov) cannot be trusted to provide sufficient support to keep Novorossia afloat. It is said Surkov has been instructed not to allow a defeat, but at the same time, he is making every effort to secure, in effect, a surrender. We all know that the job of Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky is to surrender to Kiev, as gracefully as possible, which means not very gracefully. Workers in Donbass are still paying taxes to Kiev: it comes out of their payroll tax, beyond their control, a decision of their employers which tells us everything we need to know. Strelkov, I should add, is part of the Moscow decor. Surkov started moving days before Strelkov made his plagiarised announcement regarding the dire situation, but the stage management will make it look as if Strelkov caused the change of policy, because Strelkov is billed for a star position in right-wing Moscow politics, possibly amounting to a Hitler role in some future doomed nationalist revolt. Below is the dispatch which Strelkov plagiarised, followed by some remarks – RB


Novorossia under threat of destruction

 Dmitri Zagourski,, Oct 21 10:11
Today, we had contact with a person from the Ministry of Defense of 404 who supports our struggle. There was a long conversation. 404 plans to continue fighting immediately after the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation on Oct 26. Already formed three armored attack columns (‘fists’) aimed at Donetsk.They are at Avdiivka, Peske and Debaltsevo. The blow will be given only on Donetsk. The purpose of 404 is to capture a significant portion of Donetsk by means of a swift kick from three directions. If Russia does not have time to respond and help Novorossia, then such a shock from a large number of armoured vehicles will scatter and eliminate the various disparate militias in 2-3 days.

404 hoped for the advantage of surprise, and meanness, unilaterally ceasing “truce”. Today’s fierce artillery shelling of Donetsk, as well as the work of the enemy sabotage groups, is proof. Without Donetsk, the existence of Novorossia is impossible. And the Army of Novorossia will never, under any circumstances, fire at residential areas of Donetsk, as do the punitive troops of 404. Thus, our fighters will be limited in the set of tools of destruction of 404 guards, if they are located in a residential area of Donetsk. therefore, if 404 troops will be able to occupy Donetsk, Novorossia will retain very little chance to survive. The situation is severe, it’s no secret.

Novorossia under threat of destruction. Some comments

 Roman Skomorokov,, Oct 22 2014 07:49
The article “Novorossia under threat of destruction” has caused a wide resonance. However, despite its brevity, some points in my opinion require comments and explanations, and so do some comments from our participants. The issues raised in the material were also raised, very briefly, in my last conversation with Alexei Borisovich (Mozgovoi).

Only because he didn’t have much time to talk. But he is affected, surprised by the reaction. Released material, and all seemed to have woken up, and yelled. Dear, do you really think that in the same LNR there are people who get information from the Internet? In vain… On Oct 15 about 2 am, at the base of the brigade “Ghost” in Donetsk, Mozgovoi told me that in Debaltsevo the enemy technicals would be worn down within a week. And he was well aware about the quantity and quality of equipment and personnel. He knows what units would be too much for him to resist, if they existed. And when will the date of this “if”? Oct 30 to Nov 3. You can check his vision. So, it’s wrong to think that everything is very bad. Most people can count, but not many can explain these calculations so that people understand. Yes, he didn’t present very beautiful figures: he said they had ammunition sufficient for 10-11 days of defense. Bad? Little? Probably.

However, we are talking about consumption of ammunition during the enemy attack, when you fire at everything that moves. Will 404 spend 10 days depositing corpses and burning vehicles along the distance from Debaltsevo to Amvrosievka? 76 km is not a lot. But it’s enough, especially when the defense will be firing on them from both sides. And reinforcements will come to the defense from Donetsk and Lugansk, we don’t know how much, but some will. It isn’t just a desert with the Russian checkpoint at the border. So 76 km is a lot. About the morale of 404 I cannot speak. Brazen and blatant fools who consider the occurrence a cakewalk, no.

So said the defectors, and they said it repeatedly, and they ran away repeatedly, not the stupid, but those who wanted to survive the upcoming slaughter. But about people running away from “Ghost” I have not heard. On the contrary, I saw hardened warriors from “Vostok” and “Oplot” who had moved from DND to Mozgovoi. For the same reason: the desire to fight and beat the enemy, not to protect whores and pimps. The opinion of “Ghost”: if we can hold out for 2-3 days, the attack will begin to get choked up. No one in 404 wishes to die or to live crippled. So after a couple of days, they will be bored by all the shooting, and they will go. How far, time will tell. But the fact is that the best team of Novorossia will be able to provide 404 with a five-day personal hell, not saving BK. Whether there are not enough warriors, once again, time will tell. My opinion is that there are more than enough.

Next, to your comments. “Unhappy Lord”, I’ll try to be reassuring. From your statements it follows that throughout all the time of the armistice, 404 has been making intense preparations for the offensive, pulling down all that can be pulled down, gaining new recruits from villages and towns. And the militia ate stew and played cards, or what? I think you are being too pessimistic. The fact that Mozgovoi still agreed with Kozitsyn about bringing together and develop joint plans, remained in the background. And in vain. This means a unit of 5,000 fighters with artillery and armoured vehicles. And prepared and well-armed people. And this is power. Plus high morale. Watched, heard, appreciated. Vladimir (“Normal”), you asked a question: “What is your vision of the situation. Good, bad, or bits of both?”

Answer: it is hard. Good situation it cannot be called. Bad… And when from the beginning of the atoms in Novorossia was it good? There hard. Bad fuel, “Voentorg” as of 20:00 Oct 21 not reestablished. I hope very much that it will be. Very bad food. Catastrophically bad, especially among civilians. The situation is severe. But still not bad. These are the words of Alexei Borisovich, who cannot be accused of embellishment and reassessment of the situation. As in the scaremongering and unnecessary complaints. So I prefer to stick to his point of view. It will be even harder. After the elections, the pocket Duma will approve any bill that let you know where. And again go to war until the last Ukrainian. Or Novorossian.

Those who have already been in Ilovaisk, Ambrosievka, Popasna, Schastye, Slavyansk, Semenovka, will tell you about it. Novorossia is threatened with destruction? Yes, threatened. From the first storm of the security service of 404 in Lugansk, they face it every day. But the people of Novorossia will do everything to make sure that threats remain only threats. They will defend their homes with their lives. I’m not a patriot, fact. But I’m not sad-sad broadcaster on “all is lost”. I looked into the eyes of the people. I shook their hands, I spoke with them. I can say that I know these people. Not to break demonstration armoured columns, because they know who’s inside. And most importantly, those who are inside the tanks which will go to Donetsk and Debaltsevo also know these people. Firsthand. As said to me in conversation militia Serge, call-sign “Eel”:
The impossible begins when you are dead. Until then everything is possible. Some things are easier, some things are harder, but nothing is impossible.
To these words I have nothing to add.

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