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Summaries of militia Novorossia | Falling asleep, I heard the first explosions overnight shelling. War. "

Summaries of militia Novorossia


Article by journalist Irina Lashkevich of militia commander with the callsign "Nibbler".
"In this division stripes fighters depicted bat. It - Special Forces. Their task - finding and defusing saboteurs, and raids into the rear of the government troops for reconnaissance and sabotage. It is clear that with the press, these people do not like to socialize: publicity in their "work" does not need it. with great difficulty, managed to enter the unit commander, a man with a frightening callsign "Nibbler". He agreed to talk.

At the gates of Staff divisions forward to seeing him. Suitable group of soldiers: 30 people, it seems, the new recruits. Commander loudly team "Trunks up, remove the stores, check the trunk! Weapons handed over to Munitions, eat, relax - and everyone in the room to practice. "

Leaves "Nibbler" hello. Immediately find myself thinking: a very familiar face. Yes this is Sasha Popov, party show «X-factor"! Here are some unexpected twists make life for residents of Donbas: a year ago - Donetsk musician today - SWAT commander DNI ...
(Speech can be found here:

In the room where I was invited to speak, a lot of weapons. Talk alone does not work: Sasha constantly suitable subordinates, briefly ask sanctions on those or other actions. You can shoot here is not all: the secrecy comply strictly.

The decor in the squad friendly. Drill and bullying is not, but there is a constant combat training, and the approach to it - very seriously. Its dining room, where there are the portraits of dead comrades in mourning frame. Just now a division receives winter form. "Insulate fighters", - says Sasha.

Dog Sasha called Aya. She lives in parts and is powered from the "regiment of the boiler." Lunches Aya fulfills completely: she knows all the fighters and would not let a stranger get into the territory of the. Other dogs guard armory. Soldiers called her Marinka - in honor of the village, where she picked up. More precisely, how to choose, just hopped in the car at the time of the shelling. Marinka recently died ...

No prisoner of the commandos. "Battalion" Donbass "and the like do not take prisoners. Conscripts - let go after checking. Pity the boys, but that they came to us and began to kill, not we to them ", - says Sasha.

The table sits a man of 45. "I can not take pictures, I now go to the territory ukrov" - he says immediately. Man tells how one of the commanders of the government troops withdrew its soldiers under fire dagger militias, and he ran away in a jeep.

"We are stunned when they are brought to us - he says. - Naturally, opened fire. Only one of all the survivors. We also had losses. Survivor forced to dig graves for all, right in the park. We did not beat him, do not try, but the people when they learned that this Ukrainian army soldier, spat at him. He dug, and people spat at him ... Then we let him go, and said go home, tell the truth about what I saw. "

"Generally speaking, it is not uncommon - complements Sasha. - Repulsed one attack, and they customize a new party - and again. Terrible thing, but, in my opinion, their commanders stupidly poured his people. "

Decides to set long excites me the question: "Ukrainian media are constantly told that the militias themselves bombed. Can you comment on this? ". Sasha unkindly quips: "Even I do not want to comment. I happen myself bomblyu! I've been born, grew up here, my family, friends ... ".

In the dining room - the portraits of fallen comrades

"Is it true that for looting shot without trial?" - Asked the following question.

"It is not true - Sasha laughs. - The Court will be required. But if they prove guilt - then yes, the shooting. "

Finally please say a few words to the soldiers of the government troops.


"Let them stop, think, what they do - after some reflection, says Sasha. - Their heads beaten slogans. So just let them stop and listen to yourself, realize what they are doing terrible things. I've been born, grew up. Stick - I'll shoot. "

On the way back to the apartment where I stayed in Donetsk, a conversation with a taxi driver. "I would have long ago he was in the militia, and took no: wound after Afghanistan, the hand does not move, - he says. - Send a wife and daughter in the Crimea. Here with an old mother-in live. Now the food to feed her. My son was in the army, died six weeks ago, he was 25 years old ... My wife does not know yet that Romkey no more. Learns go mad "... The taxi driver furtively wiping tears ...

"House" long stood on the balcony, smoking. Through the window staring at the empty Donetsk. Usually in 20 hours city empties. Wounded city bedding.

Somewhere on the other end of the guys from Donetsk group "Critters" went on a mission. Night - their time. Return whether all alive? Whose life will take away with them?

Falling asleep, I heard the first explosions overnight shelling. War. "

Irina Lashkevich

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