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Putin Decade, Russia has Returned Hope for Revival : by Igor Gunmen

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Putin decade, Russia has returned hope for revival
In early October, the headquarters of the international human rights organization Freedom House in Washington, the former head of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky delivered a speech denouncing the Russian government and the president. Speech, which was the basis of the manifesto published the following. With the support of a global financial oligarchy, Khodorkovsky has put forward some conceptual theses, using similar Russian man comparisons, analogies and associations, and even sometimes by copying techniques patriotic rhetoric. With an enviable pathos and claim the status of a kind of last resort, the former oligarch trying to reconcile the irreconcilable. Alien to Russia and the Russian people, liberal "values" as it were "add" in close and dear to the Russian heart of the concept of national pride and justice, creating a dangerous illusion of organic compatibility. Khodorkovsky, as it teaches the active part of the society to the future of liberal reforms initiated by world behind the scenes and more - says about them, as the only possible and useful. Unfortunately, just ignore this compilation of "warm soft" and leave it unanswered impossible. Too dangerous voice sounded from the lips of an explicit enemy of Russia and too destructive nature may result in a attempt to implement its proposed scenarios. On the globalist, liberal scenario imposed Khodorkovsky under the guise of a new round of "reforms", we have to give your, Russian, patriotic response. It is not just idle speculation escaped from home to abundant and extraordinary felon, is the ideological program of the new coup d'etat in Russia - the "road map" oligarchic revolt aimed, as always in Russian history, against the rulers, the people and the State. Well, we explain all the points.

Russian selection, social justice and national mobilization

1 100 years ago, the last Russian Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II wrote: "Circle of betrayal, cowardice and deceit." He was referring to is not the people, not fools and are not expensive, but around him at that time the political, military and economic elite. Treason elites concluded that the greatest world power, the Russian Empire collapsed. 200 years ago under the leadership of the political elite of the British envoy participated in the regicide of Emperor Paul, which subsequently led to the Napoleonic invasion and the War of 1812. 400 years ago in the Time of Troubles, the political elite of Russia swore impostors and the Polish king, changing and our homeland, and Faith, and only an uprising Russian militia saved in that period, and Russia, and Orthodoxy, ushering in a new dynasty of Russian tsars. Since then, Russia has changed little. Russian rulers relying on the Russian people bring their lives on the altar of the Fatherland, a beefy, corrupt comprador elites do not disdain any means to betray the motherland and cowardly to change the Emperor, to rob and subjugate the people to achieve personal short-term gain. But after a long and painful years of turmoil always peace comes - came out of the crisis and the bloody wars Russia has once again started to steadily develop. 23 years ago (before our eyes with you), history repeated itself again, "Red Empire" really needs a serious and extremely cautious reform, instead, was looted, pillaged and destroyed by a pack of "recoloured" and sells the recent "ideological enemies" senior party officials and joined them unscrupulous nouveau riche. History is accelerating ... its windings are getting shorter. And here again - the second time on our short lifetime - just beginning to recover from the past "pogrom" the country is threatened greedy divide. And those who have not given final plunder our suffering homeland in the 90s, now crave revenge.

2 10-year prison sentence for you, Mr. Khodorkovsky - it's really a tragedy. After all, how much could be stolen during this period! And now your only goal - is to catch up. Let's look at the last 10 years of your life. From 1991 until his arrest you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, "out of nothing" (ie not having invested a penny, but appropriated tens of billions of dollars of public property) created a huge financial and industrial empire, becoming one of the richest men in the country. At the same time, as well as all the then oligarchs generously "walked over the corpses," Do not hesitate se6ya any moral constraints, plundered and devastated huge Soviet industrial heritage. Bathed in money and "elitism" of anything currently no denying. In those same years, I and many of my friends and comrades fought almost continuously for the Russian people, and for Russia, against the enemies of the Fatherland. First, in Transnistria, then in Bosnia, and then in Chechnya. And while we are suffering one defeat after the treachery of so-called "new elite," retreated, gritting his teeth, followed by a contemptuous and hateful comments corrupt "democratic" media, you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, and you do not even like we remembered needs of the country and its people. And because the experience we have fundamentally different. You have learned to steal, rob, and lie, and we - and the people to defend Russia. Even when away from us no one has claimed. Prison always changes people, sometimes - for the better. You, alas, the proper experience of this is removed. After all, even returning to the freedom you have not pleaded guilty absolutely nothing. Moreover, immediately again in the camp of the enemy, thus confirming that sat at it.

3 What kind of "stolen" You all can talk? You, whose credo was to steal, steal and steal? You have done something or built in your life for yourself that could steal you personally? No. Because anything other than theft, fraud and robbery, you were not engaged to prison. Of all your achievements personally I am willing to recognize the socially useful result unless those boots that you "stitch" in custody. From the moral point of view, only your work and this is the only one worthy of your whole, to put it mildly, rather dirty life highly talented thief and swindler. But the worst thing is that this work does not go in your favor, and, judging by what you are acting now, and have not led you to realize your own mistakes and crimes. When the true patriots of Russia and the Russian people engaged in battle in the New Russia, you received a pardon by President Putin, immediately sided with his enemies and the enemies of Russia. You were on the Russophobic Independence and collected in enemy territory all the "color" of Russian traitors to rally anti-Russian spring. You say that "Russia has ceased to evolve"? This is a direct result of your activities, your privatization comprador your policy. Now you are calling us to radical reform? In alliance with whom? With outspoken enemies of Russian? Proceeding from patriotic motives?

4 Vividly your "patriotism", Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is manifested in the repetition of the search "horror" of Russia as "a threat to Europe and the world." Once this threat loudly (and far more talented) Goebbels shouted, and before him - Napoleon and the British Lord Palmerston and Disraeli. After - Winston Churchill and President Ronald Reagan, who called void sumnyashesya USSR an "evil empire." So you, Mikhail Borisovich, went quite well-trodden path. I suppose, in the belief that only you alone - "the most intelligent" and something that the uptake in the history, and all the Russian people - full of idiots and ignoramuses. Well, even pants, which are easy to deceive and intimidate the specter of "World War III", that they have agreed to waive their Fatherland and help the lost half-brother in the New Russia in exchange for "as long as there was no war." But the main destination of this appeal is not in Russia. This kind of "oath" to those who throughout history Russia wanted to eliminate it. In my opinion, there is a typical shulerskih reception at which operates with marked cards player, understanding that it is about to withdraw to clean water, immediately accuses partner of cheating. Headed by the global financial oligarchy Western world, part of which you, Mikhail Borisovich, endeavor to introduce us - going to destroy or conquer the neighbors always and everywhere began to accuse future opponents, attributing to them exactly own intentions. So we can say: Russia really threaten war. In the hope that it will be frightened and surrenders, allowing a first disarm, and then finally finish. What can I say? The task of the present Russian patriots (not regulars Washington "Freedom House") is to be prepared to repel aggression from the West, because only in this case, Russia will be able to prevent it and to defend their sovereignty.

Return to Russia

5 Speaking of "European values", you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, do not understand (or pretend that you do not understand) that they have no relation to the real, traditional European values. It revives them today in the Russian President Putin. And those "values" that are now imposed on the world financial oligarchy as a "European", cause in Europe itself mnogosottysyachnye protest. When was the last time more than 20 years ago, the Soviet leadership decided to "turn" to these so-called "Values", the country was split in the end, looted and humiliated, and the Russian people suddenly appeared the biggest divided people in the world. Since coming to power, Putin has begun to correct the disaster 90: Taming the absolute power of the oligarchy, nationalize the elite, to restore the shattered economy. As the establishment of the order of the President found it possible to show mercy even to such a bastard, how to prison have revealed themselves to the world you are, Mr. Khodorkovsky. But you do not appreciate it. Probably because you have found grace provided a sign of weakness. Because you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, of course, would not stand on ceremony, is not it? And now, the President deceiving his false repentance, you are going to take revenge on him for everything? For the fact that he made a bid to strengthen the state and the protection of national interests at the expense of comprador elites? What is not allowed on the cheap to sell the largest reserves of natural resources to the Rothschilds, condemning Russia for external control? That punish you for openly expressed the intention to remove him from power by unconstitutional means? With your words, while in custody, you are "much overrated." But just coming to freedom, you again found themselves on opposite sides of the front with the Russian people in the war for the Russian Mir, live and hard confrontation in the Donbas. Your hatred of Putin led you not only in the enemy camp of the President personally, but in the enemy camp of the Russian state and the entire Russian people. How dare you upbraid Putin that he stood up to protect the people of the Crimea and the New Russia, can not sustain the West Ukrainian Nazis set over the Crimea and Donbas bloody dictatorship? After Russian protect yourself and your life. You're blaming the victims themselves that they supposedly have the audacity to defend himself. The Third World War is excluded, while Russia is strong and powerful enough to ensure even asymmetrical, but the strategic parity, and while there are people in power that are not ready for a promise to enter supranational financial elite to sell on the vine his country and his people. We will give a fitting rebuff to your persistent and waned over the years, to enter into the desire to sell something that you do not own. And do not allow re-just as it was 23 years ago, inspire yourself through false slogans.

6 What you're talking about "European values ​​and Euro-Atlantic civilization," not only has nothing to do with Russia, but in direct contravention of our national history, psychology, and destiny. Europe has long moved away from their own Christian values, lost in the abyss of the most vile evils, and the much-vaunted "Euro-Atlanticism" is nothing more than a geopolitical doctrine of global domination the United States, against the peoples of the world, still preserving their own religion, sovereignty and national traditsii.U Russia, already twice in the recent past affected by leprosy "advanced European ideas" and suffered grievously for Infatuation own elite and intellectuals today are two ways: either to return to yourself, to regain their faith, their tradition, their values, their sovereignty, or dissolve in the global West, becoming a slave and disappear as a civilization, having lost everything. Again, I stress - how outstanding hypocrisy you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, possess, when regret about lost art, literature, science, space, and other achievements of imperial and Soviet "totalitarian past." Truly, "regretted wolf mare -Leave tail mane yes"! But even if we assume that some of what you have said remotely true, then I ask you to brush up on a little history: Russia received the Christian faith is not with the Catholic West and the Orthodox East from - directly from the Eastern Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, for a millennium remaining guardian of true Christianity. However, if you talk about the Christian faith?

7 All that Russia is today, was created by our people and our country in a desperate struggle to preserve their own identity, freedom and sovereignty. In the fight against enemies both from the West and from the East. Russia has developed first as a nation-state that has grown into a great empire because she was flexible enough in his ability to perceive the positive experience of neighbors. And nothing in this no shameful for her or sverhpochetnogo - because this is the way of all the peoples who have sane rulers who are building and developing their own state. Borrow - not to blindly copy. Enough already ... dokopirovalis. One Marxism, bringing to us from Europe, in a country that has managed! Every nation and every country is unique. And like any field of fine grasses and a scattering of different colors and beautiful humanity in its inflorescence unique peoples, even fighting among themselves for "a place in the sun", but not like a "lawn manicured public", which seek to turn it into "Euro-Atlantic obschecheloveki. "

8 Euro-Atlantic values ​​- "values ​​of a strong and just state"? Strong, Mikhail Borisovich Currently, these values ​​lead to the extinction of the nations of Europe, which they follow and that once created it, this very great Europe, which is so fond of saying our homegrown liberaly.V This is your so-called "justice"? However, you, for obvious reasons, do not care about the historical destinies of some sort of Germans, Frenchmen or Britons. Like Russian, Bashkirs, Tatars, Lezghins and so on. Well, the "strong state" - presumably, refers to the United States? After all, the "strong" (ie, a truly sovereign and independent) states has remained in Europe. Last sovereign state in Europe outside the former USSR, who dare to defend the interests of its citizens - Yugoslavia - defeated and subdued 15 years ago. Bowed to the "Euro-Atlantic choice" bombs and missiles, the blockade and rebellion strange aliens and heretics migrants. Now the queue Belarus and Russia, is not it? Foothold in the Ukraine has already been created and was the last jump? Encouraged by the global financial oligarchy values ​​("European", "Euro-Atlantic", "universal", etc.) - is the value of the complete destruction of the nation-state and the radical abolition of all that is vaguely reminiscent of social justice. Here, Mr. Khodorkovsky, you either ignorant or deliberately lying. Well, to "ignorance" - I was just, "just to be witty" - illusions flaws in your education I have. Liberalism, which you maintain, as has the final goal of absolute globalization, the leveling of all peoples and religious communities under one consumer "comb" and approval authorities of the global financial oligarchy as the elimination of all historical states (EU project - the first step in this direction) . In economic policy, liberalism is not only in practice but also in theory firmly denied social justice. Freedom of the market, of which the solid liberals, is incompatible with the redistribution of income, as urged by supporters of social justice. The more Russia will be involved in the processes of globalization, the faster will lose its sovereignty and the ability to carry out social policy. Now, about the "mobilization". We, of course, need a powerful national mobilization against aggression "evroatlantistov" aimed at accelerating and the final looting of Russia under the pretext of "integration into the world community" and "the global economy." Mobilization of both state and public. For not only threat looming over the state sovereignty of Russia, but also on cultural and moral identity of its people, degradable strongly advocated to introduce the "Euro-Atlantic" vices - sodomitskim debauchery, pedophilia, murder of children and the elderly (abortion and euthanasia), drugs, terrorism, and all Incidentally, that carries with it a "new world order humane."

9 "Anyone who wants to be strong, can not afford to be retarded." Absolutely true thesis. And that is why the decision by President Putin on the full rearmament in 2020 is absolutely appropriate response to Russophobe hysteria from the West. Russian military leaders of the military-industrial complex, the regional industrialists and entrepreneurs need to replace the comprador elite 90s, the so-called "oligarchs", typified by you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, a. Russian oligarchs are foreign - their capital and the family in the West, although they amassed their fortunes by exploiting the Russian people. They represent the interests of the global financial oligarchy, think in terms of ultra-liberalism and, in fact, consider themselves to be something of a colonial administration. Therefore prefer to voice their "revelations" your "prophetic" by the mouth of Washington.

10 Today, it is not in Europe, and in Russia itself. Our way - back to themselves. It is necessary to go back to Russia, to our history, our culture, our mission. This mission has always been to bring the light of the Christian faith, the ideals of social justice and good people of the world, to be "holding" of evil, as the Apostle Paul said. We had a very troubled past. The whole of the 20th century Russia was shaking with fever bloody revolutions and wars of extermination. But, thanks to passed severe tests, Russia has managed to keep much of what Europe has lost almost forever. And if Europe wants to return to their own traditions and the Christian principles it on the road with us, and not with the financial oligarchy USA, carrier nations of the world godless civilization moral decay, the ideological zombies, spiritual and physical death.

Building a fair society

11 "The modern Russian society is arranged unfair" --govorite you. Totally agree. But (I repeat written above) so it did just like you and you. Taking advantage of the crisis of the USSR, you are robbing and killing, appropriating to the hands of the national heritage. So you and your cronies laid the foundations "of contemporary Russian society," where the most cynical and despicable layer, acting in collusion and instructions overseas curators, acquired all the levers of economic and partly political power. Immediately after coming to power, Putin has begun to rectify the situation, but the injustice that has become in the 90 law is deeply rooted. Therefore, returning to our society of social justice will be a long and difficult process. But I believe that we will get through this without the advice of fugitive ex-oligarch nazhivshego his fortune in the looting of the national wealth created by hard work of generations of Russian people.

12 In reading your criticism of privatization (by the way, is quite reasonable), I am amazed at your cynicism: You and people like you have gained their wealth during this particular criminal seizure of public property, and is now trying to blame it on someone else, but not those who are actually guilty. Privatization - which it was - it was not "skew" is a crime. As a result, the property received are not ordinary people, but agile and unscrupulous minority. And the larger "chunks" of the property was acquired with the direct support of foreign financial capital, was walking literally "over the corpses." Do you not know this? Putin and here began to establish the correct proportions, passing the state the most important strategic sectors of the economy. Thus, he is just trying to fix the disastrous consequences of criminal privatization. Without the elimination of the oligarchy, based just on the criminal privatization, there will be no social justice, no full development of private enterprise.

13 The fact that the bowels should belong to the people, but in doing so, you are completely right. I have already said, that sometimes (though rarely) a prison is beneficial. At this point, the shift is undoubtedly positive. But that is exactly what happened to you: your assets laundering established energy companies were transferred to the control of the state, ie the people. How else can you make the bowels of public property, if not through their nationalization and redistribution of the profits out of them extracted, the benefit of all citizens? This excludes private ownership of large objects in the field of energy production. History of Yukos - an example of how the bowels returned to the people. Efficiency of the use of mineral resources - the second question. First they need to take away from you and others like you, and then use as efficiently as possible. And now let's hard to argue with the fact that the use of the resource rent is far from ideal. The main thing is not to leave anything of natural resources in the private ownership oligarchy.

14 The proportional tax scale - quite the right way. This is a movement towards social justice. But not you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, who became rich by plundering his people and vyvezshego Captal abroad this reason. What country you pay taxes? In Switzerland, in England, in the United States? Return the stolen people, start with yourself, pay taxes in Russia. Or for that you first need to be sure to become the president himself? One looks like an oligarch recently in the same electorate swore in the neighboring country. Poroshenko his name. Swore all their belongings back-breaking labor to give the people of Ukraine! But something was not in a hurry. So start with yourself! Spread the image of "a responsible taxpayer"! Then maybe you someone (strongly naive) and believe.

15 Liberalism in your understanding, Mr. Khodorkovsky, is an absolute fallacy. This false teaching, completely ignoring God, spirit, culture, humanity, society, and focuses primarily on the individual, his private interests and the material sphere of finance. Liberalism in this sense entirely incompatible with true freedom: how can a man be free if the society in which he lives, is a percentage slavery, debt bondage of the international financial oligarchy and its local overseers? If all human life is subordinated to the search for and enhancement of intangible benefits and the status of a bank account is the measure of all things? Today, liberalism is a totalitarian ideology, on the distribution of which the United States built its global hegemony. For Russia, it is unacceptable in any form - neither politically nor economically or legally. And that's the most important thing for you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, liberalism is the ultimate truth, and national development and social justice, you have prepared for populism. New Russian liberalism is doomed, it does not accept neither the right nor the left. This colonial ideology that goes against our Russian identichnosti.Pytayas destroy this identity for the triumph of the ideology of liberalism, and you destroy Russia. I think, in this Your ultimate goal lies.

16 Socio-oriented, based on Christian values ​​the state - this is the goal of this strategy is a landmark, and Russian patriots. In achieving this goal completely free to join the "right" and "left" supporters of the monarchy and socialism. And of course, such a state must be based on strict adherence to the rule of law. But what to do with it have you? After all, you have to seduce the people, and he is now inclined to listen to the slogan of a "socially oriented national state" (not quite sure how to build a "national" government in place centuries of the Russian Empire, in which lived peacefully and developed hundreds of peoples). This bone you throw us to the Russian people. But Russian - not trusting flock, twice in the past century "klyunuvshee" promises "rivers of milk and honey Tides" and as a result of his blood shed oceans. I sincerely hope that we have learned something and will be able to distinguish the true from the fake, wrapped in a nice wrapper. Socially oriented national state - who is anything but you, the oligarchs, the lackeys of the Rothschilds. Leave Mr. Khodorkovsky, national and social: these concepts requires clean hands and impeccable biography.

War - a tragedy, which sometimes can not be avoided

17 United States, and American hegemony - this is war. We see it in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Ukraine. Wherever the United States assists the "color revolutions", the Nazis came to power, the extremists, fundamentalists. Be a supporter of the United States, the West and NATO - it means to be a fascist accomplice, attorney War. This war is being waged against all of humanity, not wanting to live the American rules and serve humbly and slavishly interests of the global financial oligarchy.

18 This war is being waged against Russia against Ukraine. Those heroes who rose to defend the Russian World, who fights in the New Russia, do not want this war. They wanted peace. But the price of peace can not be freedom and dignity. In the context of the neo-Nazi junta given to the authorities in Kiev your hosts, Mr. Khodorkovsky, and supported by you personally - life is not a life, and the world - not the world. And Russian in Crimea and New Russia rebelled for freedom and justice, for the right to their national development, for their language and culture. It was a war against war. Your calls for peace not just hypocrisy, it is a betrayal. Like everything else, however. We're just on opposite sides of the front, and your words to me, to take an active part in the hostilities in the New Russia, sound like calls from the other side, "Russian, surrender! Will the world! You cheated! "In response to this in combat there is one answer. Guess yourself what. Russia's problem today is not that for her the war is (as you say) the alleged "driver." In contrast, Putin has done and is doing everything possible to avoid the "big war" (small already unleashed US hands Kiev and goes, taking dozens of lives every day). Blame the Russian government that it does not throw Russian world to fend for themselves, blasphemous. In defending this thesis, You get support for pro-Western comprador elites meet regularly in anti-Russian "peace march". With the same as those who stand on the side of Russia's historical and social justice (which is the vast majority), you have to say goodbye forever. You on the other side of the Crimea and the New Russia, and they are now, more than ever unite Russian supporting Putin unequivocally decisive steps in this direction.

National mobilization

19 The current authorities have brought Russia to the very threshold of a decisive breakthrough in the direction of independence, power and freedom, which is able to bring it out of the area of ​​direct influence of American hegemony. Unfortunately, in my personal opinion, said jerk clearly inhibited (think your secret and clear minded, still have an enormous influence because of the stolen wealth and domestic political influence, they bought). Visible and fluctuations on the need of moving forward. But the population of the country is quite ready for it, and that's what scares you. Hence the hysteria about the threat of "Chinese protectorate." "China threat" - while in theory. A protectorate of the United States Open, set over Russia as a result of the Gorbachev-Yeltsin treason - until now, that is, on the face. The main threat to the sovereignty of Russia - in an aggressive onslaught of the global financial oligarchy, frightened possibility of "loss" of Russia from a slop trough "of the colonial economy." In its fifth column, one of the ideologists of which you are.

20 The global financial oligarchy desperately and furiously fighting against the revival of Russia. If Russia will survive, it has a future; she'll be back in history and win. But if to power in Russia will come hates all Russian mercenary agent of the global financial oligarchy (such as you), we will collapse into the abyss, in comparison with which the bandit 90th we seem like child's play. Disintegration of the country with all the consequences in the form of wars, rampant poverty, hunger, epidemics and large-scale man-made disasters - that's what awaits us in this case. That, as it happens (though still in a much smaller scale), I have personally observed more than once or twice. More recently - in Ukraine, where the most "berries" is also yet to come. But you, Mr. Khodorkovsky, now want to help the West again destroy what Putin started to recover in 2000 e.No You can not, because we - the Russian, God is with us! The global financial oligarchy, the priests of Mammon, putting himself in the place of God and on his own behalf controlling the destinies of the world, began to play. American hegemony is crumbling like a colossus with feet of clay. West falls: the indigenous population is dying out; Europe in 20 years will be Muslim; Christian culture has been driven to the periphery of public life; China officially became the world's largest economy; The United States is unable to pay its huge foreign debt; their shock waves on racial and social grounds, in the throes of West spreads through the world only chaos and destruction, blood and suffering. We have to go in a different direction - toward the revival of the Great of Russia against all threats and challenges. And a huge reversal in this regard has already been made - Putin annexed Crimea, and no one can take away we have it!

21 You are talking about the Russian feat, but reduced it to the moderation and labor. Apparently, you believe that the future happiness of the people of Russia in slave labor for a bowl of soup for the benefit of the global financial oligarchy, which you represent. And for shoddy "spectacle", offered in addition to the Balanda and guaranteed to return to a state of the next simplest animal instincts. Well, then - "only over our dead bodies!" The Russian people have very different horizons and goals, rather than a dumb submission corrupt western elite. Here I digress from your thesis and briefly articulate our Russian response, which is expressed by the simple formula "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland." During these sacred notions Russian people for centuries were to die, knowing that fighting for them - are fighting for themselves and for their future. Today it is quite a specific loyalty: the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian state and the Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin.

22 Fifteen recent years Russia was preparing to leap into the great Russian future. It's time to commit.

Igor Gunmen

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