Thursday, October 23, 2014

#Novorossiya "Ukraine": What caused this MASSIVE crater near #Donetsk?

Novorossiya "Ukraine": What caused this MASSIVE crater near Donetsk?

M/S Crater made by SS-21 Tochka U ballistic missile
SOT, Scorpion, Fighter with the Vostok battalion (Russian): "Ask Poroshenko why they're shelling civilians. The shells hit both militia's positions and civil blocks. We had our position over there where our militiamen were hiding. Thank God, no one died. At the moment of explosion, guys were digging trenches away from the spot. This saved their lives."
W/S Structure near the crater


Members of the Vostok Battalion visited the site of a crater near the village of Peksy on Wednesday.

The crater was reportedly caused by an SS-21 Tochka U ballistic missile fired by Ukrainian forces on the 17th October. The site is roughly one and a half km (0.93 miles) from Peksy and around 10 km (6.2 miles) from the city of Donetsk.

Ukrainian armed forces were recently accused of firing white phosphorus bombs in the region, and these could be seen from Pesky village.

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