Thursday, October 30, 2014

From the new Verkhovna Rada Ukrainians should not expect anything good.

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By:  Dmitry Fako
From the new Verkhovna Rada Ukrainians should not expect anything good, despite the total veal optimism that prevails today in the global media, savors victory "democratic forces" and has plans for building the "bright future".
Even if you close your eyes to put it mildly depressing state of the Ukrainian economy, and to submit that Russia will go to us to make concessions on gas, and the West, on the principle "with the world on a string", help Ukraine with money, history teaches us that run the country these same "democratic forces" can not. Evidence of that - recent history of the country.
Each "democratic coalition" in Ukraine ended with the inevitable collapse, and every "democratic government" led the country to stagnation. And, without war and "external aggression", but simply because of its incompetent.
Of course, I understand that in the last ten years in the Ukraine a new generation of voters who do not know, for example, about the relationship between Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko in 2005 and poorly understood why participants orange Maidan discredited themselves with astonishing even for the inveterate political losers as Viktor Yushchenko speed.

 At this ignorance and played today yesterday political renegades, for which a few years ago Ukrainians would vote even in a nightmare.
Given also the fact that in every "democratic" faction will be people from the previous government, it is difficult to understand that these people must unite, but a sense of self-preservation and the banal selfish interest. Certainly not reform and concern for the "little Ukrainians".
The fact that the "democratic forces" are not going to unite the long haul, and confirms that the coalition agreement came after the election, not to them that it would be logical. But, it's not logic. Even a few days before the voting day herald president Yuriy Lutsenko, denouncing recent friends, including Yulia Tymoshenko, quite a few times hinted that share the prime minister's position and place in the government of Peter Poroshenko no one is going. Because it has a Strategy 2020.
Last, you need to understand is designed for a second presidential term. However, given the catastrophic, even compared to the first year of Viktor Yushchenko, the fall presidential rating Poroshenko so farsighted plans with his hand today is ridiculous. Compare the two figures: in May for Poroshenko presidential election voted 9,857,308 people, five months later, his unit (at the time of processing 99.38% of the votes) - 3,420,986 people.
The defeat in the parliamentary elections was to Poroshenko, I think, the key to his political career. And today, despite the ostentatious self-confidence, we are talking not about whether or not to give the premiership ahead of him Arseniy Yatsenyuk (otherwise the creation of a coalition is impossible), but as a refinement of his first presidential cadence.
Obviously, neither Tymoshenko nor Oleg Lyashko, nor any other "democratic" forces are not eager to be a dancer on the two winners of the formal election. In addition, sensing blood, friends and rivals will surely rock the boat, and in every way, it is likely to initiate regular early elections - parliamentary and presidential. Create the same strong coalition solely on the basis of the Bloc Poroshenko and "Popular Front" is impossible today.
Therefore, with dreams of "European future" Ukrainians have to wait. Bored as they will not be - ahead of the new squabbles, "scandals, intrigue, investigation ..."

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